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Age Prayer Poems | Age Poems About Prayer

These Age Prayer poems are examples of Age poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Age Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Rhyme |

A Prayer for the Elderly

I prayed today for the elderly
They long to hear for you to say
Words of love and words of praise
With acts of kindness they once gave.

And if you’re going by their way
They’d like for you to stop and pay
A visit where you both can play
Disregard what you may.

Before their heads they shall lay
At night before the sun and it’s ray
When they bow their heads as they pray
Praying you and everyone will be okay.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Copyright © Brenda Rose | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |


Bob had been a lonely man ever since
His wife of fifty years had passed.
“Lord, let me join her.” he would pray.
“Let this day be my last.”

Each day, he went to the cemetery,
Just a short walk down the street.
After their talk, he would water her flowers
And hear passers-by whisper, “How sweet.”

One gray and misty morning,
He had hoped for sunnier skies
To plant fall bloomers at her graveside;
But there, to his surprise…

Stood an old dog beside her stone;
Thin and dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as Bob approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as Bob planted flowers,
Carefully sniffing each one Bob put in place.
After the last one was planted, he sniffed it;
Then turned and licked Bob’s face.

Bob smiled. “I had a dog when I was young…
Pal…he was a mighty good one too.
So, if you don’t mind old fella,
That’s what I’ll call you.”

Pal may have been an old dog,
But he was smart and handsome in his way;
So they made a deal, Bob would give him a meal
And a bath, if he decided to stay.

Pal loved his bath, then rolled in the grass.
He slept on a blanket in the den.
In the night, he dragged it next to Bob’s bed. 
He intended to be Bob’s best friend.

Pal was such a good dog, housebroken too;
Never made a mess or got in trouble.
He knew about newspapers, slippers and Frisbees;
And when Bob called, he‘d come on the double.

Yes, Pal gave Bob’s life new purpose.
A special bond of friendship was cast.
And never again did Bob pray, 
“Lord, let this day be my last.”

For twelve years, the very best of friends,
Together night and day;
And so it was, until one evening,
Pal quietly passed away.

Bob held Pal in his arms and wept.
“Oh, Pal…my best friend…you saved my life.” 
He caressed Pal as he reminisced;
Then, sometime in the night, Bob joined his wife.

The next morning, an old woman,
Tears welling in her sad and lonely eyes,
Brought fresh flowers to her husband’s grave;
But there, to her surprise….

Stood an old dog beside the stone, 
Thin an dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as she approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as she took old flowers
And put fresh ones in their place. 
He carefully sniffed the fresh ones,
Then, turned and licked her face.

She smiled through her tears.  
“I had a dog when I was young...
A good one too.  His name was Pal.”

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

Who's Afraid of the Dark

Oh mother, dear mother, come make my bed,
for the sun grows tired and has lost its shine;
come bless the place where I will lay my head,
surround it with angels, all that’s divine.
Oh mother, dear mother, come bar the door,
count the slow clock's chime as shadows descend.
Eve's breeze is now listless, birds sings no more,
all the land lays in silence , till night ends.
Oh mother, dear mother, sing me to sleep,
drown the foul voice of fears infestation;
let us join strength, to one another keep,
safe here in your care, and consolation.

Dear father, please protect us through the night,
save us from all harm, till dawn brings us light

Copyright © T.Nicole Williams | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Dear God

I wish I could write you a love song
Fill with heart felt words
I wish I could say that I love you and meant every word
But as you know I am just a man
And even now as I have grown
I still cannot understand the meaning of those three letter words.

I spent my life searching
I spent my days hoping
Even now as I have aged and have a family of my own
I still do not understand the meaning of those three letter words

They say, that they love you
They say, that they care
But their words are cheap and weigh no value.

My heart is still broken
My bones are weak
My nights are restless
And my soul is asleep.

I feel so hopeless
Defeated and crush
These burdens I carry
Have me buried in a dump.

I try to call out
I try to shout
But these words I speak
No one can hear me.

God take my hand
Lift my pain
Save me from this cane
I am afraid its about to leave a big old stain.

Lord I am in so much pain
These scares bring nothing but shame
Jesus please let it rain
Save me, I think I am about to go completely in sane.

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

Morning Prayer

Yippee Ki Yo
Ki Yay 
Thank God     Another Day

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

What did I do to deserve this

What I do to deserve this heartbreak,
this horrid and unnatural pain,
this cleche of events that strike me simultaneously
as the time ticks away,
and as the grinning faces pierce a whole through my soul
and my heart turns pale and slowly beats.
My heart is torn in two,
and I cannot find the doctors to stich me up.
I ask an old man,
how does love go about,
he smaked me in the face and went on.
The pain and the sorrow,
it is too much to feel,
too much to gain in one serving,
When I eat, I taste posion, not passion,
familiar faces turn grey, with ruby eyes and sharp fangs
they hiss at me, like a cat to a mouse.
I don't understand why I deserve this.
I am a good man,
who loves with open arms and a big heart.
With every hug I give,
I recieve a knife of betrayal in my back,
I feel the blood ooze from my open wounds,
suicidal tendencies roll through my mine,
but I quickly throw them out,
because Mama didn't raise no coward.
I see the blow, I clench my fists
and swing away,
God cries wanting to stop this madness,
Death laughs and soon joins in,
people join in and punch away.
I lay there on the concret blood everywhere,
my heart torn out of my chest,
each with a thousand knives stabbed in it,
as it slowly beats,
I lay their on the pavement,
looking up to the heavenly skies,
and as it starts to rain droplets of hope
I ask myself,
What did I do to deserve this?
Then, I shall close my eyes
and rest for awhile.


Inspired by all the betrayal and heartbreak I've faced, by so many cowards who didn't want to recieve my love. People I had thought who were my friends, came with invitations of humiliation and hate, and now I see who my real friends are; this pen and paper... Have a good day.
P.S. No one should ever be shown this much betrayal and heartbreak. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. Have a good day!

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

just breathing

        When life takes hold of you no mercy given  
        Foreclosures popular , the new age to walk ..driven
        When your nerves are shattered 
        The home you live in seems scattered 

           Just breathe ~

       children don't understand why you can't give money on the daily 
       life feels cold and The bills are unbearable to open it seems
       When there is not enough food in the pantry for all
       you feel you are losing as you begin to fall , loose sight of dreams 

            Just breathe ~

     All these things are a test , every breath that counts.
     It's the faith,  and will to live , as anxiety mounts
     In your darkest hour just call on his power  
     with the help of God above , you will surmount.
           just breathe ~ just keep breathing

      "  Just another day in paradise Contest "

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

Details | ABC |

Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

Details | Monorhyme |

A Mothers Prayer, Forever Young

I love you I love you, I could never say it enough.

I love you I love you, may you never grow old because additional years make times tough.

I love you I love you, may you never stop smiling, because as long as you smile, you will provide light even to the darkest days.

I love you I love you, my arms are always open and prayers wrapped around you no matter the day. 

I love you I love you, I wish that forever you could stay this age.

This way I would never have to put these memories in the past or turn times unforgivable page.

And tell you I miss you I miss you, when will I see you again?  

P.S. I love you, can forever young be the end? 

Copyright © Post Script | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

When He Breaks You

When He breaks you

It is to re-make you.


If given the choice

To give destiny your voice

You would undoubtedly have picked this state

Such is the irony of fate


He breaks you now

So you later see the how -

How the pieces of your journey come to be

A slow but eventual solving of this mystery


He makes you work work work – then fail

So that you realize your means are of no avail

Without His will -

But feel His mercy fill -

Even through the aches still


He punctures your bubble of hope

To teach you the meaning of struggling to cope

To avoid you saying ‘this was all from me’

Which you might say if it always did come so easy


He lets you fall

So that when you stand

It’s straight and tall

Your past sorrows

Not letting you drown

Without your ego

Weighing you down


Even while the road appears smooth

He lets you trip and trip again

So that you might stumble upon hidden treasures

From the dirt, which you may otherwise not gain


In essence,

He knows Best

The perfect Teacher

Who puts the perfect test



He breaks you

To re-make you…


Copyright © Aya Salah | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

Peaceful Contentment of the Mind

That we could dance upon the dew dry grass  
beneath a bluish sky with little cloud, 
we listen to the music grand as  brass
as clapping  cheered us from the  evening crowd.
How quickly we fatigue, age takes its toll,
Returning to a shady place to rest,  
we have to pay for pleasures which we stole,  
a glass of cold beer will gladden us best .

Red sunset form on the far ocean wide,  
silently we trudge to an  austere   shrine. 
We approach silently our heads held high,  
enjoying fragrances of the great pines. 

Our lives we must mend with much endeavor
pray to the Lord for mercy forever.

7 August 2016

Placed 2
Contest Judged:  8/25/2016
Contest:  Sonnet

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

An Old Mans Bedtime Prayer

An Old Man’s Bedtime Prayer

Lord: Now I lay me down to rest.
To get away from this days test.
To rest my head on pillows fluff.
To clear my head of all the stuff.

That comes your way as you get old.
It’s part of life that’s seldom told. 
I hope to get some 10 hrs. sleep.
I’ll probly end up counting sheep.

As I look back across my days.
I know I’ve sinned in many ways.
I’m real sorry.     I’ve told you that.
To say again just sounds “old hat”.

But now I plead for this short break.
To get some rest for bodies sake.
If you “Oh LORD” my wish would grant.
And do for me something I can’t.

For I’ve no strength, my life to take.
Just let me die before I wake.
For my old joints have turned to rust.
I’d just as soon they’re back to dust.

Lord: If I’d wake and look about.
I’d “Hoot & Holler” and give a shout.
If I would find that was my fate.
To there be standing, inside “The Gate”

To know at last I’d passed the test.
I don’t need seats among the best.
It’s enough to not be missed.
My name was on His special list.

But you know best, I’m sure of that.
So if I wake, I’ll just hang pat.
I’ll dream of red, rare, steaks so fat
To ponder where the “Good Times” at.

I’ll shuffle through another day.
And burn more bills we strain pay.
To keep us warm in this cold pit.
And by the window now to sit.

As I think back to ‘yester’ years.
With all the joy, few sprinkled tears.
I never dreamed, these “Golden Years”
Would be so filled with pain and fears.

I never thought I’d leave alone.
My wife & I would share our home.
But when I’m gone, alone she’ll bow.
She’ll need get by . . .I don’t know how.

With this I’ll close my nightly plea.
I’d be forever in debt to thee.
If you would oft stop by this way.
To comfort wife here every day.

Written to honor all the elderly that 
Struggle with their health, their obligations, 
their present & their future. 

Copyright © Old buck | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Heartache On 4th Street

  How can I live my life
  Always standing in front of a knife
  So I'll get on the night train
  And I'll go to Spain
  I'll leave this kingdom, this life, and this shame
  So there won't be any more pain
  And so there won't be any one to blame.

Copyright © Blake Holland | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |



Just a reminder before I start…
This comes with Love from your Mother’s heart

It was Saturday September 1987
When my prayer specifications arrived from Heaven-
You see, long before I was your age I asked God to Bless me one day with a son
And that was how the thought of you had first begun
So, Twenty -one years ago to this day
You arrived…perfect and handsome in every way-

As baby and toddler you were way ahead of your peers
Showing wisdom and intellect beyond your years
Added to that a head of hair to astound
Made you without doubt, the best looking kid around
At 6 months old you said your first word-
Wait for it…”Ninja Turtle” is what we all heard-
This was hardly surprising in retrospect though 
As your love of sword’s and sword -fighting started to show
You started to question us on everything in sight
No doubt in our minds, you were exceptionally bright

When your sister arrived you were almost three
Chat to Keelyn, and you will find she’ll agree…
That having a sister was no issue at all-
In fact you were her protector and mentor from the day she was born-
The love that the two of you share,
Is unique, very special, and extremely rare
As young adults you still nurture this bond with each other-
You make great siblings as sister and brother

I could write pages, so many things to relay
But here is the important stuff I need to say…
You care about your Faith, Family and Friends...
 And still-- the heights of your Academic achievements know no end
From the day you could speak the sentence we heard most of all-
“When I grow up a Dr. will be my vocation and call”

Four years into your Medical degree
We realize how seriously you took that first plea
You learnt to discern from an early age between right and wrong
I am pleased to acknowledge in God’s Kingdom you firmly belong

I love you so much…a love that has no measure
To have you as a son - a gift from God I will always Treasure-
So as you celebrate this milestone age of Twenty-one
It goes without saying- you make us so proud to have you as a son

(Footnote: My son is now 25—a qualified Doctor, and firm in His Faith)

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


don’t throw me out 
into the garbage
people must keep fighting in this world
and I still have meat on my bones
and a few living cells in my head
and I am not yet fully dead
I still have some fight

I have too little time now
now to pray
during the day
or at night too
too little time 
at night now
now to pray or to fight
I must rest

when the time comes 
and I am fully spent
I will pray then
then that the time is not
not now to late 
to change my faith
and get there where
I will finally rest 

rest in peace 
for all time then
then there then when 
I am fully dead

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |


She dreams of a throne
where she is not alone 

Dreams of stars 
That aren't to far 

Wishes for peace 
where pain is least 

Hopes for grace 
where she can see his face 

And still know her fame 
hasn't changed 
her name

Copyright © Tobi Osunkoya | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Prayer To The God Of Winter

Prayer To The God Of Winter

Ye foolish God of Winter,
 How dare you paint this land in white
 Tis' enough the wind and brutal cold
 The cold raging in, seeping in at night
 Pains that rake deep this body old!

Why think thee the beauty overrides,
 Are not the aches we cry often about
 Witness to your malicious white attack
 Shall we gather here to scream out
 Or silently moan behind your back?

Cease now, with this cold fluffy stuff,
 Think thee , all so dearly love snow
 While you send this floating rain
 We dare to curse, so you will know 
 And perhaps, not send the white again!

Pray Ye, merciful God of Winter,
 A reprieve from bitter slicing cold
 A time to warm old bodies and bones
 Here us, honor this plea, don't scold
 We that beseech thee in desperate tones!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-08-2015

Note- Fall is here, winter is just around
 the corner. I love the beauty and majesty 
of snow but the cold often can be brutal.
This poem is about that brutality when 
it is extreme and so harms so many.
Thus the great beauty does not compensate.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Homeless food

                                              In a cipher of poverty
                                        These rich words postpone hunger
                                   Feed a famine
                               While a sole dies
                           I examine its corpse lying there
                     While I am elevated with the glue that killed it
                History made my days ugly
            Touched my pen to wrestle anger
     This bread I inhale repairs my lungs as I get glued on with a smile that makes me meet my maker in person
  Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth
    Legalize the glue so I can sniff the truth

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |


Hello Dear Jesus,

It's been a long, long time.

I hope that you still know me,

I've been hiding quite awhile.

I know that you know all things

Still, I think I should explain,

The reason I've been hiding

Is because of all the shame.

I know that I don't look so great

For meeting up with you

But I hope you understand

I've been alone since I was eight.

You probably see the dirt marks

And smudges on my face

But it seems no matter how I try

Some things can't be erased.

They say that eyes are windows

That peer into the soul.

I'm afraid that if you look there,

You'll find it dark and cold.

I'm not sure why it is, Lord,

But you won't see any tears.

I guess they've just been locked up

Inside me all these years.

I know that limp and lifeless

Is my unruly hair.

I guess that's just what happens

When no one really cares.

And if you ask a question

I won't have much to say.

I've found that no one really wants

To hear me anyway.

And if you care to listen,

Sit quiet and you'll hear

How hard my heart is pounding.

That's because of all the fear.

You'll notice that I wrap my arms

Around me all the time.

I do that for protection

Of the things that should be mine.

See, not so very long ago,

Without an ounce of care,

Someone took away from me

Things I never meant to share.

And if you find I tremble

When you come close to me,

It's because of all the dreadful things

That someone did to me.

Jesus I'm so sorry

If these things have saddened you.

But when I cried out to you

You never told me what to do.

I know that in my mother's womb

You created me

And I can't help but wonder

Is this what I was meant be?

They say that you are everywhere,

With each and every one,

But it seems that on those dark nights

You left me all alone.

They tell me that you love me

And I suppose it's true,

But Jesus, please remember

That he said he loved me too.

Copyright © alainey craig | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

A Prayer

I know that I am getting old,
sometimes my speech is very bold.
I do not have a fear, as in youth
of what others will say, this is the truth!

I often speak too quickly-
as if I have lost my mind.
Oh Lord, please help me
to remember, to be kind.

Help me to remember 
to think before I speak.
Then your forgiveness,
I won’t so often have to seek.

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

Details | Imagism |



Now can we make love on the ground?

The infomercial is talking about sex and medicine.
If I can’t get it up		         I don’t want it. 
I’m born to be bad.     I was once born to be good.  

Now I win an award.       Later   I won’t be in the running.
Keep up	                 I AM	  going to move fast.

Drowning is a super power. Nice people stay alive.
I’m prepared to be interested in a stranger. 

I think about time travel because I sense	the future.
My daydreams 	            Lost in my head to avoid
growing up with family on a boat.        My imagination
strong				 It saved me. 

Everybody on board drowned because they didn’t create a life vest. 

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Prayer for a life unmade

Too busy wrestling 
with our own demons
to bring an innocent soul into
the hell of mourning
an innocence lost,
I now grieve
for the loss of a life
never conceived

Dear one, I ask
you to forgive 
those obsessions
that ruled the hearts 
and minds of two,
blocking your
journey from this world 
to the stars

Dear one, I ask
you to dream for me
those dreams yet undreamt
and hope the hopes never hoped,
for those dreams and hopes
still live,
tucked away in a corner
of this old heart

Dear one, I ask 
you to feel the love that awaited you
and the pride that even now
burns brightly as a candle
in these eyes,
softly inching towards
its liquid demise 

Dear one, I ask
you to take this hand
and hold it, just once
and cry those tears 
never cried
for these tears 
of mine I fear 
are never to be dried

Copyright © David Brown | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Prayer In Old Age

Growing old is a thing looked forward to by all, 
To many it is the ultimate ball.
To others, however, please stop and hear, 
It is a time that is not all that dear. 

When children are small and living at home,
You dread the day when they will far away roam.
As they grow older you begin to forget, 
That they very soon will adulthood hit. 

As infants and young children they won your heart,
As they mature it sure does smart.
To see them make choices that are wrong as can be,
Yet, it is something that they for themselves must see.

Through the many heartaches and trials we go through,
There are a few things that we, as parents, must do.
Try and guide them with wisdom and love,
And pray that they finally will maturity prove.

To try and “make” them choose wisely, as before,
Is like walking into a tightly closed door.
As their rebellion continues to be displayed,
Never forget how often for them you prayed. 

Lord, open their eyes and speak to their heart, 
Cause them to again take a new start.
Help them to cease their selfish ways
And from this day forward enjoy selfless days. 

Copyright © DrJim Martin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

Snow Haired Prayer

Snow Haired Prayer

Hide me from winter’s bitter cold
And winds that seep through the cracks of soul.
Save me from the sour eyes that criticize,
That ruffle tranquil white patterned seas.
May I hear the crooners’ songs of yesterday,
On restful ears remembering
The boys sweet, and
The girls sweet,
Then I’ll smile under my snow.

Copyright © Sunlite Wanter | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |

Classroom Prayer


Bless this little classroom of ours,
In it we learn that nothing is magic
Those who succeed plan and fail and,
Plan again, and again and succeed.
In it we learn that no handicap is
Beyond overcoming when one' 
Desires strongly enough to achieve a goal.

Bless this little classroom of ours,
Let whosoever that steps in it
Shall step into wisdom, knowledge,
Understanding and honesty.
In this little classroom of ours
We learn that no amount of riches
Can atone for the riches of character.
And no one can achieve extra-ordinary success
Without recruiting outside resources.

Bless every chair we sit upon
And let the chalk be whiter than the snow,
Because we see the future through the eyes of the chalk.
Our lives begin to eand the day we become 
silent about what matters to us.

Bless the chalk board and help
It black heart becomes darker and better,
For through it we learn that everyone has a
Story to tell but, they only differ in content.
Through it we learn that for every promise,
There is a prize to pay to bring it to pass.

Bless the children who comes to the class always,
Through our eyes and gentle spirit we understand
That faith is to believe what we do not see and,
Faith is the to see what we believe and faith without work, won't work.
In this four corner, we learn that free things are many
Times not precious, anything that is of value has a 
Prize one need to pay.

Bless the hand that write every day on the board,
Bless the mouth that explain always,
Bless the legs that walk around in the class always.
Bless our teacher whose strength is your glory
From him we learn that God makes no mistake
In creating us in his image.

Bless our eyes, mouth and ears every day of our lives
In all let us have the course to laugh whilst others cry.
Bless us all.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |


There was a time when I believed much stronger
 than I do now.

A time when all the problems
 that faced me and my world
 could easily be solved.

A yesterday when a small child crept upon its knees
 and prayed with humble sincerity that could withdraw the wrath
 of the angriest of men let alone the gentle love of a fathering God.

That was the past
 when the child had no doubts
 and believing was a simple act.

As the child grows that time tends to end
 and like lost yesterdays
 a child grows away from simplicity.

Todays are born too suddenly
 and a young adult grows distantly away
 from hymns and prayers we used to know.

These nows are always with us
 as childish visions are put aside
 and gods are laid to rest with forgotten prayers and holy medals.

Today, we've grown older, wiser and mature
 to be free and independent
 capable of solving our own unaided needs.

Tomorrow though, now there's another time to be
 when an aging person's thoughts are left to ponder
 more serious and more important dreams.

That will be a new unchartered time
 perhaps to search and believe again
 much stronger than ever before.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2015

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Aged to Perfection

Now I lay me down to sleep in the arms of a woman who lets me keep the legend of me, in my mind. My old woman is terribly kind. Now I lay me down to sleep in the arms of a man who lets me keep my girlish reflection — his eyes a mirror. My old man could not be dearer.

Copyright © lim'rik flats | Year Posted 2017

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New-Age Prayer

How many prayers for world peace does it take;
millions a day and still no sign.
Come on brother,
got to smother
all of this hate that's in the air.
Turn off the T.V. and get down from your lazy chair.
Millions a day and still no sign.

Copyright © Chris Patton | Year Posted 2006

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Let Me Live

What would I do if I didn't get to see your gray hair anymore?
Your old age magnifies me it sends a needle through my door. 

When I was young, I didn't think people could ever grow old it makes you see 
how your mind leaves you lost without wrongs.
Digging through the ground I see bones, stretched out bodies, and I say a prayer 
to Heaven let their souls be eternal.

I lost the destroyed dream.
Why must we wake?
Why do we fall?
We all suffer and death takes us all.
Death is like a fake doll
looking for pain.

I looked in the mirror and saw
time in a glass frame.
I am drifting away 
and those gray hairs are fading fast.
All of Dad's lost days and his new bitter years to come.
Half of a glass to go and his age will leave me alone.

So I asked God tonight let me sleep again don't take my life.
I like seeing the sunset
and morning.
I am sure things are pretty up there but I have loved ones to soothe me here.

I want to live!
Free as a bird.
Pretty as the world.
Flying through this place we call earth from the first day of my birth.

New wings for me, torn.
Not another lost wing gone.
All around me aged thorns.
Years ahead and I love this life
let me live please.

Copyright © Misty Lackey | Year Posted 2006