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a fable

A Fairy Tale

This skinny lonely wolf reduced to eating worms
Expulsed from his arguing with the leader wolf how best
To catch caribous
Nose to the ground it found an open chest of fifty 
Gold ducats and since they shone so bright he ate them all
And heavy was its belly 
When other wolf saw his stomach they thought he was 
A successful hunter and he taught them how to kill 
Caribous and deer too.  
As a leader dog, he was the first to eat from a kill and
Left behind a coin or as they a ducat and a hunter stalked him 
To find in his excrete another coin
Fifty times the hunter dug into wolf shift and came up rich 
And trekked home but a blizzard came, his was ill prepared 
This heavyweight he dragged about
Put the ducats under a tree and tire he came home 
When the weather cleared, he found the tree the coins were gone
And a boney wolf was walking away it had a huge stomach.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Tuesday, January 12 2010

Be happy for you have not witnessed it
The time where Haiti shook and fell
On this paper I transmit
This event worthy to tell

It started like any other day
Everything was calm and nice
Maybe it was nature’s way to repay
Us for our vice

In a split second it begun
Everything was going up and down
No matter what, you couldn’t outrun
This destructive force shaking the town

After a while it ended
The place was filled with dead silence
I was with my siblings that I defended
Saving them from this death sentence

I saw a man running with blood
All over his face, and lost his arm
The rest of his body covered with mud
With an organ sticking out of his underarm

During this catastrophe
I lost a lot of friends, and family members
I would like to destroy that part of my history
But everywhere I go that feeling ember’s

I was unlucky to see the remains
Of what was left in this desert
I had to close my eyes for it pains
Me to see my people trapped under the dirt

Just the thought of writing about it
Makes a bed of tears in my eyes
On that day I was whit
My friend as he lays and dies

For what happened to Haiti
Pray it doesn’t happen to you
This pain will cause you to worry
When they say you’re safe is it true?

Copyright © Serge Comeau | Year Posted 2011

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The Messenger

When your spirit touched mine
oh, how I felt so clean 
my heart touched yours 
while yours touched mine
like you have been trying to tell me something
let not what I feel change a thing 
no matter what my life brings
Oh, this love you have given to me
has taken control over my soul
you say you are the messenger
the one that was sent to help me
to set my spirit at easy 
and when you had touched my hands
I started to cry while my mind started to spine
in an ancient time that has taken  hold over my soul
Oh, how you spoke out some ancient rhyme 
deep into my mind 
that burn deeper in my heart
pouting secrets of true divine
like I had been drinking on wine
while the night is still running young
where feelings of true love filled my cup
as if my soul was waving back to his
then I started crying out all my sins
that kept me captive deep within
my pains started bring down heavy rains
this gone on fore days and weak's
and weak's and months
Then I would hear his spirit speak to mine
I am the messenger 
when you need heart heart to be clean 
I pray for you night and day 
when you needed telling of the divine words
I will burn my love your way 
that will shine deep into your darkest hours
your words are the prophecies to help me
fine my way out of darken dreams .

Poetic Judy Lilly Emery (c)

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017