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Details | Ballad |
A Rose for my sadness
Is all I ask
Seal it with your kiss
And your magical spark.

A Rose for my sadness
Is all I need
With a glimpse of your smile
And sound of your heartbeat.

A Rose for my sadness
Is all you can give
To aglow the flame
And rekindle the love I keep

A Rose for my sadness
Will surely make me glad
It will erase all the longings
And ease the blunt pain.

A Rose for my sadness
Will bring your touch
Shower me with warmth
Missing you that much.

Copyright © Alexander Kehl | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
Outside of civil man’s well tended garden,
A field of briars willfully encroached,
Threatening the peaceful flowers without pardon.
Oh these gardeners fought hard as the briars approached.

“You don’t belong here, you’re not good enough!”
“You are snarled with iniquity and with thorns.”
“You live a life so very harsh and rough…”
“What good can you bring?” they said with deep seated scorn.

And the briar replied that hot summer day,
“Deep within these unforgiving boughs
Lives a flower who doesn’t have much to say
Except a story concerning what you espouse.”

“You see there lives a dragon scorned just over the way,
Who tossed opportunity and harbingers to the wind,
Because life is glorious and he loves to play…
Carefree and cavalier is how his days were spent.”

“He playfully trampled gardens carefully tended,
By pious gardeners without wings who would never fly,
Until he happened upon a flower wonderfully scented,
Crimson in color, the flower reflected beauty in his eye,”

“Eagerly he reached forward to make it his own,
But this glorious flower was protected by thorns,
And gave the dragon a prick to change his tone,
And it was in that prick that true love was born.”

“Now the dragon is older and has spent his days,
Watching over this rose, the love of his life,
Learning about beauty and awe inspiring ways.
His world now protected by thorn and briar.”

“He has discovered great beauty and learned much,
And no longer does the dragon destroy with fire.”
“But should you gardeners even dare to touch
A single branch or bough in this tangled briar…”

“You will face both the Dragon and the Rose,
Who with great love now protect each other,
From pious gardeners who would have them go,
Because neither can be kept on a tether.”

“So snip your lilies and pluck your weeds,
Make your lives as perfect as they can be,
For in this harsh briar we continue to watch love grow,
That of a magnificent Dragon and the beautiful Rose.”

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
My savior was born a man,
He came from heaven, but a man is what he became.
Ordinary, fallen, vulnerable, weak, and confused.
He became all of this and more,
For he knew that only in the form of a servant,
Could he save the lost, and set the captives free.
But there came a time,
I tell you, there came a time,
When he rose up and claimed his former self,
And knew his nature,
I am that I am, He said.
I am that I am.
I was born a boy.
Ordinary, fallen, vulnerable, weak, and confused.
Almost worthy of the condemnation that this world has shamed upon me and 
Almost worthy of the epistemological inferiority, that the world complexly imputes 
to me,
I was born a boy,
Full of rage and anger, when they called me “boy” out of their own confusion.
But I came to a man, who is a God, but was a man,
And said, “Lord transform me, my God, transform me into what you will for me to 
And he showed me pain.
And he showed me sorrow.
But there came a time,
When I rose up, and claimed the impossible,
To be a child and man simultaneously,
I was born a boy,
But I came to a man, who is a God, but was a man,
And said, “Lord transform me, my God, transform me into what you will for me to 
And he showed me pain.
And he showed me sorrow.
But there came a time,
When I rose up, and claimed the impossible,
To be a child and man simultaneously,
And now I can look American hypocrisy in the face, and say “God Bless You”
And now I can look klu Klux klan firemen in the eye and say I love you.
Black, beautiful, strong, fearless, and resolute to endure,
Black, beautiful, strong, fearless, and resolute to right this world’s wrong and still 
retain my childlike disposition.
I am a man, I tell you.
And that is more than enough!
For once I strived to rise above, but now I seek to rise in love.
For once I strived to get revenge, but now I seek that hatred end.
And men and boys and women to, would claim the light of victory.
Not because of me, I see, but because of a man, who was a God.
And became fallen, vulnerable, weak, and feeble,
As I felt in a time of trial,
Not because of me, I see, but because of a man, who claimed his former self 
and rose to set me free.
And now, I am true.
Not perfect but a man nonetheless.
I was born a boy,
But I reached to the sky, and said, “God help me”
And now, I AM THAT I AM, I AM MAN!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
I heard a little rumor from
a stranger on the road today;
he wore a heavy veil of dusk
to keep the winter's song at bay.

His face was well concealed; although,
his shriveled hands had drawn my sight;
it seemed like they were withering
and, like the moon, a pallid white.

"A little further down this road,
there lies a curse'd patch of grass
obscured by trees to hide its shame;
for that, I know I am to blame.

The flow of time had left that place,
yet still the living wandered in,
until they saw that wicked plant
whose very growth was deemed a sin."

The frigid notes were ominous,
like most of what the old man said,
and quickly did his coal-coat flee
to leave but silence in his stead.

A trav'ler's prank is what I thought,
but further down the road I saw
an isolated trust of trees
with polished trunks and lively leaves.

Surveying past the tow'ring brown,
I stood in awe at Gaia's gate;
if anything, I had to know
how nature could intimidate.

The grass was like an emerald floor,
a regal rug for royalty,
and aromatic jewels stood proud
amongst the scattered shrubbery.

But then, I sensed a mournful soul
and heard a fright'ning tearful call;
at center grew a single rose,
left weeping within wooden walls.

Its petals were like chimney soot,
but had the most enchanting smell;
its stem and leaves were silver clad,
a gorgeous blossom spawned from hell.

Despite the omens I had heard,
there was a certain beauty here.
If such a flower bred disgust,
I'd shelter it, neglecting fear.

There was no trace of bitter cold,
upon return from curse'd land.
I left that world with fragrant sin
clutched tightly in my mortal hand.

My heart gave forth compassion,
when I stopped that day to pick death's rose.

Copyright © Michael Perriatt | Year Posted 2009

Details | Ballad |
Deep in forests of green, 
beneath majestic timbers, 
in soft woody light 
wild roses are to be seen 

Achingly beautiful, 
wild roses 
The colour 
as I imagined 

The wild rose, 
wends its' way 
through the green 
The colour 
The purpose 
All knows 
All can be seen 

For where there are shadows 
A wild rose will burst free 
For it knows, 
knows it is part of me 

Petals of velvet 
Fragrant scent 
The place we met 
My heart 
All it meant 

A wild rose, 
deep in forests of green 
Shadows cannot mask 
The beauty I have seen 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
We made each other a promise
over chilled wine...
as we smiled
with an irresistible desire;
even the most beautiful words
can lose their meaning over time!

I should have been the perfect lover
with that unquenchable thirst for more,
only to be consumed by passion once:
not afraid to feel like a thirst rose
needing raindrops...waiting for rain
to bring life where there was none!

Being faithful and devoted to only one
is very hard with all the temptations around;
and it can be truly lovely and satisfying,
till something goes wrong!...
Then the wounded heart goes searching
for a different song,
with sweeter and more forgiving words,
to be heard by someone who imagined love
as free as the clouds up above!

I have slept alone tossing in cold sheets of pain,
dying to feel and touch your smooth skin...
remembering the gleams of moonlight
covering our naked bodies on each and long night!

I regret all the joy of sharing love so quickly, 
still thinking of that woman I truly miss...
enough for me to curse the darkness
growing inside and around me!
I am slowly fading into nothing
as if I never existed...
like a thirsty rose needing rain-drops,
soon to be buried into dust!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2005

Details | Ballad |
Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Taste those sweet confessions
On your baby breath
Lift this wounded flag
Into your burning nest

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Tame the roaring tiger
Never lets you rest
Take my last reward 
From your moonlit breasts

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Daddy’s gone hunting 
He’s gone away
Daddy’s gone hunting
Won’t be back for days

Left you with a lover
Makes a shrine 
Of your skin

Left you with a lover
Takes you down
Roads of sin

Left you all alone 

And the knots cut deep
Through the musk and flesh
Of hot regret
And the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

You release the Beast
From a well that’s wet
You will confess
That the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

Rose hips lady

Copyright © Catman Cohen | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |
There's a single yellow rose,
that I put on your headstone.
Every day I come to visit,
stare at your picture on my phone.

We were sent to war together,
always went on patrol at night.
I can remember a few times,
when we almost lost that fight.

That night that you lost your life,
it tore my world apart,
You were always like a brother,
that remains deep in my heart.

So I place a single yellow rose,
on top of your headstone.
And I will never forget you,
I keep your picture on my phone.

Copyright © Donald Waugh Sr. | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |
I picked one rose and cried a tear,
It reminded me of you when you once were near.
I picked another,and of course it was red,
Things that you said went through my head.

The third rose was stunning ,and stood so strong,
Put the three together,in the words of a song.
The fourth rose was shinning, you could see it from here,
Put the four together,and wish i were there.

The fifth rose was sad as it drooped a little,
So i moved it in closer, to the middle.
The six rose said i can help number five,
By teaching him how we all can survive.

The seventh rose had a long and thorny shaft,
It had to be cut , so it would last.
The eight rose smelled like the summer air,
They sell bunches of eight at the summer fair.

The ninth rose said hey, don't forget about me,
Just because you have alligeries and i make you sneeze.
The tenth rose was happy to go with the bunch,
He dident want to end up ,about to be crunched.

The eleventh rose snuggled into the crowd,
Saying hey look at me ,im strong and proud.
The twelveth rose came in at the top of the pick,
Saying im the greatest because i look so slick.

Now that i have all twelve together,
Im going to add in a bunch of feathers.
Send them to you on wings of a Dove,
So that you will always remember  that you are loved.

Copyright © Alan Fitz | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |
'''tis Power that rules men,not men-- When they but have misused That Power, to abduct their soul-- For It then stands abused.'' So at such time when Anguish With rage, had undone The bonds that with-held the blaze In hearts of everyone, To over-throw the unjust rule, There was an uprise; To win-over our Liberty, There was The Uprise...: A feeble Nation rose to fore, To fight the unjust Company, And India--She rose in uproar-- Indians rose to mutiny. With swords and shields, hearts of gold, A clan of Warriors rose, Against a mighty cannon-force, The Clan of Warriors rose. Here, wars were waged, There battles won, With valour-ridden thought; Then lives were lost in the field 'gainst the forces of distraught. The final picture was of Death-- Of the stabbed, the beaten and bruised, For against gun and mortar-bolt Sword and stick was used.....

Copyright © Akash Yadav | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |
My true love asked me for my hand.
Before I answer, I demand
He first must bring a bright blue rose.
"I'll search the world for one of those,"
Was his reply and off he went.
Then  many weary months he spent
In searching for elusive blue.
I turned away each offered hue.
As heartlessly, I bade him go
To every flower and garden show.
"Come back with rose for which I pine,
I long to claim rare rose as mine."
His spirits sagged each time I said,
"I do not want a pink or red.
I'll only settle for a blue
If I'm to give my heart to you.
He answered, "Love, I've done my best,
The difficulty of the quest
Has weakened me unto my death.
I've sought blue rose with my last breath.
With these last words, my true love died.
For many days and nights I've cried.
Where it has come from, no one knows
But on his grave a blue rose grows.

For Blue Rose contest.  Placed first

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Melina: The Rose in my Heart
A poem of love to my blue-eyed wonderful grand-daughter 
inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom
You are the only one, my beautiful
The power of my tiny humble soul
The red rose in my heart’s garden
The tree of life in my mind’s Eden

For I love thee, ever more and always
As I traverse the turbulent pathways
Across my brain’s rugged landscapes
On the way to my Elysian everglades

I pray, my dearest, to our God Almighty
To keep you psyche well, safe and tidy
So that His will be done harmoniously
Alleviating all my troubles permanently

Always taking into deep consideration the following wise sayings:
1. By Empedocles: ‘Harmony defines the unity of Nature’.
2. By Democritus: ‘Harmony defines human happiness’.
3. By Plato: ‘Truth, virtue and goodness are the three most critical values of humanity’.
4. By Sappho: ‘The beautiful person is only so in appearance while the good person is also kind while being at the same time beautiful in appearance’.

Copyright © John Kyriazoglou | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
Sunday Rose 
A poem about enriching your life with the love of your partner-in-life, inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom

As I walk quickly upon the steep mountain pass
I find you searching though the ever-green grass
For wild flowers to sooth and offer my aching heart
As you seek love’s ways to erase what keeps us apart

You’re my precious one, my only true raison d'être
Always allowing me, silently, your heart, to enter
For you know that my love for you makes wonders
As it permeates my soul with its amorous thunders

You’re the red flower of my life’s spiritual Spring
Inspiring me to feel like a very ancient Greek King
And as you throw your erotic arrows into my heart
You make my life’s canvass a wonderful work of art

You complement, Princess, my heart’s deep desire
With your marvelous soul’s glowing psychic attire
Making me change the habits of my own boredom
To enter your harmonious life’s pleasurable kingdom

Always taking into deep consideration the meaning of the following ancient Greek story of Odysseus and Penelope, described fully in Homer’s Odyssey. 
The story, in summary, goes like this: ‘After being torn apart, they wait twenty long years to be reunited. War takes Odysseus away shortly after his marriage to Penelope. Although she has little hope of his return, she resists the 108 suitors for over 20 years who are anxious to replace her husband. Odysseus is equally devoted, refusing a beautiful sorceress's offer of everlasting love and eternal youth, so that he might return home to his wife and son’. 
It is obvious when you read Homer’s Odyssey that not only does Odysseus love Penelope dearly, but he cares far less for societal and political status than he does for her. Penelope, not power, is Odysseus's true reason for returning home to Ithaca. 

Copyright © John Kyriazoglou | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |
Texas Rose:
You're my Texas rose in the morning, I count my memories one by one.
You're my Texas rose in the summer the way you shine in the mid day sun.
You're my Texas rose in the autumn, when the sky's turn cold and grey.
You're my Texas rose every minute of every hour of every day.
You're my Texas rose in the winter your like snow falling from the sky.
You keep me warm and cozy, You know I would never lie.
You're my Texas rose in the spring time, the only one that has changed my life.
All I'll ask of you forever would you promise to be my wife.
Treat your Texas rose like a flower, she will always be in your view
She will be a Texas mother that's a gift from her to you.
I'm not just a Texas father. I'm a man in every way.
I have my Texas flower, she is mine she is here to stay.
My Texas rose.

Copyright © Daniel Koch | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |
Withered flower,
shrivels with grace.
Last of its essence,
escapes from taste.

Hidden from touch,
are the tears a rose cries.
Then fades away,
she will shrivel and die.

Wo pretty rose,
death stalks real.
And there’s no one to hear you,
or the pain you feel.

Life’s based on death,
on land and in seas.
And only man,
is heard on his knees.

Only man has God,
to hear his cries.
To judge his soul,
to live or to die.

Poor child of life,
young flower in bloom.
Your soul or flesh,
is already doomed.

Empty of loves nourishment,
each peddle falls.
Nature’s teardrops,
come in the fall.

Copyright © Donald Holmes | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |
Through rose colored glasses
I see your faults
Your lies
But I vowed it all 
When I came to your bed
Even if the thorns scratch
The rose still offers me 
Besides my pain
A sweet aroma
My love for you

©? Brenda V northeast     29 Dec. 2011

Copyright © Brenda Victoria Northeast | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |
Drenched upon the battle field
Under silver weapons wield
Misdirection her only shield
The wildest of roses grew

Upon the blush of her pretty head
Stained with what men had bled
White petals puckered in brilliant red
The Whitest wild rose glimpsed hell

When the battle scene lie deaf
And not a soul to love was left
Moonlight filled the tears she wept
And the Rose pitied the man

Winter came, life kissed death
With the sweep of a snowy breath
Pale hands of the woman Macbeth
Washed White to red to grey

Well summer come and summer go
No eye that lays upon her knows
Her blushing color is to show
How red is to remember

Copyright © kaelynn Jensen | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
Sweet little rose
Who wore boys clothes
Knew she was different
She was laughed at from her choices
And every night heard noises
Now there was this boy in school
Who thought he was so cool
Calling sweet little rose a queer
She wanted to disappear 
She remembered the taunts made 
Permanently in her brain 
Hitting from side to side 
There was no place to hide 
So sweet little rose 
Always called gross
She had too much soon
And went in the bathroom
The door locked 
The tap ran
And the white tiles turned red 
After that the bullies dread
Because every night they go to bed
Sweet little rose 
Was the ghost 
And haunted the last of the lot
And the moral of the story here is
It doesn't matter who you kiss 
And if you was to diss
The ghosts of them hiss

Copyright © dylan kennedy | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
Oh dear Rose, you prickle me
That if I do so much but breathe
I will be full of scars and pain
Though I love to see your beauty close
I cannot out of vain

Oh dear Rose, you wounded me
And even if this pulse do beat with you
I cannot touch but by just look
The stronger I want this feeling to go
The longer my pain to heal took

Oh dear Rose, you make me weep
You go in cadence with the meadow
That I want so much to give caress
Though your arms, so near to grasp
I do not but watch you less

Oh dear Rose, you give me grief
I am longing for you in ages
But you come and hurt me again
This heart, this love may not be strong
But yet I cannot pull away then

Oh dear Rose, my dearest Rose, you'd make me die
That you memory stays too long enough for mine
And I cannot contain what is inside
I try to run away from your face
But then I get scared without you and your embrace

But dear Rose - don't make me forget
That there is a sun though she hides
That there is life though I died
That there will be more happiness than sorrow
And a rainbow will shine on the bright tomorrow

Flowers Contest
10th Place 

Written by: Jan Camille Tongco

P.s. Although I know I am going against the no-rhyme, free verse only rule, I still would
like to try. Hope this takes the sting of winter away. Thanks

Copyright © Jan Camille Tongco | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |
In the summer brilliance
A rose grew red and strong 
She was told to be the meek one
She blossomed every dawn

Every morn at waking time
The girls would be by her bloom
She bowed her head to the wind
The praise, smiles and swoons

But when the gold sunk away
The dewy tears ran down her face
She wondered if they valued her
As she looked upon the Specks in space

She was loveliness up above
But did they see down below
Darkness seeped into leaves
And twisted spines began to grow

Days and days swept by and by
Sunshine spilled over her wilting part
Even the breeze became unkind
And lower sank her ruby heart 

When the sunlight rises early
They all sing of her brilliant head
But this morrow, sweet tomorrow 
All but the thorns are dead

Copyright © kaelynn Jensen | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
She grows in more than one territory
gaurded yet lofty, armored, but so smooth,
perfuming Day and Night with seductive melodrama, 
never leaves home without her crimson camouflage
nor without smiling thorns,
horns of hunger, an insatiable eater of hearts
an angel of love born in blood,
she will scream in circles for your attention
curl her petals at your touch
and season One with sensuous soil,
kiss with a hiss and convert anger into bliss,
a Viper Rose is never sold, only given,
you pay with soul for her texture
she provides the everlasting erotic admixture,
she is the rose that moves me to prayer,
the woman that wows me into baths of fire -

Happy Valentine's Day Eve ** An original woman that I love more than heaven -
By Poet - Adam/J.A.B.

Copyright © Adam -- Eve | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
Language Stillest

I gazed
I saw
The little rose petal
Red, violet, blue, pink, white
Colours hazed
Flying by the lip of the bridge

Put my palm 
to own it
Zoom! It shuns
just an inch away.
Follow it again
the millionth time
can’t hold it still.

The fragrance tells
The warmth! Belonging!
Warmth is
Language stillest
Unsopken but 
Wholly apprehended

Sweet rose be mine,
I pray.

(c) Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Moonga Nsamu. 2003

Copyright © Nsamu Moonga | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |
O lovely rose my lovely rose
Fairy dainty flower, 
The joys and gaiety that you bring,
Abound me so much my heart leaps to sing

Oh how proud and grateful is this garden, 
To have you here living cherished in the hearts of men,
Even the gentle breeze of the new evening knows,
How to give you care when the whole day sun repose,

Are you greeting '' hi hello'', 
When that someone so nice catch you in her eyes?
Beautiful like you and dear to me,
The flower of my life beloved is she,

But nothing does she know what i am saying for,
Why I'm foolish with words she knows no more, 
Bit you here knows what is my  cause,
Please go and tell her my lovely rose, 

Copyright © joselito asperin | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |
As the full moon glows over a crystal rose underneath my window
a crispy haze of solitude surounds
But as the moonlight glares and shadows dispare in a cloud of darkness
you hand joins mine as our hearts combine
and our pasion comes to life

Copyright © Matt Doe | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
He is the rose of Sharon
The brightest morning star
No one else compares to him
No matter near or far
His fragrance is so sweet
He's like the morning dew
And he can be the sweetest rose
And bloom in your heart too
Oh come, taste and see
That that the Lord is good
He'll lighten all your heavy load
Just like he said he would
Let the rose of Sharon
Come live in you today
And let his Holy Spirit
Fill you every day

Copyright © Sammy Lykens | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |
To my precious Rose 
To what do I owe thee
To someone special 
To look inside of me 
And you were right
It's what's inside that counts 
Now my dear rose 
to what might I amount 
Personality shed the truest feelings 
Sometimes tears are emotion killers 
But now my dear rose 
it seems your petals need healing 
And I could never turn my back on you 
Cause you never once 
Pretended to act what's true 
If it is love you see 
Then it is love in me 
And never again 
From your precious face 
Do I want to see a tear fall free 
Cause I know 
In my precious rose 
A tender heart there'll always be 
And sometimes beauty kills 
But from you 
My heart is what beauty steals 
Though we face temptation 
I only bring what's real 
And sometimes what's deep 
Is so hard to feel 
But for my precious rose 
No one else knows
But for you my heart grows

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |

           Now,Maggie ran a boarding
               house,or so the story goes;
           And all those that knew her,
                called her Maggie Rose;
            Some say she was a widow,
                 others a woman who;
             Gave away her favors to,
                   whom ever caught her
                    roving eye;
              But the truth of the matter,
                     a secret  life she led;
               And if the house,where
                      cattlemen and drummers;
                Slept in cozy comfy beds,
                        could speak of;
                 Secret passage ways,
                        and doors that kept;
                  This secret of a woman,
                        who  loved  with all
                         her heart;
                  But none would ever
                         know,it died along
                          with Maggie Rose.

Copyright © Torrie Quinn | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
I just met a girl she's everything I want her to be
it feels like she came out of my dreams to only 
be with me. how can it be that woman like her 
could wait around for a man like me? It feels like
I'm falling into her magick spell. She is like a 
demon sent from hell. It's hard to believe this 
black rose was meant for me.

She is soft and tender she is like a spirit that haunts
me in my dreams she is the countess for me she is my 
black rose.

She is soo beautiful everytime when I look at her 
she can melt my cold black heart away. She has long 
hair darker than the blackest night with blue 
eyes that makes my temperature rise. Her skin
is soo white and feels soo smooth. Her hands are
soft and warm. A kiss from her bright red lips
can give me feelings of sweet intoxication.

I see her whenever it rains she dances along the
graves she takes away all of my pain away she is my 
black rose

I wanna walk through a graveyard with you 
take my hand and dance with me under the pale 
moonlight the wolve's howl's at the moon will be our song 
Look deep into my eyes and fall under my spell I can see 
the fire burning in your eyes my dear don't hesitate 
take me as you will let me taste your blood and you can take 
mines and together we shall always be one.

I need her when I walk through the darkness with
her on my mind I will never be alone I love my black rose
her enternally.

I see her in my dreams she is all I need she is the living 
dead girl that comes to me and keeps me company she is my
beautiful zombie that comes to me her skin pierces through 
me she is my black rose and she smells so tenderly.

Copyright © Matthew Walker | Year Posted 2010

Details | Ballad |
I gazed upon the trees 
The beautiful trees 
A bramble rose in full bloom 
Framed in a castle window, 
a soft breeze 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Soft light fell 
On a day... 
When only a Prince, 
can take you away 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
You cannot believe, 
unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft kiss of love 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

You returned to a castle 
Bathed in light 
Faeries and butterflies 
On a day,so bright 

Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

In a walled garden, 
of bramble rose and foxglove 
You cannot believe 
Unless you feel 
Deep in your heart 
The soft embrace of love 

Faerie princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
I am under your spell 

Oh Juliana! 
Faerie Princess 
Soft light fell 
Upon your wings 
You captured everything, 
under your spell 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
The sun clothed the castle in gold
Before twilight
Magic to behold,
in the time before night
Such a colour to inspire...
A rose...
The colour of sunfire
The Faeries at twilight...
To make a rose, so beautiful
It would shine under starlight
Such a delicate bloom
Soft as a babys' cheek
Magicked by Faeries
A Summer Queens' perfume
A rose to seek
Emerald leaves glowed
Wrapped a rose
The colour of sunfire
In a walled garden,
that the Faeries showed
The Sunfire
Such wondrous light
A Faeries desire
Illuminated the garden
To Heartstones delight

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007