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a mothers love

on this special day
I doest say
that thy mother is of graceful sort
it hath been said she is devine
and I do holdeth this to be true
now dearest mother may I be so bold
to tell you the sun still shinest on one so old
as true as this be
you still grasp your faith 
like the roots of a tree
tis said you are wise
and this I have found true
the eye doeth grow deceived when it is drawn upon you 
as your thoughts become known 
only then your age is shown

Copyright © brandy wassam | Year Posted 2014

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My eyes follow as my left hand orchestrates my thoughts with an ink pen
Of memories, past and present, good and bad that you have embedded within
My heart palpitates when you are near as you billow with love again and again

I promise to be with you in the stormy weather as the dark skies descend

Live life every sec, min, and hour with you without fearing when our time will end
Oh what a blessing you have been to me amongst endless pain, agony and sin
Verily I say, thanks for the seed that has formed my vital structures to speak herein
Everyday is a new beginning, yet you continue to march along the strongest wind

Yield not from my heart, for you are the cause and effect of beast becoming men
Others have gone before you, lead the way for your hands were made to lend
Unending love and protection you have as long as I'm your Officer and Gentle-Men

Pace, G.

Copyright © Pace INK-U-SCRIPT | Year Posted 2012

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Captcha WHA6

When I was only five
Heard mommy always's say
Angel  keep being naughty and you won't make it to

Entry for Adam Hapworth's
Captcha Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2013

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Miss You, Dear Mom

Miss you, dear Mom…you left our lives so long ago,
And well before you even had a chance to know
The sweet, now grown, grand kids so little when you left…
In all these forty-three plus years I’ve been bereft,
Living each day to know the special things you missed…of
Doing without your presence and embracing love…
Although, I know you’re watching, loving from above.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 
   All Rights Reserved

~6th Place~
Contest: Acrostic on Mother’s Day
Sponsor: Tammy Reams
Judged: 04/05/2015


Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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No place like home

hindered thoughts of childhood
often elude my mind
memories come in fragments now
escaping through corners of eyes

sometimes i see you in dreams
waiting for you to reach out
emotionless i speak
eager for one last touch
till you fade again

home is but a memory
of a father's love and devotion
mother's lullabies fading in time
eternally gone from all but mind

Copyright © Sandra Adams | Year Posted 2016

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My 18 year old son

N ever a harsh word spoken
I love you mom he says every day
C aring and considerate 
H appy and carefree
O n the ball about his chores
L ooking for food in the cupboard doors
A lways eating me out of house and home
S haring time with mom before he leaves home

Copyright © michelle phillips | Year Posted 2010

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Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

Copyright © Onis Sampson | Year Posted 2013

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A Poem For Mom

M is for the many things she does for you.
O is for offering a hug every time you needed it.
T is for the thanks she did not always receive.
H is for the help she was always there to give you.
E is for being the most excellent mom of all.
R is for raising you into the person you become.

A quick piece I just finished for Mom's everywhere on Mother's day.

Copyright © Kim Morrison | Year Posted 2014

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Do not think I will have forgotten you
I could never dismiss such an angel
Never was there a better mom
Knowledge bestowed from within
You were sent to me from the Lord

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2015

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My Beacon

Memories old of carefree days 

Aimless paths I took behind your gaze

Raging fire of youth made me break free

Intrusion and advise had me in a wrecking spree

Yet you stayed by me, when I lay beaten

As a ship in search of a beacon

Mom, I am blessed, for there you were, arms open.

© (2 April '15) 

*Placed 2nd in the contest 'Acrostics on Mothers Day' by Tammy Reams on 13 April 2015.

Copyright © poesy relish | Year Posted 2015

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Home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

H appiness is found when the heart is
O pen to kindness and love, giving even
M ore than one receives from others
E ven giving when it's not expected

S pecial moments shared as a family
W hile enjoying a meal or recreation
E ntertaining and being entertained
E njoying each others company using the
T ime shared, bonding and uniting in love

H ere is where happiness and love
O riginate, and is taught to be expressed
M easuring affection by the time and attention
E veryone gives and receives from each other.

John Derek Hamilton
January 27,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Acrostic On Mother's Day: Always Loved and Remembered

M-other of three
A-nd loving wife of 30 years
R-emembered in the hearts of the whole family
Y-ou were always there for me and helped me to conquer my fears

C-ounting on you all those years. 
A-lways there for the entire family
T-aught me and my brothers how to succeed 
H-elped us all whenever we were in need
E-veryone always counted on you
R-unning from no one and no problem
I- don't know how you could do all of this
N-othing seemed to stop you
E-ntire family is now lost without you

F-orging on without you has been so hard
O-nly you were able to heal my mind
R-emembering you always
S-ad that you are not here, I will always
H-ave you on my mind 
A-nd in my heart
Y-ou will never be forgotten, your memory will always be with the entire family

Copyright © Matt Forshay | Year Posted 2015

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My Mother- The Gem

Sunitha my mom , a strongest women ever I met.
Urging to be a best mom you surrender yourself by burying your materialistic life.
Napless night you went through for the sake of nourishing my childhood.
Immortal love and your wishes gave a path to my success.
Taught me the best you could and made a pace for me in your heavy scheduled life,
Happiness or sadness;bad or good; pain or guilt you were always beside me!
And with proud I say I'm your daughter and wanting to be like you in my future!!

By Harshitha Gn
Dated on 22/03/2015

Copyright © Harshitha Gn | Year Posted 2015

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My Mother

"M" is for mine, my mother and no one elses

"Y" is for you because you are the one and the only one

  "M" is for the million things she gave me,?
"O" means only that she's growing old,?
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,? 
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;? 

"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,? 

"R" means right, and right she'll always be,? 


<3 <3 <3

Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER,"? 

A word that means the world to me....

<3 <3 <3

Copyright © Jordan Chung | Year Posted 2015

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"Warm ThanksGiving Day"

Turkey in the oven.
Hands on basting and rubbing.
All adults on deck for setting the table.
Not a seat empty for even a child so able.
Knocks on the door as family arrives.
So happy Mom's in the kitchen, now we'll survive.
Getting the TV all warmed up for a day of football.
In and out the kids run up and down the hall.
Velvet cake hides behind the fruit not seen.
In comes the family passing through the kitchen with gleam.
No samples tasted for Mom is the boss.
Getting ready for this meal still a salad to be tossed.

Day begins with smiles and joy.
All fall asleep for the deserts are my toy.
You have to love this day of thanks for Mom and Dad and every girl and boy.

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2010

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So many times I counted on you
Times only you could help me through
Reasons unexplained; you gave no aid to me
Every single day now, you are failing.
No excuses, no lines, no reason is good enough.
Getting too worn? Is your life too tough?
Think, for a change, about the children you raise.
How can you help when your fires of failures blaze?

Stay down just once, perhaps it will help.
Utmost quit giving, impudent whelp.
Children need you not, despite what you think.
Children need you not to pull them from any brink.
Eloquence, that language you do not speak.
So unlike them and, to their ears, your tongue does reek.
So much so, they ought never your counsel seek.

Lowly you, it is best you disappear.
Out from us, we require you be away from here.
Voids in our hearts your absence will not give.
Indeed, the lack of your presence would help us to live!
Never to be remembered would your memory be.
Gladly forgotten by all, even, especially me.

And now that you’ve suffered, dear mother, through preceding stanzas three,
Do not forget that which you yourself know is most important to me.
Other than substance and body of poetry
Remember how much thought I put into titling.
Excepting this verse, the one after, and its next

Yonder title applies to the words of this text.
Of course I would not truly let it be
Under no circumstance to write of you disrespectfully.

Mother, my mother, to whom none can compare, 
Outshine all you will in both present and future years.
Mother, my mother, a burden like yours, truly few can bear.

Copyright © Jonathan J. | Year Posted 2014

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The Strongest Mom I Know

Your belly has grown so big, the glow on your face is priceless, your hair so vibrant, I love the smile on your face when you feel your little one kicking, I love it when you crave weird foods, everything is going well, you are 8 months now, you look like you are going to pop, your feet swell, your in the bathroom more than the toilet bowel is, you can not wait for this to be over, your almost 9 months now you feel a wetness on your chair, it is time, you rush, you prepare, but you never seem to have everything, your at the hospital, your about 3 centimeters dilated, there is still some time to go, your patient, you waited this long, your 7 centimeters, 8, and 9, you  hope it is almost time, you feel like you want to push, you push, and push, you hear the baby cry, you believe that things are okay, because that is what you were told, so it is time to say goodbye, you are tired and need some sleep, you hold your baby for some time, you pass him to the nurse, she sings him a lullaby, you fall asleep, your sleep was dreamless, but you are now awaken in a nightmare that will never end, your baby is in a forever sleep, but how could this end, it just all began, you do not know what happen, you heard his cry, you touched him, he opened his eyes, so why is he gone, from this day you will forever be changed, you held your true love tight before the nurse took him away, you blamed yourself, you question your actions, but it was not your fault, this just sometimes happens, you try to move on with your life, but that becomes difficult, you smile but you are frowning inside, you try to make things right, you try to hide your pain, but everyday you live in sorrow, I know that you are not perfect, but you need to look forward to tomorrow, you can not change what happened, you carried a little angel for 9 months long, then God took him so fast, maybe he has special plans for him, in heaven he is having a blast, even though you do not have him with you, I know that he loves you so, because I saw the way he looked at you, this is something that I know, you are the best mom in the world, I am so glad that he atleast got to meet you, it is not easy to carry on like you do, with the positive attitude that you show, I know one thing for sure, your the strongest mom I know.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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The Birds And The Bees

They both dreaded that day,
Having to 
Explain to their only child about the

Birds and the bees
In stepped mom with the flowers
Ready to explain all about pollen and fertilization 
Dad looked bewildered, rubbing the side of his head
Stating, “Did I forget your birthday”? While eyeing the flowers

Anxiously he said, 
"No! Don’t tell me your are pregnant again, I 
Doubt I can go 

Through this again,"
Having to sit there and 
Entertain herself the daughter decided to ease their pain… 

Both looked traumatized when she 
Eventually said, “I know all about being in love, all about sex, it’s part of our curriculum
Even the difference in male and female anatomy gets explained”
So mom if you are pregnant, I can tell the baby all about the birds and the bees one day!!"

Contest: The Birds and the Bees
Placed: 8th

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2010

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Discussing The Birds And Bees

Both Mom and Dad felt so very ill at ease.
Impotent when it came to discussing the birds and bees.
Reading up on how to handle a subject so delicate,
Determined to provide Johnny with knowledge accurate!

Sit down, there's something we need to discuss with you,
And it ain't your acne - it's a topic about which you have no clue.
Nothing will be held back - we're laying everything on the table.
Don't be shy about asking questions and join in if you're able.

Because this matter is so important we want you to be well versed.
Endure with us because we want you to hear it from us first.
Excuse me Mom and Dad, save your breath, 'cause you see,
Sex education was thoroughly discussed in school during my puberty!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 10 in Carol Brown's "The Birds and Bees" Contest - September 2010

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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For mom

Being an adoptee, It was a 
dream to meet my biological 
mom, wrap my arms around 
her, and thank her for giving 
the chance at a beautiful life. 
Upon our meeting in 2011, she 
asked me in Spanish tongue if I 
forgive her. This poem is my 
response to her. 

My hands grow cold in a room 
of flowers 
And yours, a fusion of water, 
bone, and light 
In the tender palms of a grown 

These are the moments when 
prayer is vital, 
When the stillness of the 
heavens still cannot describe 
How perfect your face looks. 

Thirty three years can't 
separate a man from his words. 
Nor can it separate a man 
From his heart. 
Mom, if I can hold your hands, 
I will tell you 
In absolute silence, 
Every second of my life. 

Copyright © Steven Riley | Year Posted 2014

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My Mom, Magdalena


M Mom was never one her duty to shirk
A accountable to God and her spouse.
G Giving her heart, soul and mind to her work,  
D determined to make a home of our house.  
A Attending to needs of neighbors and yet
L loving her husband and three kids the best.
E Every night she'd pray, forgive and forget
N never failing to welcome God as our guest.
A A mentor mom, she was righteous and blessed.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2015

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MARIA MACIAS (the best mom)

this poem is inspired by my mom

M om I love you
A round you I love o be 
R age always get between us
I n god we trust to guide us 
A lways we find a way to fix our problems

M om I love you
A rgue I think we always will 
C onsequences I’m sure you will always teach me the right way
I ndividually we will always have our differences 
A nd in any problems that I have I’m sure you will always
S ave me  
                             I love you mom

Copyright © josh torres | Year Posted 2009

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Motherly love acrostic

Making the food with all her effort
On a roll, helps you feel much more better
To make you happy they risk their lives
Helping others but staying behind
Everyone watches as she kisses your cheek
Rubbing you forehead every week
Loving you lots hugging and kissing
You're very lucky, for your well-being she is wishing

Live your life with your mum
Obviously you  will need her when you feel numb
Vanisher of cuts and bruises
Every time you fight with your mum its you who always loses!

Copyright © Sophiya Kamil | Year Posted 2015

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A Mom

                              A Mom

Always there to give a hug or reassuring kiss

Master of healing the smallest cuts and nicks
Ordering up exactly the right amount of love and kicks
Moms are the biggest heros and cherished by their kids.

Copyright © Brian Magness | Year Posted 2011

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Momma's stockings she made hanged on cherry wood
Attributing back to the days that she could
Nevertheless filled them with treats as she should

Tickled us with stories by the hearth Christmas eve
Enchanting us with smiles, playing traditional "Greensleeves"
Loveable mother I sit, looking at the mantel and grieve

Copyright © Lauren Smith | Year Posted 2014

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1Is the person my mom gave life to.
9Months waiting to see the light.
9Hours of pain.
4First kisses my mom gave me.

Copyright © juan onate | Year Posted 2009

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How many meals have we children eaten there?
Although possible to count, it’s vaporized in thin air.

Zilch is not the number and we don’t have a clue,
Eating was foremost but mom had other offerings too.

Longing as we do for her kitchen’s sights and sounds,
Scarcely any scraps ever left for neighboring hounds.

Kings’ never ate better and it’s very easy to see,
I just look in the mirror at the extra inches on me.

This little lady knew more than just how to cook.
Calmly speaking without hesitation or a second look,

 “Heavenly Father, bless this food.” reverential in mood.
Each word gave us a lesson, in her non-musical etude.

Now mom cooks in heaven waiting for us to arrive.

Copyright © John Trusty | Year Posted 2010

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S implicity is the very first word that comes to mind
I n light of the others, she’s all too sweet and kind
M agnificent in every sort of ways and more
E nchanting… Yeah! She is, right down to the very core
O ut of the ordinary, absolutely, she’s one of a kind
N aturally gifted, as if she could give sight to the blind
A nd the very best thing of all, 

Simeona was blessed with a most beautiful soul

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2016

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M   More love than I've even known
O    Over and over you was there
T     Time something you always had even if you was sad            
H     Heaven is your home now
E     Earth is not as beautiful  with you gone
R     Reliving every moment  in my heart and mind

For my mother who has passed. 
All she gave us was love until the very last

Copyright © Tracey Pollack | Year Posted 2016

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Happy Mother's Day

She yells for her mother but her mother doesn't come running. She yells and 
yells noticing her mothers not coming. She's now thinking that her mom is out 
running the streets and she'll get tired and come back to eat. She sits in her 
room in this small little section. She sees something move noticing its only her 
reflection. She knows her mom will be walking through those doors real soon. 
So she sits there and wait patiently in the living room. So walks in the kitchen to 
get a bite to eat. She looks down and to find two black feet. She throws her hands 
over her eyes and screamed. Praying and praying that what she saw was only a 
dream. What she saw was no dream at all and at this moment only thing she 
could feel was her heart fall. She dropped to her knees,hands now covered in 
blood. The blood of mother is just what it was. She never knew of such a person 
that would do this to her mother, because even though her mom wasn't always  
there  but she still loved her. Even though they struggled with a lot of pain and 
sorrows they'd still have time to work it out and be okay tomorrow. She was a 
mom that tried to stay strong for her kids and even through all those trails and 
tribulations that is just what she did. All because her life wasn't perfect as a girl, 
she was a mother that wanted her kids to be ready for the world. They have made 
it through a lot, I mean her and her brother, but one women that tried to make it 
work was her mother. Well the only last words she could say. Was that she loved 
her mom very much and to wish her a very Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copyright © Felicia Mack | Year Posted 2007