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the pearls from your eyes are far more precious to me than any treasure your big sacrifice nothing more to compare with you’re my great hero I owe you my life mom, my heart melts when you cry your tears: pearls of love unconditional that’s the greatness of your love in you, I feel God mom, I’m so sorry sometimes, I make you lonely but you’re dear to me you bear all the pains pearls of great love on your cheeks every drop, I’ll kiss for I do believe you want only the best for me all your pray’rs and wish thank you so much mom those pearls of great mother’s love be kept in my heart you’re my only mom replaceable by no one comfort and best friend my ardent prayers may you live long in this world may God gives you strength March 24, 2013
Note: This poem was conceived both from the “Pearl” theme and one of my possible adorable picture themes of my latest contest, “Mother’s Love”- merged into one. It is also composed with the inspiration of all mothers in this world. You’re indeed the greatest heroes/heroines! I am so proud of you! I lovingly dedicate this poem to you dear mothers and friends! Big hugs to all of you! Of course, I include especially my loving/dearest mom who’s my greatest inspiration, refuge and best friend. This poem can also bring to us a message for this Easter Season as we remember Mother Mary who’d suffered much seeing her loving son Jesus Christ’s great sufferings on the cross at Mt. Calvary- a mother’s great love to her child indeed! HAPPY EASTER SEASON TO ALL! First Place Contest: Any Poem Goes Judged: 3/29/2013 Sponsor: My Greatest Poet and sis PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 

Copyright © Bhavna khemlani | Year Posted 2013

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                                 Kneeling by my mother's grave
                                 All the flowers had faded away
                                    Her soul breathed on me

A-L  Andresen :)                            

*Miss you mom !

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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I should hate my life
mother never wanted me
I’m so sorry mom

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2014

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Divorce has come
Mom and Dad no more
who do I listen to?

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2015

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                                                    there is no fury
                                                like a woman's fury -
                                           so don't mess with mom

Tribute To
Mother Nature

It's Not Nice 
Mother Nature   LOL

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2008

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Dad fishing the bay
me and Bonnie running wild
while Mom's being Mom

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2015

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A life is a life
why did you give up on me?
I'm never a waste

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2014

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smell of cucumbers,boiled bacons
choking in my heart
like my mamma's soul
with the melancholy of our

Copyright © sneha nair | Year Posted 2015

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People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

Copyright © Layla Elkoulily | Year Posted 2013

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Mom you are a star, a star only for me, 
a star which cares for me, 
a star that I love the most. 

By manthra

Copyright © manthra har | Year Posted 2015

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God gave me a gift of beauty and innocence princess from heaven ****Written April 13 2015****

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Barbershop sports brag
Our basic boast is boxing
Mothers just sit there

Copyright © Mark Morris | Year Posted 2015

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deep in the forest
collapsed limbs fungus rockbeds
natures own fury

Tribute To Nature
Even If She Is Mean LOL

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2009

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haiku A

keeping hope alive---
strong stalwart sweet sable souls:
these are our mothers.

Haiku B

Ebony beauty,
Sustaining us in all things---
God bless our mothers

Haiku C

Beautiful black soul---
Audaciously bold in faith;
Praise God for Mama

Haiku D

Plowing up our hope,
And watering our courage,
Moms cultivate men.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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Darlingest baby 
I have found your Barby doll
your daddy's last gift

Embedded in the first cell
Shattered rosy womb

Mom broke her promise
Daddy says  no she did not
She only loved you

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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flowers on Mom's grave
like a soft, sweet northbound kiss
Her Memory Etched....

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

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Mom,you inspire me. You are never tired you have a heart of pure gold Mom you inspire me. Smart as a radar faces thunderstorms with guts Mom you inspire me. Steady at hard times grateful for any moment Mom you inspire me. You smile when in pain pushes me forward in life Mom you inspire me. Never gives up hope you shower love,guidance,care Mom you inspire me. You instill morals Self respect has value. Mom you inspire me. P S-A haiku is a three line Japanese poem with 5,7,5 syllables each. Contest:Who has inspired you. Sponsor:Brenda Chiri Carroll. 27/12/2016

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2016

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Rain may flood the street
But  homewards she has to stride
Kids and kitchen waiting.

Copyright © Jessy David | Year Posted 2014

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My mom

You gave me life,
Act of God, shaped my future,

Written May 19th, 2013
@ Dr. Upma A. Sharma

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2013

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A vessel of love
A tower of strength
Guiding me to shore

A vessel of love
My guardian Angel that
Always guides me home

Copyright © Courtney Dyer | Year Posted 2009

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Your favorite shade
Encompassing my pupils
Gone from blue to gray

Copyright © Johnny H. | Year Posted 2009

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A mom kingfisher
Tried to catch a fish from pond
But dropped it at last!

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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Hospital playroom

Child sits in stuffed toys box

His mother's soft lap


Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2015

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a mom and her child...
enjoying the quiet lake,
my priceless treasures 

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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me not Neil Armstrong
still you are moon on that sky
branches of mirage

Copyright © Ashraful Musaddeq | Year Posted 2014

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slam home the winner
a barbecue dinner skipped
for grilled hamburgers

Copyright © chris bowen | Year Posted 2008

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Mom - Beauty
Her voice sang on high, a sound
To reaching God's ear

Copyright © June Ellen Smith | Year Posted 2010

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My source of band aids
Warm hands guide with care and sight
How I miss her eyes

Copyright © Susan Yantis | Year Posted 2016

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aged plastic flowers
from an old box of my mom's
light up my office

Copyright © Chris Loud | Year Posted 2017