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Details | Free verse |
Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine. 
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time. 
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand. 
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand. 
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine. 
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep. 
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire. 
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in. 
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming. 
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark. 
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire. 
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife. 
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2012

Details | I do not know? |
The Beach of Promises


Fingers entwined, barely touching,
turquoise waters teasing your dancing toes,

strolling along that serene deserted beach,
our promised dreams within aching reach.


Hands clasped, holding on,
sea-breezes tickling the nape of your neck,

walking together, alone, vowing to never breach,
the dreams dreamed on that faraway velvet beach.


Hands in my pockets, alone,
traces of you linger, teasing,

lost in my scribbles, your memory fading out of reach,

my thoughts ablaze, now and then,
catching a whiff of your fragrance,

wafting through alleyways of nostalgia,
your hand in mine on our pristine beach.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
As I cross the Threshold, Behold,  “ the Beauty of GOD’S Glory “
YOU understand the Birds that Sing, Winds :Whispers in Your Ear
Are YOU Ready to Accept , the Truth with-in  “ HIS STORY “
He holds YOU, He Hugs YOU ,He Shields YOU from YOUR Fear
THEY show YOU ; the Waters of FOREVER, that may flow upon  YOUR Head
How YOU Drink the WATERS “ Eternal “ knowing Life is Evermore
While still , as YOU’RE living ; we tell  Our stories , about when YOUR  “Dead” 
Gaze upon  Glory That I can't receive; My Heart Groans  I LOVE YOU L E N O R E
                                       To Be Cont.

Inspired by “ Carolyn Devonshire  “

For Her Strength , for Her LOVE : My Inspiration

I hope , My Dearest, Most Only BELOVED : BARBARA JEAN
YOU read this :and know ‘ How Deep My LOVE for YOU is

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |
When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

Copyright © Anthony Scandrick II | Year Posted 2013

Details | Couplet |
My girlfriend’s love never ceases
My girlfriend loves me to pieces
My girlfriend takes away my breath
My girlfriend just loves me to death

Too young to be passing so soon
(Services to be held at noon)

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

Copyright © Jerica Sanchez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

Copyright © Romain Collart | Year Posted 2013

Details | Elegaic Lyric |
*Ethan T. Frye 
*Died at age 15.
*Place of death Grand junction,IA.
*Thurs. 3/19/2015.
*Place when died at NBA's Final.
*Cause of death when leaving got in car wreck from txting.
 Born- Feb 11, 1999
in Jefferson, IA.
Parents- Nikki, Jaz, stepdad, brother, sis.
childhood- greene-county HS, best friend Drake.
 Hobbies- Football, Basketball, Rap music, AutoCAD, drawing, and photography.
Ethan is survived by: Grandma Vickie, Grandpa Tom. Parents: Nikki mom. Siblings: Lyndsay, Briahnna, Garrett, Emily wilder Real sis. Niece:Brooklyn wilder. Best friend: Drake.

Copyright © Ethan Frye | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |
Honey I’m not the first whose eye you’ve caught
But damn it all if I’m the same
Like it’ll actually last, I’m all wrapped up in you
Caution to the wind, who cares about tomorrow
I’m crazy for this and you don’t even know
What was I thinking, thinking about you
You’re miles above me and don’t even see it
All I know is how much I wish you knew

Copyright © Alex W. | Year Posted 2012

Details | Limerick |

I once thought you had been heaven sent, 
but now you bring all this mad ferment.  
Your crazy emotions 
and endless commotions 
tell me we were never heaven meant.

Copyright © John Smith | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |
Water, Beach and A Moonlight Stroll

Moonlight, beach and a stroll in the cool blue water
you wading beside me, string bikini made it so much hotter!

You bending over to splash water in my smiling face
a fantastic sight, one that made this loving heart race!

Cool breeze sending it's soothing , washing embrace
moonlight water washing away footprints leaving not a trace!

Such glory, sharing that love filled time with you
realizing I love it all, everything you and I could ever do!

Stopping by that overhanging rock beaten by the sea
memories of your body and sweet face forever burned into me!

Love, overpowering love, burning us into just one
water, beach, breeze with us bare under that midnight sun!

Robert J. Lindley, 07- 23-2014

Our first night at the resort in the Phillipines, Boracay!
So very beautiful and an idealic scene for love to blossom. 
And blossum it did, a glorious memory burned into my heart 
and my brain!
My wife, the enchantress that captured my heart with a smile, 
a laugh and a string bikini! One I bought that day and dared her
 to wear! Knowing I'd win the bet, she fooled me--she wore it won
 the bet but just between us -- I wanted to see that win!!!!!


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |
Where Wild Violets Grow

Scribbling these verses,
caressing your bare back,
simple rhymes,
flowing from my fingertips.

Scribbling verses,
sprinkling odes to fragrant promises,
your smile lightens the burdens,
off my heavy heart.

Scribbling verses,
soaked in countless kisses,
the moonlight waltzing on your skin.

Scribbling verses,
feeling you,
your love never ceases to flow,

through the streams of my mind,
to a place of our own,
where wild violets grow

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |
Passion in D-Major

Feeling, the sensuous brush-
strokes on a canvas,


to a symphonic crescendo,

of our shared heartbeats,

fading between the notes,

feeling your soft body entwined 
with mine,

your form bathed in my infinite 

our orchestral desire rising,

conducting a shared fusing of 

... the music echoing ...

over the precipice,

on the brink of dazzling rainbow 

lost in the void,
of an eternal instant,

plunging through the depths of 

forever pleading,

for a prolonged,

bouquet of shared time.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
you were there
and so was i
you in youre world and me in mine
yet somehow we werent there at all
and our worlds were just to small
together we would unite
leaving our old worlds behind
creating a new worlds together
one that we would share forever and ever
now here we are
as we have and always will be
in a world that we created
for only you and me
no longer in our own worlds 
but in our dream world

Copyright © stacy wampler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Blank verse |
“Tis torture, and not mercy. Heaven is here
Where Juliet lives, and every cat and dog
And little mouse, every unworthy thing,
Live here in heaven and may look on her,
But Romeo may not."
- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 3.3

All eyes are laid upon thy maiden
Vermin and foul creatures included
Her beauty hath paused every movement and whisper
Inviting all creatures, humans and animals alike to gaze upon thy face
Every creature comes, every creature is welcomed
Except her one true love
For hatred between thy families 
Hath separated each other from eternal happiness
As he walks and climbs to reach his fair maiden
His journey comes to an end
As Romeo looks to find Juliet
He realizes that he is unable
To look upon thy angel’s face
What has stopped thy lover’s from loving?
Tis’ hatred that hath brought such evil luck 
Upon two peoples innocent, longing souls
Alas! Thy couple hath found a solution
To their misfortune
With the cover of midnight upon their backs
And slumber deafening thy words
They may meet and look upon each other’s face
For as long as the sun is hidden 
And the birds are mute
Romeo may gaze upon his angel’s radiance 
And Juliet can return thou loving stare 
In the shadows of the earth’s secrets

Copyright © Kimi Faircloth | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |
all I wanna do
is fall into loves sweet embrace
and telling you all this 
as I stare into your beautiful face
lovin you forever is my goal
for you have the key to my soul
I think we are both falling
and knowin we'll each b there
to catch the others fall
as we hold onto each other
into loves sweet embrace

Copyright © stacy wampler | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |
I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |
The beauty of your love is fire,
From head to toe you're my desire!
Your loveliness I admire.

You're like a rare canvas of art.
The wondrous beauty fills my heart.
You've become my counterpart!

One through ten, you're eleven!
Your beauty is like heaven.....

Perfume is the frosting on cake.
Smelling it makes me want to take,
You in my arms and love make.

The portrait on this canvas rare,
Of your beauty makes me to dare,
Think that you could ever care.

For someone in a cell.
Living this way is hell.

Perfumed essence transcends your want.
You're my desire so don't say "don't!"
Please don't be one that will taunt.

I want you in the deepest way.
May never be another day.
Let's come together and play!

One through ten, you, eleven.
Knew you'd be like heaven!

Written for Catie Lindsey's contest "Focus on syllables"
8,8,7. 8,8,7. 6,6.

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |
Often. I have uttered these words to myself
Your feminity has entranced my manhood
My vision is focused on your subject matter 
A quick study of a woman's psychology 
I feel you with my mind, and touch you with my eyes
Senses are heightened in your very presence 
Soon, I will utter the ultimate words of encouragement 
Constant admiration for your hidden strengths 
Instant chemistry between us has changed our biology 
Soon, I will hold you tight and recite the following;
Baby, I love you

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2017

Details | Lyric |
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Black and white, it was all I saw
Everywhere I turned, everywhere I went
Ice covered everything, too thick to ever thaw

I couldn't see in front of me,
I couldn't find solid ground,
My world was crashing down around me,
Any cries of help dying without a sound.

So much time had gone by
And I was slowly drifting
Too much time had gone by
And I was slowly fading

But then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

You were everything to me,
my feet were finally on the ground,
the world kept spinning quickly,
but in your arms I stayed as it all crashed down

So much time has gone by
And I'm slowly seeing
Too little time has gone by
For me to rid of this feeling

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

Bright and true, I saw it in you
Life and love, I had found it all
A fairytale ending, it was in my sights
All because of you, my unexpected knight

And then you came to me, so unexpectedly,
I couldn't see a thing
You offered me, such a sweet reality,
I wondered if I was dreaming
You took my hand, made me understand
the truth among the lies
And wrapped in you, so safe and sound
An unexpected heaven is what I found

And wrapped up in you, so safe and sound
Happiness is what I gained
An unexpected heaven, is what I found

Copyright © Jessie Wiseman | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
               No more pain for you as you're lain
                   to rest in heaven. No worries,
              though you'll always be on my mind 
                      as I'm walking in the rain. 

                   I'll still be waving in the wind 
                    at you from the docking of
                     the boat we sailed in one 
                    moonlit night way up high.

                Oh what a sight of a crystal beeded
             lake. We had no clue we were so close
             to heaven, That we were going to get
             in each others arms at that moment
                without a care of your brothers. 

         Nor we did not care to share that moment 
         with a single soul,But we knew we had to
           tear ourselves away so we could mingle
                   like the rest for we know that
          would be rude but if we only knew
         that Heaven wanted you more, We would
       have never torn our gaze off of our moment

Copyright © Cheryl McCall | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |
My Own Heaven On Earth
By Cody Brandon Turner

O do touch my face
With that soft and gentle touch
I feel the love I give
Never seems to be enough
The Love you deserve
Only god can provide
For my love for you is strong
Like a Sailors knot that is tied
Sunflower eyes and desiring lips
Your love is deep within me
In my heart is where it sits
You are heaven on my earth
Love in my pocket
If something should try to take this
Then I shall fight and stop it
Fight with my heart
And love with my soul
Right down to the very second
Till I’m useless and old
Your love is something I lone for
It’s something I must possess
This feeling I’ll hold in my hand
Then strongly form a firm fist
In my hand I will hold it
And hold it over my heart
This feeling will never leave me
Even when heaven forces us apart

Copyright © Cody Turner | Year Posted 2009

Details | Rhyme |
The face of perfection I saw there that day. 
Lost for words oh, what could I say.
The doors into heaven I stare through his eyes. 
Taught me to treasure even the hardest good byes. 
The heart of true gold pull to my chest. 
Makes me feel different then all the rest. 
His words of kindness oh so sincere. 
I forget every worry, problem and fear. 
The smile of an angel shines oh so bright. 
Can't get off my mind, no not tonight.   

Copyright © Dark Angel | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rhyme |
We splash down the contour of Your cheek; We carry the word; YOU Long to  SPEAK 
We entwine together, leap to the Ground, Thanksgivings for the Love I have FOUND:
                                                        Y O U
               Inspired and Dedicated To My FOREVER :  “ BARBARA JEAN “
                                            To be Continued

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |
Purple dress, suit with a purple-ish tie. 

Dinner. Fast car. Awkwardness. Dance?

Yes. Am I supposed to kiss you now? Do

you want to kiss me? Yes. Kiss me. Ehh. 

Again? Wow. These words and sentences

describe a night, a night too meaningful to 

explain. In that one night I gained. I gained 

a dance, a kiss, and a new song. I song I will

remember forever. A song that put me in heaven.

Copyright © Kristen Storm | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |
Like nothing I've ever seen before
Your eyes I have fallen for. 
Drowning in your love. 
Barely keeping my head above. 
Emerse me in your smile
Treat me to heaven for just awhile.
Deep in your eyes so true.  
My eyes lock on photos of you. 
Swim into my mind. 
As I feel our souls will bind.
Burrowed into my heart. 
Nothing could keep us apart. 
Fall asleep now lets meet in your dreams. 
My version of heaven that's how it seems. 

Copyright © Dark Angel | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ode |
They say the way to see Heaven,
is look to the skies.
Yet, all I have to do
is look into your eyes.

Your heart is pure;
Your heart is true.
That is why I
fell in love with you.

I see your love
when our eyes meet
I feel your  love
with so much heat

  I feel your love
when my heart skips a beat
I feel it when it
knocks me off of my feet

 I will love you
till the end,at my death
I will love you,
till my very last breath.


Copyright McCuen 2008

Copyright © MC MC | Year Posted 2008