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Apology Letter To My Mama

Dear mama,
I apologize for the aches,
And all the pain,
I apologize for struggle in your 
Torturing your veins,
I apologize for the stressful tears,
On account of non-listening ears,
I hear your melancholy weeps,
From a mind that never sleeps,
I know the fake smile you keep,
Will break you suddenly,
I am sorry for the things making you 
I am sorry you had to grow up 
Even when you shout hate,
I see love in your eyes,
Out of your heart you apologize,
But, this is my apology to you,
For all the things I put you through,
I apologize for the things you never 
Just to make us glad,
I apologize for the unpaid bills, 
that has you taking headache pills,
I thank you for your vigilance,
But, I can't sit and watch,
The other half is gone,
And you're fighting alone,
Somebody got to be the MAN of the 
We can't always sit on the couch,
Mama I appreciate the things you 
I thank God for you,
I apologize if my actions never 
I Love You,
You bring peace and healing to my 

Copyright © Anthony Scandrick II | Year Posted 2012

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Heart aches a great deal.
Feeling the guilt' real.
Pouring through my eyes is tears;
Unable to put in words my fears.
Though am the partial wrong doer'
I wouldn't like to justify, as it is over.

And to you i sing this apology song,
As i cannot forget you for a second long,
For the mistake i committed,  knowing,
Just avoiding your advices from following.
Frightened, that the love you bestowed would cease,
I plead you to forgive me and bestow your love in ease.
Punish me with word or hand.
Never ever band me from experiencing your love,
As you are my second mother,
And my heart gives  no place to another.
Accept my apology!

Copyright © shabna rafeek | Year Posted 2012

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I whisked the heavens for a soothing sign
Swirled moonlight of Luna’s crescent smile
Searching for redemption's last sinew
That a wounded love faithfully clings to

I asked the stars for strength of sterling sight
To illuminate the missteps of a fractured mind
Trapped in a glass garden of Eden’s broken heart
Fragrant pieces of her sorrow carved into mine

I tasted the poison of regurgitated resolve
Memories marinating on the tip of my teething tongue 
But forgiveness does not dangle on unspoken words
Which need not be poetic, but merely heard

Copyright © Xavier Keough | Year Posted 2005

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An Apology to your loved ones

An Apology to the people loved & lost (dedication)
just for closure.
I had a vision and I grabbed it
Sought after a long verge to succeed and I dreamt of it
Unaware of what I had become
Pained-heart-blood-stained tears I will never succumb
For the pain caused
The misunderstandings never clarified
Feelings never fought for
Mistakes to hearts left sore
Scores settled in vengeance
A visioned plot with only “I” in emergence
A detrimental being set-forth I conquer
Moment of silence for the love lost, for closure
Self-made pioneer designed by God to prosper
In “her” heart I hope I left a mark for posture
Still in mine…
I only wish she knew I wasn’t an imposter
From a distance
I post my love sealed with heart crumbs
In first instance- that’s how we fell in love the first time
Bitter sweet
How love feels after the future in past time
Marked territories, course, paths
In avoidance we will never meet
Out of love fear respect, your wish granted in a heart-beat
The tricks of time…
If we cross-paths I will always greet
Unapologetic to the sympathetic
Thoughts of success an adrenaline rush to the charismatic
I should’ve known…
Even love wears off from the charismatic…
I thought I knew till I lost a few
I’m only human, not an excuse, but a better view
Forgive to forget not
I chose my path for the success still sought
Second chances by all means offer second mistakes
I only wish patched-up friendships to re-trace the steps
A simple nod in acceptance in the name of family
A soft kiss on the forehead in remembrance of love
From souls departed, a sign of acceptance from above
For what I have become
The impact you have made
Forgive but forget not, only for closure…

Copyright © sibusiso lubimbi | Year Posted 2015

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My Apology

I never had the courage to tell you,
That I regret how much we changed;
And how much I truly hate the fact,
That the two of us are now estranged;

You deserved so much more from me,
Then I ever had to give;
And I hope that you’ll someday forgive me,
For the life I chose to live.

~For Barbara's Apology Accepted contest~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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My Apology

My Apology 

At times we run out of words
Sorry may never be enough in -
Acknowledging our faults
Our shortcomings covers us with fear
So we hide in caves-covered in wounds of failure
Today I have strength to say sorry
Hoping to obtain mercy 
Hoping to be forgiven for all our and my shortcomings

We are Folks with faults
Life is faultless but folks who live that life are not flawless
 Dig deeper into my soul and spirit-you still find iniquities
I can speak right but spit self-righteousness  
Even the truth I am telling you-
Is just a lie that is engraved beneath my skin
My actions are often just a reaction to my dysfunctional
The battle of mind between apprehending and application
Hoping to obtain mercy 
Hoping to be forgiven for all our and my shortcomings

At times the bed I sleep on was just created for me
But they say as you prepare a bed-so shall you lay on it
I was taught a perpetual lie as the truth-born in error
Raised from dysfunction environment-trying to be functional –
In my words and actions – often come short 
I have been drinking from my ancestral calabash before conception
So I perpetually walk in error-because I always look back
I speak with sincerity hoping to rise into perfection
My ability and disability are at war
Hoping to obtain mercy 
Hoping to be forgiven for all our and my shortcomings

Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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Apology Accepted

Fill me with lies 
No goodbyes
Kill me with sorrow
No tomorrow
Break me with words
This is absurd
Drown me with hate
Is it too late?
To apologize...to apologize
Look me in the eyes...
And apologize...
You will never understand me
And you’re never going to find me
You took a part of me 
That didn't belong to you 
Well, live with what you got
I have nothing more to lose
Leave me here to rot
I have nothing more to lose
And if i do...
The only thing I'm losing is you...
So fill me with lies
Say your goodbyes
Shoot me with sorrow
There's always tomorrow
Your words can't break me
Your hate can't drown me
Look me in the eyes
You absurd man
It's never too late
To apologize...

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2012

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A poet's Apology to poetry

I apologize to my creativity,
I abandon it a long time ago

Gave up on my dreams, because
Possible became impossible to me.

No one was listing,so I stopped speaking 
so many trapped words
So many trapped feelings...

I apologize to my pride
Never meant to take you through that ride, 
never meant to break you down 
when i Told you I would stand by your side
Because it’s just me, myself
...and I promised to survive

I apologize for the lie’s... 
not the one’s that I have told others 
but, for the ones I have told myself

I'm apologizing for fearing my truth and my abilities, 
for rejecting my blessings,I apologize for just settling 

for allowing realness to became ruler over my imagination, 
allowing my morning to be filled with the same pain as my darkness

I apologize to my creativity,
And I apologize to my dignity… 

it will never happen again,
please forgive me.

Copyright © latoya swinson | Year Posted 2011

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My Apology

There are people
That I want to apologize to
I have said offensive words
And told painful truths about
I shouldn’t judge like this
And cause hurt in the inside
No matter what was done
It’s not worth the pain within
I want to retract the words
And to give them kind remarks
I desire to be loving and caring
So I must ask for forgiveness
For the crass words said
I apologize for the pain

Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2011

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Apology accepted

Trying to say 
I am sorry
takes every fibre in my being to new levels.
I cannot fathom out
the uncontrollable hurt
and sense of loss
burns within me...
Sorry - 
a shallow grave of vocabulary,
a sham of emotion
but how can I prove
that all I say is honest
and true,
that all I feel is what I do...
Love, caring, doldrums of hopelessness?
What acidic retort will I get in return?
Probably a shoulder of ice,
a frozen relic of the past - 
ignorance and foolish pride...
Whatever you do,
I don't mind
at least I would have been a man...
and said I am sorry!
Copyright Deon J.H. Burger 2014

Copyright © Deon Burger | Year Posted 2016

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A Belated Apology

I’m sorry Miss,
That I was so shy before
That I never called you on my own
That I was too young to think ahead

I’m sorry Miss,
That after all the travels and the time spent
That I wouldn’t stay for your birthday
That I only thought of myself

I’m sorry Miss,
That we started losing touch
That we were so close always
That we grew up together

I’m sorry Miss,
That I didn’t see you for years
That it happens to everyone
That I thought it was once okay

I’m sorry Miss,
That when I did see you,
That I avoided an awkward moment
That I even thought it would be uncomfortable

I’m sorry Miss,
That even if you didn’t care
That I can’t help but think about it daily
That it was the last time I’d see you

I’m sorry Miss,
That I ruined our last conversation
That I jumped on assumption
That it was never fair what happened to you

I’m sorry Miss,
That I can’t even be strong for you
That I still remind myself everyday 
That I could have said goodbye

I’m sorry Miss,
That still I think of myself
That I feel sorry for my own choices
That I cried when I tried to talk about you

I’m sorry Miss, 
That you went through what you did
That you missed out on a lifetime
That I miss you, even though I didn’t know you anymore

Copyright © H Bueckert | Year Posted 2007

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Slighted Apology

My words to you are formulated slowly, excruciatingly, drawn out.
I do not know how to make you understand and so
It all ends up in a jumble
Each word rushing over the next in their haste to escape my clumsy tongue.

In silence I wait
Regretful eyes trained to awkward toes
While you shove it all back down my throat.

Copyright © Caitlin Essenburg | Year Posted 2011

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A good enough Apology

Undeniably tired
Dark circles under his eyes
Lips still in a straight line
Devoid of happiness
Just too tired
Tongue like daggers

Understandably hurt
Tears fall from her eyes
Lips quivering and chewed
Lack of inner light
Confused by hurt
Words spoken like down feathers

So f*cking tired
Three beers gone
Starting to be able to sleep
His eyes closing gently
Forget everything else

Scared of an argument
Sneaks back into bed
1...2...3...breath slowly
lays her head on his chest
heart beating, eyes closing
fingers splayed on warm skin

Eyes open slightly
Without the need to
He feels her familiar shape
Arms wrap tight around her
Peaceful sleep
Good enough for an apology

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2012

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Apology is the hardest 
thing to do
especially with pride in 

Apology suits the ear like 
a love song
so don't fail to sing it 
when ever you're wrong

Apology comes from a 
realised conscience
and it goes out to those 
with patience

Apology is not a course 
taught in school
so don't expect to hear it 
from a fool

Apology is for the bold
always welcomed by the 
young and old

Apology is said in a way 
that is smart
its like a balm that repairs 
an injured heart

Apology when expressed, 
brings peace
and peace makes war 

Copyright © M-key D'Rhymer | Year Posted 2012

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Silent Apology

There it is,
the glassy-eyed stare;
Followed by hours of silence,
nothing left to share.
So very quiet now, 
I can hear the light bulbs hum;
Pride shuts down our vocal cords,
but our words are just playing dumb.
Who will outlast who?
For god only knows what prize;
To the victor go the spoils,
It's really just a lie,
No apologies are whispered,
as i gently stroke her face;
forgiveness finally fills our hearts,
yes it's love moving in god''s grace.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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My Apology

Version 1 

Apologies for the opprobrious actions that have been brought             
For Thee, who descended from the exalted throne of Camelot                
Patiently guiding and reminiscing of what has been forgot                             
Wrought with the ingredient of anger into silvery thought                    
By constituent tactics will forevermore be at naught              
Ruminating and beholding rain for a garden's flowerpot
For introducing that worthless and that unfruitful counter-plot           
Being the barren soil, being the one who became a sunspot
Written and witnessed before others encircled within earshot      
The evoking morning rays of consciousness have caused some distraught 
Occurred the substantial difficult admonition for one taught                        
Through time, traveling as a cosmonaut, change of heart, change of thought   
Eons An Augenblick, please keep this seed inside the orchard’s plot.   

Copyright © G. Jay | Year Posted 2017

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Belated Apology

To my Dearest Most Only Beloved, Lenore : my Loving Bride
  In care of  Almighty GOD , at the Gates of Heaven ;opened wide
A vow  I had spoken, soon was broken “I will always be by your side”
 The sorrow of all these years: the ocean of tears , that I have cried 

I can drain the tears away, all I have to say “I’m Sorry my LOVE LENORE”
 From the abyss of my Heart, the depth of my Soul I apologize L E N O R E
Would YOU think it absurd, if I gave YOU my word , that Forevermore :
 I will Always LOVE YOU: in YOUR forgiveness we can live as one in Eternity

Inspired by Christie Moses and Sharon Weimer's Contest "I'm Sorry"

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2009

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My Apology

I can't find the words to express what I feel  Anger? Confusion? 
Everyday something new pops into my head
Constantly searching and waiting, but am I the one to blame? 
I assumed you would always stay but I guess you got tired of me pushing you 
I wonder how it would be if I said yes but actually I don't know if you really tried 
your best 
I wonder how it would be if you said no but I suppose we will never know 
The memories are enough to tell our story but maybe that is my own way of trying 
to ease the pain and please you because I am to blame 
I hope to see you and tell you all about that, then in return you would embrace me 
with the most powerful kiss and I now it would be straight bliss 
Just like the seasons, for that moment you were my only reason
 So thank you in advance for being the one to take that chance, which left me with 
the greatest experience.

Copyright © Millicent Olasanoye | Year Posted 2006

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I'm not happy with out you thats plain to see. I can't be me without you. I wont dream till I 
see your face your beautiful blue eyes or that crooked smile. Every time I think of you I 
think how I broke my heart in two. I'm sorry for what i've done, its always wrong. So hope 
you except my apology and you can see I wont stop not sleeping till your happy.

(to the one I love)

Copyright © Amanda Sponaugle | Year Posted 2009

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I sit in my room and stare up at the moon
Listening to techno I trip and get tired
Then I hear boom from the amplifire
And snap into the zone when I hear the telephone
I stare at the reciever and pretend not to be here
But ten I hear your voice and I got no choice
But to pick up and say "hi" and then I start to cry
When you say "I love you" 'Cause then I know it's true
So I say "I'm really sorry, what I said earlier meant nothing,
I hope you know I'm not bluffin,'cause if you were only herer,
I'd be saying it with tears and then I'd give you a big hug
and we're cuddle on my rug, and you would whisper and say
"You know everything is okay."
You tell me it shows and that you really do know,
and you wish you were here to wipe away my tears
and I say so you know it's okay,
"Another day will come tomorrow, So let there be no sorrow."
And after this I have said You tuck me into bed
You tell me to pull up the sheets
And over the phone give me a kiss on each cheeck,
You say, " Everything will be alright, I love you,
and goodnight."

Copyright © Nash Stone-Hess | Year Posted 2005

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A Poem of Apology

To my wife
I have been cruel
and waisted my words like a fool
instead of encouragement
I spoke only resentment
while to many of my promises remained broken
and left no flower or jewelry as a token
as for my treachery I do regrett
and I fear she will not forgive me or forget

Copyright © Malcolm Dyer | Year Posted 2007