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Hungrier than a wolf pack hunkering down the hill

A lpha teen male footballers share microwaving  kill

Meat tonight they smell and enough to go around

Burgers make them happy and they munch with humming sounds

Under meat they peek to see if pickles thrill the palate

Grudgingly they toss the greens that try to pose as salad

Eating is a joy-- onion ketchup mustard gourmet  mess

Running down their faces is a combination guess.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2014

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FOOTBALL acrostic

                         AMERICAN  FOOTBALL

Football fever is the billion dollar sport that rocks the land
Other sports like tennis fans complain is just too bland
Oh, but football stirs the spirit and gets the blood to pump
Think the guys are special buddies, slaphappy on the rump--
Bowl games are dreams that keep the fans all screaming as they score
And they scold a ref for wayward plays he seems to just ignore
Lusty guys will drink some beer for gusto at the game
Lucky for the players--if they lose the coach is blamed

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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W~ORLD CUP is here again.
O~rnament of a golden cup that bring all people
'R~ound the world into one canopy.
L~et us stay in glee and watch those to
D~raw,lose or win their matches.
C~ompetition is a survivial of the fittest.
U~nprepared,untalented,unlucky and non-prayerful
P~roduces lose and religation.

Copyright © UGWU CORNELIUS CHIDERA | Year Posted 2014

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Beautiful pigskin passes,
You always wait for the touchdown;
Up on your feet with every run,
Energized! It's football season.

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2013

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Football at Dawn

Footballl is a sport of team,
Outstanding players are used as the seam,
Outside and inside defense,
Take cover making each play to make sense.
Beastly flow for the scoreboard is on,
All the people in the stands cheer at dawn.
Left and right to the end zone they fight,
Leave the game with a winner in sight.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2012

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Those Hogs

They wrote us off this season,
Haters kept saying 'not this year'
Outside the stadium now it's changed;
Sizzling excitement crackles the air
Each one of us knows why we're here;
Hosting the biggest NFL rivalry 
Out for the win, another victory; 
Going for the division, the NFC East
Sunday, All Hail! Beat the Cowboys!

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2012