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Open Sores

I am a coward with open sores. 
I write and wonder who it bores. 
I hear my heart and mind argue repeatedly. 
I see others carrying out my dreams; 
that’s what’s defeated me.
I am a coward with open sores. 
I pretend open doors are closed, and walk the other way. 
I touch base with the fear in my heart, tearing me apart,
leaving nothing to say... 
I worry the world will leave me. 
I cry because no one believes in me. 

I am a coward with open sores. 
I understand nothing comes easy. 
I say I’m happy, but even I don’t believe me. 
I dream I am healed and brave. 
I try to overcome my weaknesses before I’m in my grave. 
I hope you hear me.
I’m on all fours. 
I am a coward with open sores. 

©  2011  ~JSLaM    


* 1st PLACE in Contest "MARCH MADNESS" Sponsored by C. Devonshire 2011

* 1st PLACE in Contest "ONE OFF" Sponsored by Brian Strand 5/11/2011 

* 1st PLACE in Contest "BEST EVER" Sponsored by P.D. 2011

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2011

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Depression - ACROSTIC

Depression Acrostic 

Depression, it’s not just in your head,
Enslaving your soul, “I’d be better off dead.”
Poisoning your attitude
Retarding your mood.
Eternal slumber,
Solitude replaces laughter, 
Sailing out into the sea of tears,
In my head, I scream, but no one cares,
On and on I scream, no one hears,
Not a soul, my pleas fall on deaf ears.

Composed by:
S. Ronthorpe

Copyright © Samual Ronthorpe | Year Posted 2011

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Seed Of Friendship-A dedication

L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the chips 
are down.
N-urtured from cradle to 
entity with a new world 
to face.
O-rganizes oneself for the 
task ahead,passing thru 
hurdles of life unabased 
and unabashed.
R-eaps the fruit of labor 
with joy or heavy heart.
A-ge sets in,mission 
accomplished or not will 
dawn on the entity.

I-n retrospect,he thinks 
about his childhood and 
how life was to him.

L-iving in confidence or 
shame,he bows his head 
in victory or defeat.
O-nly the taste of time 
will tell the durability of 
his achievements.
V-oid of preference the 
aim result bears the 
foundation for his lineage.
E-njoyment or lack lies 
with the works of the 
man,for there is no food 
for the slothful.

Y-oung ones,a stitch in 
time saves nine,make 
haste while the sun 
O-iling your lamb always 
like the ten virgins is the 
key to success.
U-rging you to shun peer 
pressure and focus on 
the course marked out 
for you by fate,so a 
fulfilled life you shall live.

An acrostic for you 
Leonora Galinita.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Mentally Decompensated

E_ emotinal outburst
M_ mentally decompensated
E_  emtionally driven
R_  room 21
G_  gurney
E_  enter the white coat
N_  nurse with pills
C_  Cody already passed out asleep
Y_  youthful love gone bad

R_  restraint bed
O_  open door _guards
O_  opportunity for change
M_  mental health gone bad~tragic

(Spent the day at the emergency
room with Cody..They sent him
to a crisis center...Here we go
again with mental health visits
and pills..)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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I s a child to be heard?
N o one answers, as usual. The silence is slowly killing me.
S orrow, misunderstanding and these mourning memories,
I s this the way it is supposed to be? Since that fateful day, I have been a 
G irl, lost in a whirl of tragic past, calamitous present and the fear of having no future,
N ever have I known what "family", "friends" or "fiends" mean, for
I have never made or heard of any.
F or I am thirteen, just as inconsequential as a dwarf planet, amongst boundless galaxies.
I live in misery, why won't anyone listen to me? I may be young, but I
C an converse, listen and see, and I
A m as normal as you are. So why
N ot give me a chance to prove myself?
C an you ever give me a listening
E ar? Is a child to be heard?

Copyright © Ashley Ho | Year Posted 2012

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The Pains of Night Without True Love

The ambient glow of the fireplace becomes hypnotic.
Home alone, always, without true love to snuggle me.
Each of many pains of night makes my mind neurotic.
Pathetic it may seem for a young and beautiful girl.
Alone again after years of searching; life becomes a whirl.
Incessant longing gnaws away at self-control.
Night brings its darkness to the weariness of my soul.
Satan takes a grip upon my sanity; I am no longer whole.
Oh, that I could find true love and live a life of joy.
Forever, I live searching, only to be someone’s toy.
Night without you, my true love, is a lonely curse.
If only I could find you, whoever you are, wherever you are. 
Grateful love, come; I beg you and quench my thirst.
Heaven is but a thought away…as is suicide.
Touch me with your warmth; Save me and let love abide.
Where is the dream that I dreamt as a child.
I never knew that the world could be so wild.
Today is just one step in eternity, but forever alone.
How can I face another day; I know not!
Over and over the thoughts circulate in my mind.
Utter self-destructions seeming the only solution.
Then, I fear the great and dreadful consequence.
To live eternity alone would be unbearable.
Reality visits at the break of dawn, briefly.
Underneath these fancy clothes lies a broken heart.
Each day takes me to a new horizon…until night.
Loneliness tortures me; at dark I am immobile.
Oh, the pains of night without true love destroy.
Vitality sinks into Satan’s sullen ship; sips sorrows.
Everything seems lost, but I pray for true love, tomorrow.

Copyright March 8, 2015

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: The Pain of Night
Sponsored by Tammy Reams

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2015

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Unrealistic pain
Sheer terror
Emotional scars that never heal

Copyright © Sierra Arnold | Year Posted 2010

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All too soon the colorful spectacular disappears.
Under the soggy leaves, lies the dormant grass.
Too soon the blue skies have turned to grey.
United is the wind with cold.
Memories of summer slowly fade away.
Now we will wait for the snow.

Brenda Meier-Hans
Written 2013

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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How to Escape Depression for P D

Pretty pink pansies soothe searing souls; seek them; take walks.
Offerings of friendship to another can distract depressive thoughts; open your heart.
Evoking visions of amusing moments, absorb melancholy; envision funny times.
Talk about something else, like tantalizing taste buds, instead of tumbling into misery.
Depression debilitates, destroys, discourages, and devours; design a pleasure plan. 
Escape the misery; elevate merriment with music; sing and dance.
Serenity takes practice; so get started; find a serene spot in a garden; watch for sparkles.
Take time to pamper yourself; go to the spa or read a good book; relish positives. 
Relax at home or sit in a mall and watch the world go by; DO NOT SHOP! 
Overspending can lead to deeper depression; develop internal joys one thought at a time.
Yesterday is gone.  So, forget about it.  Today is a new day; make a fresh start.
Everything has a time and a season; trusting in God can help with anticipation anxiety.
Remember to grow and learn from every life experience both positive and negative.

After all, we are privileged to be on Earth where we can learn and grow, each day.
Never give up on yourself, no matter what; forgive yourself for mistakes; stay strong.
Determine to succeed at gladness; replace sad thoughts with happy ones…intentionally.

Demons can creep into one’s life; be sure to replace them with Heavenly hosts; 
Enrich your soul with scripture study and silent prayers; find fellowship.
“Pretty is as pretty does,” was a common saying back in the day; see your prettiness.
Remember that raindrops refresh all living things; let some fall on your face.
Exuberantly laugh as the wetness drips onto your tongue; breathe deeply, slowly.
Sunshine follows the rain both in nature and in life.  Remember, depression will pass.
Seek your own path; one that holds your happiness, stay on that path, strongly.
Individual self-worth is a way of thinking; pick positive worthy people for friends.
Overcome depression one day at a time, one thought at a time, effervescently.
Now is the time to embark on your happy future, feel better soon…lovingly.

December 9, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Fighting Depression (poems for PD) 
Sponsor	Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2014

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                                                     HIND SIGHT

M oment by moment the hours tick by,
I n each one I wonder and ask myself why,
S ince you have left me I feel so alone,
S o utterly empty when I should have known,
I nviting you into my heart wasn#t wise,
N ot when I knew you had other ties,
G one now the laughter of warm Summer days,

Y ou took them all with you, not wanting to stay.
O nly you coulld get under my skin like you did.
U ntil you came along I was just a big kid.

T hen I met you and everything changed,
E xcept for the fact that you were estranged,
R ecently leaving a home and a wife,
R evealing to me you still wanted that life.
I n all that you said and all that you did,
B ut I wanted you so I put in my bid,
L ike a fool I gambled my all and I lost,
Y ou were honest with me and well worth the cost.

                                                                           Judy Ball

Don't ever let yourself get caught up in an affair.
When it's over it's just not worth the pain and embarrassment.
If someone is married they are off limits and if you are married you are not free to sample the other stuff out there.
You could lose everything for a cheap, very temporary thrill.
Let cooler heads prevail and don't let your loins think for you.

This poem was written to convey this message.
It is , however pure fiction so don't feel sorry for me. ;)

For Aye, Aye And A Mistress Contest by Debbie Guzzi

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

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Teased: A

Aggravated because I was a vulnerable target to your ever-teasing jokes, quirks and games...a victim to taking things too serious and getting my mind hyped up about the things you say and do! I took things to the next level it seemed...take hold of this oath of odiumless pathways of peace, prosperity and chaotic commotion all packed-up in one box, so use your 7 senses outside of the box - I am changing by the hour and I was sweet as a tangerine, but now I'm as sour as a lemon-lime...breathe into me, sea sky of lullabies and harmonies in unison...embrace the truth of handsome hideous me...sprinkle salt and pepper upon my distasteful flavor by your ripened words of rigorous radiance (illumination that gives someone an epiphany)...enlighten me by your thunderous lightning in the dead of night and caress me with hugs and kisses of dusk dawns , for I will adore you unconditionally and for eternity and beyond...I love you infinity, so don't blurt me around in the audience as if you're the notorious nitwit (comedian), laughing hard enough by his too-desperate jokes to the pony when his sides hurt in front of the crowd of what's-happening and confusion exchanged momentarily ...temporarily... Hardly...

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Could I not see such ugly drawn out choices.

Hollow I feel such nothing for people it is fear that feeds me.

Alone in this forsaken world with nothing to accept.

Order is such pain that it is nothing but chains.

Souls that bare nothing but lost cause to confusion is such utter mistakes.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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If you don't eat, you're anorexic if you do eat, you're a fat ass.
If you don't wear makeup, you're ugly. If you wear makeup, you're a fake.
If you're loud, you're annoying; if you're quiet, you're weird.
If you're good in school, you're smart; if you say something wrong, you're stupid.
If you take pictures, you're an attention-whore; if you don't stalk your friends you're not cool.
If you wear sweats, you're underdressed; if you wear a dress, you're overdressed.
If you don't have boobs, no guys like you; if you have boobs, they're fake.
If you don't have a boyfriend, you're a loser; if you have one, he's cheating on you.
You tell us to be who we are but then you go and judge us about it. So now, do you see how hard it is for us to just be ourselves?

Copyright © craig schaber | Year Posted 2012

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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E arth quivers, shakes and quakes violently
A ll around turns dark,the roof and walls begin to crumble
R ight before our very eyes
T o the right and to the left, all around us...
H umans are running for their lives...screaming...
Q uake!!!Quake!!!Get out! Get out now!!!
U nable to get out in time, Men, women
A nd children...are...
K illed instantly, or within seconds
E veryone left, inside, simply dies rescue is impossible!

Sad but true 650 dead in Ecuador earthquake so far...will keep rising.
Two cities where I did social missionary work over 20 years ago
are unrecognizable, this week has been devastating for all.
The country has no real means to do rescue work, as heavy machinery
is not readily available, thank God! Mexico and Colombia are helping, as the Ecuadorian people are of humble means and are desperate!

John Derek Hamilton

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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THE SOUNDGARDEN: Blow Up The Outside World acrostic-Italian sonnet

Though I have fallen to the end,
Hell on earth can not break, nor kill,
Even the weak part of my will,
Since my will will not break nor bend.
Others tried to act like my friends,
Until asked to pick up the bill,
Not willing, nor able, to fill
Desired roles that help and mend.
Giving everything I gave,
Allowed you to take what I own.
Roads to the underworld were paved,
Destroying the hope that was shown.
Eternity will not have slaves;
Not until the outside is blown.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2012

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Down in the dumps
Except when fixated on
Pen and paper to produce a
Rhyming (or not) mental diversion
Essential to the
Soul's seasoning that
Simply lifts
Into the ether the dark mood
Out into the light of
Nature's muse of hope.

                         Assignment for Constance on how
                           poetry can heal depression

Copyright © Sue Mason | Year Posted 2010

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November Nightfall

Nadir of this momentous year is reached.
Ominous opaque shapes shift in tightly locked rooms;
valediction of autumn's colour-crackling leaves.
Encroaching shadows approach with soot-soft stealth,
mysteriously merging, emerging from clouded corners -
bleak charcoal smudges menacing in murky light.
Endless darkness unravelling all around me;
rooms in my mind painted every shade of night.

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2011

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Long Arms Of Tender Compassion

Long arms of tender compassion
Oneness of embittered Humanity
Visceral faith was your salvation
Encompassing all vain materialism
Lenitive of the corporal punishment 
Illuminating a hope encrypted in a
Necropolis of suppressed ideas 
Extruding life from deep darkness  
Seeping rain from saturated soil
Sedative of every entombed soul

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Jack Frost-Acrostic

J anuary's cold makes December feel like spring!
A lways wanting it to be warm, but left yearning
C ause the ice and snow in the beginning
K eeps me excited, but depression starts winning

F or winter although beautiful, is far too long
R eminders of summer a distant memory now
O nly Jack Frost is now on patrol
S lowly, oh so slowly he releases control
T hen the frozen wasteland, yields to spring again.

For Shadow Hamilton's Jack Frost contest.
December 03, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Lost Love

L ife without you is not the same
O ut in the dark alone
S till hear the echo of your name
T aunted by the unknown

L ost without your loving touch
O nly you can give to me
V oid now, I miss you so much
E veryone can see

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2012

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The distance between shadow and light

Light means 
That a shadow will soon dissect it 
At just the right angle. 
This lonesome man wonders 
Did mr. Williams see it coming?  
Or was it more of an illusion  
As it may sometimes seem..
I think he grasped it 
Because it's beacon was so eternal 
And I think his recourse, 
Like an artist, 
Will continue to fall at 
The feet of those 
That will learn the distance 
Between shadow and light. 

RIP Robin Williams. We miss u!

Copyright © Steven Riley | Year Posted 2014

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Whispering heartache unfolds in torture
Incisions decorate the outside of you
See the river of lost hope unfold in a pond of red
How many will know you are dead

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2012

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O ut of control
I t shouldn't have happened
L ots of destruction

S hame on BP
P lease stop this disaster
I irrate and upset
L ots is at stake
L oss of God's creations

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2010

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Negative Self Talk

Failure is a funny old thing
All of your worst fears take to wing
Lies you have told yourself more than once
Leak right into your brain, like a sponge
Intelligent though you may be
Never a light in the tunnel you'll see
Giving up or just giving in
Always seems easier when
People you meet won't be kind 
Always bringing the worst to your mind
Recalling the beast you have been
Telling and retelling you of your every sin.

Copyright © Michael Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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Across Ticks of Losing

Menaced by a triumphant chanting of lament
Entrancing the soul of Hades’ kin
Missed eruptions of the sensory nerves
Onomatopoeic of hollow gongs 
Resonating, maimed through the indescribable facets of
Your  forgotten youth.

Adjudged 3rd Place in Black Eyed Susan's Acrostic Contest
© 07-31-2012

Copyright © Glenn Sentes | Year Posted 2012

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Before I Die

Before I go, please know it was for the best that I do this.
Explain to me first why are you giving up? 
Frantic decisions are destroying any hope I have for us.
Or is this not my fault?
Really think about it and be honest.
Eternity can be ended with four simple words.

I don't love you

Don't give up on me, please listen to the truth first.
I swear I love you and I always will. 
Eliminate any anger and accept that we were both wrong and realize you do love me...before I die.

Copyright © Jade Smith | Year Posted 2013

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The End

Dancing around me day after day,
Enraging me with all the words that I say,
All my thoughts center on where I will end,
Tired and lonely, with only Death as a friend;
Hopefully it all stops with His kiss.

Copyright © TE Andre | Year Posted 2014

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Victory is Contagious

Vanity and insanity 
Is who I was and am - victory is contagious but has its pros and cons...its negative and positive effects in the long run - sometimes, you don't win 1st place, but last place or in between or whatever place you land in luckily - fortune and fame is not meant for everyone said my best friend a few weeks everything actually...
Crazy cool and yet, a wise fool
Torn apart, God save me...Jesus, let me be in your bus
Odium of sodium gets my heart pumping in demented glee...
Radiant as the sun, yet disoriented as the tornado; Grey Shame as the moon, I'm a titaniumb bard that goes with his pen flow
Yet, it's dark as the dusk...when my mind is light as the dawn 

Issues weaken...bones of my feelings break...don't worry so much about me, carry on...shining sun and be free and flee...
Shame embraced me, never leaving my presence....shame embraced you, never leaving your presence...making your strengths weaknesses all over again...what goes around comes back around round round round ...lost and found...

Cold to the core without your desire fire 
Over-hyper-excited-nervous about the rain we are getting in California haha the rain I thought was hale - what the hale is going on? Get it? 
Nothing much going on in this cell I call haven...I'm speaking to my only friend, solitude, who socializes with me daily and nightly 
Tired of flirting with people who end up taking it to the wrong's part of my personality, I can't change what's a part of me...unless God corrects me on the matter which would be taken more than a flatter...thanks for the downpour of water for California who lacked it forever...
A sense of neglect and acceptance holds onto me still as I look out my windowsill...look right through the pane and there, you'll run into my lane of reigning-over-me acid rain pain 
Glory and grace be to God Most High...I'm so guilty for the sins I've committed; please..oh please forgive me...I beg for your forgiveness...
Isolated in iced up islands of my igloo ideas...zzzzing in my bed of ice and winter frost and snow and all that freezing fire you cursed me with with things that are not what I desire or admire 
Oh...don't leave me hanging on the last rope of hope...I'm eating the soy of joy and no one ain't stopping me from being me - a wild, innocent boy...not tainted with abominations of virginity lost in caves of shied away braves
Under your spell and above your wished me heaven when I was sent to hell... you gave me a vivacious voice that sends people vibrant vibes as gracious and glorious as the voice of the admirable Adele...
Saturated in tomorrow sorrows and my yesterdays are doused in dismay...but hey, I'm still alive and well and fighting with my might, away from my comfort shell...I'm surviving and arriving almost done...but still an 18 year old, a masterpiece left undone - half moon and half sun...but I'm a masterpiece in the making, I'm victoryholic, for my white and black checkered contagious - so is my boredom disease (get a victory vaccination, baby crazy cool crew...don't gang up on me...Just leave me be with my Earnings, never emptee)

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Hatred Never Felt So Good

Haphazard chaos became the norm.
Attention Deficit Disorder brought the storm
Throw in a little hyperactivity and boys.
Rip roaring commotion and a disarray of toys.
Every action challenged serenity.
Drama pierced peaceful woodlands rowdily. 

Never did their pain elicit such hatred.
Every shout was hurtful, unthinking, and mean.
Vulnerability increased; love lost its sheen.
Endless name-calling wrought two boy’s punches.
Respectable young brothers forgot to love.
Family split asunder by parental blunder. 
Excruciating pain filled their children’s brain.
Love was offered; rejection brought hate.
The children cried; victims of the state. 
Social services skillfully dismantled parental bonds.
Ordering a gambit of activities; family love absconds. 
Guilty or not, it did not matter; love was marked.
Opportunity to hate had opened every door.
Ordinarily, the boys had been happy and respectful.
Dismantled; hatred never felt so good.

Copyright March 10, 2014
Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Love or Hate pick a subject #2 – 
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton

Form: Acrostic with Rhyme

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2015