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Carnations Pure Love Carnations Of many rainbow radiant colors Kiss of heavens fragrance With a heavy, spicy floral aroma tinged by sweet dark honey ~ Carnations Corsage around my wrist My first prom I cannot wait And, lose myself in your arms as we dance Silence Kiss on the check; Daddy says be back before midnight ~ Carnations Garland crown around my head Express love deepens in my heart for thee Found my home in the sea of your love to carry me For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part A kiss on the lips on my wedding day and with you the rest of my life ~ Carnations Ink on my abdomen Strong arms encircles my waist Fingers brush and take my breath away A kiss of blooms not forgotten Doors open and mountains moved ~ Carnations Casket spray Lullaby love of heaven you’re taken away from me Amazing grace and sermon said To say goodbye ~ Carnations Of many rainbow radiant colors Kiss of heavens fragrance With a heavy, spicy floral aroma tinged by sweet dark honey 11/3/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Henry the Eighth,
A tempestuous Tudor Prince,
Six marriages,
All doomed to toss in the sea of fate.

The fair Spanish princess was first,
Wedded to the King of England,
She died alone and rejected, 
Shut out of the warmth of his heart.

The temptress cometh,
A dark English maiden,
Seductively beautiful,
Her hold cannot last,
The tide swelled against her,
No male heir for England,
A silver sword stole her life.

Beautiful, far and modest,
Another English maid,
Destined to be the third Queen of England,
Succeeded where others couldn't
A son was born,
A mother and Queen fell,
Her shadow lingers in the palace still.

Fourth in line a German princess,
A Flander’s Mare the King pronounced,
Displeasing to his eye,
A marriage crumbles,
She lives to see another day.

A mischievous sprite,
Captures the eye of a King,
A voracious flirt,
She lost her head,
A fateful lesson learned and,
Paid for with her life.

Last in line,
A sweet and gentle woman,
She nursed him to the end.
His last breath was drawn,
A life snuffed out.

She lives to see,
His children inherit
A turbulent throne.
First the precious Prince Edward,
Then Bloody Mary,
Last in line- the Virgin Queen- Elizabeth.

Copyright © rachel pithers | Year Posted 2014

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The Grief of Gaziantep.

Hotter than a Dragon’s kiss, 
the seas boil under saffron sun.
Tiny thrumming mosquitoes zone on sweating, caramac skin,
Customer entertainment...hanging from shop fronts,
nine carat gold cages lure buyers in,
imprisoned, flush-red faced finches,
wings of pumpkin-orange
hypnotize purring feral cats.

The afternoon air laden with aromas,
Cinnamon, cumin, ginger...
Bluest sky tips to ripe pomegranate.
Anatolian mountain weavers peddle hand-spun carpets,
fine silk, cool cotton, warm wool.
Faded proud portrait of mounted Ataturk accepts toasts
from chinking, inky Turkish and golden-apple tea glasses.

Layered lutes echo the Ciftetelli as lovers entwine...   ***
An odd guest delivers a soul-scalding gift.
Blast! Bang! Splatter! Shatters the buzzing streets of Gaziantep.
Poppy-red plasma sprays through ghost-grey gusts...
Whimpering, wailing, screaming, sobbing,
echoes of sadness rupture the sodden earth,
in once jovial corners, now cups of embers smoulder.
Still Mama’s jet hair Puma’s in slow-motion.

Leapt into an everlasting world of sorrow,
grief beat-beats upon severed hearts.
Ceaseless pain flutters on wings of wind,
as stretchers convey the motionless and the maimed.
A  Jasmine flower chain now a poisonous asp.
The apricot horizon flits through boundless violet skies
as the barley half-moon sings with newborn stars.

Bleeding wounds will scab,
hope, the key of freedom, falters.
Swallows weave darkness to night.
Longings for the lost...
as loved ones whisper in their sleep.

*** Ciftetelli..Turkish Folk music often played at Weddings.
Dedicated to the Citizens of Gaziantep Turkey... Where 54 people (including 22 children) were killed and many injured by a suicide bomber on Saturday 20th August 2016. One mother lost four of her five children.

Copyright © Geraldine Douglas | Year Posted 2016