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Dear Charlie

I have thought of you often, found some paper tucked away,
I’m feeling sentimental and have some time today,
So with pen in hand I thought I would write a line or two,
Though I don’t know where your at or if this letter will get through.

Well the wire is now strung and the cowboys are fenced in,
The Indians that rode beside you will never be again. 
The long horns their now mulies a horn not a one,
I guess the wild west days have come and gone.

But Charlie I think you know there is a die hard breed.
There are still some out there that live the cowboy creed.
I know it’s not exactly the same as when you rode so bold,
But Charlie I wanted you to know that not all the saddles are sold.
For they wake each morning to the rising sun,
And know at the end of each day their work is still not done.
And they will gather around a fire to hear a yearn or two,
To see who tells the better tale of the things that they do.
And some paint a might good picture too, I have seen them at their best.
I guess there’s still a little wild out here in the west.

We think of you often and dream of a time 
When the range was open and the land was in its prime. 
When long horns ran high ridges and tested cowboy wit,
And even the best of the ponies would still challenge the bit.
So I thought I would write to let you know 
that you are thought of out here in what we do and where we go. 
And there still is hardcore buckaroos who still challenge change,
And they fight for the freedom to ride the range.

Well the fire has burned to embers and the crew is coming in
The quiet moment that I had, is now brought to an end,
So I will stoke the fire, put the coffee on and say goodbye for now,
Hoping you might get this letter some how.
Just remember your not for gotten Charlie and you will live on
And the cowboys and buckaroos are not completely gone.
And when I have more quiet time and paper that I might find,
I promise to write again, rest in peace my dear old friend.

Copyright © A. Kathy Moss | Year Posted 2005

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On Clint Eastwood's Birthday

For a fistful of dollars,
I'd write a new 'happy birthday.'
For a few dollars more.
I'd even write the score.
To avoid dirty Harry,
the good, the bad, and the ugly, I'd marry.
And for the man with no name,
I'd most likely, do the same!

Tom Higgins

Copyright © Tom Higgins | Year Posted 2012

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The Sheriff and The Brother

Both of their eyes locked hard on one another.
The sheriff needed to talk with this grieving, vengeful brother.
"Have a seat and a drink with me," the sheriff said to him.
"I need to explain to you what actually happened,
but before I reveal anything to you
I need your word that this stays between me and you.
If word of this gets out your brother is as good as dead."
The brother paused for a moment and then he said,
"You killed my brother," he said fighting not to cry.
"No I didn't," responded the sheriff, "He's still alive.
I killed the wrong man and claimed it was him.
Your brother is on the run, but he's still living.
All the residents of Fort Sumner are in compliance with me.
They don't want to see your brother get caught or killed 
so they've sworn themselves to secrecy
and have all signed affidavits certifying that the body
buried at Fort Sumner is your brother. Your brother is deceased officially.
This is your brother's last opportunity
to go underground and live his life more meaningfully.
He has agreed to go
to Old Mexico
and leave his beloved country
where he was loved so
by all who would know 
the company of he.
Before he left though he gave to me
this letter for his brother Joe to read."
The sheriff handed him the letter, shook his hand and left.
Joe opened the letter and this is what it read.
"My Dear Brother Joe,
I am still alive.
Don't believe everything those newspapers write and contrive.
It's so very difficult to let you all go
but I'm starting my life anew in Old Mexico.
Please know that loving thoughts of you will always be with me.
Forever your brother,
William H Bonney"

The above is a fictional write that I did.
Sheriff Pat Garrett did kill Billy The Kid.
Joseph Antrim was Billy the Kid's brother
and both he and Sheriff Pat Garrett did encounter each other.
When Joseph was approached and asked what Garrett said to him,
Joseph would always simply respond, "He explained to me what happened."
This coming from a man who once lost in his grieving plight
swore that if he ever encountered Sheriff Pat Garrett he would unmercifully kill him on sight,
but who knows, a loud mouth coward may have been Joe,
but I prefer the above pure fictional scenario.
In any event, we'll never know.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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They dont write country music  like they use to.
About love gone wrong, nothing more to lose
No They dont write country SONGS like they use to.
About moma,trains and booze.

Old HANK would turn over in his grave,.
if he heard the songs of today.
The country songs of today, dont seem to last.
Like the old country classic songs of the past.

Times has change,the songs of today are new and strange
There not like the songs we all knew
No they dont write country songs like they use to.
So we can all sing to.
Its sad,but it is true.
They dont write country songs like they use to

Copyright © robert ray | Year Posted 2008

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Write On Poetry Cowboy

I think it’s about time 
I had a talk with you...
To begin with 
I’d like to bow and say
Thank you

To my sisters and brothers on PoetrySoup
You’ve been wonderful...
In sincere appreciation
I salute you

I take nothing for granted
Giving enough respect
Grateful for the support I've gotten
The good friends I’ve met
A penny for your thoughts
Riding through the Great Plains
I’m a poetry cowboy
On a horse with no name

So don’t be afraid
To be bold...
Put your heart to pen and paper 
Let it all unfold

I am what I am
Just want to let you know
I've hung up the guns
To express my soul

I’ll be writing poems 
Light years to come
Pictures painting words
Soul brushing with love

On the canvas of outer space
These words will shine out 

(((I’m crazy about you baby)))

Signed by
Poetry Cowboy with love

Write Poetry Cowboy...Write on... Sunset, Sunrise... keep writing on

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2017