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Ballad Jesus Poems | Ballad Poems About Jesus

These Ballad Jesus poems are examples of Ballad poems about Jesus. These are the best examples of Ballad Jesus poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ballad |

Thank You Jesus

Who picks me up
When I'm on the ground

Who lights the way
And makes me strong

Who will never leave me...

When everything goes wrong

Thank you, Jesus

I'll sing you my song

“Thank... you
((For saving my life))

Thank... you
((For your love and sacrifice))

I'm not the perfect man
((I have my faults))

Thank you, Jesus...
For dying 
On the cross"

This prayer is from the heart... I'll share it with all of the believers on PoetrySoup... In Jesus, we've won

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Once upon a time~is the way the story goes
The virgin, Mary, birthed the Son of God
Wrapped Him up in swaddling clothes
Then laid Him in a manger, where shepherds came to see
The One of whom the angel spoke~Jesus Christ is He

Though King of kings and Lord of lords, He took no royal seat
But three wise kings who followed His star came to lay gifts at His feet
And as He grew, a boy of twelve, Jesus did His Father's Will
As a man to everyone He did good in every valley on every hill

The demons left, the dumb could talk
The dead were raised, the lame could walk
The blind could see, the deaf could hear
The Word of God He spoke was clear

Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

As the people followed Christ~giving praises to His Name
Some religious leaders envied Him for His power and His fame
So when His time had come to die~He was arrested by them 
Though the Son of God was innocent, they said, "Crucify Him!"

He was wounded; He was bruised~He was rejected; He was grieved
He was disfigured more than any man on the Cross between two thieves
The punishment that brought us peace~with all our sins were laid on Him
Still He said, "They know not what they do~Father, forgive them."

(Bridge II)
He said, "It is done!"  Then Jesus died
Upon the Cross they pierced His side
And sealed the tomb in which He lay
Still God raised Him up in three days

{Bridge III}
Justified by the Spirit and seen by men and angels
He was believed on in the world~ and taken up to glory 
He is lifted up and still preached among the nations
Every man, woman, boy and girl need to hear His love story
Grace is His favor, we behold
And His Passion is the greatest love we've known
Full of truth and everlasting mercy shown
Jesus' story is the greatest ever told

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

The Promise Land

Author Dana Redricks
January 18, 2017

There is a land flowing 
With milk and honey
And there is no need for
A place where there will
Be no more fears
No more tears and 
No more suffering
For the Lord has promised
To those who choose to follow
Jesus will find life 
Everlasting life
Eternal life
In a place, he has
Prepared for us

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

No Cross to Bear

In Heaven there is no darkness
No shadows anywhere
No gloomy day or cloud of gray
No longing to be there

No thorn to prick your heart upon
No crown to bear your glory
No nail to hang your vengeance on
No cross to bear your story

No courts of fleeting justice
No plotting to indemnify
No tyranny or slavery
No obstacle to rectify

No silver pieces thrown about
No master to betray
No kiss of death upon a cheek
No noose to take away

No rabble in the streets
No spitting or demar
No climbing to Golgotha
No looming from afar

No weight of heavy burden
No knees for falling hard
No kicking from a Roman
No lashing from a guard

No hammer swing or piercing ring
No blood upon the ground
No cry of dreadful mourning
No mercy to be found

No God forsaken love is torn
No thrust of heaving spear
No drink of horrid mockery
No stream of falling tear

No fault to be forgiven for
No sins to wash away
No ignorance for what they do
No dying prayer to say

No robe to place a wager on
No bidding chance to win
No die is cast in ridicule
No cloth of shameful sin

No tomb to roll a stone away
No rising from the grave
No wound upon a sacred hand
No sinner for to save

No soul to rise or waiting throne
No flash of blinding light
No dove to guide the savior home
Unto the Father's right
Chords - 3/4 time
1 4 5 1 - twice per verse

http://mike-martin.net/No Cross to Bear

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Trust is Hard to Gain

How hard is it to get ahead in the this world,
When governments and societies fold
Their hands and say to everyone 
We're going through harsh times.

How does the trust of the one's in charge,
Bend laws and force opinions based
On capitalist ideals to bend the truth
To try to keep a peace beyond their grasp.

O how. O how. Can this be?
What can this destitute world now offer thee?
Regain yourself, O mighty one! Punch Forth! 
Offer the world your firstborn Son!

T'is the end of times, but you can still trust me!
There's always someone there. 
Lay down your ragged soul at last,
Your journey is at an end it seems
Lay down your trust in the only one who Beams

His Sunshine Will Offer You Rest.

My Man J.C.

Copyright © Andrew Hart | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Did you forget who you are

Did you forget?
Did you forget that you are born of spirit?
Did you forget who you are?
Remember this.

You are not a mistake,
you were always known,
you're naturally fine 
more than flesh and bone.

There's another way.
it's a straighter path,
it's a brighter peace,
beyond Earth's wrath.

So follow me 
to the farthest shore,
where there are no more tears,
forever more

So drop the mask
and end this game
listen to my voice 
and remember this name

The name is Jesus 
He's the King of Kings
the prince of peace
of whom Heaven sings

Know this promise
you're a child of God
who lives for eternity
and can't be robbed

so whatever has happened
or whatever is wrong
the debt has been paid
for the price of a song

His blood has been shed
and it won't be shed twice
it was once and for all
and will ever suffice

So all is forgotten
and let it never be said
that you owe a debt
cause Jesus' blood has been shed

So did you forget?
Did you forget who you are?
Did you lose your way?
Are you lost in the dark?

Listen to my voice
as I shout in the dark
as I call you each by name
allow light to spark

a roaring flame
that will show the way
out of this world
what else can I say?

You'll not be abandoned
or ever left behind
I'll carry you home
so let me remind

Remind you of hope 
that will carry you through
just remember that name

Copyright © richard michael | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

I Love You and I Know Don't Why

I Love You and I Don’t Know Why
Author Dana Redricks
April 3, 2016

I love you and don’t know why
I find myself taking you back time
After time. You are my friend
And can’t seem to let go.
Hello; remember me Jesus Christ
Who; died on the Cross of Calvary.
I love you; when you were deep
In your sins and time after time
I took you back.
The reason you can’t let go is
Because you have the love Christ beneath
Within your soul.
You have always been a loving person
Don’t you know you have an of heart flesh
That is filled with compassion
That overflow.
Me: I guess is worthwhile when 
You consider the price.
Once someone told me to put my
Emotions on ice, and I haven’t 
Figured that out.
Love comes natural to me,
And asking me not to love is like
Asking me not to breathe.

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

I Cannot Give Up

Author Dana Redricks
January 23, 2017

I can’t give up 
I can’t give in
So many times, I feel like
Giving up
But I realize those in Christ
Are victorious in the end
I’ve been through too much to
give up now
I've been through the storms and
I’ve been through the rain
I’ve had my heart broken
And it seems it was the end
But I can’t give up and 
I can’t give
So many times, I feel like
Giving up
But I realize those in Christ
Are victorious in the end time
and time again my Heavenly
Father has never given up me
He has always been, by my side
I can’t give up and I can’t give in
I come too far to turn back now
 Jesus is so near I almost can see him
Bright as the morning
His love reaches us no matter
Where we are
I can’t give up 
I can’t give in
I can't give up now

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

Nothing Is Really Free

Author Dana Redricks
April 3, 2017

Ain’t nothing really free 
Ain’t nothing free
The gift that you’ve been given
Somebody paid the cost 
Even the freedom of your liberty
That many take for granted
Came at the price of blood lost 
Somebody paid the cost
Somebody paid the cost
The gift of salvation came at cost
When Jesus sacrificed his life on 
The cross
So don’t take nothing for granted
Everything comes at cost
Some point in our life we come to
The crossroad when we have to measure
The cost of our pleasure
Ain’t nothing really free
Ain’t nothing free
Long hours, hard work
Somebody had to pay the cost
Somebody had to make that sacrifice

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |


A  still small voice whispers this is not your hour
this is not yet your time to shine.
Another disappointment , another heartbreak
oh lord how long must I endure excruciated agony
of  betrayal its slowly ripping  a hole into my heart.

I cried for days with tears blinding my eyes,  I cry out
my God,  my God, where is my vindication
of these wrongs, that was committed against me
but in your most loving way you say.

That you must forgive their sins
remember I first forgiven you
so long ago on that old rugged tree.

We must forgive even in our pain.
we must forgive when they turn their head.
For your reward in heaven will be great
this will  make me so proud when I present
you with the crown of life.

Listen my love follow my ways
because I have the best for you.
Please remember  my sacrifice so long ago
the ones closest to me deserted me in my
hour of need and the other disciple
gave me up for a piece of silver,
and my father turn his head.
From the site of so many sins upon my flesh

We must forgive even in our pain.
We must forgive when they turn their hea.d
For your reward in heaven will be great
this will  make me so proud when I present
you with the crown of life.

Copyright © regina longino | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

little child

Welcome little child.
Welcome to the wild
Now open your eyes and see all that is untame. 
You have a long journey ahead 
many miles to tread, 
but for right now within your mother's arms you must remain.
Her kindness and love,
Are a gift from above.
programmed instinctually just for you. When God placed you in her arms 
it triggered an alarm, 
for you 
there's nothing she wouldn't do. 
For food she searches high 
like an eagle in the sky 
and at night like a nightingale she sings a lullabye. 
Like waves of an ocean 
there's something about her motion 
that prevents you from wanting to cry. You are compelled by a tune. 
She hummed when you were in the womb. 
Now the tune is comforting with a light scent of perfume. 
She sings a story 
of a carpenter's glory 
who died to save souls like you 
one day you'll understand 
the importance of this man 
and furthermore you'll realize it's true.
Her love is never-ending 
her time is ever bending
Her soul is surrendering
To the king. 
Because there is no other 
Who can truly love her 
except he to whom the angels sing.
So In her arms you'll remain 
for knowledge to attain. 
She'll protect you and guide you through a world gone insane. 
So respect her with honor 
for the role God's placed upon her, 
and she'll show you that the world can be tamed. But first she'll go through..trials of Sorrow, 
She'll beg, plead or borrow
For the Love of her child 
she'll Venture where you won't follow
She walks with the knowledge that there might not be tomorrow.
So let it be told there will never be another for the lord says behold 
This is your mother
Little child.

Copyright © Malik Johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

The Turning Ground

*    It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                               winter is past the sun                                                                                               does bring the warmth of dancer’s spring                                                                     love rises buds begun                                     *                                                                                                                              The scent of coming flowers sweeps                                                                             away death’s sway new life                                                                                            It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                             death lies untrue, no wife              *                                                                                                                                 It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 the flowers, birds do care                                                                                             as life does fly towards the sky                                                                                    the song of love we share                                                                                 *                                                                                                                                As newness flames the hearts of kin                                                                            She sleeps only no breath                                                                                               It Leaps upon the turning ground                                                                                 but life steps forth, she weds

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


I have faith in you
though you left me alone
in the World of struggle
but i hope to meet you
on the Judgment day.

Copyright © sekitto Herbert Grace kisakye | Year Posted 2010

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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 2

Have no fellowship with unfruitful dark                                                                         black moors cold zephyr for now truth does spark                                                            a fire within the heart run far black dogs                                                                       truth defeats feeds seething flesh to the hogs                                                               Lord punishes high ones coven’s of death                                                                        trumpet of God host angels with one breath                                                                    though they all gather for the last battle                                                                       shiver satan for your own death rattles                                                                             it will not stand serpents cast into fire                                                                        Liars bewitch death’s end a molten mire                                                                           So beware their snares the child only sleeps                                                                     those who mutter and peep your sorceries keep                                                               as for me I know you have no keys so cry                                                                      my King cometh God’s Word upon his thigh           -     Based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


Slayer of dreams and reality Bow down to his Therion Majesty Vowed to Be beyond Spiritual Supremacy, But too Frail, but too Weak, Were these words of The Transgressor of Our Argentine Destiny Reigned with Blood And with Blood You shall Fall Never denounce the ways of The Wicked For the Wicked you Have Become I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself Look beyond the Book, See the Truth lying there, Gagged and Hooked, Silence screaming to Be Free The Draconian Revelation Will Save thee The same Cold Pressure has erupt inside The Beast dwells in your Pride Dipped in Argentine and Insanity, Captivated by the touch Never looking beyond the Sin, For the Scene remains Empty I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself In your mind When the world Falls, Parodiso will open her halls But not for you, Inferno Cries out for you Forever Malaoda will Be your destiny I'm Not your gracious Jesus Christ, Saving you from the blood-sodden Ice, But you Are The Beast Therion Majesty Can't control your own destiny The one who used to fight monsters, Became a Monster Himself

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |


Amilius 500 thousand years ago we came upon the earth, in spirit form our natural state, the blue green planet searched, Amilius the first Adam came, first born of the one true God, We sprang into animal bodies, a subject of much mirth, no Frogs, death was no annhilatation. Some stayed too long in animal form and hardened, had to wait, went through the pain of death, the spirit joins his mates, 5 races started by Amilius, colors, black, white, brown, yellow and the red, Were started in 5 places, thoughts are deeds of the one Gods thought form, so the human race was bred. The Atlantean race were red of skin , In the mid Atlantic ocean, High explosives were used to rid them of Dinosaurs, Gas pockets joined the explosion, sunken land caused a commotion, almost annhilation.. Ra and Hermes built the great Pyramid, It took one hundred years, They were from Atlantis, where the sea drowning did, rear. Hermes the first and last Adam, Did float big blocks in the air, Thought form generated, Cut an shaped with perfect fair. Baptist John and Jesus studied, At the pyramid of Cheops, Initiated, prepared, thoughts flooded, Then they left the land of Egypt. Adam has returned many times, To help us here on earth, Not always noticed, steps Jesus climbed, Showed us the way to worth. Thoughts are deeds, from times of old, Could stop you dead, in deathly cold, Thought’s Indus valley Priests could hold, Your life gone in an instant. Don Johnson Why do we still have murderous terrorists, Fear is a great generator of thought form worry. Mass thoughts become deeds.

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |

Crimson Blood Sunset

Crimson Blood Sunset

If I could grab a piece of sunset at days end.
I would nurture it the night through,
That at sunrise, there would be twice the light.
How right it is to be in light.
As darkness descends, to grab a piece of sunset.
And set time on end, such that endings seldom matter and beginnings dawn the 
night sky like second chances dripping dew drops of fading sadness.
Ah what a sunrise that would be,
If I could grab a piece of sunset on such a day that things went right and I fought 
like a soldier with a newly sharpened sword of kindness.
Such a sunset, Such a sunset, if I could grab a moment’s peace, I’d grip it tight 
and never loose that hold to what’s right.
If I could tell my wife I loved her and mean it.
I’d tell her a thousand times in a thousand tiny things that men do in passing, but 
make me shudder.
A thousand nights of sunrise I tell you.
A thousand nights of sunrise, telling time to stop its pestering.
Tyrannical time beckoning to days end.
But if I could grab such that sunset, bright, brilliant, rainbows of light convincing 
me of my savior’s love.
I would bask in that moment nurture it, such that at sunrise there’d be a 
thousand Jesus loves you’s shining for all the day to see.
And me too, shining bright in such that double sunrise,
Spawned from second chances from secret sunsets.
If I could grab a moments peace just long enough to stare beyond this endless 
night of fear and monotony.
Ah Pride, let me alone and leave me be,
To grab this sunset.
Embroidered with purple and crimson sunshine.
Blood stained sunshine, convincing me that Jesus loves me and there is nothing 
to fear.
If I could grab a hold of that crimson blood sunset, now that would be something!

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

Comfort, Comfort Me Lord Jesus

Comfort, comfort me Lord Jesus,
Comfort me in my distress
Wake me from this night of slumber
To Your light of peace and rest.

Never from me take Thy spirit
Though I walk away from Thee,
Restore within me Thy salvation,
Open thou my eyes to see.

When I falter to believe
That Thy grace is all-sufficient, 
Humble, teach me I implore
To know by faith what life is for.

When in sickness, shame or sorrow
Bind my wounds with Your embrace,
Fill my soul with consolation,
Promises from Your redemptive grace.

Then O Lord may I find Thee
When tomorrow comes my way?
Ever present Rock to stand on
May I always before You stay.

Copyright © Jonathan Bellmann | Year Posted 2012

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Angel's Wings

Angels Wings
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

I just had the most horrible 
feeling something is wrong
It woke me up with my heart 
drumming a drumbeat song
loudly in my ears
I pray all good will 
And God take my fears
whatever men may say
I shall pray and pray and pray 

Angel's wings beat over me
I knew though I could not see
And love like heat and peace 
flowed through
Into my pores and I knew
A Guardian, a messenger, a faithful friend
God's will to fulfill till the very end
A harbinger of justice like a dove
Sent to guide and care from above
His only reward His Master's love

My heart filled with peace and faith too
And I knew

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Heavenly Journey

For God has guided you into his Heavenly Kingdom, 
for it is his promise to all that Believe. 
And so your journey has begun! 
And Jesus will hold you in his Everlasting Loving arms.

Poet: John J Myers
Copyright ©2013 John J Myers

Copyright © John Myers | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Here In This Place

If Jesus walked through those doors today
Would you have a kind word to say?
Would you need more proof?
Would you be loving one another
Or judging your brother
In what you think to be the truth?

Well, Jesus is here in this place
I can see Him in your face
You are a temple in His Kingdom
He lives in all who believe.

If Jesus came and sat down by you
Would you be thinking what else you had to do?
Would you give Him place?
Would you be embarrassed to praise His name
Cry Holy and thank Him He came?
Would you know His face?

'We don't want to miss our blessin'
Lord, help us learn this lesson.
Open up our eyes and let us see.
Help us 'love one another'
Don't let us judge our brother
Before we talk about another
Set us free...
'Cause Jesus lives in all who believe'

Well, Jesus came through those doors today
He waits to hear what you have to say
In that neighbor next to you.
Will you choose to do the Father's will
Or sit in your seat very still
Knowing Jesus sits so close to you?

Now, Jesus is here in this place
Can you see Him in my face?
I am a temple in His Kingdom
And He lives in all who believe...
Yes, We are the Temple in His Kingdom
He lives in all who believe...

Jesus came through those doors today...

~by deborah burch 4/10/2006©

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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In the beginning the was word
And the word became flesh
It was a setup! When a virgin was with a child
And the little child shall lead them.

Et tu, Brute? Et tu, Brute?
In exchange of your brothers blood for the kisses of death? Oh! Judas!
Is that your brothers blood in your hands, oh! Simone Peter?
Betrayal is deeper than a cut in flesh itself.

"Let him be crucified" they said.
In brutality they forced crown of thorns on his head
Knowing not it was a prediction
It was a setup!

Untransformed minds mocked him,
bowed and knee before him 
Saying " Hail King of the Jews"
Knowing not the power of the tongue
It was a setup!

he dug his own grave
Creating the weapon
To kill the anointed
It was a setup!

They should have bound his arms behind,
Instead they crossed him, drank from the cup of confusion.
Bones crossed grievously,
Flesh ripped and blood pouring like water
To conquer, heal and to save children of God, they miscounted
It was a setup!

Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani?
The Father groans for His only begotten son
for he knew no sin hence became a sin
For so He loved the world.
" it is finished "

The mouth of Sheol, swallowed him rejoicing
"You bite off more than you can chew"
Grave couldn't contain him for He has been crowned.
It was a setup!

By: Nosipho C Madywabe

Copyright © Lwandle Bleeding Ink | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Jesus is Coming

In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

If judgment will begin in the Lord's on house
By the cleansing of the Word for a radiant spouse,
Then what will be the end of those whose ways are broad
Who do not obey the very Word of God?

While people are saying, "Safety and peace,"
Destruction will come upon them suddenly
But for you who are walking as children of Light
That Day should not surprise as a thief in the night


And if God's righteous people are scarcely saved,
If God's holy people just barely escapes
The Judgment to come with great terror and fear
Then where shall the ungodly and sinner appear?

[channel 2]
When the heavens pass away with a shrill sound,
The earth with everything will burn to the ground.
Now since the elements will melt with fervent heat,
What manner of godly people should we be?
In an eye's twinkle
Jesus is coming
For a church without wrinkle 
Or any such thing
So be holy and blameless
Jesus is coming
For a church without blemish
Or any such thing  (Chorus)

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2006

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The Donkey Carol

(Chorus): My name is breda Donkey
               'Pon my back is de Christmas story
               A carry God's son an' mercy
               Down through the ages to wi glory
               De baby born in Bethlehem's manger
               Wi creator, redeemer, how stranger

Ole Balaam let mi carry him
Fi guh sell the Massa prophecy
An angel did appear to him
An' bring me square in history
               Ole Balaam saw a star
               Coming out of Jacob family
               Jesus coming from beyond afar
               To bring all sinners mercy

So one night breda Joseph call mi
Him seh O donkey come carry Mary
I know it was Balaam's prophecy
For Bethlehem's star was bright above me
              No room, no room for the baby
              Not a preacher in the earth was ready
              So mi call 'pon mi animal family
              Jesus cum guh mek yuh manger ready

The street was full of trafficking
While merchants count their money
Wi sang glory to man's joy born king
Jesus is the manger baby
              Hush Mr. cow nuh bawl again
              Red Heifer yuh sacrifice over
              Likkle lambs guh skip 'pon de plain
              Bethlehem bring forth the redeemer

Sweet likkle turtle dove you are free
The covenant of the ark is broken
Sweet Jesus bring love and jubilee
Same de greedy ole Balaam had spoken
              But mi is donkey an mi work nuh done
              A carry him before the cross
              Mi labor till de second coming of the son
              Sin is mi burden, but a him it cost

This song is written to the tune of Jamaican folk song: "Good evening, Mrs Cunningham
It is written for two voices that blend to sing the chorus, but sing each stanza in 2 parts.  It 
tells the story of Christmas from a donkey's point view, and yet stay true to the Bible 

Some words are peculiar to the Jamaican dialect for coloring of the song:
Breda: brother; 'pon:upon; de:the; wi:our; ole:old; mi:me; fi:to; guh:go
Cum:come ... had all words recapitulate to the Jamaican dialect even young Jamaicans would 
have been alienated --- for the language was not encouraged in our homes where it was 
considered bad talking. It is being revived through academics at the UWI again.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

Details | Ballad |

Riding on a Stallion

Author Dana Redricks
April 14, 2017

When Jesus first came, he came riding on a donkey
Crowds of people standing, cheering him all around
Before they were done 
they were condemning him to death
But when he died he didn’t remain there
He rose from the dead and defeated death and sin
Now his children have been loosed from sin
Living in Christ in true victory
When Jesus coming for his church 
he will be riding on a stallion 
Coming to take all his children home
He’ll be riding on a stallion
He’ll be riding on a stallion 
When he comes again he’ll be riding on a stallion
Coming to gather the church and to take them home
With all his angels gathered all around
Oh, what glorious day that will be 
when Jesus comes again 
he’ll be riding on his stallion instead of a mule 

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

Our Time

It's been days since i have gone out,
The months just slip by like birds on ice,
There are moments when i think why do we even try?
Our work will be all for nothing once we leave,
We will work our entire lives just so everything can be erased,
Our names engraved on granite and left with all the others,
No one to visit, no one to show, only some have left themselves a name,
Even then most people brush it off as if they were nothing,
We are merely existing with no other purpose,
We are brainwashed to think we serve a god,
When in reality that god is no more than you and i,
We are sitting around waiting for our time,
That time is nearly upon us.

- UnknownShadow

Copyright © Shadow Unknown | Year Posted 2016

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He was with God before the world came to be,
and He created with Him our breath-taking Universe;
His name was Jesus,the Redeemer of the Human Race:
and to change and save us was His destiny...

He preached in the Temple, and all Jerusalem listened carefully,
but some didn't like to hear how He spoke against evil so openly;
and they weren't the Romans,the conquerors,
but those hypocrites in high places...

Jesus drew huge crowds by lakes and mountains,
by the country roads and in small towns;
they all came to hear the Gospel with gladness,
and Joseph was one of the priests who heeded those words...

On the lake of Genesaret, Jesus performed another miracle,
telling Peter to lower the net for a catch, but he was skeptical: 
until he saw the boat was about to sink with the heavy load,
and he came to realize the bounty of God... 

As Jesus became popular and all heard Him preach,
the priests and scribes became jealous of Him,
and planned to capture Him and found Him guilty of blasphemy:
by the very hands of Pontius Pilate who feared to condemn Him...  

But the crowd cried out, " Release Barabbas! ",
and those who called out the name, "Jesus,Jesus! "
were beaten and silenced by a mob who had no mercy;
Pontius Pilate had no choice but to deny His liberty...   

The Roman soldiers grabbed Jesus
and took Him to governor's place,
and they stripped and whipped Him 'till he bled;
and worst of all : a crown of thorns they put on His head... 

Along the Via Dolorosa Jesus carried the cross to His death 
as the women wept and men mocked Him with laughs,
never a commotion,so great, was felt in all Jerusalem;
a follower gave Him water, but he was restrained by swords...

The merciless soldiers placed the cross upon Jesus's shoulders,
and Simon from Cyrene finished bearing it behind Jesus;
he really felt the same pain and agony;
and from Jesus's smile, he knew He was relieved...

From the cross at Golgotha, Jesus asked His father
to forgive them as John stood by his mother;
to one of the evildoers He promised Paradise at no cost:
and to all who would believe and follow:  redemption by the cross....

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2007

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Everyone is with someone else they can't stay apart,
and this sadness shouldn't be mine today or ever...
because His birth makes light much brighter
in this lonely soul searching for comfort,
and that's why I'm loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer!

What I feel comes from a heart that desperately 
desires its tears to erase what has been its yesterday,
and loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer does me good;
praising His coming and proclaiming Him my Lord!

Nobody more than I...has the urge to be consoled,
when arms don't open to welcome me inside;
and His mighty arms, although trembling and small,
open up in loving gesture to greet my call!   

Come Jesus, friend of gentle hearts and kind souls,
spend Your day telling me what is in store for me;
how Heaven echoes of the angelic, eternal voices...
unlikely the earth that waits for a Savior to end its misery! 

Without instrument, music sheets, or choir on a snowy day: 
I'm loudly singing for Jesus...my Redeemer in the simplest way,
and my gladness is expressed in every verse of my song;
oh, how I'd like to thrill baby Jesus with the words I sing! 

I'm loudly singing for Jesus...my Redeemer,   
as I shiver under the cold sky of December!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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Jesus wept for thee

Came to gather in His shadow   						 
Man Christ almighty be with thee     				                
Come to abode just a stones throw    					 
The way ask him in we pray thee             					
One lamb behold on tree Shiloh						 
One blood of all nations made He    				               
Hearts door posts anointing the whole                 			                
Slain from beginning a Holy seed        					
(Tears in our Savior’s eyes they flow        				          
Jerusalem blessed be he      					                 
Tears in our Savior’s eyes they flow 				          
Jerusalem blessed be he )                                  				
The prophets you did shoot your bow   					 
City on a hill God lightest thee                                    			                  
His apple turn to Glories old                       					
From all your ways to his cloud’s bow  					     
A new covenant made with thee              				                 
Under his wings that’s were you grow  					      
A faithful God that calleth thee          					
God sent He loved His world so           				         
Everlasting father humble He  					                
Born Son of God lot was foretold           					  
When you can say then you will see

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2010

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Lover of My Soul

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

I have found
The One who makes me whole
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus makes me whole

I have found
The Lord is in control
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus take full control

I have found
The Lover of My Soul
His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Oh Jesus- Jesus loves my soul  

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2007