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Poor Peter Pumpkin had a very itty bitty head.
So the farmer made him stay inside the garden bed.

The farmer said that he was going to keep him warm with hay.
And there the itty bitty pumpkin stayed for many a day.

Finally, the farmer came to check upon poor Peter,
measured him and then exclaimed, “You’ve grown an extra meter!

I think it’s time for you to finally go and face the world.”
Peter got up from his bed. He twirled and twirled and twirled!

“My,” the farmer shouted, “You’ve grown two legs with feet!
You’re a special pumpkin. My daughters you must meet!”

Poor Peter heaved his hefty bulk, waddling away,
following behind the farmer so he would not stray.

They traveled rather quickly, and soon they reached the house.
The daughters saw the pumpkin and grew quiet as a mouse.

The silence lasted just until at last one daughter spoke,
“A pumpkin with two legs? Is this some kind of joke?”

Her father knelt beside her and whispered in her ear,
“Do not be afraid, my child. You’ve not a thing to fear.

We can carve a lantern. It will be your Halloween treat.
Then we can make lots of pumpkin pies for us to eat."

Peter trembled with a chill to hear their horrid plan.
Jumping out the door, he yelled, “Catch me if you can!”

He ran into the pastures. Then he tumbled down a hill.
As  he rolled he bumped into the couple, Jack and Jill!

“Oh dear me,” cried Peter, “I do not wish to be
a lantern for this Halloween. Please, can you guys help me!”

Jack and Jill then led him to the land of Nursery Rhymes.
His sad fate has now been told to children many times.

For he ran across a man named Peter Pumpkin EATER.
Maybe you can guess now what became of our poor Peter!

Contest: Halloween Co-Writes
Sponsor: Diane Locksley
Written By Jan Allison & Andrea Dietrich
~awarded 1st place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Saints and Demons on Halloween

On the eve of All Saints Day known as Halloween
We've a night where nothing is ever as it seems
Abraham, Martin and John hosted a grand ball
In heaven’s huge castle, a white marble town hall
Dancing and singing just like every other day
One old soul grew weary of celebrating this way
She found nothing special in the harps and trumpets
A more exciting venue she had come to covet
St. Peter partied, his gate was unattended
So to a room below the bored soul descended
A place where heavy metal was all the rave
Deadheads converged to stomp violently on graves
She was tempted to join in their revelry
As demons eyed her with curious envy
One grabbed her halo, howled when it burned his hands
Others confronted her with obscene demands
Only then did she recall escaping this place
When God sacrificed his son, mortal sin to erase
Although hands of the wicked tried to hold her down
She struggled, pushed forward and made her way uptown
Fearfully she cried while knocking on heaven’s gate
St. Peter found her in this emotional state:
“Why didn’t you learn to resist temptation,
During your tenuous Earthly incarnation?”
At a loss for an answer, she pled for mercy
And Peter felt inclined to deem her unworthy
But the Master heard her prayers, granted a reprieve
He blessed her and uttered, “Welcome home again, Eve.”
Her departure from Eden seemed so long ago
And now most certainly one thing she did know

She should have stuck with Adam when he first said, “No”
Instead of bobbing for apples with the demons below

* For Tony Brooks' “Halloween Hustle” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Frozen-A collaboration with Shane Cooper

The frozen sap of mirthless trees,
The fractured flow of icy streams.

The howling wind that claws at life, 
The forest shrouded in endless white.

Skeletal ice hangs from warm lit homes,
....brittle fingers, glacial bones!

Gibbous moon with light unclean, 
Casting shadows barely seen.

Wide tongues of sleet lick hands and feet, 
Frost etched people on lacquered streets.

Witches Sabbat the darkest rite,
All doors are barred on Halloween night!

Children sleeping, tucked tight in bed,
While witches brooms fly overhead.

Cock’s crow sounds in the dark of night,
Putting the cabal to frenzied flight!

The children waken then start to yawn,
Their smiling faces greet the new dawn.

Copyright © Michelle Mac Donald | Year Posted 2016

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You Say- I Say

You say things that are really mean
I say that I'm still pretty lean
You say I'm fat and that's unfounded
I say I'm not fat, just well rounded
You say my big waist makes me look like a clown
I say that's not my waist, my chest fell down
You say I should be able to touch my toes with ease
I say you're right, if they were on my knees
You say my socks don't match, I should be more discreet
I say it's not my fault, I can't see my feet
You say I'm too heavy for my height, that's what you state
I say you're wrong, I'm just too short for my weight
You say I should weigh one eighty, no more
I say I'm five ten, I should be six four
You say next Halloween I should dress up as a mouse
I say I'll wear a window and go there as a house
You say I should get more exercise and try to shed a pound
I say that when I sit around, I really sit around
You say at the theatre you were embarrassed and didn't know what to do
I say it was because you sat in seat number three while I sat in one and two
You say I thought you were watching your weight
I say I am, I'm watching it inflate
You say being with me doesn't seem the same anymore
I say I'm still the same, just a whole lot more
You say you'd call if I were thinner
I say just don't call me late for dinner
You say we should work out at the gym down the street
I say we should get up and go out to eat.

Please note! A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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Standing in a dark dark room
Shadows gave an air of doom

Cobwebs hung across the wall
Spiders on silken threads did fall

Pumpkin faces cast an eerie glow
Ghostly white faces began to show

Skeletons and spooks and ghouls
Their red eyes glowed like ruby jewels

The door opened slowly, how the hinge did creak
A dark figure loomed and began to speak

Mum entered singing with a spooky birthday cake
For it’s my Halloween party not a deathly wake


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Folks held a contest to carve a pumpkin The winner was this one of Donald Trumpkin He claims he will make Halloween great again When he makes a mess you know who to blame! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA – SHE NEEDS ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET THIS ELECTION TIME. Many thanks again to Mama Bear for sending me this funny picture which inspired the poem. 10~22~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Thief in the Night

I stocked up on  candy for Halloween night, 
Into the cupboard, it sat in plain sight
When Halloween came, I just about flipped!
I saw empty wrappings, the bags were all ripped!

The treats were all missing, back to the store
I bought several more, at least three bags or four.
Then back in my kitchen, I climbed on a chair
To hide them up high on a shelf that was bare...

Behind an old crock pot that HE never uses
But would you believe, he discovered my ruse?!!!
The big night arrived and much to my grief
The candy had been eaten by the Halloween thief!!!!

The door bell was ringing, trick-or-treaters had come
I ducked out the back door, and fast, did I run!!
Right back to the store, I flew like a witch...
The clerks heard me cursing, like a grouchy old b - - - -!

The store had no candy, sold out every piece
No Big Hunks, no Snickers, no Hersheys or Reese
I bought bags of give in disgrace
Every kid on the block had disgust on his face

The next Halloween, I'm not buying ahead
I'm a last minute shopper for the candy, instead..
And to all you folks, who buy treats in advance
My advice to you all, is don't take such a chance!

Next time you are caught under the Halloween charm
Keep all you candy, to set off alarms

------------    P.S.... (A Moral to the story, for an evening so gory).... 

                   He was licking his chops, while he had his sweet binge
                   But goblins were watching, ........and took their revenge....
                   That Halloween scrooge...Mr. Thief in the Night
                   He chipped his back molar, as he took that last bite!!

Submitted for "Funny Spooks" contest
Sponsored by Carol Brown

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2008

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This ancient tale from so long ago,
Thought to be lost for years, you know.
Strangely now it’s been resurrected
Far sooner than anyone expected.
This ancient story buried within a pit,
Never read alone unless light is lit
A tale so dark it’s beyond compare
Known only as The Shadowmare.
As recalled by elders from times past,
Some said the words as was their last.
For when all alone and light is lost
No good will come of fingers crossed
For in the dark lurks a shadow there
Yes, that my friend is the Shadowmare.
You blame your eyes for tricks that deceive
But fear holds you fast you dare not leave
Did you see it move? Or a trick of the eye
Did you hear a sound? Or a haunting sigh.
It’s just your imagination taking flight,
But still it keeps you awake every night,
Till time is fled and your mind does snap
And fatigue wears you down into its trap,
To loose your mind to an irrational fear
That is when the shadowmare will appear.

 28th September 2016

Copyright © Seosamh De Burca | Year Posted 2016

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FROZEN - A collaboration with Michelle Mac Donald

The frozen sap of mirthless trees,
The fractured flow of icy streams.

The howling wind that claws at life, 
The forest shrouded in endless white.

Skeletal ice hangs from warm lit homes,
....brittle fingers, glacial bones!

Gibbous moon with light unclean, 
Casting shadows barely seen.

Wide tongues of sleet lick hands and feet, 
Frost etched people on lacquered streets.

Witches Sabbat the darkest rite,
All doors are barred on Halloween night!

Children sleeping, tucked tight in bed,
While witches brooms fly overhead.

Cock’s crow sounds in the dark of night,
Putting the cabal to frenzied flight!

The children waken then start to yawn,
Their smiling faces greet the new dawn.

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2016

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Like candy for strangers

  Like candy for strangers 
on Halloween night
she ties up her sweet words
in wrappers of light

 Expressions of happiness 
laced with a thought
of poignant remembrance
of childhood she caught

from reading your life
as you wrote it all out
in peppermint  sparkles
and chocolate doubt.

holding her apron,
     she captures the fall
of every confection
 and rewraps them all

 in yummy new sprinkles
 with strawberry swirls,
she flavors the taste 
for the rest of the world.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

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Witches Brew

Halloween is dead without witches brew,
carefully conjured up to make the best stew.

Adding only the finest components,
making sure of its exact exponents.

No substitution is ever allowed,
a solemn oath all witches have vowed.

Steep slowly over the hottest coal,
the makings of the best mortal soul.

Check the brain for the final test,
be assured it is at its very best.

Add a pinch of all spice to taste,
most of all don’t forget to baste.

Don’t forget to add plenty of ginger root,
a smidgen of oak moss and an owl’s hoot.

If available add some swamp muck,
that is only if you want good luck.

Stir for five minutes somewhere about,
then drop in a large black pig snout.

Before serving, invite the cat to savor,
this delectable dish’s succulent flavor.

If the cat sits and begs for more,
that is the sign you’re looking for.

But; if he screams and humps his back,
throw it away and grab a snack.

Copyright © 2008 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Eighth Place Winner ~ "Halloween (old poems)” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A
Nov. 16, 2015

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2015

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Halloween Eve

Halloween Eve is a time for most “grave” reflection,
When Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls show us no affection!

On this Eve the veil between life and death merge as one,
And the wicked spirits laugh so loudly making us all run!

They sing, chant, howl, scream, and dance with much delight,
While we the living wait for dawn praying for no more fright!

Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!
Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, 
Germany (October 30, 2014) (Rhyme Couplet poetic format) 

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

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Chill Night

'T was a bitter chill night, the stars flooded the clear skies,
then hoar frost formed dressing up the trees with sparkling icicles.

The fragrant apple tree wood merrily burned in the hearth,
sending dancing shadows up and down the walls as if giving birth.

't is Halloween Nite and porches full of flickering pumpkin light.
The children dressed in costumes masks that tinkle bright.

Trick or treat they chant at each door passing tests with a plume.
Returning with many treasures and rewards to their home.

Hark the clock strikes midnight; now is time for ghosts and ghouls,  
for the unwary to learn fast, stay indoors or you will lose your soul.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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The Evil Jack O'lantern

Walking near the Old Dark House under a morose moon sky,
I spied a furtive glance at Old Demon Jack’s big ugly evil eye.

This Jack O’lantern is not by any means a friendly funny face,
For he makes your blood run cold with a leering gruesome grimace.   

While looking at people with a distinct Mephistophelian delight,
Both of Old Demon Jack’s eyes give all a quite palpable fright.

This Jack O’lantern sits perched by the Old Dark House front door, 
Waiting for each Halloween to seek its revenge and even the score.

Old Demon Jack’s spirit eternally lives on in this undying fruit gourd,
Annually resurrected for Halloween—one of the Devil’s own horde.

This Jack O’lantern is indeed a macabre physical object from Hell’s pit,
And Old Demon Jack’s spirit lives there possessing souls as He sees fit.

On Halloween beware of the Old Dark House there on Old Hob’s Lane,
As Old Demon Jack and The Devil, will cause you agony and unending pain.

Now you know this is not the house on Halloween to make a trick or treat,
For in the end it will be your final destination and you’re The Devil’s Treat!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 25, 2014)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

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The Frozen Ghost

The Frozen Ghost

All Hallows’ Eve conjureth yearly an evil of such a mythic yore,
As a ghastly icy specter walketh silently now through our door! 

This frozen ghost of yore giveth we the living his curses on this night,
With his blackest of eyes and icy hands delivereth he his horrid fright.

The frozen ghost’s unholy eyes mirroreth clear Old Hob’s very plan, 
To bringeth his fear, hate, and Hellspawn here to God’s divine land!

Mankind hath a sacred duty so true to fight Old Hob’s vile temptation, 
And to resist the frozen ghost’s message whilst praying for redemption.  

We prayeth now to Almighty God to send this frozen ghost on his way,
Back now to Old Hob, never to walk on this Earth another night or day!

We honoureth All Hallows’ Eve and thinketh of all departed souls’ wit,
Knowing the frozen ghost has gone now—buried so deep in Hell’s pit!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – October 7, 2015
(Rhymed Couplet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Army of The Walking Dead

People tell me can you hear
those dark forces drawing near?

On this shadowed shard of night
traveling through the stench and blight.

These undead in wrapped attire
creeping through the murk and mire.

Ghastly in their evil space
slimy torso,dripping face.

Their intent's to see you dead
so they can eat your limbs and head.

Then you'll return as one of them
to cause murder and mayhem.

written by Deb Wilson
for contest "Zombies" sponsored by Leonora Galinta

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2013

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Drip Go the Children-A Halloween Poem

Drip... drip      drip... drip 
A gentle rain fell to the ground one beautiful Autumn day, 
when the children of the village went out to play.
Colored leaves were piled so high 
like soft fluffy mountains that reach for the sky,
in shades of Fall, green, yellow and red, 
the skeletal trees, so bare, seemed dead.
Loud and sweet they laughed and sang, 
too bad they missed when the church bell rang.
On that awful eve was it luck or fate 
when the precious young kids stayed out too late.


The mask he wore was one of discord, all twisted and bent
much like his soul, nothing to redeem him, he was evil!


Drip... drip... drip
The droplets ceased as they joked of the beast 
who was recently released 
from the psycho ward, 
they said he was cured,
but no one believed, 
had they all been deceived?
The doctors were sure,
but perhaps premature,
when they released him that day 
and sent him away.


Back to the house where he was raised,
to live anew his ghastly remembrance
of how he was treated with his mother's harsh torment.


Drip... drip
A fading sound as dusk arrived and the winds began to howl,
it was time for the ghosts and ghoulies to prowl.
From house to house the door bells rang, 
as trick or treat, to each person, they sang.
Candy was given to each little ghost 
by brightly dressed ladies and vampire hosts.
Hair raising screams were heard through the night, 
but no one suspected from actual fright.
Each little one managed to make it home safe
except for the lonely occasional waif.


After each knock he looked through the door,
waiting so patient to meet a new friend.
But shy he was so he chose carefully 
the ones who needed a friend like he.


From the ceiling, drip from the door, 
from the walls and the bodies of the kids to the floor,
The red viscus liquid coated the stair 
where hung three young girls from their long auburn hair.
Two boys like sconces were nailed to the wall,
another arranged like a porcelain doll.
The putrid smell that filled the air 
was more then even the policemen could bare,
and others were found throughout the place,
but, of the madman, there wasn't a trace.


Drip... drip     drip... drip

He felt the moisture in his eyes as the droplets traced his chin
Wiping his face, the tears he cried dripped slowly to the ground.
His anger grew as each child was removed and he left his home.
Now he had to find a new place, 
and new friends!


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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In A Dark Room

I sat and waited,  alone in a dark, dark room
Only the moon light to lesson the gloom
My heart beat frantically in my chest
Knowing I would soon be put to a test…
Then I felt a presence right next to me
Something reached out and touched my knee
I smelled the stench of death and decay
Eyes that burned bright and  hair of gray
I knew this horror could only bring death
And I screamed with the last of my breath
Its bony claws lifted me to my feet
Now my terror was nearly complete
Shaking, being shaken, I came awake
"It was a dream, stop screaming for heaven's sake"
So just a dream, such a dream on Halloween night..
Such a horrific, glorious dream state  fright…..

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin King;  hear you wheeze.
Open lungs as light as leaves.
Oh; Great pumpkin; long-time wait.
Coming closer brings my fate.

Barometer up above my ears.
Hollow ground will add to fears.
Pumpkin patch about my feet.
Will you rise up and bring my treat.

Oh; Great Pumpkin hear my prayers
Bring my candy and hide my terrors.
Fill my pillowcase till it flows
till Halloween - The Great Pumpkin shows.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2012

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She innocently ventured down
the staircase in her dressing gown
a chore that she'd forgot about
to put empty milk bottles out.
Put warm key in ice cold lock
then opened door and froze in shock
a silhouette in the half light
had struck her pale, eyes wide in fright.
She staggered back against a shelf
and gradually composed herself.
Fear turned to anger as she cried
'You idiot, I could have died!'
She thought it early for such capers
but I'd only been to fetch the papers.

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2015

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Halloween hand me downs

I was the youngest kid of eight
Halloween was never that great
Orange clown shoes were too big
An old purple horrendous witch's wig

My sisters tutu I that wouldn't use
My brothers cape smelled of doo doo
Superman pants that didn't latch
And that makeup covered eye patch

That Halloween I knocked on this door
The lady was laughing and kicked the floor
Her husband then came around to peek
Then laugh so hard his knees got weak

She said "Oh honey, let's give him the lot"
He agreed, only if I posed for a snapshot
She said "you stay right there, don't move"
I took off so fast, I lost my clown shoes

Copyright © Mitch White | Year Posted 2010

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    Halloween was coming and the angels thought they'd have some fun,
    Since they sometimes thought of dressing up before the Holy One.

    They all got together and decided to do just that,
    Dress up in devilish costumes...Surprise the Lord like some earthly college frat.

    Each one was to make his costume from the ethereal
    A very inexpensive and unusual type of material.

    Then, when the Lord was looking down at earth
    Don the costumes for some Heavenly mirth.
    It'll be a costume party for us here in our Heavenly abode
    Different from always wearing these white sophisticated robes.

    We'll have a good laugh and God will understand
    We're just having a laugh here in His Heavenly plan.
    The moment came, all the costumes had been made
    And when the Lord looked up, Heaven was a different shade.

    "Something is amiss, here." , He said in the shades of that red hue
     Perhaps I'll  bring Satan here, to find out if this is something new.

     It would be difficult to invite that guest into heaven you see
     As he had been banished for all the eons of centuries.

     But nothing is impossible for the Lord for He can do any feat
     And just when he was to summon Satan, the Angels all shouted

      "Trick or Treat"!

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Halloween Witch

Halloween is finally here,
she has had to wait a whole year.

She brushes the dust from her broom
and flies out the window into the gloom.

Looking for belladonna that is blue,
for making up her witches brew.

So, if you see her fly overhead,
you had better hurry and jump into bed.

She is looking for little boys and girls too,
going to stick them in her yummy beef stew.

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2014

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A Halloween Couplet

Ghost and Goblins,
Witches in tow.

Who is the scariest,
I really don't know.

As the moon rises,
There are many surprises.

At my front door,
Hands out asking for more.

Just peek in, 
And reach in.

It's Halloween fare,
Take more if you dare.

Copyright © Randall Smith | Year Posted 2010

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Zombie Car Lot

Last year we went shopping on Halloween
To find a new car for my lovely queen

Sadly when we arrived onto the lot
A ghastly salesman appeared on the spot

He thrust his hand in too close to my face
I shouted out, “Run before he gives chase.”

In the showroom we felt safe and secure
Until I was grabbed by the manager

Her face was pale and her eyes were all red
My wife thought she was of the walking dead

Her nails dug in my skin with a chilling grip
Yet, as she mumbled we gave her the slip

We ran over to a nice shiny car
But were waylaid by a man with a scar

He groaned and gave us a sales zombie stare
So I quickly uttered the good Lord’s Prayer

I pushed my wife in the car; then it locked
Plus I read the window and got sticker shock

I banged on the glass, “Hey honey let me in.
There are more salesmen approaching the din.”

She was helpless in there without a key
I had to act fast; it was up to me.

I yelled, “We’ll take it,” to one of the curs
Then was hauled in to the loan officer

They wrenched every fact from my weary life
I had to placate to rescue my wife

I then heard a hushed scream out on the floor
They must have gotten to her through the door

I signed the papers, though at a high price
Then dashed between two guys as cold as ice.

I shoved salesmen aside and joined my hon
But slammed the door on a big warty thumb 

The sales zombie shrieked and quickly pursued
Though with his hand wedged, he was tough to elude

We then sent that sales zombie right on his a$$
Just before our car smashed through the plate glass

When my wife asked how much was on the loan
I went into shock and drove lifelessly home.

For Halloween Poem contest     David Fisher on 10/30

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2013

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Winnie the witch was seeking romance So headed off to the Halloween dance She went with her old school friend Mary Who is cute and pretty but incredibly hairy! Pumpkin lanterns light up the darkened room Casting eerie shadows in the gloom Winnie had her eye on a wizard called Arty - She’d met him at a ghost and ghouls party Arty asked Winnie to take to the floor Scary costumes caused such a furore Zombies and ghosts were sneaking a kiss Arty kissed Winnie … his lips didn’t miss!!! The music changed and they started to bop Arty kicked Winnie’s leg - she began to hop She burst into tears in the middle of the room Arty helped her to the seat with the aid of her broom Winnie’s ankle was broken – it was clear to see They had to fly on his broomstick to casualty! Contest May I dance with you Sponsored by Galeo DS Many thanks to Mama Bear who sent me the image which inspired my poem 10~08~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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  When I was just a boy, growing up in Chicago
  My best friend was "Jimmy", who loved the monsters so!

  He was younger than me in more ways than one,
  But I enjoyed my time with him...we always had fun.

  One year for Halloween he bought monsters to build,
  Needing my help, we painted and glued and every cavity filled.

  There was Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf, and the Mummy,
  Resplendently painted, delicious and yummy.

  Each was about 12 inches high
  With features that would make a little one cry.

  We set them in a window box with a black light behind
  Turned off the house lights for a real "Trick or Treat" find.

  Jimmy went out in to get his share of the goodies, too
  And when he came back, there was more than enough for us two.

  What really struck me that Halloween night,
  Was the five foot ghost, below the street light.

  Truly a sight to behold it was there,
  And to more than one person did it give a scare.

  Its white shaded body was like none I had seen
  With a face of a gorgon, I was ready to scream.

  It just stood there on the sidewalk watching the kids at the door
  You can believe that those kids always got more.

  I watched this ghost go up and down the street
  Watching the youngsters getting their sweets.

  Then, I realized, it was Jimmy's mom dressed in a sheet
  It covered her over, from her head to her feet.

  The mask that she wore was a scary one 
  But like the monsters in the window,  just done for fun.

  That fluorescent face I will never forget
  I didn't care for monsters...with little regret.

  Her costume rocked me to the core that night
  For the first time I saw it, I had a real fright.

  For I had never expected to see an adult
  Dress up in costume, much less the occult.

  So that is the Halloween that I remember the most
  When a lady I knew, dressed up as a ghost.

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Scary Moments

Something’s lurking in the shadows. Something’s hiding in the dark.
Something’s out there by my window, so why doesn’t Fido bark?
Something out there wants to get me! I am losing my sang-froid.
Something wants to disappear me. I’m not being paranoid!
I used to have a neighbor woman--We cannot find her anywhere.
When I called for some patrolmen.  They did not show ‘cause they don’t dare!
Something outside isn’t human-- or at least not anymore.
A cannibal or psycho axeman, or just a clown covered with gore.

I’ve got the willies something fierce. Those shivers just won’t go away.
I’m not ready for the hearse. Too scared to run…too scared to stay.
Someone’s walked over my tomb, or given me the evil eye.
Something’s out there in costume--Trick or treat, it’s time to die!

Something’s out there by my window, so why doesn’t Fido bark?
Something’s lurking in the shadows.  Something’s waiting in the dark.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

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The Night Garden

Creeping, crawling the time is calling,
night has come and the dark is falling.
Slinking, slithering the twilight moves,
as the squirming creatures hit their grooves.
Beneath the leaves the beetles advance,
while the worms break free to join the dance.
Their bodies swaying to and fro,
in cadence with the lightning bugs' glow.

Every creature big and small,
begins to stir 'neath the yellow ball.
Singing songs their date approves,
they woo there mate in microgrooves.
Tiny spiders take the chance,
in hopes their lovers crave romance.
But deep inside they all know,
soon they'll be dining with their widowed beau.

The insects carouse through the sleeping flowers,
they won't wake, it's after hours.
Dizzy Lizzies stretch and yawn,
curling petals, they await the dawn.
Tiny feet tickle their leaves,
as nits traverse their tendril weaves.
Only the Fly Traps join the rant,
to make a meal of a passing ant.

The tall grass sways like lofty towers,
as mantises use their magical powers.
They hide on the stalks of the sprawling lawn,
in wait for creatures to prey upon.
Petals glow white in their final reprieve,
to be quickly replaced by new Crinum leaves.
As creatures retreat and the dawn wakes the plants,
The Spider Lily waits, the night to supplant.

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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Fastest Gun In The West

<                                      Now hold on there Tex !
                                        Let me get     dressed  !

                                        Let me saddle up my horse
                                        To trollop around this Halloween course

                                        Got on my chaps
                                        My spurs and cowboy hat

                                       Replica's of forty five's
                                       Riding on my hips very high

                                       With lasso in my hand
                                       This little cowboy has a plan

                                      So all you ghost and goblins
                                      It's candies bounty I'll be coming an robbing

                                      And I'll be taking  loot for mummy
                                      And for my daddy who has a bigger tummy

                                                  Happy Halloween To All
                                   Especially little tikes who are so cute and small

Entry For 
Halloween Costume Contest
G.L. All




Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010