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An Evil Dove

A rose they grew with his feelings, warm,
His love, water, her love, the thorns,
Watering her rosy lips, he bled,
caressing her thorns, feelings she shed,
he bled, she shed, her lips were red,
he leaned, it seemed, a kiss now gleamed,
reaching for it, he advanced,
into her eyes, he failed to glance,
she grabbed a thorn, wanting to stab,
he kissed, she missed, he held her wrist,
told her how he loved that she exist,
She smiled, felt mild feelings storm,
while over time, his lust formed
into the deepest of the loves,
a dove she was, evil somehow,
he lay still, she grabbed a thorn,
he smiled, she smiled, he wasn't warned,
she broke his heart and flew away,
he thought 'let's write a poem today'

Copyright © Samay Raina | Year Posted 2015

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Either Way

If a poem or essay can end with a conclusion or its opposite, either one,
Can it be of any use to anyone?

Do the discrepancies and disparities, dualities and densities, reflect only
      the dementia
Of the bearer of the pencil?

First entertain, then enlighten if you can. One stretches truth in order to
Another leavens with levity one’s inevitable end.

Most days it's not possible to bring your life into an expressible state.
      Disparate thoughts,
Arduous chores, word choices. And, of course, the state of the state.

Driven by ideas rather than rhymes, for it is not metres, but a
      metre-making argument,
That makes a poem. Convenience store or university English

The day's arguments, down to the meaning of the weather, leave you
To share your heart of zero and your inner rose.

It is the strong force, the energy of the loved ones combined with
      cooperation for good or war.
Dad's years in New Guinea fighting Japs, he said, were his best by far.

The best that can be said or done is Be where you are. Love the one
      you're with
Not necessarily an adult of the opposite sex, perhaps just a kid who
      hates math

And school, dresses goth, reads rarely but learns a lot from movies and
Has the presence of mind to say I am who I am, deal with it. That's who
      I want to be

And have always been. Today clean the house, again. Woke up this
      morning to two thoughts:
How sweet to be alive! Life is tough.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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The rose I asked:

"Why a tender flower like you is armed with so many thorns?"

"Because there are as many unfeeling foes lurking around"

It bitterly replied! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
        19 July 2017

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2017

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One Second {Resubmit}

I once heard and had myself a taste
The emptiness of hell is as vast as space
I entered the vortex trying to find
How to drive the demons from my mind
Like a snake I learned to shed my skin
Found the door to my soul and crawled on in
It was as hollow as hollow can be
Full of pain, despair and agony
Like an Eagle gliding upon the wind
I traveled back through my own sin
Through the darkness I could barely see
Twisted souls crying out to me
For but a second I thought of a funny thing
My soul is like a novel by Stephen King
Just when I thought I could take no more
At the end of my soul I found a door
With all of the courage that I could find
I opened the door and entered my mind
The door vanished and with no place to hide
I faced the horrors I found on the other side
As I entered my mind I was able to see
The demons on other side of my reality
They were evil little twisted runts
Like a thousand army ants on the hunt
They had talons, fangs and eyes like a cave
That reflected how darkness was all they crave
They had stingers they used like electronic sutures
As they were connecting my past directly to my future
With all the love in my heart and soul
Battling them became my only goal
At the end of the battle all bloody and sore
I came upon another door
I opened the door knowing I would die
But found myself at the back of my eye
All was suddenly clear to see
Like a movie playing in-front of me
At the bottom of my flask with eyes insane
The devil was blowing a clear blue flame
As he blew the flame the bubbles started to roll
Releasing the ghost into my soul
The smoke rose and then condensed
Into acidic demons that ate through the fence
Ate through the fence and entered my mind
Connecting my past and future to keep me blind
The purple smoke that escaped rose to a throne
And formed the purple genie who welcomed me home
Then a metamorphous occurred before my eyes
And the genie transformed into the "father of lies"
I could see in his eyes and his evil grin
He felt that I belonged to him
In that revelation it occurred to me
I ask of the Lord to "set me free"
I could taste the salt as I formed in a tear
Which ended my journey and all of my fear
As soon as that tear fell from my eye
What had been lost in the night was blue as the sky
It’s taken me years to write this rhyme
About one second I spent in my mind
A second that is clear to see
Released my soul for eternity

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2008

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I see a old man walking in an awkward way
he is hobbling around in so much pain
then I started hearing someone screaming
while the wind whispers in my ear 
danger is near bring on more fear
I started to thinking what is happening 
is this a dream 
I lifted my head up from uneasy
when I heard a strong voice calling out for me
I wanted to hide 
but all eyes was on me 
I put my feet on the cold wet floor
that's when I started heading for the door
thats when somthing knocked me down
without a sound 
my heart aches , and I feel so drowsy 
where numbness of pains
I look around and see I'm outside on the pavement
where the rain is heavely pouring down 
the darkness is all around
I hear no noise 
so I started heading for the hills
that is when I seen a rose burning in the field
upon the hill seeing a evil looking man 
casting spells
he is leaving me no choice
but to face the unknown
I could hear the wind cry while it is still raining
the rose was turning and burning 
the man was speaking lies of hate 
than he turn looking my way 
I could see my pictures in his hand
then he put them on the burning rose 
and they turned to dust 
his eyes looked like fire 
I didn't know what else to do
I was unannounced but that isn't new
when the man started calling out my name 
he brought me down in pain
I thought I was going insain
I ask him to please stop this madness
but it was too late 
he is a evil scoundrel
pushing me to the edge of the hill
I could hear in his voice
his flagrant and haughtiness 
that's when he tossed animal blood in my hair
his cold hands touched me all over
My body was like the dead
he is bloodthirsty for my soul
he wanted me to lose control
his magic casement I started to see 
the opening of the angry sea
like my eyes where deceiving me
how could this be unless I'm in a darken dream
that's when I started to scream
when he started pouring his poisonous wine
then you lifted up my head 
and stared kissing my forehead
tha'ts when I seen the queen moon 
turn rosey red like the ruby wine
then he started giving me the drink 
while my spirit started to sink 
into the eye of the angey sea.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017