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Alliteration Mystery Poems | Alliteration Poems About Mystery

These Alliteration Mystery poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Alliteration Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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sworn to secrecy

This doesn't belong to me
here you can have it back
i held it now for almost seven years
its getting heavy
you can take it anytime
i don't want to hold this anymore
why cant you take it
it doesn't fit
and it doesn't belong
it tears me apart
the struggle goes on
go ahead and cry
i can hold onto that to
just drop it in and go right through
i'm just a stop
a shoulder to need
and you can go on lifting away free
i'm slowly falling
i'm tipping from side to side
i'm not quite stable
but i'm only here for the ride
i'm not going to take charge
i'm not going to sit
and stare out my window of regret
my window is clear
clear as glass
and gets bigger with everyday we pass
its making me sad
tears run down my eyes
 i cant let it go
that's no surprise
i tell you what i tell you
and hear what i hear
but what about everything inside
everything i fear
well wait
i got that to
right beside the picture of me and you
i know this is crazy
and i know i am to
but what about my secrecy
i have to follow through

Copyright © Brittney Rose | Year Posted 2007

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Severed Search

Seven Savvy Sirens
formed a formidable fraternity
of pure-passion purpose
for female fatales.

Murder-minded maids
promised patient pursuit
of tensile tangled truth
while warily watching
crafty crook's coup.

But, busted and bested,
dames drink despair
like lambs laid lame
in trickster's thorny trap.

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2015

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A Who Dunnit - Alliteration

Who Dunnit???

Old Otto Oppenheimer's, (originally of Oxford), obituary...has outsiders obsessed!
Only one off-spring of Otto, officiated.  
Overheard were onlookers offering outspoken and outrageous outlines of odd and ominous occurrences.

On October 1, outside Otto Oppenheimer's optometrist's office,
(now  overgrown by oleanders and one old olive orchard) all outdoors was overwhelmed by 
oppressing, and obnoxious oxygen...(overcoming officers with obvious objectionable and overly organic odors, officers were obliged to observe how oddly the one ornery octogenarian's office  was omitting organisms), ...,yet old owner's optic operation, out of order, still obviously open.  

Old Dr. Oppenheimer occasionally offended oldsters with obscenities and orgies. Oh, Lord !!
Others opened up of opiate opportunities Dr. Oppenheimer offered.

Perhaps our playboy professor proved to be pleasantly proficient in poetry, perplexing police?
Writing world's wistful, wonderful, whimsical words, to willing, wealthy women, while....
 wary, worried women watched him wither away from wantonness…
The old fool's fanciful fluent fables fell freely from false facades,
 ...finally forming furrows in fed-up faces finding fault in facts from full figured floozies, 
and fanning flames of his fabricated financial follies. Faithful faces flushed failing to face being fooled!
Fancy that!!

Officers opened ongoing oratories, often obstructed by obstacles, oozing of oodles of overbearing oddballs, on occasion outwittingly obliged to organize, orchestrate, and outfox the oldsters, who overtook and obliterated old Otto! 
Only to offer opposing opinions who ousted old Otto!  Obituary offers overt opinions.  

Officers offer ongoing orientations of Otto Oppenheimer's ordeal to offset obtuse observations!

For Nathan's Alliteration Contest:

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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The Magic of Garden Glen

Fireflies flicker and flutter beneath the dancing trees exotic breezes whisk and whisper through limbs and leaves The Golden Goddess of Garden Glen breaths evergreen Her elfish essence is magic and Her spirit gleens for it's merely a moment at the wonder She whiles She wiggles and giggles and then She snickers and smiles. She's not really a Goddess nor is She a Princess She's more of a mystical, magical Enchantress She is The Garden's gleaming, glistening Governess a caldron song singer, a spell casting Sorceress She starts with Her essence then stirs Her spirit divine She drips dragon tears, then simmers slow with sweet sunshine. Simple solution of spellbound myth and mystery secretly sublime not found, hidden in history not mountain high, valley low nor places in between is the glowing gleen of The Garden Glen's evergreen it is just East of the sun and Southwest of the moon in a place where clouds and castles float and stars are strewn
entry date 7/26/2015 post date 7/05/2014

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

Details | Alliteration |

Element Wind

She wonders where to go, clueless in her ceramic cage,
with octaves oceanic (there's an oaf in my ocarina)
But Oh! Her delight when her Breather goes soprano
      a whippoorwill trying her      wings      in the sauna sky
laps of leisure in steamy cirrus clouds

(there's a glider on the Puget Sound)

And she knows the stories that abound 
in the sensation of a sonnet

            (though you may shake a speare at the classic verse)

She's licked the pearl pages of such pretty pamphlets.

You could say she's been around ...

Fighting flights of fancy through Fraser fir,
as busy as a bee, like she's got somewhere to be

(an important meeting with the sea?
a journey through Farrah Fawcett follicles?)

And things aren't always what they seem,
keeping close ties with Elohim,
lubricating our lungs with lovely life      (and the pockets of air between the knife)

More hypocritical than Hebraic Hitler.

With tornadoes in tow
and summer waves that flow

(she has secrets to disclose
for elements in the know)

NOTE: Puget Sound is a sound along the northwestern coast of Washington. Elohim is a Hebraic term for God.

Written on March 18th, 2016
For the Element Wind Contest Hosted by Brian Davey

Placed 2nd

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

Details | Alliteration |


Mad moments mesh mind mystery;
Yesterdays yield yonder yeses;
Sight sensuous stash sync sensibly;
Thrust tensile thrill to touch tresses;
Empty emote ends each earthing;
Ready ripe rock rustling rich roast;
Yesterdays yoke yield young yawning.
Mind mulling mock moves motive most;
Aplomb appease asking appliqué;
Seize subtle space singing sweetly;
Troubles trace tease trembling technique;
Endow encase embalm empty;
Rich rides revoke reel remaking;
Yesterdays yoke yonder yielding.

Leon Enriquez
14 June 2014

(Note: This poem is a Sonnet with Alliteration.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Three of Three

‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

Yet… It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 On the Planet, however Polluted or Profane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 Wherever the Delusional -Dimensional Plane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
Or Danger-Plot, Prison-Door or Deepest Pain
Or Present-Defeat, or Darkest-Hours-View
even Thru Dying-Breath, Devout Prayers Proclaim
to Be Delivered- New, True, and Pulled-Thru
to Claim The Prize of Life-Perpetually-Sustained

… For Particularly, By God’s Unpronounceable Power
Thru His Son’s Unparallel- Principal-Purchase… Dower
God’s Dependents and Dreamers Will Prosper-Gain
The Prophecy,  The Promise,  The Paradise-Preordained 
The Perfect-Future  and  The Victory-Parade

… The Distant, Destiny of Eden – Never Been Doused Nor Degrade 

Then… It Won’t Matter…So, Please Dismiss The Paltry-Strain
The Days of The Deformity and Damage-Train
Will Be In The Past … Departed-Detained
Disaster and Disloyal Will Lay In A Destroyed-Plain
Damned For All Of Time –Proliferate-Blamed
A Suppository-Prophylactic-Puddle-Shame
 Patience-Persevering…Demands Punishment - Prediction-Sang… 
… Final-Draft …Stop-The-Presses!... Poll-Loudly-Refrains

When You Really Discern and Pragmatically-Attain
The Divine God and His Son’s King- Domain
Publicize Their Progenitor and Predominant Names
and Preach and Deify Like-Doting-Platoon-Swains,
 with Pedestal-Passion and ‘Plum-Plumb’, Persistence-Ingrained 

For On Position-Comparison, We   ‘All’   Pale-to- A-Feigned …
…Puppets and Peons and Dim-Witted-Parasitic-Great Danes
and Dopamine Defective, Demerol Addicted – Darwin-Poisoned-Sprains
Disoriented-Drivel, Droll-Drooling-Inane
or Just-Plain ol’ Dire-Derelicts-Insane
(and now… I have a P D Q,… for Me and You… Migraine)
Oh… May They Accept This Poor-Placard-Crane

                    Amen… Again… Amen

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Flames roared through the nights sky. 
A glimpse of blue still protruded through the flames. 
The heat warmed the mortals below. 
They believed that this was a great night. 
The sky emulated a beautiful red color. 
The color was extraordinary with remnants of blue. 
They believed that they were all safe. 
They were not nearly as safe. 
They were witnessing Armageddon. 
The war between good and evil. 
For no one is safe until judgment day. 
That is the day when the sky will forever remain blue. 
The birds will sing a tune. 
The flowers will bloom. 
That will be the day. 
The day when we will all be ok.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Date Night

Long lean limber. sultry, slender,
Pretty pout, neat nails, great grin.
Fatal flaw?
Incredibly clumsy, elbow bumpy,
Tripped twice, shiner. Shucks, chagrin.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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Alliteration Mystery

Take the time to set back and travel the minds turntable--
Set the stage of your spirit of your soul ever so simply--
Each ember of life that earns you strength is everything--
Seal the seats of friendship with stars from heavens sky--
Relief will be your reliance; reliance can be your role--
To live life loving with much laughter and spiritual light--
I sound like a pound of purity, with prosperous preparations--
Though that is hardly the fact, the terror of life totally thrives--
Drives me to dare divide my dreams and sacrifices decently--
No, I do not know the key to never failing, or sainthood--
My mystery is mesmerizing mere meter or rhyme or prose--
Writing written words to warm or calm mere mortals like me-- 

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2007

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Abstractly Phenomenal Butterfly Thesis

She was an abstract woman in a clinical world theoretically reasoning her notions were perfectly discerning midst-chaotic sensibilities, whilst her inane whimsicality kept semblances of insanity eye-leveled twixt reconfigurable ideologies' over-share & objectionably designated delicacies of exothermic exposures pseudo-psychic phenomenons, therefrom she found divinities were misaligned with governmental expansions as an alternative to spirituality and hypotheses of butterfly hurricane frolics, 'twas indubitably manifestations of poetically piddled calculating escapism artistes & scoffing con-conspirators

Copyright © Paloma P | Year Posted 2016

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Wayward Wanderer

The wayward wanderer, wonders whilst walking; 
when woken the somnambulist savagely screams solipsist soliloquies!
Shunning salvations sweet succor s
                                                              y seeping,  softly creeping Being  resumes 
and he Wanders... 
 and he Wanders...

Copyright © Avery Murray | Year Posted 2012

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Moving Forward

Lasting memories linger lightly,
Swarming in a sensitive soul;
Weaving waves of wishes,
Taking a terrible toll.

Nasty nightly nervousness,
Results in ranting rhymes;
Harvesting of high hopes,
And savoring sensual signs.

Conspiring cosmic circles,
Whisper winter warnings.
Briefly believing blasphemy,
Fights feelings forming.

Insecurity injects inspiration,
Rotting the ropes of revelation,
Killing the chance of consolation,
Providing the pride in proclamation.

Empty enriched envy.
Loose longing lust.
Love lasts a lifetime.
Try total trust.

Copyright © Blaine Anderson | Year Posted 2008

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The trembling thumb of threatening thunder
Strikes silvery shimmering of silken sludge
And adjoins an arch on alter of an afforest.
It inverts insipid immobility of irrationality.

Copyright © Osman Gani | Year Posted 2011

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Stretching, snaking, sliding into the fog

A bridge makes its way across the divide

Stepping, striding, stamping like a clockwork cog

The man, cloaked in shadows tries hard to hide.


Solitary, standing, soliloquy to the journey started

Hands thrust in pockets head bent towards the wind

Staring, silence, structured defiantly sat

The river starts its life, magnanimously parted

Sarcastically, sassy, singular, the bridge road runs flat

Copyright © Sandra Riley | Year Posted 2017

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A Poem of No Purpose Done for the Sake of Writing

Dry skin caused by frozen winter winds
Caused by over washing
Too much caution given to cleanliness
The rough ridges distinctly defined
Will soon go away with care and time
These epidermal deserts
Are greatly in need of an oasis
Some lotion for lubrication
To make the redness in the deserts turn to tan
And now I wonder, why?
Why am I writing about my hands?

Copyright © Daron Long | Year Posted 2006

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The War With Ourselves

the war in iraq is bad....but the wars with ourselves are the worse

because when you are fighting yourselve...who will win..you don't know

we have wars with ourselves all the time..but the wars with other countrys..

they don't come around that much...i wish the wars with myself were the same....

but you know theres nothing i can do about that...because my inner self is weak...

i fall but i get back up because i tell myself i can not give up ...i have to fight

and not give in to myself...because if you do give in to yourself..how can you be sure

that u can win against anyone else? thats the thing...you can't...

Copyright © Brian Baskin | Year Posted 2006

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Is it love

I feed my hands…yes! With inks,
The ink does what?... Oh! My heart gives words,
Words from…yes! My brain thinks a lot, 
A lot?
Of course, from my lot!

I love to…,
Do I really love to?…
Or I’m forced to…,
Em, I’m pushed to…,
No, compelled to…
I don’t know!
What makes me write?!
All  I see,all  sees
All I hear, even all are “all ears”
How can I see a can and say “yes I can!”
Oh…I can’t stop” I can”
My “can’t” can’t stop my “can”.

I’m disconnected but, still connected
‘Prefer isolation but, I’m still among
‘Love to be away yet, I’m still around
My ink…or me sees a lot,
Thinks a lot,
Reveals my lot!

I wonder if it’s love,
Let’s give it a thought 
I think it’s my lot 
Or is it really love?! 

Copyright © Samuel Fatokun Ph | Year Posted 2011

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House To House

House to house 
A passing, admiring scent

Hold me...we'll pass 
House to house 
You are still apart of me

Hold your horses
Fight the tears
Wipe them away until everything

House to house
Passing by torment
Do you know the hint?

When time runs out
I wait till some sun
Peaks in this forbidden forest
Tormented by breaking summers

Drenched...on no one's side
Just stay near...beside...abide
We'll stay house to house

Excited by curiosity 
There will be a house for us
At last

A key to joy 
Let us go...explore this terrain 

We'll have a roof
To push aside the rain
To clear our years away

We are definitely here to stay 

House to house
Torment to joy
We are invited
To stay here forever 

At last

Without no guilt
There is no way
That I'm moving
No more

This desire
Ruins me to the core

I'm sure
At last
With my lady friend
And began to tend 
Our wanted life
House to house 
Dealing with passing 
To and fro by searching
House to house 

At last!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2011

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Two

and Par-Policy:  Dump Rotted Produce…
and Pitch-Pit-Grain- Pro-Ruse

It Was Due To Prior-Parent’s Vain-Disobey, 
so They Diminished, That-Dare-Day…
The Delectable…
 and Passed Up The Palatable –
 Main… Held-Accountable
Course (so  not  hard !) 
But They Failed to Avoid: 
 The Ditch, The Decline, The Devoid
They Deformed; Distorted… 
and Perished, at Path of Disdain- Deported!
Prithee, Who Wants to See… A Dashed-to-Pieces Pottery?
Not even-Periphery-me!... It’s No Longer Picture-Pretty 
Despite Protocol-Deficiency… ‘til I get a Decent Setting Plate
On Broken Dresden- my Pheasant-Dinner Won’t be Ate

And Now… Disorder of The Day… 
is Devious, and Double-Dismay
…  Disgrace, Depression… 
and A Putrid-Depraved-Puke-Stain-Progression
 Plunged into Disease and Death; 
Some Plummet and Pose-Deranged-Stealth
Percolating Panic… 
and Picking Up Pride-Plagues- Still-Pandemic
from-Cain’s Prozac-Paddock … Pathetic !

Though, All Are Not Dissidents-Decayed… 
Deteriorated …  or Dastardly-Dross-Sprayed
 Applaud- When Prodigal-Lost is Found, 
and Those ‘Punching-Back-At-Pangs-Bane’ Pound!
By Adhering to The Dedicated-Drive, 
of The Deft-Guardian-Defender’s Eyes
Who Points Where Our Polished-Pebbles’ Sling, 
Put-Practice-Ping-Ping-Aim (ing)
Dove(ing) Over to Dangle The Desist… 
or Meet Thy Downfall Pretenders-Risk…

For We Pummel Problems… 
and Dent and Pelt Puzzle-Plight-Chains (Pop ‘em!) 
Definitive Deeds, Decorous… 
Meant to Disable Dynamite Pipes-Porous 
To Prevent Our Pulverized-Maim 
and Proffer:  A Predicament-Slain

Our Pilgrimages In Pursuit of Paragon-Virtue… 
Must Make Distribution or Divesture:
the Property… of Pomposity
Pageantry… Profits and Desperate-Popularity
and don – Parsimony, and  Penury, 
Pariah, Pest-Control and Peculiarity
yet Pleasurably, we have heirloom-Pendants and Pence-a-Few …
and Pearl-Gates and Doubloons and Dew Drops Too
‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Dreaming In Alliteration

Slowly she spirals through the solitude of signals, 
That are visible to no one else.

Watching, and wearing her last coat of arms, she waits
For the wasted ways of youth to fail her. 
Wasting precious moments preparing possibilities of a potent
past called to a loss. This was it.

Future fires false hope towards the sky, and she gazes, grey.
Fighting for freedom that was not hers, but her hearts.  

If the stars could fall, then so should she.

Copyright © Joanna Jones | Year Posted 2010

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If nobody saw me 
I could be brave enough
If everybody just cared enough
Maybe we would all be strong enough.
We would be strong enough to say what we really have to say
That maybe the words can push to make it past your teeth 
Just enough to speak up
Just so they could hear our story
We have been silenced 
We have been living in fear
Our heads full of noise 

Whoever asked our opinion??
If u did!!!!
We spoke out of fear.

In favour of those who sit among us just waiting for a miss step
So they can carry our heads around on a platter and so that they can rip our souls our for a spilt second.
Just so we know we are not uncontrolle of our own emotions of our own thoughts
Remind us that we have sold our souls to the 

I sit on the bathroom floor I spent one hour trying to get my eyes wet
I just wanted one tear

One tear so I can know know I am still alive or am I just drayed up inside 

Copyright © Weydene Winster | Year Posted 2016

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Alliteration Allies

Dramatically daring disarmingly dapper
So soflty serene so subtly sublime
Enigmaticly entrancing enthusiastically enjoyable
Vividly vibrant vicariously viewing
Caringly caressing charismatically cosmic
Admittedly alluring amid amicable azure
Unforgettably unabashedly undemanding
Irrisistably Ignitingly Insync

Copyright © FATHIMA DAWOOD | Year Posted 2008

Details | Alliteration |


Blazing across telephone lines
barreling in brazen fury
determined to defy time

Copyright © Jesse Jones | Year Posted 2007