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Tinsel sparkling on trees that toys lie beneath,
Holly with berries and the hanging of the wreath.
Everything is red and ever-green.

Hearth and home are comforting;
Evening is nigh.
As the snow begins to flurry,
Radiant we see the stars in the sky

Oh, Holy Night the angels sang beneath one special star. Can you
Feel the way the shepherds felt back then so long ago?

Commercialism of the Yuletide season,
However, was never supposed to be the
Is there something different that we
Should be doing?
Take a moment to reflect. What really matters?
Make a promise to the babe whose birth you celebrate
At this precious time.  Do for others the whole year long and
Share your heart!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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W-hen the fullness of time had come, Jesus was born behind an Inn in a cave-like stable.
I-n the Inn there was no room for the Son of God, no room for the Saviour of men.
S-tar was shining so bright above the stable for the shepherds to find their way to Him.
E-ven angels proclaimed His birth to those shepherds "Unto you is born this day."
M-anger is where Mary and Joseph first laid him.  It was filled with hay.
E-very animal there must have known that their Creator had come that day. 
N-o one knew the depth of love God had, to give His Son to dwell among men.
S-ame star guided three kings from the Orient, who studied the stars and heavens.
T-hese wise men from the East came saying "Where is He that is born King"
I-n their hands they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrr.
L-ike these three wise men, wise men still seek him today! 
L-ove is the reason that God sent His only Begotton Son into the world to save us.
S-eeking for you and me, yes God was seeking for us because we had left Him.
E-veryone, yes, all we like sheep have gone astray. Everyone to his own way.
E-ach one has to make his on decision to follow Him or not to follow Him.
K-ing, born to be a King. King of the ages. King of the past. King of the future.

H-eaven, He came from Heaven to earth to show us the right way.
I-niquity, the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
M-elody, He gives us a sweet melody, we sing many songs of praise to Him.
T-ree, A Christmas tree, the love that Jesus had for us, to die on a tree.
O-nly one life and how soon it passes. Only in life can we accept His Love.
D-eliverance, He came from Heaven to preach deliverance to the captives.
A-cknowlege Him and accept Him. Behold now is the accepted time.
Y-ou, Yes, this Christmas Love was for You.  Will You accept this love?

For Brian Strands Christmas Love contest.

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

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Candies, Christmas songs and presents

Held me one time in their thrall.

Reunions, however, had true Christmas essence

In that childhood I recall

So fondly, but nowadays it seems

Too many folks I used to know have

Moved on or passed away. My dreams

Are not the same, but family

Still rules in this happiest of holidays for me!

for the What Does Christmas Mean to You Contest of Matt Caliri

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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C... Christ is being born on Christmas Day.
H...He will bring love and joy to the world.
R...Remember to honor Him this day.
I...Imagine Him in the Manger.
S...So many years ago it happened on a cold day.
T...Today He will bring us blessings.
M...May you open to Him your heart.
A...Always and forever praise Him.
S...Spread His cheer everywhere.

D...Don't stay away from Him.
A...Always worship in His name.
Y...You won't regret it, don't be ashamed.

Written by Lucilla M.Carrillo

For Christmas Joy Contest by Nathan a.

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2012

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© Demetrios Trifiatis
    20 DECEMBER 2013

*Merry Christmas to you and to your families my friends!
  May the newborn Christ guide and protect all of you!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2013

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Haul back from Winter Fairy land the wondrous Christmas tree
Open up the boxes with bright ornaments and all the trimming.

Hear the kids shout for Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman oh so merry.
Obedient they are too, like little elves, with visions of toys, their joy brimming

Harness up the horses; get the sled. It’s Jingle bells time for you and me.
Over the snow, the sleigh bells ring. Memories like these will not be dimming.

Written Dec. 14, 2016 for the HO HO HO Contest of Eve Roper

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Just as snow begins to drift and fall
Outside still my lover comes to call
Yes the fire is toasty warm,and bright
On my rug we curl up nice and tight
For awhile we kiss and murmur sweet
Casually he gets me on my feet
Hanging in the door there's mistletoe
Reaches for me as our feelings grow
In his arms he twirls me and I sway
Soon we realize Santa's on his way!
Tree lights twinkle bright across the room
Merry Christmas on our lips does bloom
At long last I unfold from his arms
Softly pull away from all his charms
Let us give each other just one gift
On to pretty packages we drift
Very soon it will be Christmas Day
Ending the night,we listen for that sleigh!

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2010

Details | Acrostic |
Calling up the reasons
Happiness all around
Reaching deep and giving
Into hearts unbound
Sealing all the cards
To get them there on time 
Making all the cookies
A favorite of mine
Season of spirit and hope

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2009

Details | Acrostic |
19 December 2010

Christmas Wreath

C  ircle band of lights indicating halo
H  alo of hope to continue the whole year round
R  ound in shape flows youthful spirit to ingest
I  ngesting strong hold to never separate
S  eparation comes when leaves fall and lights taken
T  aken from ancestors to mundify
M  undify a sagging spirit in a genial abask
A  bask we get skylight kindling satisfaction 
S  atisfaction to be God’s creation in this world

W  orld as a whole is the people in raceme 
R  aceme with flowers on stalks that entwine
E  ntwine fresh wounds to heal  and feel amorous
A  morous display in every life’s threshold 
T  hreshold for welcoming visitors every hour
H  ours countdown soon will be Christmas and New Year to share to everyone

Merry Christmas to all.

Copyright © Noel Villarosa | Year Posted 2010

Details | Acrostic |

     C hristmas is always in our hearts

     H appily we remember as we gather

     R round our table for the feast

     I nto each others hands we hold

     S miling and giving thanks for our blessings

     T ogether once again praising all that is sacred

     M others fathers sisters brothers lovers friends

     A ll bowing our heads

     S ilently in remembrance of his birthday...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2011

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Bargains galore!
Lots of people out shopping
All looking for that special gift
Carrier bags bulging
Keep an eye on the spending

Frazzled tempers
Riots break out
I got the LAST one
Don’t ever want to go shopping again
All I want is to go home
Yipee  ... only 365 days till we do it all over again!!!

Jan Allison
27th November 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |
L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

Copyright © Anna-Marie Docherty | Year Posted 2009

Details | Acrostic |
C is for the Christ child, born this glorious day
H is for Hallelujah! Sing His praise!
R is for rejoicing in our Saviors birth
I is for incredible merriment and mirth
S is for salvation, shining as a star
T is for triumphant shouts from near and far
M is for the magic sparkling in a child’s eyes
A is for the Angels singing praises on high
S is for our Savior upon whom we rely.

Copyright © Trudy Diane Rider | Year Posted 2009

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Come listen to a tale of lessons learned.
How I now cringe remembering when  I
Reached up and touched a red-clad elf and turned
Idyllic moments to a time to cry!
Such ignorance! My grandson told me that
To touch an elf will break the magic spell.
My pleas to be forgiven all fell flat
At first. I'm glad to say things turned out well.
Sweet letters to irked elves can sometimes be

Enough to bring their Christmas magic back.
Long flights to Santa Claus can guarantee
Victorious good kids. Gifts--they won't lack.

Each time I see that little elf, I make
Sure I don't touch it so no hearts will break.

The Elf on the Shelf, a book by Carol  Aebersold and Chanda Bell, tells of little elf figures that show up at young children's houses just after Thanksgiving, observe the children's behavior, fly to the North Pole nightly till Christmas Eve to report to Santa, fly back, and land in a new spot each time. The elf is NOT to be touched.

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2015

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Christ Child
Almighty God

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Acrostic |
Christ is born
He's in the manger
Reigning from His humble stall
Immanuel, come to reedeem us
Salvation, here for one and all
Tenderly his mother holds him
Men will seek the newborn King
Angels praise the God of glory
Shepherds, wise men, gifts to bring

Love from Heaven shines now on us
Over hill and valley bright
Victory's song rings through the ages
Ever since that blessed night

*For submission in Brian's contest

Copyright © Donna Golden | Year Posted 2009

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Choking back the tears when I
Hear the tiny children singing Christmas carols
Reaching out to friends and relations 
I haven’t seen all year but sending them my news in cards
Sitting round the festive dining table with my loved ones with
Thoughts of those who are no longer with us
Miracle on 34th street on the television
And hearing White Christmas on the radio
Seeing the smiles on little faces when Santa has been

Contest: What does Christmas mean to me
Sponsor: Matt Caliri


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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S taying up late making 
A n afternoon poker game
C ramming together in a small 
R eminding the young ones 
how bad we used to have it
I nclement weather can’t keep 
siblings apart
F amily getting together, 
sharing great memories
I ntroducing my son to cousins 
he has never met
C radling the young ones as 
they try to wait up for Santa
E xpressing our love through 
cards, gifts, calls, sweets, and 

Inspired by brians contest "love 
came down"

Copyright © Abe Lopez | Year Posted 2009

Details | Acrostic |
Christmas is a magical time of year
happy faces break into smiles of joy
reveling in celebration and cheer.
In the malls kids ask Santa for a toy
swearing they've been exceptionally good
though parents believe they can do better.
Mindful to check his list twice, as he should
and donning an ugly Christmas sweater
Santa is anxious to get under way.
Magic reindeer fly high above the ground 
alighting on rooftops with Santa's sleigh
gliding from house to house without a sound.  
In the hearts of the children fast asleep  
Christ’s birthday’s one tradition they'll keep.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

Details | Acrostic |
Happy Holidays to all,  as we rejoice and celebrate
A time of magic and wonder in our lives to date
People of all nations joyously cheering
Partaking and enjoying the delights so endearing
Yule logs in the fire abundantly blazing
Heavenly warmth through the hearth, so amazing
Ornaments and tinsel dancing on the tree
Lights brightly sparkling sharing so much glee
Indulging all the senses with wonder and amazement
Drawing family in with love and jubilation, quietly
Announcing their arrival with  hearts full of praise 
Young ones having so much fun entertaining everyone
Silent becomes the night, with heavenly peace and calm for days

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine | Year Posted 2014

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Candles, chocolates and a bottle of chardonnay 
Heralding the eve of Christmas day
Rollicking good fun is in the air
Icy outside but who gives a care
Surprises all gaily wrapped
To a song that someone's just rapped
Mistletoe hangs in the hall
And the clock ticks slowly on the wall
Santa Clause is coming to call

Dancing lights on the tree
A time of merriment for you and me
Young ones singing merrily.

© Hazel

Copyright © Hazel Connelly | Year Posted 2012

Details | Acrostic |
C radled in a manger in
H eavens light so pure
R ejoicing with the angels
I n needed times for sure
S omething beautiful happened
T hat cold winter night
M any would come to know Him
A s the way, the truth, the life
S ee, on that special night

L ow and behold
O ne child was born of Mary as
V isions had foretold
E ternal life His promise; Jesus came to save our souls

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*For Brian’s “Love Came Down” contest

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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EPIPHANY - Acrostic

They came from the East, the three wise men, 
Following a star that Prophesied a King,
A Shepherd of Israel Immanuel his name, in a
Stable in Bethlehem Precious gifts and adoration.
'I'd like to worship!', Herod declared.
Until in a dream the Astrologers were warned.
God’s gift of love for New Year, as foretold,
is Christ the heart of Yuletide and light of the world.

by Jean McLoughlin

Copyright © Jean McLoughlin | Year Posted 2016

Details | Acrostic |
C-Christmas harmony is in the air,
H-Holly hanging over the doors with care.
R-Remembering those who have gone on,
I- I long for the days when, they were all at home. 
S-Softened glow of warmth coming from the fire pit,
T-Together snuggled as ever so closely we sit.
M-Mama is reading Twas' The Night Before Christmas,
A-As Dad sits in his chair eager for blissfulness.
S-Sweet dreams of sugar plums in silent stare,
M-Memories and stockings are hung everywhere.
A-Angels are singing upon on high,
G-Girls and Boys are rubbing their sleepy eyes.
I- I am ready for Christmas magic to come,
C-Caroling to remove the year's ho hum.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

Details | Acrostic |
Has much joy and celebration,
Rolled into twenty-four hours of elation.
It echoes with laughter,
Sees caring, generosity and love scatter.
Too much food and drink,
May ruin it for some;
As it ends the heartburn, will come; 
Set in for the night; to dreams we’ll succumb.

For children,
Each one is filled with magical
Surprises galore,
That, for each child,
Invokes memories of the previous ones while.
Very often it also
Invokes and joy and mirth; even
The holy family’s’ stay at, the 
Inn and Christ’s miraculous birth.
Everyone does not celebrate it; but they will break bread;
Some celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan or Quanzaa instead.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |
Altogether gathered
Table full of food

Choir sings a carol
Happy is the mood
Rooftop covered in snow
Icicles hang to
Santa’s brought the prezzies
Two or three for you
Massive turkey in the stove
Absent friends we toast
Soupers all are writing

Although they hate to boast
Nothing like an angel
Decorates the tree

Now is the Xmas season
Everyone can see
Wishing peace upon the earth 

Yuletides greetings 
Everlasting mirth
As we drift on another year
Regards I send you and all those you hold dear

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012

Details | Acrostic |
Children so excited, they cannot sleep, 
hoping Santa will leave lots of new toys.
Rudolph guides the sleigh in snow crisp and deep 
Is he visiting these good girls and boys?
Silently Santa creeps into the house,
to leave presents under the Christmas tree.
Moving around as quiet as a mouse
at midnight; when sleeping children can’t see.
Soon children wake to see if Santa’s been,

many wishing for the toys of their dreams.
All glad that their Christmas letters were seen
Giggling happily; hear their joyful screams.
I  reminisce on my own childhood days,
carefree and simple in so many ways.

Checked with how many syllables
Contest: A Christmas sonnet acrostic
Sponsor Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |
~Oh Holy Christmas Day~
( Hotan/ Acrostic)

The snow is  falling
Christmas Day is almost here
A most blessed time to spend 
With family 
Let your heart rejoice
Jesus came 
In manger was born
Wonderful star announced his
Birth all through the sky.

Christmas day
Holy day, when Baby Jesus was born
Right here it is, enjoy it this day
In a day like this He came down to earth
Santa Claus worship him all the way too
Tender day, oh Holy night
Most wonderful time of the year when you 
And I let our voices sing songs to our Lord and
Saviour because He came to save us all

Day oh what a wonderful time when all the
Angels on heaven and on earth rejoice, a day when
You and I join our hearts and voices to celebrate that our King was born.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's Notes:

 This whole poem is composed of two poetry forms or styles, and both written separately.
 First it is the Hotan, which is a Japanese style of some sort. And then right after and below it is the one written in the Acrostic form.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

Details | Acrostic |
 S-  Silent
 N-  Nostolgic
 O-  Opalesent
 W-  Winter's harvest
 F-   Fabulous
 L-   Lumminesent
 A-  Arksending
 K-  Kraftingly coledged
 E-  Earth things
 S-  Snowfall

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

Details | Acrostic |
C hristians around the world
H ail His holy name
R evel in His glory
I  n our souls, He dwells forever
S eek the Lord our God
T ears He shed for our sins
M any a sinner shall be saved
A ll doubters will soon believe
S avior to one and all...

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2009