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Tears Must Fall (In honor of the Virginia Tech tragedy)

Unlock your sorrowful tears,
Let them flow Like a raging river. 

From the depths of your being
howl Like a wolfcub who has been
Abandoned by his pack.

Ask for the comfort you will
need in all the days to come.

Keep your expression of sorrow
with you as Long as you need to grieve.
It will bend of it's own 
accord when you are finished.

Allow yourself the unhindered crying
your soul will require to heal.

To make sense of things, grasp your 
spirituality as a way of sailing 
far far away from the utter
horror of it all.

Do not try to push those tears aside,
as your pain and suffering is meaningful,

Though it does not feel that way now...

Take their photo's from your wallets
and display them at will,
with awesome Love and abundant pride.
Take them out as need be
and shower them with tears and memories.

I promise you, it will validate
their very existance.

Know that the very waters of your
faith will certainly be tested.
Also know that this too shall pass.

Your pain will remain forever but
your faith will return tenfold.

Allow the Light to pass over your
darkness and believe that one day
There will be healing.

If you can find the strength within,
you must allow for access back into
Your hearts, for one day you will
feel entitled to open the gates that
have held you under seige.

Because grief will never Leave you
where it finds you...

Copyright © Christine Wessels | Year Posted 2007

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grammar school theatrics

speak up my dear
the class can't hear you 
when you mumble
stand up straight
pull that hair back 
from your face
no wonder no one wants 
to play with you
at recess all you ever do
is sit outside the classroom door
nose in a book
"look, look! it's bug-eyes"
she hears somebody say
"she's such a booger-nosed,
knobby-kneed, goober-dweeb"
she waits . . .
until their voices fade
to wipe her tears 

Copyright © teresa guild | Year Posted 2011

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An Elegy for Safety: For the Victims of Virginia Tech

I remember the wooden floors of Catholic school;
And the grin reflected in glossy planks; 
And how I learned of God, love, peace, white, pure,
But never knew anything else,
A warm embrace of family in the house of God,
His warmth raining on me in the Spring of my youth.
And the friends I had, who were wet with me,
And in the name of childhood 
We danced and sang.

But it was a child who shot down
His school, covering steel bullets in blood;
More powerfully covering childhood in the truth:
There is no safe place.

The planks hold doubter’s eyes, now,
The reality that death is for all of us,
That each person holds the end 
Of strangers’ worlds in his hands.

If I could take the Hokies,
And all the murdered youth of this greatest nation, 
And heal them, I would.  
But I did not invent the safe feeling
Only remaining…hopefully somewhere.

Copyright © Will Hollis | Year Posted 2007

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Gates Of God's Decision

One Hour into school and im hearing news but not believing
what they say,it comes again
in the form of wicked sadness destroying seamen rank by rank
adn my tears fall inside like flanks,in my shaking head
I hold this in mind
and let truth behold all i might not see and death brings me closer to the seams
of life and im so afraid
im a coward of time and i've got so many cards I dealt 
but the ace is hidden by my side
and lastnight it was Sunday May 5th 2008
and somehow we they got there late
I just know it was'nt your time but we all will be fine 
you will be missed and we'll remember this time when we had to say goodbye
and our tears flow like new life
and at the drop of a hat,
a mother lost a daughter,father lost a girl,we lost an angel 
and God gained your grace students lost a hero,I know im way past my limit 
so why do I write still,but i know somehow i'll prove you're living in our brain
Mrs.Gates we miss you dearly as you glowed with day 
and will always be remembered not erased

 "This Poem/Song is dedicated to the Family,Friends,Students and staff who 
were touched by this Angel's Grace,R.I.P. Mrs.Gates"

Copyright © Thomas Johnson Jr | Year Posted 2008

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Everyone Around Me

Everyone around me is losing their lives,
Doesn't anyone see the grief in my eyes?
What are all these feelings that are combining?
Most of these feelings that have been hiding.
I cant breathe, I cant speak, I cant even cry.
I'm losing my faith,  do you know why?
Because everyone around me is losing their lives,
Drive byes, heart attacks, and suicide.
Why did any of them have to go away?
Why do my tears fall for them every day?
For all my loved ones that had to go,
The mourning and grieving I don't know how to show.
All of these things I hold deep inside,
I said I'm OK,  what if I lied?
Does anyone understand how I'm feeling?
I need the time for the tender healing.
Because everyone around me is losing their lives,
Getting jumped and killed with bloody knives.
Why did my friend have to drive that far?
Why did the other guys drink in their car?
They wouldn't have killed her if they looked.
Do they even care whose life they took?
Everyone around me is losing their lives,
How many of you see the grief in my eyes?
Why did my grandpa go to that store?
Why cant he be with me anymore?
The day of his funeral, someone else died.
Does anyone feel these tears I have cried?
Cancer killed my High School love,
Now I pray to him and God above.
One close relation, had a bad heart,
Then the Lord took me and him apart.
Everyone around me is losing their lives,
Now can you see the grief in my eyes?
Why did my friend get killed in a drive by shooting?
She was so young, she didn't know what she was doing.
My ninth birthday, my uncle got hit by a train.
Tell my why people play this game?
My homie got shot because of the rag he was hanging,
But expect anything when you spend your life claiming.
there are so many more, but it hurts to much to speak on.
my love for them will always be there, but unfortunately they are still gone. 
Everyone around me is loosing there lives,
Can anybody see the grief in my eyes?
Rest in peace to all of my loved ones, 
who have lost their lives.............

Copyright © christina white | Year Posted 2008

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Dont cry

As far as I can recall he has always been there
The memories of when we first met are concrete in my heart
All along never leaving my side he stood thorug bad and fair
Its so hard to know I will never see him again, I break again and again, why did he part

A birthday I never knew, for the day came and went until I met him, my truest friend
We grew up together, troubled was my family, I found myself spending most of my youth with his
No matter what turns life took me on, there he was, always in he I could depend
How can I bare such pain, why he? Why this?

A cake, it all started there, April 11th was the day, in which I was born
Eager to see me smile, he brougth a cake to my joy on my 11th year of life
A feeling took over me, I did not know how to react so I just began to weep
As I had never been around true affection since then, a joy he gave that my heart will forever keep

After high school we parted, as we grew into men
I missed all the sleep overs, movies and video games
Bolony sandwiches, popcorn, and the tears that we shared as we got into women
A lot of many feelings I first felt with he to aid my pains

I look to the sky I know he looks down upon me
I can feel his presense all around, and I cry
Lord of mine why did he have to die?
I can no longer bare the anguish and fear, O' set me free

I shall never forget him, for he lives in my heart and memory
The greatest chapter so far in my story
I pray, for his well being along your side Father as You are love in the sky
Please, and I hear Your voice"don't cry"

-I'm memory of Jose S.
May you rest in peace brother, and truest friend.

Copyright © Edward Orozco | Year Posted 2009