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Why I Am Voting Trump

Why am I voting Trump this time?
I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he didn't start the deadly wars in
Libya and Syria, nor did he support
the brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he does not believe that under our
Constitution every Sunni Muslim around
the world is automatically guaranteed
an unimpeded entry into America.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he does not support ISIS, Al-Nusra,
the Free Syrian Army, and all the
other terrorist groups in Syria with
money, weapons, or by bombing from
the air the Syrian government forces.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
under President Trump, the U.S. Air Force will
never be used as ISIS's aviation—let alone
threaten to shoot down Russian warplanes
in an insane no-fly zone over war-torn Syria.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
I don't want to die in a nuclear
war with Russia and China provoked
by the deranged Cold Warrior hawks
in Washington, D.C., who're seeking to
dominate every other country in the world.

I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he will never cancel a presidential 
election his opponent has just won, 
claiming that Russia has supposedly
hacked and manipulated the popular vote.

Finally, I am voting for Trump BECAUSE
he has pledged not to be the first to
use nuclear weapons or overthrow foreign
governments during his rule—a pledge that
no other American politician has ever made.

Copyright © Ross Vassilev | Year Posted 2016

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Teething Tigers

Western wars brought to foreign fields
Bullet barrages blocked by grim guillotines
Petulant petrol fans the flickering flames
Courageous captains solder soldiers together
Teething tigers ripped from mad mothers to 
Carry demented decisions from bribed bullies
All hail the casket caravans of yesterday's youth

Copyright © A.E. Rivenbark | Year Posted 2014

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Like You

pitter patter acid rain waxing hi-gloss
smoky sky-scratching monster coup
fearless hue self-out stabbing acrylic nails'
bond to black market sale-deal rape
indian tears too few to cleanse
the polluted hearts under the stitch-held
stars of a blood-whipped flag

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

ten-speed riding sunshine girl smiling
wide and high as her cheeky-powdered rock-washed
cellular towering, nerve-shock stroking man
dodge-wrecking his impersonal laptop-orgy
maverick hopping additive, lasso-steroid
from steak-rustling warrior pinning-the-tail-on-
a-steel-wheel-heart when picking up metal armor

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

toro, taxi-driver
toro, weightless astronaut
toro, steaming sailor
it's all in us   wear it's knot

Copyright © Effie Blake | Year Posted 2007

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Political Downfall

political position penetrates purity
anger and aggression accommodate mirroring
of awful austerity allocated each time 
we fall victim helpless to our weak mind
the peoples pressure piles upward
racing towards restoration as the dusk burns
aggravating what was once blue and serene
live this fight in life view the feud in a dream
function funding fatalities the newest regime
are sly scoundrels salivating so few in between
that save a soul sacrificing personal gain
pedantic petty priorities just turn into pain

Copyright © Alex Roelfson | Year Posted 2013

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What is our purpose?
Why are we here?
Why are we here left in fear shedding all these tears
starring at this demond in this mirrior
blinded by everything I see so clear
where am i going after this life? and is it near?
unanswered questions 
people always always saying swagga shut up stupid clowns 
I see all you frowning behind that fake smile 
I can help all im spreading the word around my town 
to make you turn that frown upside down
they have you in the palm of there hands cant you see it?
If it wasnt for them we wouldnt be asking all these bulls*** questions
and not to mention who are you to be asking me who im reppin
you should get hit in the mouth but
before all that idiotic violence let me talk to you.....
they got you all so corrupt but yall dont know so you dont give a f*** 
they have you like a trout with a kook caught in its mouth some slip and get
away there the lucky ones who can actually say
I have truly been saved
I have to be brave and put up a fight till the end of my days
they say im headed in the wrong direction but thats the governement 
there just like a nasy infection 
theyll always be here picking at your brain saying all the answers are in this certain section
always saying dont use Jesus's name in vain but every king has his rain 
all loss through out years to come its people like me that will put your name to shame
am i satanic NO these are just my devilsh thoughts
theres turning back im self sustained put in this hell knowing very well that i shall rise above all these brainless people that are stuck in this hell get out of that brainwashed shell 
to escape this long life lasting jail not knowing you are rotting in this cell
I really do care about my people
the government they dont there the true definition of evil 
they work for lucifer so they do what they have to, to get thier share 
piece the puzzle and you will find it
Jesus Christ is luccifer he has all you misguided he himself and his dominions where all behind it.

Copyright © Ray Padilla | Year Posted 2012

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Brothers, should it always come to this

Should we always return to the old tune
Of time and again tuning to counterpoint 

Of the past pain; a throbbing return 
Right at the very tipping point
Of the pinnacle to touch promised power? 

Brothers, how long should we bear
Blood-spattered battles of their 
Own making and their own imagination,

Their own thoughts, and their own creation?
How long should we let the pagans 
Pluck off feathers from our wings

–to which stupid plundering sings – 
Partying the persistence of the polluted plan
As the vampires again and again 

Have the plan prepared and bared
As did our yesteryear’s gods, 
Leaving us without defense, and  in tense?

Let us pound the drums and tom-toms of war
And let us let the reverberating sound soar 
High, high, high up there in the air

As yesteryear’s war songs we prepare
For our juggled and gagged flag to fly
Again against their blood-red raided sky.

Then let us swallow a little while 
Their bitter bile as we prepare them to pace their last mile

Copyright © Allan Kazembe | Year Posted 2014

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Political Plight

Critically, we cried for comedy;

But we saw terror and tragedy;

The people's plight bank overflew;

Our injuries were saltened an' made anew.

Before the polls for us they sought;

But when they win, us they forgot;

Proud politicians on the political pew;

Alone, eating the national rice an' stew.

At propaganda they promise black an' blue;

But fullfill [if at all] only a few;

They pretend from beginning to end;

The law of the land, they break and bend.

The people plough and plant the paddy;

But some men plot an' exploit the candy;

When then shall our liberty be wrought;

From men of selfish thoughts an' plots?

For change the people pray an' hope;

Many are sick an' tired of standing to mope;

Our noble nation shall soon be bright;

As soon as God will say "let there be light!"

Copyright © Odinakachukwu Okeke | Year Posted 2015

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  There is an ugliness out there
an ugliness that screams 
an ugliness that rages
an ugliness that whispers

  It's whispers say everything is all right
everything will resolve
everything will be dreams, heaven
when you vote for me

  It was always this way, right?
To lead was to hate, fright
those uncommitted to say
protect me sir, from the death

  you preach as the brass bands play
and sing your praises in a timeforgotten world
while the world marches on, crazily
without a leader    

Copyright © Fritz Crytzer | Year Posted 2016

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Petal Power and Police Prudence

power, police and prudence,
the mainstream monsters of mimicry,
like patels of a flower playing far from the fulcrum,
their power derived from dismal points interior,
of state sustainance and centres,
assistants arrayed according,
to authority anchored beyond,
to pry prudence on paupers,
thus pour power like powder,
on supra-orthodox options,
and security sanity perforates without.

Copyright © SILA MUTHOKA | Year Posted 2012

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Fall of Avarice

Scampering scurrying savages salvage soiled scraps
Hoping Hurrying helps hasten hoarding hunger
Watching women weep while wishing
Childish chants, chastising chosen children, creating chaos cloaks, confusing
Mankind’s morals, misguiding muses manipulate molding meaningless media minds
Vanquish villainous voices via vested 
Compassion, congenial caring considering 
Helping humanity heighten 
Internal integrity increasing individual illumination
Ushering ultimate understanding upon uniting 
Everyone evoking earth’s euphoria…

Copyright © Darren Garmer | Year Posted 2011

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downing street

driving down downtown
  rain dots dancing
                     drooling down
               daydreams dally
                      dancing round
            distance  daunting
                      dipping down
                dewdrops draping
          drenching downdrops dripping
        damping rain
                 drooping down
               driving down around
                                  down town

Copyright © Sean Cosslett Moore | Year Posted 2007

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Charm a Child part one

When all he sees is your 
smile during campaigns,
only to get sighs whenever 
he cries and complains;
the time you would know 
you are niether wise nor 
is when that innocent kid 
is immersed in insincerity.

You ask for votes with your 
ever vibrant voice,
only to leave a cheerful 
child with no better choice
than to sleep nude on the 
nails of nature at night,
lo, you feed a fair flower 
with the force to fight. 

When the parliament has 
parrots as the main players
and lies lurks in the lips of 
Lords, leaders and lawyers,
yet, the one who yearns 
and yawn is a youth,
lo, you are taming a tender 
tongue to twist the truth.

If the hallowed hut is filled 
with hurts and hates,
family and friends will but 
have flagrant fates;
bend a budding bloom 
with the brooms of 
you groom not a garden 
but the grave of greatness.
Part 1

Copyright 2012.
Adeleke Adeite.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2012

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fair sun

Arise fair sun
and kill the envious moon
the very life blood of our enterprise
that has know size
for the present enterprise
set of his head
with a happy storm
before his very eyes
as he rise to pray
and goes to bed to work
for the makers
i will surprise
as the sun rises
arise fair sun

Copyright © Anthony Onyeka | Year Posted 2011

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A Remnant Remains

What Remains
Rick Folker
June, 2017
Kansas City, MO

When the crowd clamors
And the tocsin clangs

When the mighty and powerful
Crush the weak, the vulnerable,
The poverty that chains and shames

When fear fights fiercely
With the menacing gang
Silencing the prophets
With their poisonous slang

When the refugee seeks safety
Those sojourners are met with a
Door slamming
And a deafening bang!

When these omens and portents are
The normal sturm und drang
Of a soul-less people clinging to
Myths of endless positive change

When all of these mindless, pointless, 
Strife-filled days
Divide and dwindle down

To the ashes of the last 
Death pangs

A Remnant Remains
A Remnant Remains

And life and love are reborn and return
Again! and Again! and Again!

Copyright © Rick Folker | Year Posted 2017

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The postures of politicians,
a plausible,polite pretence,
persuasive,parleying portents;
Vain and vacuous,verily
void of verity ,in victory
ever evasive,elusive
and endlessly exhilerant;
So patronisingly perfect
with an ever-ready excuse,
an expert at everything,
except at telling-the-truth !

We have a General Election in the Uk this Spring.

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2010

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Sadam No More { Alliteration}

                                      Bombs bursting bunkers beds
                                       Sadam suddenly soils shorts
                                       Army Airforce Alies Allegence
                                    Condem Country's Crooked Coward

Send Our Troops Home

           Go U.S.A.
              Hu Ra

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2007

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Alliterative Rambling

I often wondered why man-made laws fail.
They are canny compromised concoctions
Agreed to by gregarious, greedy
Souls with agendas. Agents for the rich.
These representatives repeatedly
Parrot party politics to pave the
Way to enactment. Actors on a stage
Playing roles with planned scripts from you know whom.
Feigning their motions with faintest vigor.
Only to con their constituency.
As long as there are have and have-nots
The have-nots will always want, the haves keep.
The rich control the governing body
Middle-class mental midgets elect them.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn | Year Posted 2009

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Apocalypse Almost Arrived

Insidious, insipid, id-inebriated imbeciles
incite impetus into inevitable immolation.

Bombast, bluster and bluff: blunt batons of barbarian bullies;
backwards behaviour blackballs baronial breed's burdens and bonds.

Weasely, willy-waving warmongers wage wanton war of words
without wit, wisdom or worldliness, whilst we weakly watch and wait.

Regrettable, repugnant reprobates ravage refined realms with
reprehensible rapier-rattling and rancid rhetoric.

Clash of corrupt, contemptible cutthroats carves calamity 'cross
continents and culminates in catastrophic conflagration.

Pointless predatory and political power-plays pale as
pirouetting pariahic pyres patently a pyrrhic prize.


(16 syllables on every line, checked with

14 October 2017

Copyright © John Michaels | Year Posted 2017

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Trump's Toppings Topple

Trump's Toppings Topple

trump tries to think tank
that today's tomorrow thrives
thankfully to thee

tending the tree tops
trump trumpets thee's theory
thy timbers topple

to the thereafter
thy tapering tears thunder
trump's think tank twaddle's

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017