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Longed For Comfort

   e  e  
          p    vines embrace the  TOMBS that lie disgraced in the old...
                                                                              Peace Gardens Graveyard.

Such an ironic name for a cemetery ebbing away as each headstone was covered with neglected foliage. Headstones lay b r o k e n and released from the ground as I wander glaring at each name engraved. The ambiance felt dark. Ebony dark. Blackness covered the ground and the dead trees that used to be lively continue to rot in dry thirst. I heard once that it was haunted. I mean continually possessed by ghostly figures searching for souls to cause trepidation. I don’t believe in any of that nonsense. I just share a deep connection to the dead and love horrific sights as they excite my anime. -I know one thing… I am plagued by frequent memories and settled in regret- I see visions of loved ones bodies in caskets- so hard to forget… When I look at mossy COVERED tomb stones I feel right at home- My ability to connect with the dead is still widely unknown… As I search for creepy old fashioned names I recall Monsignor Gerard. A prison priest I knew many a year ago who was murdered by an inmate. I knew he was buried here at this exact graveyard. Eyes quickly moving to the right then to the left reading the names of people who have suffered death and now their bodies are just stuck in a box d e c a y i n g more and more as each day passes. Then I see it… “Monsignor Gerard Smithers Maker of Peace 1901-1954”. He was too young to die. Especially the way he died by a man who was imprisoned for murdering his wife and child and was serving life behind bars. He was an atheist and saw Monsignor IN the hallway after prayer service. Suddenly s t r a n g l e d him and he lied on the ground lifeless. -I know one thing… Some people don’t deserve to be buried in such deserted silence- A man of the Lord suffered a cruel death by hatred and violence... His tomb covered in DECOMPOSING hunger for loved ones to come visit- But no one he knew thought it to be an indispensable requisite... Deep vines embrace the tombs that lie disgraced in the old Peace Gardens Graveyard. Rotting juniper VINES cling to each of the corpses home as if it l o n g e d for comfort also. Overgrown With Vines - Poetry Contest Sponsor: Broken Wings Date Written: September 24, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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May God Comfort You In Your Loss

I'm sorry to hear about your
 loved one passing away.
I know that in heaven, you shall
be with him someday.

Life's adversities are at times
 hard to explain.
Sometimes, very quickly, 
circumstances can change.

I pray that through your loss, 
sorrow and pain.
You'll find comfort and 
joy in Jesus' name.

May his arms of tender
mercy and grace,
bring love to your heart and
a smile on your face.

May God's presence bring an
assurance to your soul,
knowing that God is with you no 
matter where you go.

Through all that's happened, 
 I pray you will find.
God's wonderful joy, his comfort
and a peace of mind.

On the stormy seas of life, 
with God, you shall prevail.
His promises and love for
you will never, never fail.

By Jim Pemberton 

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2011

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May God Comfort You During Your Loss

May God Comfort You...

I'm sorry to hear about your loved one passing away.
I know that in heaven, you shall
be with him someday.

Life's adversities are at times hard to explain.
Sometimes, very quickly, 
circumstances can change.

I pray that through your loss, sorrow and pain.
You'll find comfort and joy in Jesus' name.

May his arms of tender
mercy and grace,
bring love to your heart and
a smile on your face.

May God's presence bring an
assurance to your soul,
knowing that God is with you no 
matter where you go.

Through all that's happened,  I pray you will find.
God's wonderful joy, his comfort
and a peace of mind.

On the stormy seas of life, 
with God, you shall prevail.
His promises and love for
you will never, never fail.

By Jim Pemberton 

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2011

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He is at peace now, my brother
The peace he could never reach in life
Touches him at last, in death.
We are sure of this, his family
Because, you see, he died
With a prayer on his lips
Asking God, whom he knew so well
Through his mother and uncle
To grant him mercy.
We know his prayer was answered
For our God is  merciful
And in His wisdon knew
That it was time
For our beloved
Son, brother, nephew, uncle, friend
To come home.

Copyright © E.J. Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Grook - Comfort to Death

Complacency, leisure and ease,
Sloth is a creeping disease.
To take your first breath,
Put comfort to death,
Only then, the day you may seize!

Copyright © Luke Irwin | Year Posted 2016

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When I first met you I couldn’t leave you,
not even in my thoughts.
Nothing has changed.  You are still there.

Without you I was nothing.
With you, everything.
You made me.
If I wakened in the night, regardless of reason, 
I reached for you. Like a child in need of nurturing, 
the sight of you gave me comfort.
I recall combat in the sands of Desert Storm.
There you were, in my heart and mind.
Still, you gave me comfort.
I see you in our children. 
How they look and act. How they live their lives.
They are one with you as you are one with me.
We grew old together.
That was a blessing. Life was wonderful,
but only because I had you.
In the hospital when I was gravelly ill -
there you were, by my bedside.
You were the cure that I needed.
God made me say good-bye.
It hurts. I still cry.  
Yet, even in death you give me comfort.

Copyright © Ed Coet | Year Posted 2007

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I'll comfort you

When you feel weak, like you have no power,
I'll be there with you, that moment that hour.
Sometimes sadness, my friend, is too much to bear,
When your all alone and feel no one cares.
Just remember this my friend, your never alone,
I'll always be there for you, your not on your own.

I'll always be there, be there for you,
When you need a friend, when you're feeling blue.
Just talk to me, I'll help you through.
Just talk to me, I'll comfort you.

I know, I know, you've made bad mistakes,
Just one thoughtless word, is all that it takes,
To hurt someone special, the one that you love.
Now you're going to need, some help from above.

When you feel the loss, loved ones gone away,
When you just can't take it, for one more day,
Remember me, I care for you.
Remember me, I'll comfort you.

The pain you feel now, is overwhelming, I know.
Where to turn next? Which way should you go?
Just when you feel, that there is no hope,
I'll be there for you, I'll help you cope.

And then, there are others, who make you feel bad,
You feel so worthless, Always feel so sad.
Remember this, my friend, your life is not lost,
Your joy can be found again, but with a cost.

You must make an effort, to try everyday,
to feel better is not easy, there's a price to pay,
I'm not talking about money, no, that's not the way.
Just remember to call me... it's time to pray.

John Derek Hamilton 
January 15,2013 revised and shortened October 12,2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Comfort Me Oh Black Shamballa

Comfort Me Oh Black Shamballa

For all the 'ninth nights' I can't attend
Let me moan, caress you, cry and mend
Friends, colleagues gone that way
Funerals converge same same day
Too many murders too many cancers
Hearts give out and brains can't answer
Comfort me oh black shamballa
'Llow me to fidget while I twist 'n holla
Sweet flight Calm seas Men of honour
We'll meet again in fair land up yonder.

Copyright © Sandra Wiggan | Year Posted 2016

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Cold,steel comfort

Apathy fuels thoughts of fruitless discontent,
as hopeless lethargy depressively descends.
A prisoner of dependency, morally inept,
i,d sell my soul to Lucifer to meet my selfish ends.
The sharp, cold ,steel comfort; injected in my vain.
As the liquid gold, courses through my weary brain.
The aches and shakes subsided and all my cash is spent,
which my sluggish conscience will soothingly resent.

Indifference is my ally, delusion my best defence;
I find it to my advantage, to just feign ignorance.
This life I lead is bearable when I have my fix,
anything seems possible with my bag of tricks.
Now I,m feeling sleepy, this feeling is surreal.
I,m feeling partially guilty abouy what I had to steal.
I hope my son forgives me for spoiling his special day.
Boxing day is close at hand and cold turkey,s on it,s way.

The cold hard truth emerges about my pitiful existence.
I can,t see a way out of this; I,ll have to go the distance.
Maggoty thoughts are raceing through my graveyard mind.
Fragmented pictures of immanent pain, time is running out.
Soothing cold, steel comfort end my misery.
This time it has a trigger,
                                          time is up for me.

Copyright © Angela wilkins | Year Posted 2007

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My Comfort

Caught off from the terror of the day
The silence not a dismay
The creditor's knock
Away from my new abode a mock
The meditation here
Accumulates the minimal there
This silent hollow
Deprives my salient sorrow
This home to me gladness
My left over a sadness

Copyright © Olorunsogo David | Year Posted 2013

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I've Sought Comfort in my Own Depression

Curled like an embryo, pour that good brun,
A matriarch's girth to soothe at the head,
And await cataclysmic sensation

This shallow existence merely feeds on,
As one should deflower the newlywed,
Curled like an embryo, pour that good brun

The calling evokes tantalization,
To slit or shorten with some shears the thread,
And await cataclysmic sensation

All sensory functions raptured for none,
Oh, my dear, bludgeon me with a spearhead,
Curled like an embryo, pour that good brun

You rap at my door: a slut's seduction,
Sweetness, repose in this conjugal bed,
And await cataclysmic sensation

Take another face -- you shall be kissed again,
A malicious perversion, a godshead,
Curled like an embryo, pour that good brun,
And await cataclysmic sensation

Copyright © Darya Shir | Year Posted 2017

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towards the verge of comfort

poor pity solider Eager to loose his horrific sight Though his hope is sweating blood to seek the light Light that helps him fight, light that kept him tight inside The light that provides him the moon sight With his kin at his side. As candle lit in the sky White foam starts to clear the sight He strained his eyes, the eyes Which saw his captain die The eyes Which saw his flesh getting apart from his thigh The Arm which cries Leaving Salty red drops to fly to die, The cruel arm wearing arrogant on Letting himself cry on and on Whereas his wingless tears crawling to make him strive So that they won’t die Hanging on the prow, thinking about gone His beats are down. Secreting red ink On On the white wall Having blue patches Where ever his eyes went on He became loon for a moment So loon that even his death would laugh on what he said “Ho! It feels so fresh between the ice The ice receiving my live sacrifice It’s the best place to die, where the dead shell don’t receive file’s” The ice splits into two, two into three, three into four As the sharp east orange swords rise and strokes Thinking about the silent music is his only hope Which is in the icy slope He start’s to remember his past, when he chased his children back “I’m going to get you” he silently says Pearls from his eyes came again. The poor solider came out of loop of his past He sees his Venus at nine, “come to me “she said Sitting on the air, And children playing with her hair The old soldier comes in the form and made His shoulders move along. It was just useless as he couldn’t bear his flesh Coming out, out of his chest, out of his thigh out of every where in his sight “It’s the best place to die where no one can cry I cry for myself, I give my own eulogy About this tragedy with little sprinkle of comedy” He prayed for his own funeral He was the only ruler, only citizen, the only joker of the icy town With the dead audience all around He took his last breath Went to an endless trip His eager to lose his horrific sight was satisfied And his blood came out of his hair to close his eyes.

Copyright © km siddarth | Year Posted 2017

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A Dark Hidden Comfort

For my life that is not beyond repair,
I flee to a place where I become lost,
But am thankful to it.

I cannot be found,
Nor do I want to be found.

I slip away willingly
Into the dark hidden comfort of obscurity
To the point of where I am almost 
Consumed by a dark force similar to death.

Death is easy, but life is hard,
So I tend to keep to myself
As so on one knows i'm gone.

The Death of my life Drains my Soul as
I Bleed from my Heart, pouring out into
The Deep Beyond of the Universe.

The dark hidden comfort acting as
A blanket of safety, even if it sounds morbid.

Copyright © BRITTANY MOON | Year Posted 2009

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Uncomfortable Comfort

Uncomfortable Comfort

Unstable state
deficiency of rest
strange agony
unknown pounce
puzzling exhaustion
stressful fatigue
flowing sweat
rolling tears
salty liquid
pressing thirst
body's weak
sickness strikes
illness arrives
death smells
grave knocks
uncomfortable comfort.

Drencho POET Loads.

Copyright © Drencho POET | Year Posted 2017

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Comfort For A Sudden Loss


Comfort is so hard to give when someone quickly dies,
Oh, we could say, “He’s better off now he’s home in the skies.”
But when the angel comes so fast without a warning sound,
It’s hard to comfort tears of grief from loved ones all around.
Our words seem frail, for they are words so often heard before,
And yet they still are true today as he dwells on that shore.
Perhaps a word from someone else who knows just how you feel
To lose a loved one very fast will help this grief to heal.
I had a loved one close to me who had his dreams and plans,
And life was going great for him; he was a happy man.
And then one night he kissed his wife and held her in his hand,
And while he slept the angel took him to that promised land.
Yes, it was sudden, but I knew from the training that I’d had,
I could rejoice in knowing that some day I’d see my dad.
And I took comfort from these thoughts from others I had known:
That when time came to leave this life, he did not leave alone.
And every time I think of him and memories flood again,
And I shed tears I sometimes shed because I still miss him,
I’m thankful for that final hug, those final tears and prayers
And for assurance from God’s word that he’s in heaven fair.
Now I can reach to one like you and say, “I truly know
How much it grieves your aching heart to see him quickly go.
You, too, will have those memories; you, too, will sob and cry,
But through those tears I bring you hope from my dad in the sky.
He’s happy in that land so fair, and your loved one’s happy, too,
They know that it’s just a short time before they’ll be with you.”
I hope these meager words of hope and comfort help today
To ease that emptiness inside you feel now he’s away.
And as the days of time heal wounds of heartbreak and of loss,
May you feel the presence of the Lord and drawn close to His cross.
May you find hope because Christ lives and conquered death and hell
That all of us who know the Lord some day with Him will dwell.

Copyright © Clarence Billheimer | Year Posted 2017