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I'm Following A Dream

I'm following a dream,
I know not where.
It leads me high beyond compare,
I follow it by night and by day.
It haunts me all the while.
I feel subdued by it.
And, yet I can't get away,
it holds me close.
I'm following a dream
I can feel its touch,
where it leads I know not much.
I'm following a dream
can't wait to reach
For I'm following a dream
I wait; I wait.

Copyright © Marilyn Williams | Year Posted 2015

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A Boy following his Dream

Once upon a time, there lived a curious boy who lived in the land of corns.
He always adored the work his parents did – his father was an astronaut,
while his mother was a doctor.
“What should I do to be great like you?” one day he asked his parents.
“Follow your dream,” his father replied.
“How will I follow my dream?!” he curiously asked.
“Follow the voice in your heart!” his mother replied.
In the middle of the night, he heard the voice tell him to pick some of his clothes,
a sandwich, pack all of them in the bag, and head to the nearest bus station. He
 did all his heart told him that night.
At sunrise, he had reached a bus station. The voice whispered “choose any bus”.
And he did! He chose the first half vacant bus that came right beside him, and sat 
next to an old man.
The journey seemed boring for him. The bus was moving slowly, and there were
no planes, cars or buildings to see.
The road they were traveling by seemed deserted, as though the other people
outside the bus had mysteriously disappeared.
“Where are you heading young man?” the old man asked the boy.
“I’m heading to my dream!” the boy replied. His eyes glittered with excitement.
“What about you? Where are you going?” the boy asked.
“To meet Charlie.”
“Who’s Charlie?”
“My dog.”
The boy was very happy for the old man, only to realize later that he was heading to Charlie’s grave , at a pet cemetery.
Tears rolled on his cheeks, as he mourned Charlie’s death.
As he comforted him, the old man told him that life was like a dream,
and death was like waking up in another world. A better world.
The boy felt better.
An hour later, the bus came to a halt. The stop looked like a semi-desert, unlike 
his home, where everything was green. 
His heart was silent throughout the journey.
“Where is the dream you were to meet?” the old man asked.
“My heart hasn't showed me yet…” came the innocent reply.
The old man laughed to tears.
“Son, your dream is not here yet. It is in the future! 
“You’ll arrive at your dream when you become obedient, hardworking,
and fill your heart with wonders of any possibilities.”
Let’s spend the night in a hotel, then tomorrow you’ll pick a bus to head back 
Little did he know that the old man was an angel!

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

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Following Dreams

wrapped around ceramic dreams
I never knew would show
to afraid to break the mold
of what I’ve come to know
sifting darkness into dust
to find a ray of light
echoes shatter silence
in the middle of this night
i picture memories in my mind
as if these thoughts were true
where once forgotten snapshots
are images of you
standing in the background
is a painting focus clear
a mural lit with sunlight
of what I wish were near
i’ll hold on to this treasure
of what might come to be
in a season not so far away
where I can set it free

Copyright © Edmund Linton | Year Posted 2015