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Details | Quatrain |
The single white rose captured the old gardener's attention,
He lovingly cared for it, like it was his own grand-daughter,
The roses were just like family and friends in his eyes,
He gave them bright sunshine, and plenty of fresh water.

He had always planted roses in reds, yellows, and pinks,
Yet, it was the one white rose that he favored most,
The old gardener admired it's innocence and elegance,
A quality that the other roses just could not boast.

This precious rose was pure white, like new fallen snow,
Which only a cold, late November day could bring,
It's delicate petals were soft to the finger's touch,
Similar to that of a feather, in an angel's wing.

The old gardener was perplexed and astonished,
Only this rose bloomed through spring, summer, and fall,
Each of the other roses had withered months ago,
The frost and cold weather did not affect it at all.

With a smile, the old gardener took one last look,
Unknowingly, death would soon come without warning,
After he had settled down for a nap in his chair,
He drew his last breath, later on that morning.

His funeral was held on the very next day,
Loving words were spoken, as he was laid to rest,
His grand-daughter approached, with tears in her eyes,
As she placed the single white rose upon his chest.

The cemetery was a quiet and peaceful place,
Where family and friends gathered to remember,
A gentle snow began to fall upon the casket lid,
Brightening the gloom on this final day of November.

The old gardener's soul departed from this earth,
Lead away by a choir of angels, on delicate wings,
Then on through the pearly gates of heaven's garden,
Where the white rose still blooms, in eternal springs.

November 25th, 2013

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Terza Rima |
The Moon, The Swan, The Rose

I see an enchanted image that you’ve never dreamed of
With reflections twinkling while dancing on wave drops
Of a dreamy blue lake that is a mirror of one white swan

A dancing beauty with a pureness that blesses this water
She floats like a princess with such an elegance and grace
As splendor ripples through a lens of her divine existence
A canvas painting as one masterpiece beyond compare
As the moonlight manifests a sweet rose in my dreams
Beautiful to desire now that nothing shall be disturbed

Within a frozen memory a brilliant diamond illuminates
As the full moon’s image enters the depths of her soul
And a sad, certain loneliness leaves her spirit exhausted

Arising before my eyes on the wings of angels I see all 
Clearly now with an excited, fluttering magical heartbeat 
Believe me—that this eternal blue sky is incredibly real

With a golden orb of light colors reflecting so exquisitely
Now as majestic images of God’s Heaven appear above
I see His very image of the Moon, the Swan, and the Rose

Anne-Lise Andresen, Gary Bateman, and Liam McDaid
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
September 2, 2015 (Unrhymed Tercet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
Starlight tears awaken feelings
softly murmurs inside emotions glow 
Gently petals touch Heaven's gate 
Flowering blossoms beholding captivate 
beautiful memories warmly they embrace 

One dream rose forever sweetly grows 
elegant silk weaves softly within the garden of life 
always crowning heartbeats opening turns key 
Daydreams lingering precious dewdrops glisten 
in morning glory tickled pink 
Sunrise sparkling satin 
treasured horizons beam
Tenderness kisses deeply a vision 
once held before these eyes 
on fire apex of splendor burns 
into fragrant breathless 
whispering thoughts melting silently 

The heart belongs to you 
whom sits regally crowned 
Upon the thorns standing out 
a beaming beauty capturing charms spell 
magic endearment
Lovingly a queen among'st flowers 
sings in your praise majestically

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
May we always address dis-complacency, the vacancy,
And remove all opposes, to our roses,............................................................(Acts 18:4-6)
Here at Poetry Soup, completing love’s 100% loop, in our soup,

For an authentic rose, from God it grows, always knows,
It’s own heart, from which it grows,

For authenticity’s, dis-complacency
Displaces a rose, from which it grows, then only heaven knows,
A rose, from which it grows,
Then it tis the mind’s dis-complacency, from it’s own heart,
Then does it’s part, hid from it’s own heart,
Redresses the rose, then rose begin an oppose,
To it’s heart, from which it grows,......................................(II Thes.2:3-5) Ego mind persona

A displaced rose, is still a rose,
By it’s own authenticity, it still grows,
As the heart, still does it’s part, from the very start,

For it  tis the mind, lost in it’s wilderness time, must realign,
With beginning of time, love of heart’s kind,
For it  tis,  redressing of mind, with heart’s beginning of time,
That undresses the rose, from it’s dress of the oppose,..........................(II Timothy 2:24-25)
For a rose, is still a rose, from whence it grows,
Not death’s oppose,

Like a tree, grows from inside itself, you see,
From an higher intelligence, to be,
That being,  from it’s own heart, it’s love of start,

Like a dog, is a dog, not a hog,
Tis  it’s central intelligent being, does it’s seeing,
Not it’s bureaucracy of fleas, hidden in it’s leaves,
Nor living in the hairs of your scalp,- Yeeeeeap!
Taking their ease, if you please,

As a nation, we have bureaucratic fleas, living in our leaves,
The fleas are in control, should a flea be so bold,
To tell the truth, tis growing old,

Should a parasite raise our taxes, should the parasites waxes us,
In our town hall meetings, try to ignore our pleadings,
And begin their elite minded proceedings, 
By saying we are criminals, and it they are the emeralds,
Tis our freedom of speech, being bleached,  under siege,
Should not even a dog own his own fleas, guys pleeeeease!

Our government is not a party to our rose,
They are opposed, to our rose, the fleas that grows, 
From the power of our rose,
In our leaves, if you please,
A parasite, out of sight, must take flight,

Tis their complexity, the hex, no flex, too complex,
Will bring our nation to it’s knees, so please,
Use your voice, of choice, 
Our fleas have become to numerous, to humor us,
Not a plus, but like a rust,
Our fleas in charge of us!!

9-20-09 johnmosesfreeman@yahoo.com

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

Details | Terza Rima |
As the morning sun 
smiles warmly with colour 
upon you my love

It's all around embraced within a circle 
kissing each and every single breath 
inside jumping heartbeats pop 

A moonbeam enters softly embraced 
your the light of destiny kissed 
beautiful rose shining gold gift wrapped

Amazing with the dewdrops 
your sparkle dwells in the heart 
guiding this soul lovingly home

I can see heaven in your eyes 
where chocolate melts like carmel 
into heartbeats golden honeycombed

unrhymed tercets

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |
I'm sensing something familiar as a lost memory
coming back and revealing itself in realistic form;
glancing at the rose-covered gate without a worm,
it looks different, somewhat newer; its color was gray
and roses that now cling weren't there...it's so enchanting!
Looking closer, I perceive another feeling of elation slowly rising.

An old house with long florid windows stood there,
beautiful flowers waved on windowsills looking out to the daisy-draped lawn...
that was the only beauty it had, then Erica ran down
and met me and gave me the most gorgeous sunflower;
I couldn't resist the lovely smile in those eyes color sapphire...
she was burning like the dry desert sand and asked me to quench her fire!

I recognized the passionate gleam in her enamored look, yet fearful as a deer; 
she led me through the rose-covered gate with unbelievable rush, her fair hand
was much warmer than the blood in my bursting veins, we had to explode
in passion and emit moaning screams that only the serenading bluejays could hear.

There it laid: a bed made of lilacs and jasmines...strong was the aroma I breathed,
I pulled her down as someone too desperate to devour and satisfy with eager eyes;
and too happy to lose myself in that ecstasy, I became the wild man she needed...
chimerical as dreamers, we clung to each other and sighed in our splendid Paradise.

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
The deepest burgundy I have ever seen
The soberest black ever
So dense..so mysterious 
but still dont show its loving quiver.

The velvety touch
not resembling to hatred much
The silk of my heart it sways
Mysterious yet like a gorgeous love in heaven it was made

Like a diamond it shone in the endless sky
and the beautiful scent of its prickling cry..
takes my heart in hollow
Neither owned by someone
no needed to be borrowed.

In the barren land, I walk
touching the earth with my toes
But yet it blooms intoxicatently inside me as it was a black rose.

(Thanks guyz 4 reading d poem..ur precious time means a lot!)

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016

Details | Alliteration |
The red rose may be beautiful or grand
Sensual even LOVELY.  But still  only a
WINSOME  rose.
THEN....I strolled the garden BLUE
I saw the INDIGO ROSE 

The BLUEST I had ever seen
A TEASING picture of the 
stunning QUEEN.
The blue ROSE is EXOTIC, she feeds 
The WINSOME ROSE shame with
Professional precision on a petal plate
Of pleasing purity.

She sends the entire garden into bland oblivion.
A blue diamond glimmering in a GOLDEN heaven.
All other roses WILT of envy clamoring at her

When I set eyes upon this ROSE it so inspired me
To see what had not been seen.
The INDIGO GARDEN and all its splendor
Magnificent  presence
Pleasantly BEING. 

MAGNETIC practically hypnotizing
These are the INDIGO GARDEN guarded
Secrets I've been knowing


Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |
Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds them. He attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heavens throne.

Copyright © Tom Valles | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |






Copyright © ANN HART | Year Posted 2008

Details | Prose Poetry |
Sitting working in my private room a grandfather clock ticks and tocks so very loudly,
Like a metronome tuned into my mind my eyes become heavy my lids slowly begin to close,
My mind drifts into very dark places, jet black places with a tiny white dot way off,
I walk towards the dot and after miles and miles it started to grow so much brighter.

Looking behind to see where I started there was nothing just the darkest of dark black,
I have no choice but to keep on walking towards the white dot now confused and scared,
After hours and hours I reach the dot but it is not a dot now it is a new bright world,
There were green fields greener than I have ever seen the trees had heavy velvet leaves.

People walked towards me they were smiling they were happy I wanted to shake their hands,
But they hugged me and held me and talked so kindly my troubles and worries disappeared,
Young children skipping, my new friends laughing it seemed I had known them all my life,
Being with these people was pure happiness we walked up to a white mansion we went inside.

A beautiful girl came running out to meet us she stood in front of me and gave me a rose,
It was the reddest rose I have ever seen it was frosted and gilded and drops of dew fell,
A man with grey hair and a white suit sat by a piano and began to play the sweetest tune,
I leaned on it's shiny surface and could feel the beat of soft hammers on wire, pure music.

All smiled and clapped when this maestro had finished my friends giggled as they saw my joy,
They asked lovely questions nice questions I enjoyed answering as they made me feel good,
We got up and began to walk back to the place where I had first met my wonderful friends,
We talked we laughed everything was about nice things I could feel the smile on my face.

Then the man with grey hair and the white suit said it was time that I made my way home,
Still smiling I desperately wanted to stay forever he saw this and said to have patience,
They stood in line by the entrance each person hugged and kissed me tears ran down my face,
The next thing I knew I was in my private room the grandfather clock still going tick tock.

I thought about my wonderful dream those wonderful people and still felt very warm inside,
It was all so very real and was very disappointed knowing it was just a lovely sweet dream,
Those people in that beautiful garden blessed with such loveliness they seemed so very real,
Standing up and stretching I saw something by the door it was a beautiful rose frosted and dewy,
It was the reddest rose I have ever seen.

Copyright © Terry Trainor | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |
I took a single long-stemmed rose to one I loved so dear.
I laid it at the headstone and quietly shed a tear.
A flood of memories filled my soul, the tears began to fall,
Then through the gentle summer breeze I heard a familiar call.
It sounded like a voice I hadn't heard in oh, so long.
The voice of my dear Mother, sweeter than the angels' song.
"My darling daughter, dry your eyes," she whispered in the wind.
"Your pain is temporary.  Someday we'll meet again.
I'll be standing there with Jesus as you cross the great divide,
And together we will wait for you and welcome you inside.
We'll stroll down Heaven's golden streets, walking hand-in-hand,
Just me and you and Jesus as we tour the Promised Land.
You can't even imagine  the beauty that awaits.
I cannot wait to see the joy as it overcomes your face.
I appreciate the rose you brought to symbolize your love.
But I must leave it here below.  We have plenty up above.
So take it with you when you go, and remember what I've spoken.
And try to smile when you think of me, don't let your heart be broken.
Remember all the good times, and the times that are yet to be.
You know I love you with all my heart, and I know that you love me."
As quickly as it had begun, the wind faded away.
Her voice was gone and so I turned to where the red rose lay.
I blinked in total disbelief.  I rubbed my tear-streaked eyes.
There in the place of the single rose was an incredible surprise.
A dozen long-stemmed roses were scattered in its place
I gathered them up quickly, as a smile came to my face.
I took a single long-stemmed rose, and she sent down eleven.
I never will forget the day that roses came from Heaven.

Copyright © Ritta Beason | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

A dust of lust 
a creation of us 
in whom God resides 
perfection in disguise...

To sin or Sancti 
In  you that is a must
Illuminated shades of doubt 
To paint  the rose of our life 

O! heaven and earth
Let it shivers
As I  write from the deepest of my heart 
Neglected poet in a silence  night	
let heaven mourn as i stole A  sacred wild rose 

if this poem then am dreamin

Copyright © isa mahrie | Year Posted 2011

Details | Lyric |
I looked across the bar and saw her with light golden green eyes and a hint of blue, as the dim lit atmosphere stained them she correspondingly turned

The world then froze as our eyes met for the first time, the stars didn't gleam and the sun didn't shine

She was a beautiful white rose from head to toe

I blinked and as my eyes opened I thought I saw a halo, I closed my eyes then opened them again and there was nothing but she remained
She had a smile like the sunrise and eyes like the sunset

Her hair moved softly as if the wind was embracing it, complimented by her soft cloudy cheeks

Her body was full of life and every curve made me realize there was a God and his work is perfection without any mistakes

As she walked toward me I could see the wind move, flowers breathe, hear hearts beat, and thoughts speak

As she approached me I tucked away all my nervous feelings in my back pocket to pull out all the chivalry and charm I had left

I placed my hand out to hold hers for my introduction, but as soon as I did the conclusion came running

She pulled back, her phone was ringing, so she frantically grabbed her purse and walked away

I guess it wasn’t time to meet my future

God was calling her back to heaven, but when she left brushes of dust fell from the rush

p.s. until we meet again I will strive to be the best man for my angel sent from heaven…THIS IS JUST A POST SCRIPT  

Copyright © Post Script | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |
a white  rose fell from heaven 
and graced the earth below.

soft, beautiful, tender.
as though touched by the entities above.
each petal dripping, overflowing with emotion
radiating with love.

blown, tossed about by the wind
no one knew its source.
determined this rose was to wait
and accomplish its purpose

picked up and put in a vase one day,
this rose knew that this wasn't its place to stay.

then at a time when all seemed fine
a fern was pushed into its space,
but there wasn't enough room in this little vase.

so out the white rose was thrown into a place cold and 
trodden upon.
its radience no longer shone.

like the palm trees that thrive in the dessert
and the seedlings that sprout when blessed
with water from above...

remember this,
this gentle beauty wasnt alone
she had God's love.

Copyright © rachel-ann huggins | Year Posted 2006

Details | Rhyme |
     She lies in a pile of bloody red roses

She left a note to her folks  saying

" I cant go on im sorry"

      It didnt say why

But still we cry

      We are all very sad

some of us are mad

       none of us are glad

She'll b greatly missed

        To me she was like a sis

But when will the rumors stop

        Noone knows the truth not even the cops

My pain is great 

       I wish we hadnt been late

But when we got there 

        there she lay 

on her already made bed of

Bloody red roses

Copyright © stacy wampler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Opening up blinds 
Inside the curtains 
of your soul 

We all know 
a happy ending 
is forever blessed 

If two 
are meant 
to be as one 

in this world 
will separate or tear apart 

down the rivers 
of grace 

Crowning teardrops baptised
Always remaining 
eternally forgiving 

Wrapped inside 
warm cotton emotions 
feelings unconditional speak 

Caring gentleness fixes 
a little piece of heavens jigsaw 
Completely together one picture 

Awakening beams 
Those diamond starlight eyes 
sure twinkle uniquely 

Landing softly 
painted vision
White rose of love 
pure breathless whispers 
Breeze from above 

on wings 
of a dove 

Sweptaway with you 
Sweetest angel

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
our letters written from these hands on your palms see the garden of your soul take light. breath into my lips in these waves we are becoming the light. It is enough that we are enough to make it right. Four letters written on your soul reminding you real love owns your soul and this river wont move us but cleanse these angels life to fly to our home. Rock me darling rock this soul kiss me darling its in these silent places a mystery of us grows. read the letters sweet heart its etched in ours spirit and soul, its changing worlds, creating the gold. Hold this gaze cause these lights we know and no one else knows the paths we will go. life inside us she is singing our song a song that wont go back the mystery of Sarah the mystery of us and the river of life the coming of our rose of dance to this world. it will be a release to build bridges and quakes to change worlds. That were just two innocents prayers and dreams for so long. forged only by faith and choice we will see her promised dance and know our dreams gave breath and formed miracles of light to make life and give hope a chance. we will join and change this world with a dance. in the flight of our wings we will love like no others we will know oneness of many life times joining in one time to change time thank God its here the dance of the rose I see you and no words can speak what tears and joy can never express. Oh my love written in my eyes I see past the glass of you my dear and you precious dance. words written in the air capturing the broken kisses of innocents broken wings crying out for our last chance. Like God pressed on the brink will be our forever when you finally see me, only me.

Copyright © Steve Hanson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Far behind the cactus that is shattered through the smoky snow
Lightening up from the last scorched sunrays 
It seems to grow the last mystic rose that is bouncing
And pinching among the brutal wind of this awful day!

What a delight those eyes discovery! What a fallen rose rises to live!
And with all the wonderer‘s fancy, he looks at her strange restlessness;
Find fire and love from those icy fingers of him letting her warn
In from the menacingly and brutally wind! But how this traveler
Would set across the field and sky the fairly miracles to save her?

Come forth, if he does not want her to die from the heaven a natural halo has born:
A human gardener upon this light of hope; a moment of contemplation
Winding a smile of uncertain appeal how then he can give her heat and roots
From this merciless winter in full-throated whistles!

As light shorten, here and there numberless drops of snow identical to fall
And shadows would be all day and night save what he can do from a traveler’s oracle!
Here, those eyes glance down at this rose where youth’s heart grows passionate
And cautiously not driven completely from despair but such conspiracy blink
Those fingers are squaring blissfully around the mystic rose as if they are a lamp of grass
Not care about the sleepy fingers and palms but about the breeze of heaven 
Keeping on with such hard-driving pounds against that quick-witted love!

Copyright © George Zamalea | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |
The deepest burgundy I have ever seen
The soberest black ever
So dense..so mysterious 
but still dont show its loving quiver.

The velvety touch
not resembling to hatred much
The silk of my heart it sways
Mysterious yet like a gorgeous love in heaven it was made

Like a diamond it shone in the endless sky
and the beautiful scent of its prickling cry..
takes my heart in hollow
Neither owned by someone
no needed to be borrowed.

In the barren land, I walk
touching the earth with my toes
But yet it blooms intoxicatently inside me as it was a black rose.

(Thanks guyz 4 reading d poem..ur precious time means a lot!)

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |
You've been with me all of my life and I love and
appreciate you.
For God created you as my equal, my protector, my near 
sequel and projector of unforeseen things I don't see...
but you do.
For you're my heavenly sister and teacher...
The vision of God's loveliness...
A true preacher of my forgiveness and a scent of love
that comes from my rose;
What a true since of being... While being drenched in
trust, love, and happiness and all that God brings.
From your red hair
to your see through silhouette... an amazing figure and
beauty invisible to the necked eye... yet, a vision that was 
always alongside... piercing through my soul... for you were
always there my spirit, my rose, my love, and my guide.
Now as we meet I embrace and thank you for protecting
my heart, and my love... My spirit... My rose...
For now it's time for me to put old chapters to rest and
to a close; for my lesson has now been learned. So please
give back my heart of love and true honor. My spirit, my
angel, my one in a million... my one and only... My rose;
for which God appointed and chose you as my whole
being... my hero, my blessing and lastly; MY SPIRIT...MY

Copyright © Tiffany Saxon | Year Posted 2017