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The Lord's Soldier

C-alled as soldier of the Lord, 
O-n duty twenty-four-seven; 
L-acking not for faith and love, 
L-osing not hope for God in heaven.
E-arnest to extol the Almighty, 
G-iving top importance to Him; 
E-ven though there are trials, he still praises His holy name.

O-ft times he's in spiritual war, conquering the enemy's lair; 
F-ocused to win over the evil tricks, exposing false tenets in the air.

E-nemies of faith in resilience, 
V-icious lies in threatening stance; 
A-rmed though with the sword of truth, 
N-ever shall foes go the distance.
G-od's soldier is well-disciplined, 
E-xemplary in managing time; 
L-etting not the hour be wasted
I-n obeying His will so sublime.
C-all of duty is utmost priority, 
A-ccepting no other endeavor; 
L-abor in the field of the Lord is his noble task and fervor.

M-an of highest integrity, 
I-ncorruptible in words and in mind; 
N-o deed done in dishonesty, 
I-n morality he's so inclined.
S-oldier of the Lord is firm, 
T-hinking not of material things; 
R-emaining to be brave and loyal, 
Y-earning to gain eternal blessings.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Kirstie Fontes | Year Posted 2007

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Freedom's Call

Far across the hills and dales,
Ringing o'er the rills and swales:
Ever nearer, ever louder;
Ever dearer, gaining power.
Drawing hearts and minds to one;
Once sounded out, and once begun
Men cannot fail to hear her calling-
Solders freed from fear of falling.

Calling, crying to her sons,
"All must fight till freedom's won."
Leading them to victory;
Leaving them with liberty. 

(Written on the fifth of July, 2015)

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

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Headstrong, headlong, headfirst, head on, Glory HallelujaH
Endure, engage, enforce, eradicate, exclusive, Delta  ForcE
Reliant rescuer raider redeemer rapier razor, Army RangeR
Outfit outwit outlast outlive outright outdo USMC-ANGLICO

Protector of  life, liberty, freedom, democracy, citizenshiP
Always stand in defense of The United States Of AmericA
True blue loud and proud defender of the American SpiriT
Respects the flag & supports The Constitution with honoR
I believe it is my duty to defend borders &  Island HawaiI
Owning a firearm is a legal right  under Amendment  twO
This testimony represents that I am an  American PatrioT

Champion and  protector  of  our  Democratic  RepubliC
Officer and Peace Keeper,  preventing what evil men dO
Unafraid against any challenger defending  me and  yoU
Resolute to the greater good with valor pride and honoR
American Soldiers paying the high cost  for free AmericA
Gracefully protecting justice and liberty let freedom rinG
Extraordinary moral fiber and unequalled focus andhopE

All men created equal, Life, Liberty and Happiness quotA
Marines pledging pride, powerful protectors of patriotisM
Equal justice One Nation Under God Faith IndependencE
Respect the flag responsibility legal accountability honoR
Independence Declaration of  people by  people  you & I
Constitutional contract for citizenship Capitalism acrostiC
Allegiance to the red, white and blue, God bless AmericA

A tribute to America's Special Forces

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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A real hero

                                                             A REAL HERO?
                                                          By: Synthia Miner

                  What does it take to be a hero?
  Being a single mother, keeping a family strong.
   or a single father, helping his daughter along.
  Maybe a soldier leaving his newly pregnant wife.
or making the ultimate sacrifice, to save only one life?

                  What makes a real hero?
      Knowing how to stop a drug lab or a bomb.
  or having the power to save a child gone wrong.
      Is it being able to help the hungry,
  or saving everything that’s been lonely.

                   How do we define a hero?
       Every way you look at it, people can say,
             heroes come naturally…. in a way,

       But; when you dig down deep,
          I see only one answer

           A real hero must have the will to live;
                 whether for him or her self,
      or everything and everyone one around them.
Heroes have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

From this I say, that my Uncle Jason Mullholand is a real hero.
         He has fought for his life, not just to be alive,
                        but for raising his family.

                 So you see, heroes are hear everyday.
      It’s the soldier fighting for peace,
        and the mother battling cancer.
   And the kids you ignore hunting for food,
    Just to feed their always hungry siblings.

    A real hero values the life of everyone, 
     and charges with the courage of love.

To every hero out there 
Please keep up the fight for life!

Copyright © Synthia Miner | Year Posted 2012

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The Few and The Proud

T our of duty, loud and proud defenders of freedom
H onor, honesty and a humble heart
E xtraordinary courage and valor

F aithful fearless focused force
E nduring engaging enforcing and eradicating
W atchful willful worthy warriors

T rue blue to the red white and blue
H eadlong headstrong head on
E liminating evil men everywhere on earth

P rotectors of life and liberty
R esolute to the greater good
O utdo outfit outwit outlast out fight out of control outlaws
U nafraid against any challenge or challenger
D uty of service dedicated to serve

T hank you to all that have served, are serving and will serve
H eros you are, YES YOU ARE
E ach and every one

M en and women paying the price for us all
A llegiance to The United States Of America
R eliant to their brothers and sisters in arms
I nducted inseparable irrefutable and intrepid
N ever for money or glory always for God and country
E xemplary moral fiber and pride in the Corp
S emper fi

Fortis, paratus et fidelis
Semper vigilo

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Bravery is the belligerent voice of raw courage
Roaring inside the soul of the modern warriors 
Allegiance sworn before engaging in fierce battle
Vindictive is the blasting sound of mobile artillery
Element and tactic of an effective military strategy
Remarkable spirit reveling in shouts of triumph
Youthful hands raise the flag over the burnt hill

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Franz The Veteran

First, baptism. Next, he vowed defense for the U.S. after graduation
Really, this kid could take San Diego's boot camp
At age nine he left Belize, then worked two jobs while in high school
Now he's back in Belize with haunting of Dessert Storm -
Zestfully, he built homes, does electrical and plumbing.

The truth is, duodenal ulcer won't stop meddling
How is this Veteran to obtain benefits?
Every Honorable Veteran, deported, has his or her story.

Valley of the shadow of death was no joke
Even on the U.S.S. Saratoga, he listened, and heard God spoke
Ten plus six of his buddies, lost their lives in Dessert Storm
Even so, he defended this land he learned to love
Right now, he'd say; GOD BLESS THE U.S. OF A
At most, in Belize, folks calls him "Yankee"
Notify me how soon, my son in the U.S. can shine.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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AmazinG courageous heroes, Rangers, Seals and Delta Force of AmericA
Militarily defending freedom and liberty against  radical,  jihad  terrorisM
Around the world defeating all evil men with an Anti - American  agendA
Zemzem flows from Mecca the oasis for good & evil, all the way to SueZ 
Israeli support is given for Hebrew hate in Syria, Iran, Iraq and AfghanI
Navy Seals #6 killed Usama, Anglicos got Saddam out of hole he was iN
Guardians & defenders of all men everywhere, they are simply AmazinG 

Amazing Acrostic shadow style with "Amazing" the first word and the last word

A tribute to America's Special Forces

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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V-aliant efforts against
I-ncredible odds, a
C-onclusive end, with
T-riumphant rewards. 
O-utstanding Soldiers awaits,
R-ecognition well deserved, 
Y-early celebrations, for All who served! 

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 12/13/16

Copyright © Sarita Milliner | Year Posted 2016

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Valentine Soldier

V - aliantly fought your whole life through.
A - lways a loving and caring inspiration too.
L - eading life to the fullest with all you do.
E - xtra special person from above.
N - aturally unselfish by design.
T - allest of heros, one of a kind.
I - rreplaceable in every way.
N - oble qualities exuberantly shown.
E - volution of true love shall always be known.

S - ervant of mankind, devoted to freedom.
O - bedient in the callings of God, Country, and Family.
L - oyal to God, Country and Family always.
D - iamond of the human race.
I - mprint life worth in all you do.
E - ndurance of the finest, truest hearts.
R - ay of hope for new generations to start.

Dedicated to every American Soldier, past, present and future, may God bless and watch 
over you and your families always. Thank all of you for our FREEDOMS!

Copyright © Judy Riley | Year Posted 2009

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The Unknown Soldier (acrostic)

Tales of heroes beyond, the normal despair of war’s plight,
Hearing of these stories, make us all quiver, in the night.
Each of them that go to fight, any battle, with all their might,

Universally, they are unknown soldiers, until names are released.
None knows the others, until their soul’s battle, against the beast.
Kings and political heads, never battle, for what they believe.
Never placed in harms way, they send soldiers; Mothers grieve
Only the loyal subjects take on the heat, from what they weave.
We honor, the Unknown Soldier, without any name, to perceive.
Nearer to God, these soldiers are known, here only deceased.

Secure, they have left us all, until the next battle to be fought.
Onward, we keep sending those to die, for what, a thought.
Listen, to all the stories, we hear of bravery, by them all.
Dear sweet Jesus, take them to your father, standing so tall.
I never fought any battle; I fight my battles with expressions.
Each of us must remember, soldiers, in their professions.
Remembering, who they could have been, not just impressions.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2007

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Resolve Is A Better Word


Regiments  of verse march in rhythm.
Eagerly they traipse word by word
Searching the theater of my mind.
Obeying this captain’s orders,
Longing to pass the roll call of muster,
Veterans of former battles re-up
Enlisting for more difficult assignments.

I choose my warriors cautiously
Strategizing before and after each revision.

Attention!  inspection is nearly complete.

Bravely comes the posting of my piece.
Encamped just outside the reader’s battleground,
Testing my troops for the final draft,
Treason is discovered, some soldiers go AWOL.
Enemies within, enemies without,
Renegades are dishonorably discharged.

Weightier words are chosen as replacements,
Orderly guarding each post as prescribed,
Resolved to be part of the campaign,
Determining the success of the peace.

written 06 January 2016

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2016

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Soldier -

Silently waiting, rifle in hand
Observing the enemy; like ants in the sand
Lowering the sights, no time for regrets
Distant gun fire; how many are left
Injured or dying
Exhausted, bereft?
Remnants  of war we must never forget.

Copyright © Tricia Lucas-Clarke | Year Posted 2011

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Stationed overseas; their families left alone
Uniformed impeccably; their braveness now condoned
People often forget the sacrifice our soldiers have given to this war
Proudly serving our country, believing it was cause worth fighting for
Ordered to a far away land; his life is on the line
Rationalizing a theory; that has now become non-benign 
Terrorism forgotten and what they brought upon our land

Observing the lack of appreciation as they put their lives in each others hands
Unsuccessfully keeping the loyalty of this Great Nation all abroad
Representation of some Americans, now simply seems a façade

Treason is an attribute that we as Americans should surely shun
Reasoning with terrorist was once a taboo; never to be done
Once again our soldiers fighting to keep it Army Strong
Only if non-supporters could see what the supporters have seen all along
Patriotic with perseverance; a soldier will never quit
Supporting our American soldier is a creed we should never forget 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

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A Lonely Soldier

I'm in my fox hole cold and damp,
I'm using my matches for a lamp,
I'd give anything to be at home,
instead of this ditch here all alone,
oh the thoughts of mama going thru my mind,
with her loving arms around me, she's so kind,
I can almost smell the cooking that mama did,
with her shiny pots and fancy lids,
I hate to wake up, cause then I'll see,
I'm still in this hole for eternity.

Copyright © Marie Flannery | Year Posted 2007

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Good Soldier Of The Lord

G-ood soldier of the Lord, 
E-nemy's worst nightmare; 
R-eady to defend the faith, 
S-trong during vile weather. 
O-ctober thirteenth morn, comes the brave warrior; 
N-either arm will weaken in fulfilling his fervor. 

N-ot for a time will he quit, 
O-bliterating the evil deed; 
N-either eye will turn blind 
A-t the chosen ones' need. 
T-otal trust in the Father and in the double-edged sword; 
O-ne true obedient servant is a good soldier of the Lord.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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  C-hrist's love for a warring humanity that never ceases it's wars,
  H-e's a man of sorrows because of us,
  R-ipped open heart of mine, pumping desperately,
     trying to relieve the anguish that rises again,
  I-n his entombment, no!, wait!, this must be a ghastly transgression,
    he's only nineteen!
  S-o many in this somber gathering, in icy November's stinging sleet,
  T-aps carries a mournful, melodic lament to my misery,
     as the Black-Capped Chickadees silently perch on the limb of
     a barren tree,
  I-n my soul's bereavement I weep, he's only nineteen!
  A-nother of God's youth, his blood ran in his bravery,
     yet I in my aging grouse about an arthritic knee,
     and in my sudden shame I bend this knee to the bitter earth,
     to whisper his name,
  N-o!, it can't be, but our drowning eyes see,
     Christian was only nineteen, my loving God, when my day
     comes to pass away, may my ashes be scattered near his grave.

Copyright © Regina Elliott | Year Posted 2017