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ALIEN                             -NOT-                               HUMAN

 Alien life form---                                             ---Far from human toucH
 Living among it self---                              ---In the heavens like a gurU
 Intelligence kept from civilization---      ---Scientist call it a phantoM 
 Earth remains alone---                                           ---Like a secret ninjA 
 NASA's top secret---                                           ---You are not humanN

 BY:                             .                                 BY:

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2013

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Real force spinning
A weight on my knees
Veritable science nonfiction
In a moment the apple fell, Newton noticed
Trusted source of orbiting satellite's permanence
Youth's nemesis

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2015

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A long those dark, dank corridors underneath the earth, an anomaly is growing.

N ebulous in it's beginnings, an as yet unknown species prepares to arise
E longated in it's skeletal structure, slight and slender, they slither about
W ily in nature, these unique elusive creatures are prone to evade the light.

S linking about at night with iridescent, bold bright eyes, they warily
P eek and peer at people, pacing about in dark, dreary alleyways
E xamining interactions, obsessed in their observations, in order to
C onnect and draw upon human energy, like sophisticated sponges.
I ntent on leeching the life force out of human beings, these humanoids wish to
E merge and spike world leaders' drinks with explosive laxatives, thus
S triking and stalling them on their "thrones", subsequently taking over our world!

Written on 2/23/2016
For A New Species contest

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2016

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            Space Age
Ships float up forever out
Pilots who once sailed seas find new spirit 
Airborne crafts fill the air 
Children grow into machines that take them away
Earth was once their only home
And now the universe in endless boundaries is theirs
Geared up for foreign playgrounds, gone in an instant 
Eternity is only minutes away and just beginning there

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Revolt! We must do all we can!
Empire rising! Stand strong!
Better fight if you want to stay free,
Emperor Palpatine must be stopped!
Let it be known here and now 
All must fight for freedom for all!
Leaving no creature behind, 
Leaving no planet unprotected!
I Leia, will lead this Alliance,
Against anyone seeking to harm us;
Never have I backed down! 
Can we all do our part?
Each of us must stop the Empire!

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2013

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Scary pictures on the wall,
Killing scenes encompass all.
Every year when ghosts arrive
Laughter fails. It cannot thrive,
Echo ghouls in twisted lust,
Timeless past of blood flaked rust.
Agents of fear bring Halloween,
Life beware! Death stalks unseen.

Racing heart, terror arises
Erasing hope in compromises
Midnight hour the spirits feast,
A test of courage for the human beast;
Image of Death, the skull with no face
Nestled in bones securely in place,
Skeletal remains, holding a mace.

Copyright © Janet Vick | Year Posted 2006

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 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

Copyright © Onis Sampson | Year Posted 2013

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Ancient science launches research towards new technology
Learning new disciplines to increase the power of their patron
Creating new magics; generating spendable gold from lead
Hinting at greater knowledge hidden in the realms of men
Evolving sciences increase the expertise of kingdom soldiers
Machines, potions and tactics to defeat enemies of the king
Yesterday's mysteries leading the world toward today's reality

Copyright © Steven Gadberry | Year Posted 2010

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So much obscurity with no sign of light.                               
     Hope begs the question is there help in sight?         
Past, present, and future are mangled in time. 
     Enters the Captain - buckle-up for flight.
Across the universe, passage bought for a dime. 
     A countdown begins; it’s the end of the line… 
Cashing-in what is left of my mind, 
     Ready to reschedule this mission of mine.
Envy my trip but heed the sign: 
     The SPACE around his HEART is dark and sublime.

written:02/26/13 for SPACE Contest

Copyright © SM Koval | Year Posted 2013

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Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2010

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Darkness my realm of forever seals my place.
A world that delivers my minds perfect face,
Remarkably my fantasy I cannot tell a soul.
Known only in the recesses of my minds goal,

A shadow follows my every move each night.
Now more than ever the moon glows so bright.
Demons not exactly, just my dream contrite.

My dream is to be announced upon a star.
Yes to be exclaimed upon universe so far.
Sealed and granted upon mystery flight.
Taken freely from my unglamorous sight,
I am the one that centuries have sought.
Calling for my dreams, nature never fought.
All upon the night, fantasy continues to grow.
Listen to the eve of darkness, you will know.

written on

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2014

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<                            Aerial excursion ride
                              Using buoyant enforcment to go way up high
                              To capture natures dance with an naked eye
                              Understanding winters brushstroke is so close by
                              Making it difficult to chose one that makes me sigh
                              Naughty or nice  I'll just give thanks to Heavens Big Guy

Written By
Katherine Stella 9/2/2012

Entry For Francine Roberts
Autumn Acrostic Contest 
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |
 "this poem is not about what is written,but what is not written. . . " 
Greyer looms matter's of the.....? 					 
Beauty fades not there then.....?				          
Flowers live and die fact of ....?					    
A four letter word of endearment....?					    
A saddened stare like where the Red Fern.....? 				    
Do not withdraw from the sunlight given by the almighty...?                                       
The feeling active of letters four much like adores.....?                                              
Speaking in second person sounds like and is...?      			   
In the prelude I allude to this message to point to the truth 		                
You cannot see air but it is there so beware   			                
You do not have to walk into the total darkness  				   
to see how dark the blackness is                      				 
Like gravity that holds you there how much more our Creator cares 	             
Setting on shelf scoffing at the pain you do not see      		                
The love that is and can be He just wants to set you free                                      
ignorance of the law does not excuse
How deep the pain how dark is that blue                                                                   
without Hope without God waiting to play the odds                                              
Without knowledge must be total misery                                                                      
as earthly beauty fades as the tree                                                                              
a dieing thing without fruit                                                                                           
the growing sorrow does that suit                                                                              
without hope of new life tomorrow                                                                             
Here today and gone so to borrow                                                                               
Not opening a door can be as bad as slamming it in your face                                   
to see where true beauty is you run in place not seeing the grace                        
turn to the light dwelling in the dusk from the womb to dust                                    
on your pedestal under your own glass                                                                        
the fire that was given you smother to ash  - john edaward beam - for The 
Unwritten contest - 07/01/2011

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2011

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Just as he is, one of the saints
On high with the lord on whom he waits
He was known as the disciple that Jesus loved
No one denies him the prophetic vision he once had

Penned    23August 2013

Contest:  Four-Letter Word

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Stretching, far as my eyes can see in the night sky,
Thousands and thousands of spaceships float by.
Again and again this dream taunts me, with no cry.
I have no delusion; I know this is a dream so dry.
Rolling across, heavens as in motion picture mode.
Was this an omen or just my mind, or some code?
Alien spaceships, different shapes and preparations,
Yes they continually traveled in parade formations.

To the stars I look at in infatuation and dismay.
Our destiny unclear, no aliens exist they say.

The stars have always had amazement and intrigue.
Hear my plea and thoughts without any fatigue.
Each day, discovering other species, beyond our league,

Stars are just another ocean to be examined even more.
Traces of life have already been found on our measly tour.
Arrogance is just a disease to portray, we are alone for sure.
Reality is, the most nearest planets, we should not ignore.
Serve not to abandon our journey, it is humanities door.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2012

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A probing desire comes over me
L istening to the sounds of the galaxy
I’ m seeing the world as a dream
E nslaved by an unknown dem.on
N owhere to run to, nowhere to hide

S paceship guide to my wildest ride
E scape plans fade away in a gaze
X empowers my will beyond the haze

Copyright © Frankii Fame | Year Posted 2016

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Versatile             [adaptable]
Inspirational        [inspiring]
Resilient              [flexible]
Genuine              [real]
Optimistic            [hopeful]

I wrote one for each sign back in January of 2003

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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People who believe in zodiac constellation,
Ideate astrology, heavenly star divination,
Scientific or pseudo, faith is not blind,
Certainly a fish, one of benignant kind,
Ebullient wholesome, a fiery aquatic, 
Sensitive and passionate, afloat optimistic !

Written on 5/7/14
Contest- Poem with a theme- zodiac sign
Sponsor- Leonora Gallinta

Awarded 1st place

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

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Do you believe in dragons, my dear?
Reluctantly I do more each year.
Anguish and possibility bring fear.
Great and strong creatures to bear,
Our minds say no, though take care.
No myth is without reality, sincere.
See now, come on, it’s a dare.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2015

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P ulling alike, pushing away opposites
A toms floating, drifting here and there
R eally cool structures as they join
T ogether they form something that's new
I ntegral to each other, being one too lonely
C hanging, growing, then they split apart 
L eaving to start all over with other atoms
E ach with positive or negative charge
S haping, forming, joining, some repelling

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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                                 © Copyright KC.Leake
                                      21st April 2015
                                     All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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Circular motion within the blue hue upward,
As bright as the wondrous crystals below,
Reflections glare, shadowing things unheard.
Only at daybreak will we understand its glow.
Until dusk shall you see power, it does hold.
Solar orb of glory, which gives life to all,
Evangelical design drives away natures cold.
Listen you may hear the sizzle of this ball.

From winter to spring, growing closer everyday,
Living creatures await the warmth it brings.
Our hearts and minds, warmed in every way.
As it devours, the frigid cold and nature sings.
Take notice that it still warms us on days of gray.
Igniting passion, delivering precious new beginnings,
Never faltering continuing its carousel of play,
Glowing solar flares proceed above floating wings.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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T aking the form of a ford
A nd a symbol of astrology
U nderstanding the power of the stars
R eplying to the call of the night
U nleashing the wrath of the bull
S ecuring the future of many

Inspired by Danielle White 

acrostic astrology -  contest

Copyright © Abe Lopez | Year Posted 2009

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Cherish the new born king
Hark the herald and
Ring the toll bells
It's Christmas time again and
Santa is on his way as the
Tinsel is strewn and mistletoes are hung
Mama got caught once again 
Alone kissing a guy dressed in red
So I dashed to my window and through open the shutters
Looking upon the roof
Over and over again I somehow now
Vow to remain true in
Even believing in this little Christmas tale of a hymn 

Merry Christmas To All Soupers And Staff
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For Brian Strand's
Christmas Love Acrostic Contest

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2009

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Fact or fiction Mulder Insists look at the evidence aliens exist
Out of the window a shining light when he turns sister out of sight
Xfiles open this is where it starts examining every file looking at every chart
Mulder is united with Dana of course her first assignment to dig up a corpse 
Undeterred she follows his lead trying hard not to believe 
Looking in the mirror dana gets a fright Mulder reassures her just mosquito bites
Dana’s not sure the science is not there Mulder grunt with a look of despair 
Extra-terrestrial one day he will find until then always on his mind
Remembering Samantha, he returns to basement the truth is out there why can’t you face it

Written by m.burton             

Copyright © MARIE BURTON | Year Posted 2016

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Jesus’ Acts of Healing

There never were any miraculous healings
Ramifying the existence of a god or heavenly king
Events entering the supernatural or metaphysical, none
Acts which contravened rational thought, not one 
There never was an external validation of divinity 
Making it motioned and pertinent to humankind 
Eclipsing character, personnality and functionality 
Negligent of the physical: muscle, nerve and neuron; 
That’s what I know for sure and I stand tall upon this call! 

At that, I believe Jesus to have been a medical doctor  
Never having miracles from god or any quick fixes
Definitely with plant mixes, resuscitation and exercise techniques.

There were plants which helped cure colds and other illnesses
Each one with a different solution and smell
Conversations with the parents that calmed them down;
He gave resuscitation to those thought dead
Never leaving them to die as society would allow;
Ingenious with paralytics he exercised their legs and arms
Quick to therapy them just when they were ready;
Using water, he washed the blind man’s eyes
Eyes dirty because this person had not known the daily wash -
Sure that his work could continue by others efforts.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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"You here?"


"Never on" "He's going to 

win this case just because of these pictures"...He begins to look through the photos.

The private eye cracks a smile and begins to hum the Killers

"Of all the songs to get stuck in my head while waiting"

"The stupid song's been stuck in my head for what feels like a 

year." (stands up and appears to be getting apprehensive) "I should win a freaking 

award for the amount of work i'm putting into this case"

"I can't take the waiting anymore."  (He begins to pace and dials his phone)

"Will? ugh, voicemail"

"So, where are you? I can't take waiting here much more, GET HERE!"(hangs up the phone)

"You tell people to be on time and they 

haven't the respect for how busy I really am."

The setting is a bleak dark alley, a place where 

love is replaced by pain, where the light 

of day barely penetrates.

Humanity is replaced by brutality in these cold, dark alleys of the city.

For a moment our character looks to the sky between the buildings and sees a strange light.

It seems to stop flying for a moment, 

"Get outta here, is that??"

Off in the distance the light (which was small at first), begins to be getting brighter and closer.

"My GOD, is that a 

spaceship?" A blinding beam suddenly brightens the alley way and our character is gone.

Copyright © J Clinton Smith | Year Posted 2010

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Reduce pollution
Everyday by using 
Common sense
You can recycle soda
Cans, scrap metal, paper, and many other items
Littering should cease to cause the
Earth to have more inner peace.

Copyright © Nicole Sharon Brown | Year Posted 2010

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Secrecy of the brilliance upon the night so broad,
Everyone looks though each does not see your secret.
Circular reflection splendidly gifted from God.
Universe surrounding where you bravely sit.
Looking at the different shapes, you display.
Amazes those who truly see beyond simplicity,
Realms of possibilities you appear hidden in day.

Moonlight spreads upon the all in infinity.
Only those who choose to look deeply will see.
Only those with imagination will be guided by thee.
Now that your name has been ordained, you are free.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009