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Aunt Death Poems | Aunt Poems About Death

These Aunt Death poems are examples of Aunt poems about Death. These are the best examples of Aunt Death poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | I do not know? |

My dear aunt

When I think of my dear Aunt Sheila
A great big smile comes across my face
You see, no matter what the circumstances in life
Her will would never break
Compassionate love she gave to all
Evident in all of her blissful ways
Family was first, this I know for sure
In all of her caring days
Oh my dear Aunt Sheila had herself a wit
With a smile at least a mile long
Whether she was conversing with friends or family
Heck even listening to a good ol' country song
Mother, Aunt, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Grandma and GG-all terms
But one describes her just right
A beautiful soul always to be missed
An angel living in heavenly sunlight
Go be with Jesus my dearest Aunt 
Let your smile brighten Heavens gate
For we know we shall see you again
In Paradise-where you await

Copyright © Matt Hunt | Year Posted 2011

Details | Verse |

Aunt Hazel

As you lay waiting for God to take your hand
my Father is by your bed in prayer as he had planned

You are the first of his siblings to see pass
as he ask God to lead you to the promise land

You seem to be sleeping peaceful until your eyes open with a twinkle
looking up at your brother you smile with eyes like crystals

In a soft whisper you speak seeming like all time has stopped
without a single tear that doesn't drop

"I love you my brother do not feel greed in wanting me to stay
for this is the end of my long life's play"

The curtain has closed 
the lights have dimmed
with one short breath she is heaven sent
forever more with no end.

*For my sweet aunt forever in out hearts who has passed*
   T Reams   4/27/15

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haibun |

Aunt Sally

Sometimes you like people better as you grow older. . .

Growing up, I considered my aunt, Sally,  a gossip and a person consumed with envy.  She liked to make fun of people, as she did with me over my crying and screaming after taking my beloved hobby-horse for my cousin, Mary.

Years later  she befriended my mother after the death of my father..  They became inseparable. . .

a dragonfly
still circling my aunt's farm pond
alighting on mother's hand

Published September, 2015 Cattails

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Losing my aunt

I fall into the darkness.
The flames of hell wrap around 
It's hard to breath.
The smoke suffocates me.
Then I see a hand from above. 
I reach for the hand. 
I see the light again.  
My wings have spread out. 
I'm flying and soaring through 
the skies. 
I'm in heaven and I'm happy. 
I see her.  
It's not your time she says. 
I frown, but he hugs me and 
It'll be alright. 
So I go back. 
I go back to a life wondering. 
Will it ever be alright.

Copyright © Carmen Erickson | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

Aunt Dorothy Funeral

Aunt Dorothy Funeral
Written by Mel Brake

"And then, I will rise
nor more sorrow no more pain
and then I will rise when he calls my name.."

I thought about my nephew
at Aunt Dorothy's funeral
I wondered who would mourn for me
when I was loss

I watched as young people
ran out of the church
after viewing Aunt Dorothy's
white gold trimmed coffin

Who would be visibly
upset and be a fool for me

Besides the young do not
know how to handle the loss
of a loved one

My nephew called me
during her service
when I spoke to him
I thought he wanted something from me

But he said that he was calling me
because he remembered I was at the funeral

I  then broke down into a crying walk
I cried not for Aunt Dorothy

I cried for myself and my lost youth

I cried for my sister  because she lost her health
contracted Lupus in that same nursing home near the church 
Aunt Dorothy was eulogized in

I cried for my other sister who lost her mind
gave up her Baptist faith and  married a Jehovah Witness man
he was from that same neighborhood

I cried for my mother because she lost the love of her life
he would visit us in our home on 3850 Parrish street near the church
Aunt Dorothy was eulogized in

I cried for my big brother and  the lost  of our closeness
he worked in a machine shop in that same neighborhood  

He would take me downtown on the 40 bus
that still runs in that dilapidated neighborhood

I cried for the lost of $1000 that my other brother stole
Money that my mother and brother raised to send me
the first one in the family to go to college in that hell whole
of a neighborhood

I cried for the lost of my neighbor who was gay
and he had an operation to become a white woman
and married a white man who drove a Mercedes
But he moved out of that hell whole of a neighborhood

I cried for the young children who I befriended
who were lost themselves in that neighborhood
to drugs violence and prison and early childhood pregnancy

I cried for the older neighbors and friends who have also passed
I sat on the front porch and I would listen to the stories  they told about
how safe Philadelphia used to be when
 the neighborhoods looked after every child's safety

I cried and cried and cried
until I could not cry anymore
walking the streets of the neighborhood
that I grew up in what we called the Bottom

When I walked back to the church
the hearse had moved on with Aunt Dorothy
the family was gone
and the church doors were locked

I thought about Aunt Dorothy
and the passing of the torch
She was the matriarchy of the family and the Mother of the Church
what was her parting words and legacy
we suffered a great loss

Then she as an ancestor spoke

“If you loved me
keep my commandments”

“Love thy neighborhood and thy enemy
as you would love thyself”.

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Memories of my dead aunt

One of the nicest things in our lives will be our memories of you.
You have always been one of those relatives we could count on.
With you we could of shared our worries and tears.
You were one of those who was always willing to listen.
You were someone special.

There are many relatives in our lives
But only a very few leave a lasting impression.
It's these relatives we think of often
So much of what we have become is because of you.
You taught us the importance of family
Thank you for being the world's greatest aunt.


Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2009

Details | Acrostic |

My Aunt Eleanor

My Aunt Eleanor

Many years of heartfelt sharing: hopes, dreams, past things, bringing sunbeams. 
Yesterdays enjoyed: talking, thinking, feeling, believing, and achieving uplifting. 
An awesome regular phone-friendship: abiding reciprocal respect, and awareness. 
Underneath an external shroud, feelings carefully arranged, began renewal; healing.
Nebulous thinking became clearer.  Understanding drew nearer.  Forgiveness dearer.
Two souls linked by blood, finding some unity in a world of conflicts.  Not alone.
Everything good cherished; everything evil intentionally expunged from consciousness. 
Love given and received from a distance; letting understanding free from locked selves.
Ever grateful for each kind word spoken and insightful wisdoms shared, am I.
Above the wrath of God that makes earth tremble as grounds shake, you are now.
Near to the heart of the Father where questions are answered and mysteries explained.
Over the threshold from life and into the realm of forever you have flown. 
Remembering yesterdays, I must do, until singing God’s praise in heaven with you. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 28, 2010
Poetic form: Acrostic

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

Details | Blank verse |

That Place in the sky(Aunt Lucy)

Just to think you will be gone
and i will be here to stay strong
scares me to death and makes me cry

although you will be watching in the skies
i will be praying everyday that goes by
say hello to Timmy and bobby
we have all missed them down here real badly

Tell god he should have waited
to let you grow older and not miss everything
like the birth of your grand son glen jr

Remember when you go up to the place in the sky
that we will miss you everyday that goes by
and when you hug Timmy and everybody up there
make sure to fill them in about everybody down here

If its not to much to ask just give us a sign
that you have made it up to that place in the sky
and that you have seen the man who takes everyone's life
Just try to let us know everything is alright

it seems so wrong but just hold on
our tears that you see coming down our cheeks
just is our feelings that we held in so deep
but time is haulting and the rain is falling
because when you are gone
time and life will all come to a stop
but we will take a deep breath
and soon we will all live on 
because we know your an angel flying high
to that place in the sky

Copyright © Melody Mentiply | Year Posted 2008

Details | Light Poetry |

Aunt Beth

There are truth behind these eyes that I wont tell any one
It is hard to move on
My heart is telling me your here still but only in spirit and memories
My brain wont let me for get your gone
Your underneath the dirt where they put you
You help make me who I am today
You have always been there for me
It hurts not having you around
There are truth behind these eyes that I wont tell any one
I keep on telling you lies that I am happy when I  am not
NO one can see the pain I'm going through
No one can understand how I feel
I lost you went you went to heaven 
I lost my faith in  god when he took you from me
I lost a big part of my heart when I lost you
I didn't get a change to say good bye
I didn't want to believe you was dying
But now your gone and I'm left here with all the memories I had of all the good time we had
Aunt Beth you will always be in my heart for ever as I live 
Aunt Beth you will always be live in my memories of you
Aunt Beth I will never for get you

Copyright © Danielle Satterfield | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Aunt Beverly

She sat at the edge of the bed and she said it’s some news I must share
So she grabbed the remote control pressed mute so I could hear
She had a sad look on her face so I said mama what’s wrong?
She looked me right in the eyes, took a deep breath (hah)
For u baby, I’m trying to be strong
Confused, scared, anxious to find out what I didn’t know
She grabbed me close and said your Aunt Beverly’s gone
So many memories began to flood my head, tears flooded my eyes
Hurt, deceived by God, in denial
I knew that it was true but unable to accept reality
Anything but this! I scream
Why does this always happen to me?
Beautiful woman, phenomenal woman
Soul now turned cold
Man u should’ve saw her when she saw me
Girl you just so gorgeous you need to be modeling in those magazines
Aw and look at that baby’s hair
All those repeated things she said all flooded my head
I tried to see her for the past three months
January was the last time I’d seen her
I missed her; this is the longest she’s been away
But I remember words that she said “I may not make it” now she’s dead
I miss you Aunt Beverly, I love you but I hate you too
U were so selfish to do what you did to steal my heart and leave me here
So smart and established, strong-willed and accomplished
Kind soul, open hearted, giving what she earned
At that moment I felt that God had stolen my smile but it was me being selfish because I 
miss you so
You left too soon out of my life so it’ll take a while to let you go

Copyright © Mariah Johnson | Year Posted 2009

Details | Lyric |

Aunt Beryl, Your Last Journey

Now your struggles are ended,
Of body and mind.
May your battles be remembered, 
With our passing time.

For years you had suffered,
Pain capturing your will,
Destroying all promises,
Of the day you would be healed.

We' re shared precious moments,
And at time revealing our fears,
We talked of those days we'd,
Soon be over the hill.

I felt in your footsteps,
And saw you in mine,
Those times we discussed,
Your life with pain,
And I with mine.

I've thought of you often,
And even at times did shed a tear,
I had ask our Creator to look upon you,
As "special" and let your remaining days,
Be free of all your pains and fears.

You told me of some good times,
And even shared some of your blues,
I've seen the tracks of loneliness,
Thru a blinded tear or two.

We both knew our days were not forever,
And our stories would have to end.
I'll cherish those times we opened our hearts,
And in sharing our pains,
We both found a friend.

Your body and spirit are parted now,
Each going their own seperate way,
A journey I think you welcomed,
After so many darken days.

Friends, as well as loved ones,
Knew of your kindness within,
We now mourn for your departure,
For life's battle, you did not win.

Now your body free of pain at last,
Now peace will live with you forever,
In that bright glorious land.

Remember?  I told you of a tunnel?
Not to far away from here?
And that bright light was waiting...
And what peace you would find within.

Now you know I have been there,
For before you it all appears,
Just as I told you,
The bright light will dry your tears.

Now I know not of this other world you are in,
I only know of the journey,
Of which you have been.

When you reunited with our Maker,
I know your final home you found,
May God walk with you,
As you explore those Heavenly grounds.

Aunt Beryl I will miss you,
And think of you often....
YOU know I realized THEY were real,
And would some day separate your body from your soul.

Close your eyes and welcome your sweet rest,
For time is of no more.

Your loved ones all gathered,
With sorrow showing about,
Unbound tears fell as soft raindrops, seeming as tho,
They wanted to shout.

 The flowers beautifully laid about you all aglow,
Your beauty giving inspiration,
As if for them to grow.

With life gone from your body,
And the spirit from your soul,
I now feel your story must be told.


Copyright © Cecilia Patterson | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |

Aunt Wanda

I miss your laugh.

I wish I could bring you back.

It's not the same without you here.

I miss you so very much.

My words could never be eough.

Copyright © laura campbell | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |


          It is difficult to write about one's family,
            especially at times of tears and sympathy.

          Ever crossing her lips like a long country mile,
             I'll always remember Aunt Millie's contagious smile.

          Whether Sweeak or Cwiak or Shwack in name,
             she was part of our family, just the same.

          Uncle Ed's early death left her with three children to raise alone,
             I still marvel at how well she did with them on her own.

          Glad to have seen her this past week , if for only a moment you see, 
             I barely said, "Hello", when she smiled at me.

          For her, that smile was always a pleasure,
             it is the one thing I'll keep, as my memory's treasure.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2017