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Example Life Poems | Example Poems About Life

These Example Life poems are examples of Example poems about Life. These are the best examples of Example Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Good Example, Of Being a Man

A good example, of being a man
O, from Jesus, God’s beloved son
Would you not like to take a share? 
Of His graces, for us, He prepared

Be thankful, for the life, he gave you
Yes, O yes, be thankful, and be true

A good example, of being a man
O, heed the calling of the Holy One
Would you not listen when he speak?
For in Him, the true life, that we seek

His scriptures, from them never depart
Yes, O, yes, bind them all in your heart 

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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Black -my favorite music lyrics contest example

“I know someday you'll have a beautiful life.
I know you'll be the sun, in somebody else's sky, 
but why, why, why can't be ohhh can't be mine, ohhh why?”

A love has been lost and destroyed
Feeling pain of the emptiness and void.
Once a beautiful person lit up the day, 
but time moved on and she went another way.

Just as most of us, we've had our hearts broken.
This is exactly how I feel afterward, perfect words spoken.
Along time ago, I let the best thing in my life pass me by.
I always wonder how different it would be, if she lit up my sky.

Since then my life has been getting darker, almost black.
I just wish I had that chance and opportunity back.
I know it will never happen again, but she made me so free.
She is the first and only person who accepted me for me.  

***Pearl Jam: Black***Example for my favorite music lyrics contest.

Copyright © Chris Matt | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |

Set The Example!

Why do you do things that hurt you?
If these things you do hurt you than 
Why would you pursue them?

Why do harm yourself, your life in such a way?
Why do you feel the need to do these things everyday?

Do you know that you can do better without these things you do?
Think outside the box do something that will benefit you in a long run

Do something that will not only make you smile but others too
Do something that will make others want to look up to you

Don't set the bad example and don't be it 
Once you set the positive you will have 
To see it to believe it

Copyright © Kay'Sha Taylor | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

a perfect and unexpected example of abstract art at its finest

i am not an artist,
but i have a paintbrush
i am painting the beauty of your amazing figure while in complete disbelief
you see, at one time we hated each other with a passion
we would smile evilly at each other's pain
now here we are....naked and perfectly comfortable....never happier
how in the hell did we fall in love with each other
then again, when did i become a freak for longer than one and a quarter minutes
furthermore, when did we start coming close to even tolerating each other
whatever the answers are, somewhere along the way we stopped caring
it is two nights later, and we still are exploring the masterpiece of each other
here is the kicker, we wouldn't have it any other way
i guess that is why you are wearing my ring....and nothing else....
funny how life is and how God twists the plots unpredictably

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Do We Have An Example Just ONE

Do We Have An Example?

Do we have an example of those
 who aren’t afraid to say…
“I’m going to bow my head
 to the Lord and pray.”

Do we have an example of those with a like mind?
To be respectful, courteous and kind?

Do we have an example of those who’ll take a stand?
Against the tide of evil 
all throughout this land?

Do we have an example?  Just one person?
Who’ll live by the Bible… 
And apply it’s lessons?

Do we have an example of those
 to teach the younger generation…
Living for God will give us a solid foundation?

Do we have an example?  Anyone to be found?
Who’ll spread the gospel 
to every city and town?

Do we have an example?  Can we look to YOU?
Who’ll try to live the way Jesus wants us to?

Can we find an example? With the courage to live?
Being Christ example with the power to FORGIVE!

Can we find an example?  Let me make this point.
There’s Jesus!  And he will  NEVER disappoint!

Can we trust this example?  Most assuredly YES!
In HIM can you find a security,
 a peace and a REST!

Will you be an example? And give your life to him?
And experience what it means to be “born again!”

His example of love can be yours and mine…
Won’t you give HIM a chance?
  While there’s still time?

By Jim Pemberton 

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

the example

while s/he was playing the game
following the rules
doing what her/he was told &
living the life of a 
good citizen,
s/he was walking evidence of 
a system which had worked,
grinding its gears to churn out the
proper amount of
allegiance &
which kept her/in check &
the people running things
for what they wanted was being done &
so the story went until
one day, the clock stopped ticking
the way that it had been &
the routine nature of
master & slave 
was derailed---
said good citizen found a light
shed on a part of their existence
which had been kept from them prior,
in fact it’s fair to say
they stumbled upon it,
as even those who have perfected 
the art of keeping things from the many
still make mistakes, as humans do &
when the mistake was found,
that fatal hole in the curtain allowed
her/him to see right through.

s/he could have kept it to her/himself &
had s/he done so,
then life would stay comfortable,
life would stay the same & the routine
would not be tampered with,
but the conscience eats at one who 
holds within them a greater notion of
what justice is & what it means to
seek a better life for all of us while we
are together on this planet---
it will not let one rest, 
once the knowledge is uncovered &
implanted in the mind of someone
who discerns its value to be of
great importance to the world---
so the once “innocent” individual
becomes “guilty.”

overnight, the process can take place,
once the curtain has been pulled away &
the powers that be
who don’t like what they see,
will find a way to
make an example
out of this person who 
had been haunted by truth &
who felt that if they hadn’t revealed it to
the world, then
they would go mad from keeping it 

locked away in a cell,
kept from the light,
kept from their friends & family,
kept from all the freedoms they once had,
meant to rot to death 
withstanding periods of torture &
long drawn out periods of 
boredom & fear,
until the heart stops beating---
just as it was meant to be.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

Details | Quatrain |

By Example

If there would be no more,
could I say I did my best,
or would I be lumped together
on a pile with all the rest?

Do I make a difference,
or do I always fall short,
how will I be judged
in life's Final Court?

I can change right now,
I will obey His command;
I can be a loving example
throughout His entire land.

My life will never be wasted,
the beginning is starting to show;
by example - I can thank Thee
for showing me the way to go.

Copyright © George Aul | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |



Fifty Years joined as one. Most were hard but somehow fun.

Weathered years of the Children's Curse took a mighty tole upon your purse.

Always too much left to do. Sleep seldom came when it was due. 

But perseverance was your code. Your prize together growing old.

A true example for each of us. An example that even I can trust.

For by his hand the path you trod was paved with love from up above.

And although unlikely what I now wish for is that God will give you fifty more.....

Copyright © Mark Croson The Applethoughtrotten | Year Posted 2010

Details | Dodoitsu |

Example of an Imperfect, Perfect Dog

Her cataracts stare me down
Perky ears arise to guests
She sits on my coat, content
That tail wags with love.

Copyright © Melissa Ross | Year Posted 2007

Details | Narrative |

Teach By Example

He looked so sweet, 
as he stared through the window,
a pair of cowboy boots had caught his eye.
watching, as he looked down at his little feet,
I knew what he was thinking,
Cowboy boots, wow, I wish I had these,
was the expression on his face.
(Sometimes we get so caught up in our own self wants,
we don't take the time, to see the needs of others.
It was cold, and his tennis shoes looked as thought they
had seen too many winters.)
I ask, is Santa going to bring you a pair of cowboy boots 
for Christmas?
He did not answer just looked down at his old worn out shoes,
and I knew he had little hope of this happening.
Inside the store a woman was watching; as she walked
over to the window,  and gently knocked on the glass.
 She Pointing to the boots, his eyes lit up in disbelief, as she took
the boots to the counter.
The clerk come out, and ask the boy to come inside for a 
I knew in my heart, that this kind lady was about to give this
little boy, one of the most valuable lessons in life.
There are still people left in this world, that see the needs of others,
and I know this will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

Details | Quatrain |


In the dawning of my manhood
As boy grew into form
I dreamed of being half a man
With a need to be reborn

I hoped to take his temperament
And all decisive ways
But I went on to do things hastily
Succumbing to teenage days

When I finally thought I grew to be
A man to take control
I saw my life was not like his
And had to take a hold

My father was my example
But, I had failed to be
Half the man I saw him as
I had failed, you see

I put things in perspective
I needed then to change
I stopped as quickly as I could
My life, I rearranged

Now, that I am older
I have a son like me
But, he is like the boy I was
I hope one day he’ll see

I must remain steadfast
Let faith remain with me
I hope to be half the man
That he would try to be 

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008