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Christmas without Mom

 To eulogize your life when we have spent so many years apart
 gives me comfort and memories of your precious passed life
 You speak to me in my dreams and share images of a castle by the stream
 it's walls shine of elegance a beauty of luster gold for your soul it now holds

 My Mother, you are now a jewel of heaven, a gem in God's crown
 as his loving arms hold you and his angels wings wrap around.

 I know you sit in the room of hearts and some day you will take me in your arms,
 while the angels play their harps like the soft swaying sound of a violin my soul 
 will then depart.

 As I stroll to the waters edge of sadness and my reflection is looking back
 I see my mothers wonderful smile our characteristics and mannerism
 you blessed me as a child.

 Tonight I will sleep and you will whisper in my ear all the stories 
 from the day that I was born, taking away my sadness and
 giving me comfort to help me not to mourn. 

 So on Christmas morn when I awake from my dream that we shared
 I will not see the lights from my Christmas tree
 only the glow from the angel who has given me a life and a soul that is free.

 T Reams 12/3/15      I miss you Mom 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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One Day

One day I'll be gone 
And it will be surreal at first 
And you may question much 
But you get to choose which is worse 

You will remember all of our talks
I will help you recall
And our memories may cause you to tear
But I pray they never cause you to fall

One day I'll be in a different world
A new experience to discover
At the same time I'll be by your side
But we won't physically interact with one another

And I'll be sad to see you sad
So I hope you find only the joy
In the journey we shared together
Where I'd make you laugh and feel annoyed

One day you will question this world
And think that life is too short
But don't let the grief get to you my warrior
This is your battle to be fought

I am proud of your growth
You are doing so well but can't see
How much you have evolved as a person
And how strong and centered you can be

One day you'll look at stars
And wonder if I'm somewhere in between
But I'll be right there smiling upon you
But my smile will be unseen

Just know that I am with you
I'll play songs to help remind
And be open to trusting that it's me
In the little signs that you find

Have faith in the dreams that you have dear one
It is not your imagination
I'm simply trying to speak to you 
Through my form of communication 

One day we will be reunited
Only once your mission is complete
So laugh everyday and find reasons to smile
Until the next time we meet

Copyright © Shakeela Kingzley | Year Posted 2015

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The Crow

The crow is solemn among the branch,
Staring at nothing but horizons and bark.

The snow capped scene it did surround, in the quiet, sleepy 
and noisy town.

The crow shudders its wings and wakes the snow in a hazy 
Clouded shroud the crow did go

He had witnessed the inhabitants more than he dare see
The abuse, the guile the festering fleas

The rodents of theatre masquerading a foul vigor
In duplicated ego, and whispered intuition. 

He saw the truth he saw the daily lies the grand hypocrisy 
The grand prevail.

They cannot ere another fable the replica of tales repeats 
In ceaseless curiosity. 

He flaps amongst the cold air and feels the rush of europhia 
As he dances with ability, freedom and choice

The crow moves in unstoppable momentum towards the observed horizon 
And behind the orange glow of life. 

Copyright © Paul K K | Year Posted 2016

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The land of Zaatar, Zaytoon
and Lime
The land of progressive and loving people
 at her core.
The British Empire promised the rocky terrain
(From which the Empire yielded no fruit
 Nor money!)
 To displaced people:  The Jews;
The Jews called her
The promised land:
The land promised to them.
For at the heart of her is Jerusalem:
The town holy to both Mohamedians
And the Jews:
the loving cousins they were once.
Became a country of division, feuds!
A country of Bloodsheds
The country of bitter tears shed.
The land of people confined in unsanitary camps
Surviving on the margins: 
Their minds becoming unsound;
Slowly !
 Day by day!
Like a blood tap turning into a blood sea.
The land of diseases, 
The land of infant deaths
In sea of numbers
The land of famished folks,
The land of murky waters and no hopes.
 Where the bitter seed of hopelessness
Is sown;
Turning into a thorny tree;
Bearing blood fruits!
The land of forgotten people,
The land of  bitter feuds !
Palestine :
The land of peoples’ pleas
Unheard,  unseen!
The land of peoples’ suffering
Unregistered in our collective psyches

Copyright © YASEMIN BALANDI | Year Posted 2016

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Live Only On Present

If we think about past it will give us pain,
If we think about future it will give us burdain.

If we try to live on present,
We could make us fully confident.

We know we can't always live on present state,
We have to visit past and future event.

It will remind us we are human,
We are no more cave man.

The past, present and future run altogether,
We have to make ourselves positive thinker.

Copyright © Md Shahadat Hossain | Year Posted 2016