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Easy Love Poems | Easy Poems About Love

These Easy Love poems are examples of Easy poems about Love. These are the best examples of Easy Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Dramatic monologue |

Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play

Yesterday, I went home for lunch, I never go home for lunch. When I got to our apartment  I don't know why but I didn't reach for my key.  Francine was at work and I always leave last in the morning.  I was sure I had locked the door but I didn't reach for my key. I reached for the door knob and turned. The door was open.  I don't know how I knew. The moment I entered I knew.  I froze. I could feel it, smell it, hell I could taste it. I started walking but my muscles wouldn't move,  my lungs were grasping for air  for some oxygen  some sweet, sweet oxygen but I could barely breathe. “Leave!” I told myself but I kept walking. Not really walking,  it was like moving through mud,  like a slow motion scene in a movie.  But this wasn't a movie.  This was my life and I could feel it slipping away  from my grasp. I heard noises! Francine.  I had heard those noises a hundred times before,  they were the sounds of an Angel  but this was no heaven  this was my own private nightmare. The moans traveled through the muck in the air  amplified like the hiss from a distorted speaker.  It mocked me over and over again. Climbing a mountain might have been easier  but I finally reached the bedroom, and there they were, and there she was. I knew, I knew the moment I entered the apartment.  Why hadn't I just turned back?  I could barely see, my eyes were blurry,  covered in layers of my own tears. I could see her  I knew I had never seen him before. They were naked and in our bed.  Naked in OUR BED! How do you that? How do you cross the line to that extreme? You'd think the green eyed monster  would control my actions from here on in.  I did see green! I was insanely jealous but I didn't want to end up the morning headline in the newspaper. That monster jealousy was by my side but I took charge.  I'd have to keep him at bay, at least for now. You'd think I would be mad, I wasn't. You'd think I'd curse and call her whore. I didn't! Being cut open alive must be lest painful than this.   This hacked away at my spirit,  tore away at my self worth. I felt like a pile of worthless shreds. I spoke I mean my lips moved and words came out... I think.  I think I said,  I'm not sure it all happened so fast, she never spoke. I could see the shame on her face  she didn't need to speak,  but, but I think I said 'Sorry... I said Sorry and I left. I wandered for what seemed hours,  it was minutes.  It wasn't like I was meandering to a different drummer;  there just wasn't any music anymore. I was moving to the rhythm of the beating of my own heart.  Like a broken record it was skipping, like a broken record it played  in a loop of repetitive monotony. I suffered in my circled steps  until I couldn't stand it any more. I found just enough strength  to return to the apartment. I knew she was gone  I already felt the emptiness in my whole. We'd never see each other again. We had been so much. She was a big part of my life. She was the love of my life. I would never love anyone like that again. So much of her was me. I thought she was my soul mate. We let go of all of it. There is a feeling of betrayal. A feeling of disgust. A jealousy that takes over. I'd never look at her the same again. Everything she ever did from that day on would always make me suspicious. Jealousy would rule me. Jealousy should never rule anyone. If you can't trust the people in your life, friend or lover, you need to remove that person from your life. You have to remove that person out of your life. Trust, is the only gift we can offer. Friend, lover or stranger! People can trust me. My word is my bond. I let her go,  I really didn't have a choice I would never be the same again. She was gone. She had left a note. It said Sorry! Sorry! We both were. Maurice Yvonne 11~30~2014 Sponsor: Verlena S. Walker Contest Name: The Green-Eyed Monster 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

Details | Lyric |

Make this life easy

How long will it take for you to see
Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually
The flesh is just a lie
Eventually you’re gonna die
But your soul will live on
Rejoice in this don’t mourn
God made you to die 
It’s why you were born
Last night GOD spoke to me
Your pain will end soon, so brother don’t worry
This world will soon pass
None of this is gonna last
But the word of GOD will live on
From the dusk till the dawn, on, on and on
He said pity the living, not the dead
I replied back to him
I meant no disrespect and this is what I said
Imma hold my head high and do my part until the end

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

Sister and brothers on streets
Instead of helping them get on their feats
We’re worrying about ourselves
It’s an endless cycle
man’s just looking out for himself
It seems clear to me
That nobody is free
Rich, white, black or poor you’re all the same to me
Trapped in a prison ruled by money
Don’t you think it’s funny 
Endless numbers and papers rules us 
We’ll never be happy
It’s not a mystery
The world is falling apart
I want it to end already, when will it start
Until then I guess I’m going to do my part
So while you’re here just make this life easy

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

This poem is inspired by Tupac's Life Goes On.

Copyright © Tilahun Taye | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

You're Easy to be Proud of

You have grown to be such a man
yet, I cannot help but see the boy in you
you are my Son, who wears many uniforms
as your father, I cannot help but be Proud,

I see you march in the Orange and Black
your new horn, the one you have polished to a glow
every step you take, Orchestrated to perfection
with every note played, My pride, Crescendo 

Then, you have worked hard, and Matured
a letter arrives, Office of the Governor, the Man himself
an invitation, Ambassadorship, a Musical one
Travel Europe, Summer next, Seven Countries

A Father, busting with pride, Why? I'll tell you!

        Because, " Your Easy to be Proud of"

Yet as proud as I am, there is this other Uniform
the one you wear with Honor, Duty, Love of Country
the one with Medals, Braids and Epaulets 
the one with a special pin, a hometown pin

Five Stars Golden, enveloped by Black and Orange
Tenne' a Chevron, a Chief, a Ring of Life
of the First Argent, A Scroll in Black
an inscription, " Classis Adhaereo Adstringo"

A Motto, In Latin, ascribed by the Navy
for Five hometown boys Lost in War
of how they lived and died " We Stick Together"
Albert,Francis,George,Joseph and Madison Sullivan

In that Uniform, I see the Man, not the boy
I cannot help but be caught, in solemn thought
This Man, with Anapolis in sight and mind
on this, the Eve of the 9/11 tragedy and War

That solemn thought reverts to Sacrifice
the Sullivan's sacrificed,9/11 over 3000 sacrificed
all did so,willingly or not, for Country, for God
I think you have foreseen Your Destiny, Your own

Josh, whatever Uniform you decide to wear,
whatever path, you may choose to walk
I'll always Love you, Be there for and with you
and be So Very Proud of You, Why? Because!

             You're Easy to be Proud of! 

             With all my Love.....Dad

Copyright 2011 Richard Pickett

Copyright © Richard Pickett | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |

When Love Becomes Easy

When loves becomes e-z the world will B a better place
holdin you will B more often N kissin U will have a better taste
spendin time will not be spent but it will B remembered
When loves becomes e-z the doubts U have U wont remember
N When loves becomes e-z we will walk hand and hand with our enemies
when greed becomes powerless we will sail back from overseas
When loves becomes e-z it will B e-z 2 love,
sympathy will have a name N it's name will B love
When loves becomes e-z we will finally let our graud down
when i find love U'll B safe when i'm around
i could love 4ever and hate just once,
and that hate will back fire on me like a broken gun
hate is so e-z and love is so hard,
we love to hate the devil and fear to love God....

if we could love jus 2 love, my love will be everlasting
it will be bullet proof instead of plastic
When loves becomes e-z i will love like the 1st
mayB my mind will unfold, mayB this bubble will brust
it's better not to love at all then to love and lost
because trying to gain that love back is a debtly cost
and when loves becomes e-z a smile will become a gift
5 fingerz will become a hand N that hand will become a lift
When loves becomes e-z the most meaningful word will B firend
and When loves becomes e-z i will love you again


Copyright © Jay PorknBean | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |


Once life slipped from my young days,
taking away all happiness;
it rained, but flowers didn't grow,
hope was as far as a rainbow...
deprivation and longing
made me shout at my ill fate
to stop its wrongdoing
before it turned to hate.

Yes, taking back life wasn't easy,
but what's left is mine to pursue...
to enjoy before my hour of death;
and I hope that it will continue  
without disrupting the harmony
between love and happy living:
'though lost time can't return,
the present is enough! 

Years have passed and generosity
has flourished in a loveless heart,
now, every friend notices how 
it loves them without resentment;
and they reflect over my words,
" Taking back life wasn't easy...
I fought hard and won
by making the right choices!" 

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

Just Too Easy

Chance seeing that shooting star, death by brilliant light.
Interpreting dreams, from the day or the night.
Chasing rainbows, it’s treasure foretold.
Facing the mirror, lines drawn, time is so cruel, just getting old.
A wish from adolescence, so fleeting, soon gone,
Finding it, losing it, then, the will to go on.
Fish in the ocean, songs soulful and sad.
Movie star glances, playing well written lines.
Maybe for 7 years, perhaps 10 if you are lucky.
It’s all gone so quiet, time to do it again?

Change for the better, could be sublime.
Forget the life of the past, move on in time.
Or live with the niggles, the mundane and the sour,
A fresh face, a smile, a feeling empowered.
What should you do, how will it end,
Seek advice from a stranger or support of a friend.
The truth is in there, somewhere, but it’s a gamble of trust.
Old for the new, the passion or lust
It’s a question asked over again, driving us to despair, as we
Wrestle with our head and our heart, with neither so clear.
To stay with the familiar, or infatuation so sweet.
In a throwaway society, where quality and value should last,
But a new toy is shinier than the comfort of a past.

An old barn burns the fastest; it’s always been the same,
From Maggie V and onwards, in a broken dream.
It has destroyed me, ne’er mind the cost
Of hearts sold and broken, it all falls into dust.
Water it, nurture it, see it grow and sustain,
So easy to turn it from the glow to mundane.
We are surrounded by it, with its passion and desire,
It’s too small a word, which we can always shift blame,
Yet we let it run amok with our emotions and mind.
We need to learn to be honest with it, to use other words of desire,
Fascination, drawn, enamoured, stimulated or lust
The feeling of tenderness, that electrifying touch.
A life for a life, a time for a time,
You get older, perhaps wiser; you seek solace, something quite unreal,
So why is it too easy to fall in love?

Copyright © Stephen Harper | Year Posted 2017

Details | Couplet |

No Easy Answer - London Attack

How do we fight this war on mirth,
When love and life now have no worth?

How do we alter such twisted souls,
With death and horror their only goals?

To save a spirit such perverted spin,
It has to transform from deep within ...

Seems hope is done before it starts,
Yet, LOVE can change the coldest hearts.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

If Loving You Were Easy

If loving you were easy
I'd love you like I should.
I've opened up my heart to you
and tried as best I could.
I don't expect reassurance.
I know some think I'm cold.
I needed your love when I was young.
But now I'm just too old.
I've lived without your guidance.
I've lived without your hugs.
I'm sure you don't remember
a time without your drugs.
You chose the life you're living.
I wished you all the best.
Now it's time to say goodbye
and lay this thing to rest.
If loving you were easy,
I'd love you like I should.
I've opened up my heart to you
and tried as best I could.

Copyright © Mary Nagy | Year Posted 2005

Details | Free verse |

So Easy to Forget

I commend you, my ethereal love:
you’ve forgotten me so well
My name was written with invisible ink
on your heart
Erase ... evaporate
Our love was steamy mist on the bathroom mirror,
and you took a dry toweled tear and wiped it away
I ask you, were we so easy to forget?
For me, it was hard to remember
just why we split
Something or another about this and that
Having a dinner conversation,
you were casting aspersions,
saying a real man don’t treat a woman like crap
But, if I recall correctly,
it was your friend and her fella you were talking about
When it came to us,
we always labored hard to try and work things out
But we got lax,
too comfortable with our facial familiarity
I took your love for granted,
and you did the same with me
We let the little bothersome things slide,
we let the small cracks grow wide
Now, we’re no longer together,
and I really don’t know exactly why
Or what truly caused the divide
With sorrowful parting, 
I ask myself why ... why ... why did our love die?!
As it takes everything within me
to stifle my muffled manly cries
It hurt me to see 
there wasn’t the slightest glint of regret
gleaming in your eyes
Yet, I must praise you, my astral love
For you, it was so easy to forget
to give us another try 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

Young Love is Easy

Young love is easy
Wild and hot,
Getting and giving 
From bottom to top.

All of your attention,
Best manners and smiles,
Flowers and perfume 
Sweet smelling for miles.

Shirts and dresses starched, 
Cleaned and pressed,
Hair-do’s and manicures
Take care of the rest. 

Young love is easy 
As apple pie
But love gets tougher 
As the years roll by. 

Once we’ve taken 
Those wedding vows
Life quickly changes 
Everything somehow.

No more hopping 
Into back seat games,
Spending all your cash
On your hottest flame.

And no more running 
With the good ‘ol guys
As responsibilities hit us
Between the eyes. 

As the years grow longer
Love grows too    
But not as easy
As when love was new. 

Separation and sickness
Knock us down – 
Disappointments and heart aches 
Round after round. 

The loss of loved ones 
Near and dear
Make us weary and worn  
Year after year.

Money gets tight 
And the house needs repairs,
And children need attention  
When you’re not there. 

Then our bodies start to bend 
And slowly break
So we cling to one another
No matter what it takes.

Because young love is easy 
And old love is not,
But at the end of our hours
It’s all we’ve got.  


Copyright © Terrell Martin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

Easy As Falling Off A Bike

Infatuation is what it's sometimes called You can give it any name you'd like I call it love, pure love sweet love It's as easy as falling off a bike No need for any special instructions But your heart must be willing to share All or even just a part of your heart Almost everyone has love to spare Nothing's really more important in life It's the engine that turns our wheel Can't think of anything that even comes close For passion, for intensity, for zeal Take it from me, an extremely sensitive male Who loves life and the joys it brings Once you discover the true meaning of life You find all year round is spring <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Easy One

Not trying to be too brash
Or sound like poor white trash

But there is one thing I love
About my man- only thing I  adore more
are the brains above-

There is only one for this lass-
I shor' do love his ass!

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Love is not Easy

However you understand Love

it is not easy, it takes guts

it takes courage


Love does


It eats you, if you're not careful

you can be love, be loved

love and loved, you can be


You can take it, bring it,

like baggage, but can't wing it

it will test you to your limit 


Love will 


If you break before the dawn

of wisdom in your head

you lose some but love remains



always in all ways

Love is not easy.

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballade |

easy come

always ready to jump the next train
catch the next flight
looking for a life to blame
and I'm sorry every time
Especially this time...

treating you as easy come, easy go
but you're not just easy go
for me
no you're not an easy go

please let there be
a tomorrow?
Like you said 
always a tomorrow

very new for me
a colt that knows nothing
but feels everything
not sure how this is supposed to feel
but....it feels safe

I know I said you don't understand
but you do...
didn't give you my hand 
for no reason
you do understand
better and quicker than anyone
was scared of making do with something that just doesn't
but this is different

won't treat you as easy come, easy go
you easily came
but you won't easily go
for me,
no you're not an easy go

please won't there be
always a tomorrow
like you said?
Always a tomorrow

Don't ever want to change your face again
like I did
when I said 
what I said

I'm really going through it now 
nothing to do with you...
won't there always be a tomorrow?
Please and always say a tomorrow

Copyright © joy bohland | Year Posted 2013

Details | Tanka |



three easy pieces
the kind of tunes children like
are so out of place
in this electronic world
grandma moses comes to mind

the colors    simple
country places brought to life
you identify
alive again as a child
love    comfort    security

in this complex world
simple things are still the best
three easy pieces
love    comfort    security
old grandma knew how to live              


Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

I Take The Easy Way Out

What are you thinking about?
I've never had this much trouble
You never let me in
And it makes me think 
You're sick of me--
That you don't want me around--
The sound
Of another person--
A different guy
Telling me he loves me--
That he wants to be mine
It's so different and new
It almost has no meaning
I say "I love you too"
But do I really?
I never gave myself time to heal--
Time to recover
I like to think of myself
As a fighter--
As someone who is strong
But the truth is
I take the easy way out
If given the opportunity
I don't know what I want in life--
Or what my calling is
All I know is that you take away
My loneliness
And keep my mind occupied
I'm so afraid you'll leave me
Like I left him
So unexpected
So sudden
I just want this to pass
I want this year to be finished
So I can start over again
With someone--
And something new
I want to feel loved
I want to feel needed
I want to feel closer to you
I miss you

Copyright © Carly Bradshaw | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

My Love For You Is Easy

There is so much I want to share with you,
But my words are lost deep within me
I have oh so many emotions
How do I make you see

Life is not always that simple
Hear this from my heart
Our faith will concur all
As we stand here at the start.

Not speaking to you is going to kill me
You there and me here
But one day soon that will change
And I will finally have you near.

The Angels they did send you
The day that we met
Our love will last forever
As in stone it was set

Come fly, fly with me baby
Oh come fly with me
We can explore our love together
And set all our deepest emotions free

For the skies are without limits
And the tree tops we sour too
Perched upon a branch
Our love is forever true

I never meant for this to happen
But I am sure glad it did
Hearing your love and laughter
Makes me feel like a kid

Please never doubt my love
What is shared between you and me
Cause I am here to forever hold you
You just wait and see

But for now, I have to be patient
And except our destiny
But I promise you this my darling
You are forever within me.

Copyright © mandy cabral | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Friendships Are Easy To End Hard To Rebuild

Friendship’s Are Easy to End… Hard To Rebuild! When it comes to friendships, many are quick to “end it.” I seldom see very few that try to “rebuild it.” A harsh word said. An angry thought spoken. Can often cause many friendships to be broken! Scripture says; “be quick to listen.” “Slow to speak.” May we speak God’s grace each day of the week. A broken friendship can cause feelings of anger. And soon, our “ex-friend.” becomes a “stranger.” God will not give you a trophy for those you’ve “un-friended.” May you ask for his love to have your hearts “amended.” Broken friendship can have many repercussions. Often leading to gossip and back-biting discussions. May we seek God’s forgiveness to come back together. May his love be the glue that binds you forever! Life is too short to end a friendship. The person you left, could be going through a hardship! May the peace and love of Christ bind us as one! And bring a healing to every parent, daughter and son! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

Details | ABC |

Easy as a 1,2,3

Hug A Taxi                 Cloud Furnace            Inflatable Train

Chug A Deer               Sweet Throne    Ping Pong Pirate

Examiner Of Creams      Unhingeology           Tailored Loving Censorship

Fluorescent Tar     Indirect Assessment             Polite Tick Aeon

Blight Whack          Tubular Wells       Sense A Ship

EndSource                 Woven Drips     Cheetah Blood

Falcon Dribble        Frank Stopp     Mastodon't

Rusty Shilling           Hardwood Grapetin     Walrus Warble

                Marble March          Flag Drone

Clarifog     Crossed Kegs       Frog Lawyer     

        Off Your Dead       Sled Polish

Sled Jammer      Spray On Fan

             FraySpan          Bus Flop

Crustaceous Clicks      1 and 2 and Free and More

   Hoots With The Fur

Segway To Heaven

Clarified Mutter                  Puddle Politics

Window Lickin' Spindle Flicker

Copyright © Rob Browne | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Loving you is easy

Loving you is easy

I’ll be there for you, whether skies are grey or blue.
I’ll be there for you, because you are there for me too.
If you are hurting and can’t carry on;
Just give me a call and I’ll pick up the phone.
Because you have my love, it goes on and on;
It’s never ending, because you are the one.

This is my life, but without you in it,
My life would be empty and I would be lost.
As I lay here with you asleep in my arms,
I can’t help but think I love you and I hope I am enough.

You shattered my soul in two,
The day I fell in love with you.
One half was mine, the other yours;
I knew right then we’d make it through.

I see you smiling in the sunshine
And I’m thinking of our future together.
I see us marrying each other sometime soon
And I hope we will last forever.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Details | Blank verse |

With Peaceful Easy Strokes

I mix the Grey 
of ash and soot 
into shade, ground 
from between the leaves
of midnight and dawn

as the texture of you
begins the pale
to nothing  

as each lift of the brush,
and every dab erased you
from the canvas of my life,
I realize,
I am overpainting each
and every particle 
of you

I meditate on the good
but with regret I forget, 
for in the remembering
burns a nothingness

I remix the colour
with a rainbows spray, 
and I fill the void 
where you once stood 

too long
I stood in the background 
of your Shadow painting 

I am a now
mistress of my own easel 
and my brush is reaching
out of the shadow
of you 

Copyright © Jayne Eggins | Year Posted 2010

Details | Prose Poetry |

was it easy or was it tough

Was it easy, was it tough 
Can't you see, can't you see 
I have tried to make it clear, but I guess you are too blind to see. 

Why is it so hard for me, but so easy for you to let go 
Was I so easy to just be forgotten or was I just a face in the crowd. 

I imagine me in your shoes and try to see things your way. 
I try to find out what went wrong which made it so easy for you to walk away. 

I wonder how much time you took and what things you must have asked yourself. 

Did you compare me or did you even give me enough thought. 
Did you think of all the time I have been there for you and the concern when sickness struck you or was it just one silly mistake which made it easy for you to decide everything. 
I wonder and wonder or was it just me. 

After hearing my story people say to just move on, as it was just something written on a paper which could easily be torn down. 
I just wanted to ask them is it so easy or is it just me. 

I start to think and try to make sense. I try to be my own hero and fight my fears and wipe away my tears. 
In the end I just ask myself WAS IT SO EASY OR WAS IT JUST ME

Copyright © nayantara george | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |



It was never easy for me to write
what I am feeling inside
not easy to state all the changes my life made
when it comes to love I didn't know how to give
Oh, I pray that you will one day forgive
If I'm alive why do I feel so dead inside?
my poor heart feels so heavy like a stone
that makes it so hard for me to breath
I try so hard to never bother you will it 
but deep within me you known all along
I have my dark side that has become habit
because that is all I had ever known
because love was never shown 
if you look deep into my small bald eyes
you would find a painful story 
that is written deep within my heart 
but this you had already known
because it was you that tore my world apart
you left me without any hope ,of course
you left me broken 
while you sliped away like a old snake
mastering what you do best
winter is a home for me 
where my own neighbors take pleasure 
in all my pain you had left me in
each moment my heart begines to melt
each year a new tear
forgive me if I couldn't find love in my heart yet!
but I am doing my best to write this mess
what was stolen from me is hard to forget
each time I think of you 
my emotions turned into tears for years
just like angels crying for me from heaven
over the sad weeping winter lands
those tears become frozen
like my heart become ice
like my life has slept on 
while you cared on your life 
on bent fingers I write
where many stones made a tall wall
for no one to get near my heart
I don't know what to make of it 
but with time things are starting to unfold
I'm learning to stand on my own
while I write my emotions out on paper 
my heart is pouring out like fluid
that has stremed the old path of you and me
I wasn't a fool when it comes to you
but then you played me like one
I knew you once loved me
or was it all a dream ?
the tree and stones glittered in the summer 
but you always found away to shadow up my days .

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

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It Amazes Me How Easy People Are Offended

What Amazes Me How People Are Easily Offended What amazes me…Is at just the “drop of a hat.” How easy people get offended and “turn their back.” I go to church and some say “we welcome you as you are.” But forget all about you when you go out to your car. As long as your “in the groove” and say “pleasant things.” You feel some “love” no matter what life may bring. You get involved with activities of various kinds. And have discussions with “many different minds.” But if you say something to someone that may “offend.” They “have nothing to do with you.” And don’t call you “friend.” How many believe what scripture teaches concerning “God’s eternal love.” But rather try to give the other person a “shove.” What good does it do to tell others you’re Christ’ example? When an “offensive” brother is “kicked around and trampled?” Isn’t it time to put all of your feelings of “anger” aside? And ask God to take away all bitter feelings and pride? To those who’ve received mercy. We must give it in return. Jesus knows our every thought. And is concerned! Why not find somebody that you have “brushed away?” And speak love to him in what you do and say! Learn what it truly means to live and the power to forgive! Your life for Christ… Is what our savior gives! Seek to restore relationships in those that surround you! Seeing how God can work through you just may astound you! By allowing the goodness of Christ in you to be completed… Any hard feelings or unforgiveness will be defeated! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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Level Headed and Easy Grounded

where does love come from?
where does love stop?
i've met too many that speak of its nonexistence
i know far too many sadists, 
masochists, pessimists, nihilists
and i had to shake them all off 
on my long-winded ride to the top (of what?)

i'm not known in distant lands
i'm not praised in foreign valleys
i've got a few close friends
and not much else beside the point
i'm not going into new discoveries
i'm not emerging from them
what life is left to live
if you're simply too much for yourself to handle?

hello, goodbye
so sorry, i'm not anything really special
i'm just another joe
with neurotic dreams of grandeur
oh wait, but now the dreams have become nightmares
ones i can no longer write home about
they might throw me in the looney bin
and study the kind of state i'm in

wouldn't i love that

but hey, i'm not crazy
and maybe that's the problem
i'm way too sane for my own damn good
i'm way too f---in' grounded in what values and ideas
were always set
chaos is the way of the world
and i'm trying to make sense of it
just like all the others
who study open-ended mysteries
to finally arrive at nothing

that surely beautiful something
that everything leads back to nothing

i can't think straight
no, i think so straight 
i just can't think anymore

Copyright © Val Murah | Year Posted 2007

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So Dang Easy

Its so dang complicated,
to express how much I love you.
Im speechless, at a loss of words.
Yet when words arent spoken,
we committ the biggest sin.
Will you be my compass rose,
and be by my side till the end?
Yet, with you,
at a  loss of words again.
Is so dang easy,
that we fell in love this way.
Thinking about our future,
just makes me get this crazy crave.
Your everything to me.
A million reasons,
that i want you to see.
you make life so dang easy,
just by when your holding me.

I love you Dustin Shane

Copyright © Elizabeth Lindsey | Year Posted 2010

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Porphyria Got Off Easy

Porphyria got off easy
If she truly loved
To remain would be 
Self inflicted agony
Because he will leave you
Walk away and leave you
And spin you around so
In the night so
That in the end
Half of you will want
Though the other half
Will die
Better to be whole dead
In his hands
Then half so without
Porphyria got off easy

Copyright © misty hunter | Year Posted 2009

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Easy to Die

So easy to die,
But so hard to live.
Wonder if this existence,
Is really worth it.

I cry in the arms,
Of an early grave.
I only wanted love,
But instead rejection came.

I can love no other,
Because I do not love myself.
Zero self confidence,
Zero self love.

No self respect,
The cause of my death.
The past the ink,
On my death certificate.

Copyright © Christopher Wellbelove | Year Posted 2007

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          OVER EASY
Pure innocence was writ all over her
though every boy knows how she really was
her love was something just a touch could stir;
her reason was no more than -- "just because."

If easy was her way, she loved her game.
the only rule was not to ever tell,
though no one ever called her by her name,
and everybody called her, Might-as-well.

There never was a princess ever known
through-out all time--as innocent and pure
as she, when everytime she was alone
with any boy, of this you can be sure.

Most men think back on her, and wonder why,
while she thinks back and only wants to die.
© 2007 RON WILSON aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

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Tuff Heart But Easy Love

All the fluids in the atmosphere, that were in here were revealed. 
Now there's a place not to far from here, where everything is whole & pure
& life its self is peace filled.

I live in a magic show, where things come & go
& people fail you but love still grows.

My story doesn't tell me lies but the things that I'd abide, my darkness
doesn't shine like the white light in the sky, her face is precious &
sad to say goodbye, this love we can surely rely.

This mess we must clean, it is not our job to say who's mean, we all
have an addiction of this life phene, but it doesn't mean that we can't dream.

I must not limit my own standards for I am not king, I lift my hands up high
as if I'm flying over the world with my wings, & I can feel the texture of her
Heart beating now she's queen, so nervously she looks away & than looks at me,
O' what shout full, joyful sing, she can sing to me.  

Copyright © Charlie Sanjuan | Year Posted 2014