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R eally is número uno

O riginal R9

N othing less than the best

A thletic, skillful with speed, Haile Supreme

L egend of all legends

D one it all won it all

O fenomeno


©Copyright August 18, 2014 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved



"Tribute to the best player the world have seen"

Copyright © Brian Pierre-Alexander | Year Posted 2014

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B eneath the cloudline shines one star that greets
R adiant flames with a murmured drawl,
E ager to shimmer on, yet dusk time fleets
A s winds peal their ballad to enthrall…
T ill glints the orchid like a jewel
H eavenly in the amber of light,
T eetering near the edge for a hued flight
A nd pearl its brightness reaching star’s cell …
K iln of glitter spreads on a marquee, where
I ridescence leaps its twinkling climb…
N ever a sight this breathless , this rare
G lorious oh nova and bloom… sublime!

Contest: John Hamilton's Breathtaking 
~ Acrostic in Rhyme Form

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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Jimi Hendrix..Rock Star and Legend

J	imi, a talented guitarist
I	n the world of Rock
M	ade young girls cry 
I	n his world, how he shined!

H	ard wired to play
E	arly love for guitars
N	ever found Nirvana 
D	ying each day, endless pain
R	iding strings of his music	
I	n his mind, demons taunted	
X	iting  too soon, young legend!

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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Silent Night

Salvation was born that long ago night,
In Bethlehem's lowly town.
Little did the townsfolk know,
Emmanuel had come down.
Night time sky began to glow,
Twas a star brighter than the rest.

Never before had so bright a star been seen,
Inciting omens to be guessed.
Good tidings were shared with the terrified shepherds.
Heavenly messengers sang with joy.
The shepherds did as the angels said,
   and worshipped Mary's baby boy.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2012

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S ee it winking
T winkling, dazzling
A ura filling the sky
R ays and beams shining
L ighting all the heavens
I nferno of gases and flames
G iving birth to new life
H eating us with your silvery light
T ouching our hearts with your mysteries

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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Secrets of love within your heart
Truly shown in your eyes every time you smile
And the moment you give me a kiss
Rolling thunder to my heart exists!

Win or defeated, conquered or triumphed
Always faithful, allegiance is sure
Rely on me, whenever you fell and wounded
So many nights I pray that you come back 
   to continue the love we left behind...

Copyright © Jun Tumalad | Year Posted 2012

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Halloween Costume Ball

Hairy eyeballs hanging from a wizard’s crown.
Arachnids sprawled on his black sparkling gown.
Ludicrous marks scar his face beneath a frown.
Luscious blood dripping very slowly down.
Opulent jewelry shaped like bones.
Worn around his neck amid creepy groans.
Ecstatic bats wait around for deadly moans.
Eerily suspended from their master’s belt.
Nonchalantly walking, his evil presence is felt.
Coming down the stairs was a star bejeweled queen.
Overcome; such beauty he had never before seen. 
Stunned into submission by her piercing eyes.
Trapped by love’s intrusion and compassion’s cries.
Unveiling beauty, cajoling pleasant sighs.
Miraculously transformed his evil heart; love flows.
Enticed by the moment, together, attraction grows.

Bedazzled by the grandeur of the Halloween Ball
Altruism curiously sealed love that fall.
Laughter filled the man with the eyeballs on his crown.
Loved by the queen in her star bejeweled gown.

© October 15, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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                      Parents kissing and enveloping children in their warmth
                      Always enthused with their crazy ideas abundant
                      Roaring laughter resounding in the cloudy zenith
                      Applause at every singular innocent achievement
                      Discourses and tales on virtues of selfless activities
                      Imbibing values with every smiling action of doyens
                      Singing in a medley of exuberant symphonies 
                      Ecstatically playing with angels in the star decked gardens

                                            December 24, 2015
                                            Contest: Paradise Acrostic
                                            Sponsor: John Hamilton

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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Dust and Gold

Ashes, a commanding presence of ashes
The sparkling blade edges of a once upon star
The surrendering will of a fighting soul
The unspoken word, in the mingling of mockery
The forgiving memory of an ecstasy
Some things just got to give
Before the tablets of gold are unseen
There is a heaven underneath
Elegance so deep and intense
Like the captivating black shimmers
Of a frame gripping stallion
Maybe the eyes of doves are farfetched
Maybe the sun stricken sky is too high
Or just maybe the stars will never shoot
After all, our courses must vary
Or else there will be no queens
No audience to watch the proud peacocks
We all stand in our story line
Hope clustered worn souls
Searching for our silver lining
In the awakening moonlights gaze
Eagerly waiting for our plate of silver
Yet even when the last plate is served
We need not shed a thousand tears
Because soon the diamonds will bow
And we will unwind the willing hearts
That they may fly above the seas
Of this earth’s invention
Cut through the notorious waters
With deep piercing innocent eyes
Can you see what I see?
The reflection is clear and crystal
Heaven is just

Copyright © subilaga blessings mulaga jana | Year Posted 2016

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Star Signs

Adamant yet
Quixotic always
Unnerved by
Allusions made
Reassured with
Insights found
Under these
Sapphire eyes.

Copyright © Nikhita S | Year Posted 2009

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Swim With Me Tonight

Slip into the pool of season
Lose yourself in indecision
I'll shake your hand for this very reason
Purity sparks ignite...

For as much as you dissolve me
Abalone shine to guide me
Love the wind through your words tonight
Love the fall and gauge...

Swim like mad through the raging waters
Wishes liquid spiral daughter
I tread soft in the silky shallows
Moon shine - we're all star dust...

Choose my moment,  lose my spirit
Reasoning you'll tread to hear it
Every gulp of salty water
Amounts to my own birth
Tip of your tongue lights the night's blue eye
Each of your words a heaving star bite

Match me in stride and we'll swim 'till sunlight
Enter the current and ride...

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2005

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Marbles in the Sky

Magnificent forms in a world that once was black
Are bright shining orbs. There's nothing they lack
Revealing to me that life holds abundant treasure
Beyond comprehension, outdistancing all measure
Lending me chiseled vision, as through a cat's eye
Exquisite beauty is found in the clearest night sky
Stars are wondrous gifts; a fact no one can belie

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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Like A Star In The Sky

L-ike a star in the sky
Y-ou're shining in the night; 
N-everending gleam makes space a dancing light.

H-igh above the clouds, 
O-ver the midnight moon; 
L-ike a star in the sky, 
L-ooking so gregariously boon.
O-ne of the brightest stars, you rise above the crowd; 
N-ewest twinkle in your eyes makes the whole world proud.

V-iew in the whole of you
I-s truly so amusing; 
L-ike a star in the sky, 
L-ighting up the surrounding.
A-s sun is brightly rising, 
F-eeling happy in the day; 
L-ike a star in the sky
O-n the third night of May.
R-adiance and reflection
E-xpress not the cry nor sigh; 
S-parkling glint in sight, like a star in the sky.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Every time you walk by  I watch you so deeply but you never notice me.I know 
think of me as just a friend but time you not with me  I feel alone.
Now that your here with me im alright I hate to be with out someone I care about.
It's hard for me to try make you understand me.I have stars in my eyes every time 
you walk by im happy.You could care less  its like  im love for you is
so  unstopable.I tryed so  hard to hate you but I can' eyes light up every time I 
see you I am never alone when your near.

Copyright © ashton anderson | Year Posted 2006

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The Star

The time came
Entered an agreement

All the way to Bethlehem
Redemeer was born

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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Little Star

Like a firefly tangled in a web,
In the dark sky a star fidgets,
Twinkling ever so vibrantly,
Touching a soul that watches beneath,
Luring it to states of serenity
Eternally beautiful and full of wonder;
Shine forth little star,
Twinkle gracefully every night,
At a distance the soul watches,
Refrain from veiling your light.

- written on November 6th, 2016.

Copyright © Kasonde Besa | Year Posted 2016

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Like A Twinkling Star

H-azy and misty shadows
O-f the night fade into the blue; 
N-ew dawn has just broken,
E-ighth August is the birth of

C-rimson rays of the sun
A-re shining from the sky; 
R-eflection has shown up
A-fter the dark passes by.
N-ice, sweet and stunner,
A-s you really are; 
Y-our beauty and attraction are like a twinkling star.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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Just Watch The Shining Star

J-ust watch the shining star, 
E-vening light makes a ray; 
S-ee the moon in the middle, 
S-hadows and dark fade

M-idnight glint and twinkle
A-re sparkling from above; 
E-ven angry lions below share their space and love.

A-llow your eyes to view, 
B-eautiful gleams in the sky; 
I-n fifteenth morn of July, 
T-wilight shall say goodbye.
U-nder the wide black lanes, 
N-ight gazing is how you are; 
A-lthough others are asleep, just watch the shining star.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Shining Star In The Sky

A-bove there's a shining star, 
R-adiance sparkles so bright; 
N-ight turns into new day, 
E-vening shadows into

V-ile weather turns fine
E-very twelfth day of May; 
R-ain has just disappeared, 
C-old chill drifts into gray.
E-arly morn has broken, 
L-anes are blue up high; 
E-ven the dark wants to see
S-hining star in the sky.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Star Firmly Shines To Go On At The Old Space Arena

N-ew star firmly shines to go
O-n at the old space arena; 
V-iew in the firmament
A-mazes the eyes in euphoria.

M-illion mirth and rapture
A-re brought by the star; 
G-lint gives excitement, 
T-wenty-third September.
I-n the middle of the night, 
B-eaming moon shares the ray; 
A-live and awake are the gazers, 
Y-awning mouths fade away.

G-leam firmly shines to go on
U-sually at the old space arena; 
R-elieving the pain and ache
A-s you possess a good aura.
N-ew star firmly shines to
G-o on at the old space arena; 
O-pening the big celebration, to start off with no drama.

A-ttractive star in the sky
R-eappears every eventide, 
E-ager to truly brighten
N-othing but the lane so wide.
A-nother steady twinkle comes from the huge nebula, 
S-tar firmly shines to go on at the old space arena.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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S-tuck in the ceiling of the clear night sky,
T-ell me, are you three, five or seven pointed?
A-s my way is consumed by the darkness,
R-eveal my path with your brilliant twinkles.

S-truck!, I was mystified from a tender age,
T-ruly, are there more of you than sand grains,
R-adiating energy eternally through the cosmos,
U-niversally sought for a peek into the future,
C-lustering to aid navigation and time telling,
K-eeping us Star-struck from birth till death?

July 11, 2017 

Copyright © Sandison Jumbo | Year Posted 2017

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Real Star In The Sky

R-eal star in the sky
O-ffers light in the nighttime; 
M-aking the world look in awe, 
E-njoying the sparkle in

G-leams of the truth are shining, 
A-ugust nineteenth day; 
L-ies and tricks of the devil
A-re completely swept away.
N-ews of salvation from the eagle flying high; 
G-uaranteed by brightness of the real star in the sky.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017