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10 Things to Eat Instead of Red Meat

Is your go-to lunch roast beef sandwich?
Tomorrow you might want turkey instead
Here is why
In gen. red meat- such as roast beef

Not as healthy as other kinds of protein
Tends to have more cholesterol
Often has more saturated fat
Both things are bad for your heart

Eating too much red meat
May linked to colon cancer
This does not mean
You should never eat beef or other red meats

Just go easy on them
Tasty Swaps

Fish or chicken
With hamburgers
Try Veggie burgers

With Stir-fry
Try Fried tofu
With lasagna
Try Eggplant slices

With salad
Try tuna or broiled egg
With Breakfast
Try turkey or soy links

With Casserole
Try lentils and rice
With Chili
Try beans (canned or dried)

With Dinner entrée
Try Roast turkey (baked or broiled)
With sandwiches and wraps
Try grilled chicken or hummus


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2013

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Christmas Day

Christmas day appear,
a bright youthful soul,
receive every toy I yearn for,
you occur in my soul,
while I shred each present apart,
a resentful patient moment

Expected thee to call 
“I waited, and waited!”
the phone rings somebody else
Played with my toys near hopelessness
other kids celebrating with their pops
view in the distance, tear spill

Dusk approach 
standing on the doorstep 
telephone rings
mom yell telephone!
my heart skip a rhythm
tears from happiness
flow down my face 
a greeting from daddy
emotions converted to bliss

Copyright © Patrice Trice Jackson | Year Posted 2016

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My Christmas Wish

Ava, forgive me for not being there,
Opening presents and sharing your smile;
Without you, baby, there's no Christmas cheer,
Here where I miss you and have for awhile.
Daddy was naughty so placed in time-out,
Plus he was sickly and needed to heal;
Slowly, I learned now what life's all about,
Thus to your mother I make this appeal:
Marci, I promise you, I understand,
All of your reasons for all that you've said;
I have no anger, I swear on my hand
Held on a bible the demon is dead:
   Christmas is lost, may my daughter be not,
   Please let me see her before I'm forgot.

Copyright © Phillip Garcia | Year Posted 2016