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Evil Miracle Poems | Evil Poems About Miracle

These Evil Miracle poems are examples of Evil poems about Miracle. These are the best examples of Evil Miracle poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Land Bearing Green White Green

Which way leads to the 
land of green white 
Which way are we 
   A country the wicked 
bears the rulership, and 
the people sighing 
   A terrible thing sprouts 
beneath the sun: a 
pregnant woman 
delivering not.
Imps come to lime-light 
by snuffing air from the 
goose that laid the 
golden eggs.
The blind guiding the un
The weak suppressing 
the strong-a terrible 
Like the overthrow of the 
gods at Mt. Olympus by 
the Titans.
A country where also 
thieves appear as men of 
Land of green white 
green,which way?
A land where the 
enlightened ones are 
overshadowed and 
peanuts given to them.
The masses are dogs that 
eat the crumbs.
 Which way to go you 
Iliterates stand on 
podium of power 
bellowing orders as milk 
of sorrow known as 
dividends of democracy 
is passed around.
The machine of progress 
manned by the 
"There is better 
tomorrow" we hear.
Land of green white 
green,my country 
where rule of law walk 
beside anarchy.
The proles are sentenced 
to adversity,and there 
endured death-like trials.
Chai! Aru! People 
dancing on thorns 
whimpering as they 
  I see a new sun rising 
from the horizon,hope is 
rekindled as its rays 
grace on hopeless bodies.
 Look!! there soon be 


Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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You ask, Do I believe in miracles? Have I seen healing outside the Bible?
Is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit accessible –
To me and you, beyond the Book of Acts, after Pentecost -
Is the age of signs and wonders gone with John the Baptist?
I have seen the worst of human hearts and the best
(The worst from the so-called best; the best from the pagans and communists)
My answer juxtaposes America’s Lincoln-era Civil War with other uncivil wars;
Fast forward to India-Pakistan, now Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria!
Hell of civil & uncivil wars;miracles might have saved these & Libya

Yes, I lived a miracle in South Africa myself (Glory to God!)
When a whole nation was freed from a taste of holocaust
A taste of Nazism pitted against so-called communism
South Africa was led by a black “communist” into love,
Into agape-love, forgiving love, Truth and Reconciliation
Yes, Rolihlahla Mandela (Beloved Madiba) was Christ’s man
Not what you & I expected.Leading journalists called him terrorist
Yet he rebuilt a democracy on guilt of tycoons & bones of patriots
Black, for the most part, but patriots who loved as American patriots love
On the ruins of apartheid & segregation, I saw history
On the coattails of Mandela; joined him at Union Buildings
Dined with ambassadors, helped train other officers
When apartheid had said, “You are black ... nothing:
We are the Chosen people in this wilderness”
Yes, sadly, they quoted the Bible (“knew” Jesus Christ)
I lived a miracle, thanks to Christians & others, for apartheid is dead
A new South Africa still battles the demons of lust, hate, greed 

My daughter spoke two languages at age seven
(was learning yet another: her teachers showed their true colors)
“Special Education, non-academic stream!” they said
Faith as an angry volcano said “No, I rebuke such words”
Ayanda is my American Sign Language teacher
Jesus knew better: college material, not dead-end special education
Yes, I have laid hands & spoken life since Pentecost
Yes, Beloved, Holy Spirit power - dunamis - is gifted us
Jesus said, “Unless I go, the Holy Spirit will not come”
Not inferior to Jesus, our Trinity is co-equal, co-eternal
I shall not leave you orphans, said He
We have The Paracletos, the Helper, "allos paracletos,"
"Another helper of the same kind” - Hallelujah! Believe this!
The same power that resurrected Jesus indwells each believer
Walk in the Holy Spirit's power & show Jesus to others!
He loves Egypt & U, Gentiles & Jew
4/19/17.Long Live My King Yeshua

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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I Knew Someone Who Wanted to End It All

I Knew Someone Who Was Ready to “End It All!” I knew of someone who just wanted “to end it.” Giving up on life, and did not want to “defend it.” It was a heart wrenching and difficult situation. He said what he wanted to, with no explanation! I could see his face and the sad look in his eyes! What he was going to do next, was anyone’s surprise. He turned to drugs and encountered addictions. With this brought much disease and afflictions! He gave up on the wonderful family that was given. And turned to a pretty wild and crazy way of livin’! I told him about a God who loves him very deeply. As he listened, he began to grow restless and weary. I reached for his hand and began to pray for God’s power! It was a miracle! The blood of Jesus changed him that hour! The spirit of God brought healing and hope to his body! He was so excited! He rushed out to tell everybody! The “end” that he wanted, seemed to just fade away! For the son of the living God, changed him this day! The glory of God, and the power of Jesus’ resurrection… Changed him! And got him going in a NEW direction! He’s so thankful for the blood of Christ’ atonement! And is a different person now, because of that moment! This same Jesus loves and can do the same for YOU! Through the problems of life… He will see you through! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Tenebrosi Diabolus , Funesta Pugna

Tenebrosi Diabolus , Funesta Pugna

The snake that slithered in lay quite still
as if testing my shaky resolve, my weak will
I saw its blackness and that shining skin
mesmerized , my body was so quickly drawn in 

So fast did it flicker its forked tongue
warning bells hell, none were ever rung
This great danger set upon me a great thrill
that this opponent could very easily kill

Inside my guts turned to quivering jelly
sickness rushed up deep into my belly
A wave of nausea wrapped my daring heart
why, why had I chosen this battle to start

My brain screamed to run, run quickly away
damn, this is no damn time to stupidly play
Closer I stepped to deliver a swift hit
it coiled up, this demon from the dark pit

I heard the hiss as it struck out at me
on these lightning feet my body did flee
I looked to see my opponent ready for more
then I saw that baseball bat beside the door

One quick step and that weapon was mine
now we could do battle , I felt right fine 
That sinister gleam from the demon's eyes
told me it was ready, ready for all my tries

My resolve was, end this combat early tonight
no more nightly repeats of this epic fight
With courage I moved in to deal that final blow
gain victory that would ease my troubled soul

A flash and a strike but the snake had missed
such relief, then anger, man was I pissed
I felt the smash as the bat struck that head
no more fighting this night, the demon was dead

I saw this dark limp body just vanish away
never to return again as I knelt down to pray

Robert J. Lindley, O2-11-2015

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Sin's Cure

Sin’s Cure
Curtis Johnson

Been around since the beginning of time
It’s older than Methuselah and all mankind

It has concern for neither your life nor mine
It’s often aggravated with a little mix of wine

It’s irresponsible for leaving destruction behind
It might strip us of food, shelter, and every dime

To be dislodged cost a pretty toll
It’s deep down into the human soul

It’s stronger than a wild bull
It’s desires are never full

It can be a mocker, 
and also a shocker

It may be as scarlet,
or red like crimson

It can become as wool,
or even whiter than snow

With a touch of The Carpenter’s blood,
love covers sin like an overflowing flood
cj09242016 PS

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Diminished Hexaverse |

The mystery with no viel

Life is a creative 
A playful
A dance with 
No reason
A non-sensical Mystery
Extending through and beyond logic.
Nothing holds it at both sides
Yet here it is. (There it is)

Copyright © Graham Eakin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

The Golden Winged Angel Arrives

The Golden Winged Angel Arrives

I saw a horse, its rider cloaked in flames
galloping downhill into a stream.
Creature was cursing, shouting out names
evil living in that nightmare dream.

Following, raced demons of various stripes
clawing into defending soldiers true.
Shouting darkened curses, vile evil types
swearing death was mankind's due!

Drinking blood of their victims slain
eating, biting into human flesh.
Feasting on gore and the cries of pain
as the weak and fallen they thresh.

I saw a winged demon fly into the mêlée
each swoop crushing victims down.
Coal black and so very massive was he
with finger bones on his crown!

Battle raged on, desperate was the fight
death grew, as did agonizing cries.
Carnage and misery ruled that dark night
souls casted in hell as a crow flies.

All seemed lost, miracle could only save
those men battling dark forces.
No bodies buried in a celebrated grave
flesh eating, this menu's courses!

I saw bright flash, thunder echoing sound
demons instantly started to fall.
Their black bodies sank into the ground
upon a Golden angel's first call.

Light had arrived to oppose darkest foes
prayers had summoned this power.
Demons lay about in their death throes
faith gave victory in the last hour!

With victory cry, Golden angel flew away
survivors soon fell to bended knees.
Victory race in, gallant men fell to pray
God hears and acts on faithful pleas!

Waking, found dream had indeed been true
I saw specks of blood upon my bed.
Yet, there found was an even better clue
gold-dust glitter shining on my head!

R. J. Lindley
Feb. 25th, 1981

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Rage,The Destruction And Miracle Of The Light

The Rage,The Destruction And Miracle Of The Light

The world shook- great and mighty waters then parted,
forests smashed,caves imploded,mountains were broken;
sky cracked,moon flew away,he laughed as earth cried
yet this fearsome dark God's anger did not subside!

He spoke- then seas started boiling,huge clouds exploding,
rocks moaning in saddened wails,Nature begging;
trees falling,mud baking,and fish cooked in solid ice, 
yet still his hard,raging heart was in a massive rage !

He filled rivers- with red blood,wishes with sharp thorns,
hopes with most intensive agony,hearts with lead ;
curse upon innocent living and the long sleeping dead,
and still hate filled his ripping,seething mighty mind!

Next he ate- the meadows,spit on the world's beauty,
stomped the valleys,tore the pained world asunder;
savaged the creatures,burnt the dreams,stabbed love,
defeated the imagination and killed the happy songs!

Still no mercy- filled his hate-filled and icy cold veins,
he kicked the unborn innocence,let loose the darkness;
blasted and burnt the weak and slaughtered the brave,
and still much more he hatefully dared to now do!
Halt Dark One-  this my command you must now start to obey!

Then out boomed-  this mightier voice with righteous anger,
light spread across the weeping world,forests regrew;
seas reborn and dark skies awoke to clear sunny days, 
rocks reformed,meadows soon appeared,songs now heard!

Hope was given-  its holy miracles back,love was restored,
mountains reformed,fish restocked,valleys replenished;
people inspired with love and faith,moon swiftly returned,
hearts were reborn,imagination given a new deeper birth!

Thus said this God of Light- darkness now flee far away,
return only when I give thee that needed brief respite;
I the Master of Light,will hold sacred this great holy day,
Earth prospers and your dark power of hate I now slay!

Robert J. Lindley

Note-- I left this poem sitting unfinished(a fragment)for 3 long years,
 only to return again to finish it .

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Miracle Of The Virgins

            Miracle Of The Virgins

Some terrorists are silly and depraved
They are promised 40 virgins when they die
If they strap a bomb or two around their waste
Or behead the enemy as they cry
But I don’t know
I've been around the block a couple of times
There are girls of virtue somewhere
But never in my travels did I find, 40 at a time
Well, maybe in the womb
And that’s assuming they’re inclined
To do it with these dirty filthy heathen killing things
Terrorists have sex with deceased camels
They don’t wash their hands after be-headings either
I hate to say bad things about the enemy
But I’m afraid they really and truly stink
Many chopping blocks are out there 
It is easy to lose your head and not return
Yesterday was not the day that I was born
And there is something to be learned
Whoever is offering virgins by the dozens
Might as well offer flying unicorns with their cousins
The miracle of the virgins is exactly that
You are lucky to find one or two still living in the womb
And perhaps a couple residing on the moon

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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In Youth, Life's Wild Tracks Seem So Inviting

In Youth, Life's Wild Tracks Seem So Inviting

Those years I spent racing down wildest tracks
majestic and sweet wild-cards were playing.
Always when needed, finding one-eyed jacks
that bounty kept me from ever straying.

Gamble life and laugh at possible cost
O' how youth can blindly crash open doors.
Always thinking they can never get lost
falling into well laid cracks in the floors.

When calamity arrives with hard knocks
hopeful thoughts are this will soon go away.
Yet those doors soon have unbreakable locks
and pain allows misery its full sway.

Dark pits welcomes guest when chips are all gone
there deep where Fate's avenging shadows dwell.
Nothing nourishes and soon skin covers bone

Miracle if light ever breaks on through
shadows vanish and all locks fall away.
You may find that others have prayed for you
and vow never again to walk that way.

R.J. Lindley
 Jan.. 1985

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

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Each Day Left is a Miracle of Grace

Each day's dawn is a miracle, grateful I am
To discover the sun even rose,
Thank the Lord that I still have a tent
For so few college grads have a job.
Before taking your meds (prices rising each day)
Better check all your fingers and toes.
Maybe stay out of kitchen if you can't take heat,
But a bully won't listen to what people say!

Our new president's words mostly spam,
As he twitters his nonsense, that's hateful at best;
Grossly fat; can he tie the dress shoes on his feet?
He's "The Ponce of the US," (1) a Soviet tool,
And the world knows that he is a fool.
Loves His pussy, who cares what hits fan,
Voters care who he shoots in the street?
Simple buffoon to those who can flatter.

But his life seems to me growing cancer,
Nepotistic, appointments don't matter,
Loves to fire any "Engine That Can," (2)
For real competence makes him look bad,
Shows the world that he's naked, unclad!
Like a leech, he sucks blood from the poor.
Plain to see empathy is not window or door,
You can't sell it, clear proof it's no answer!

So thank God that you're still here this morning,
And then pray each new day is his last,
For the longer he stays the more danger we're in,
Though the devil's no pushover, "DTs" (3) might win!
Hang your head if his face shows a smirk,
If there's stroke, we thank God for the gift!
He exploits the future, can't fathom the past,
But coming or going the "Ponce" is a jerk!

Long Tooth
July 21, 2017

Poet's Notes:
(1) POTUS is a new acronym.
(2) A reference to a children's tale called "The Little Engine That Could!" which it seems clear Trump never read or perhaps it was (and still is) over his head!
(3) Delirium Tremens - a psychotic condition!

Copyright © Roof Missing | Year Posted 2017

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My Fellow Bulgarians

My dear fellow Bulgarians....,
when any of you walks in the streets,
your hairy knuckles scrape the pavement.
If Charles Darwin's theory was right,
one day—in a couple of million years
you will finally become human beings
(unless the evolution theory was bungled).
Until then, you should be all made to live 
up in the trees of some tropical jungle!

Copyright © Ross Vassilev | Year Posted 2017