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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

Details | Dramatic monologue |

Christmas Gifts

Him: I chose to sell my last possession 
A pocket watch my father gave me
To buy my love a gold comb
She has the fairest hair of gold
But lacks just a comb
I will let go of this watch 
For her to own a comb

Her: I chose to cut off my long hair,
My only beauty and pride
That i have kept since alpha
To buy my love a gold watch chain
So that he can wear it in his neck
And smile like the village chief

Him: Honey I bought for you a gold comb
Its the best i could afford
I sold my watch 
To get money to buy this
And now Here it is

Her: Sweetie I bought you a gold watch chain
Its the best I could afford
I cut off my hair
And sold it to the barber down street
To buy you this gold watch chain
For you my  only love

They all lost the last thing they treasured
For the most thing they desired
To show love 
On Christmas 
That they so much cared

Copyright © Rodgers Roger | Year Posted 2013

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12 days of kiss-mas

On the 12th day of kiss-mass my true love sent to me
12 dirty undies
11 socks a stinking
10 shoes a humming
9 shirts for pressing
8 trousers 
7 days of take-out boxes
6 flagons of beer
5 D V D's
4 mischievous children
3 dozen wine bottles
2 ex partners
and an engagement ring under the tree

Copyright © Anna-Marie Docherty | Year Posted 2012

Details | Narrative |

Christmas Spirit

I felt it in the warm touch of the one I love;
she danced to the tunes of "Jingle Bells",
as her dress circled in the air. She looked
like a Christmas tree in her flower dress,
and the happiness that was glowing in her.
As a child eagerly finds a branch to add 
a Christmas card, I placed my palm 
on her chest, to listen to what her heart
was telling my heart, 
in the Christmas night....

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

The Tiny Box Under The Tree

I could see the snow falling outside the window
As we cuddled on Christmas right near the tree
Drinking egg nog and watching our favorite shows on tv
Anxiously I couldn't help but wonder
What my sweetheart had wrapped up for me
He must have read my thoughts
Because suddenly he gave me a surprise gift
And immediately got on his knees

To see what my expression would be
Nervously I stood in shock
But couldn't wait to unwrap the gift
That was a very tiny box
To my amazement it immediately caught my eye
Sparkling and shining from the opened box
Stood a very large diamond ring
Just as beautiful as it could be

At that very same moment he then stood up
And said,  " Will you marry me?"
Without a doubt thrilled and excited
I immediately answered back with a yes
We then smiled and intimately embraced one another
Finally ending the night on Christmas was even more special
And one of my best Christmas holidays ever
Because I became newly engaged which was a gift like no other

By:  Donielle Smith

Copyright © Donielle Smith | Year Posted 2013

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My Christmas Rose

legend of blossoms                                                                                                        a gift given may flower                                                                                              dear your in full bloom

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |


I love me some Christmas magic
This is my favorite time of year
Hallmark and a glass of wine
Girl, I'm all good if you are here
You know hunting's my hobby
I've always been an outdoor guy
But when you're baking cookies
And you got that look in your eye

You draw me in like a magnet
Held tight by your sweet steal
Underneath lover's mistletoe 
I love how you make me feel

Sing me all I want for Christmas
I promise I'm all that you need
Slow dancing.. it's the holidays 
Girl, in my arms I'll take the lead
Close your eyes, make a wish
Believe and see it will come true
Santa Claus is coming tonight
Oh I'm so crazy in love with you

You draw me in like a magnet
Held tight by your sweet steal
Underneath lover's mistletoe 
I love how you make me feel

Silent night, it's a holy night
All is calm, yeah all is still
Wishes you have satisfied
I'm melting into your will

You draw me in like a magnet
Held tight by your sweet steal
Underneath lover's mistletoe 
I love how you make me feel


Copyright © A.C. Nash | Year Posted 2016

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our first Christmas

The wind blows through the tress
Dry leafs falling to the frozen ground
So many people lives here
But they don’t make a sound

Snow like a blanket on the grass
Feeling the chill on the tip of my nose
Bouquet of flowers of all colors
Jasmines, pink, red and yellow roses

She talks to me every day
But she don’t let me hold her
And no matter how much I beg her to
Let me rest my head on her shoulders

And she never answers when I said
Please, please come back home
She would just remained right there
And watch me cry and walk away alone

I’m the loneliest man in the world
Since she came to live in this place
I begged her to don’t leave me behind
But she left me with tears my face

Merry Christmas, I love you
She whispers in my ear before she close her eyes
And my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations
My whole life at that moment passes me by

This was to be the first Christmas
We was going to spend together
We was going to roast mash mellows
Drink hot coco and cuddle by the fire

I was going to get on my knees
And propose my love to her
And pray that she said yes
And put the ring on her finger

And I was going take our wedding vow
To love and cherish her for as long as we live
The making her happy every second of her life
Was going to be my only prerogative

But that dream is all gone now
Wash away like the snow in the rain
And no matter how much I pray to god
She will never come back to me again

When someone you love has left you
You lose your will to survive
Shock and sadness consumes you right away
Missing the person that belongs in your life

There is a feeling of missing a part of you
And you are left with sorrow and grieve
You whole world was taken from you
And you are in dismay an disbelieve

I know it’s not your fault to leave
Because you know I miss you so much
And I just stare at my android phone
Can’t call, text, or keep in touch

Now I look at the Snow flakes
Falling Out side of my window
Children making snow mans
In the park below

The trees are all covered white
And glitters like crystals in the sun
Cars driving slowly by
On the wet slippery ground

In the corner of a dark lonely room
Stands a dried old Christmas tree
This was to be our first Christmas
But instead it was our last

Without you its hard to live again
you promise we will, always be together
Now all you leave is your name on a stone
And our first Christmas to spend alone

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

romantic christmas

christmas is about sharing,giving, and happiness,
but it also about relationships,
and love!

I can\'t wait to spend Christmas with you,
dancing all night,
and when out side alone with ur hands wraped around mine,
we will kiss, the snow will start to fall, 
and you will look in my eyes and say \' i love you\' .    

Like i said,  Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and joy 
But Christmas is also a time for relationships and love, even if you spend it with 
just your friend!

Copyright © Jessica Ehrhardt | Year Posted 2006

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Taken by YOU

I’m taken by your beauty
And I’m taken by your smile
I’m taken by your lashes
When they flutter over mine

I’m taken by your full lips
And I’m taken by your eyes
I’m taken by your body
When so close to mine it lies

I’m taken by your fingers
When they’re running through my hair
I’m taken by your embrace
When our bodies are both bare

I’m taken by your whispers
Of words laced with passion sweet
I’m taken by your kisses
Better far than any treat

I was taken by you then
And I’m taken by your now
I’ll be taken to heaven
And I think you know just how!  ;)

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |


Christmas is one of the joyest.
It is a time of birth and giving of one soul.
It is there love exist of the heart. 
The real Christmas joy of happiness we feel.
There as Christ ascends upon the world. 
Such meaning and love each finds in joy.
That of the true person we find we are.
As even those we put aside, we love them none the less.
But Christmas time would be everyday with you.
As each moment would be a blessing knowing I have you.
But Christmas is the feeling of love we share in our hearts.
There deep in our souls we know the one time real love truely exist.

Copyright © Steve Harvell | Year Posted 2012

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On Christmas Eve

Darkness is drawing near while you are far away.
Loneliness fills the day,like the smog of today.
Wandering in the street not knowing where to stay,
like a bird lost its way,like a song that is off key.

Cut off from the crowds,not feeling part of the universe,
Everybody expect on the eve of Christmas,I expect nothing less.
A glimpse of bliss,that you and I bask in love and happiness,
is the drive that lead me on this path.

I tried to see the logic behind certain things,only failed to perceive,
I have nothing special to give,a true heart is all I have.
Through all the ups and downs of our daily life ,I still believe,
The realness of our love, and the confidence I have to preserve.

Copyright © Shepherd Tang | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Our blissful and romantic morning fight

Our bliss and romantic morning fight
She comes every morning with a bliss fight
A rare benediction from our Lord in His might

The Dangling Dolly-like Dribbling Darling Dance
The Cheaply Character Changing Chance
The fluffy folly foe-like filthy fragrance fight
The beautiful butterfly bites bitter better

Our swords are our romantic meaningful morning smiles
And our shields are our cravings to go to work
Her smiles cuts so deep
Cutting through my day‘s life to dig my grave in the bedroom,
I shielded myself with the shining armor of our children’s future

The fight from our alacrity to cling to each other so tight
Whether she fights to fall in love or falling in love to fight
Left that love in me that I had to melee to making it lovely

The beautiful fight of love in every single gentle morning
Breaks my day and sets me off from my slumber of snoring
But this, more I love it for it sets my day beautifully rolling

The fight of love, Yes indeed our bliss morning fight of love
She loves to fight and I love it when we fight

We fight not to cross the T`s (+) and dot the I`s (.)
We fight not to right wrongs that are wronged

For neither have we T`s to cross and I`s to dot
Nor have we any wrong to right

We only fight to keep ourselves in love
And makes our bliss love, lovingly lovely
We love to fight b`coz we fight to love
Our blissful morning fight of love

[For GNA. Win]

Copyright © Abdul Rashid Mohammed | Year Posted 2016

Details | Light Poetry |

Its Christmas tomorrow

Girl please tell me
Tell me what to do
I just can't understand
Why I'm losing you

I can't make your family like me
So I won't even try
But you can't listen to your mother
And tell me goodbye

True love comes along
Only once in a life time
And some people miss the train
But I pull you aboard mines

Girl I love you
With all of my heart
And nothing can put out the fire
That we both start

So please don't go
Please dont go
Please please don't go
Its Christmas tomorrow

This is your life 
You are responsible for your choice
Only you can turn down the volume
If you don't want to hear the noise

You know how I feel For you
And I would never cross the line
I don't want to say anything about your parents
But you know their wealth has them blind

Maybe they didn't marry for love
Maybe it was some business arrangement
So don't let them play with your mind
To break off our engagement

I don't have the world
But I have a driving ambition
And providing and making you happy
Is my one and only mission

This is Christmas time girl
And the world is in such a mess
Some live in the middle of wars
And some are fortunate and bless

Let's be thankful for today
This love we have will only grow
Let's open our gifts under the tree tonight
And celebrate this Christmas tomorrow

So please don't go
Please don't go
Please please don't go
Its Christmas tomorrow

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2016