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A Tribute to Breast Cancer

Today, I take this walk
A walk for the cure
I will stand for the ones 
Who sees life as a blur
Finding out the the most devastating news
Feeling upset,hurt and confused
A disease that affects the body
It makes you feel strange 
Adapting to A new life 
Adapting to A new change
Chemotherapy, radiations
So many trials and tribulations
My heart goes out to what you're facing
I'll wear this ribbon ?? with pride
And if you ever need a friend
I'll be right by your side 
It takes a lot to understand
That this illness wont get the upper hand 
A transformation you did go through
Lumps in your breast
Losing your hair, wearing wigs this is something new
No longer knowing who you are
In our hearts you're still a star
It takes Courage, even when you feel discouraged 
It takes faith, even when you cant see clear
You are our Hope
From the climbing of a rope
You are the strength
You are strong
You fought this battle
But not alone
A moment of silence 
Goes to the ones who didn't survive
You were great
We'll continue to keep your legacy alive
I salute you, yes I do
No more suffering or pain
We release these balloons 
In honor and remembrance of your name
With these two feet
I walk  for You
Susan G. Komen and so many others
You are my inspiration
You have did everything its taken
You're amazing this is true
The Illness cant get the best of you 
Women oh no ?? this is not just for you
Men are known to get it to
I love you and you have all my respect
Do me a favor everyone please go get checked!!!!!!

Written By:Concetta Hardnett

Copyright © concetta hardnett | Year Posted 2015

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There is freedom in her beauty.  A confidence that comforts me deep in my soul.  I am in awe.  Purely.  She may as well be flying, I cannot take my eyes from her wings that spread wide as the sky.  Her song is deep and disciplined; at her command.  The places in my gut that ache she shares and makes words where there were none.  It's as if we've known each other before.  Pieces of our souls belong to one another.  So extraordinary but reachable through the humanity in her eyes.  A sadness a deepness that resonates with me.  It is within me.  Sadness within the womb of woman, scars on the heart always leave behind more than ruined tissue.  She gets that.  She gets me.  A superstar, the world cannot take their eyes off her.  She is a flame, the view of the ground from the roof.  Inarguably gorgeous, striking whether in her bare feet or the latest fashion.  Her sexy is audacious, admirably we watch, when it's over we are inspired to be sexier.  With a flip of big hair she becomes demure without parting with her sexiness.  She is what woman is.  So feminine while so in charge.  The stage rumbles underneath her feet.  She smiles into the crowd.   A smile that the millions of dollars of lights behind her cannot compete with. 
A smile that speaks
Saying... there is no place she eos rather be. 
Her love of melody of sing of the release that comes with belting out your feelings becomes my love.   We are strangers but in a heavenly moment we become one. 
Sisters of the soul.   Girlfriends.   Her greatest gift to me is her strength.

Copyright © Zen reed | Year Posted 2015

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A Mother's Intuition

As life is created from her womb
Bountiful preparation is needed
Charisma, duty, and love
Develop the best care offered
Ecstatic for recording memorabilia
For such experiences occur only once
Given the opportunity to successfully grow
Home redefines as “elsewhere besides the abode”
Ill from separation
Joy still remains in the love connection
Kept in touch through messages of endearment
Life becomes more heartwarming
Mothers nurture endless dreams

*Since Mother's day is nearby, this poem is for all of the caring and devoted mothers out there!:) 

Copyright © Michael Mitchell | Year Posted 2013

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Just a day
“Good Night Mom and Dad” I said before I went to bed. “We love you” they said as they closed the door
Mom comes in and wakes me up “Time to go to school” as my feet hit the floor
I got dressed and ate breakfast and got my book bag and now we are on the go
We sit in the car listening to music “It’s Friday I think I’m a little excited tho
“Alright baby we here” as mom open the door to let me get out
She closed the door and kissed me on the head told me she loved me before she pulled off
Another day of school and it close to Christmas
I can’t wait to see Ashley and Alexus, today is show and tell as I said in a whisper
We had learning center day and Boy! Was it fun!
Today was a free day and on Friday there isn’t much to learn
The room was quite when the was a knock at the door, the door opened
A man with a big gun was standing there; my classmates panicked and started to run
I heard a lot of noises and a lot of screams
I felt a sharp pain in my back as I dropped to my knees
In the distant I heard more screams and then everything went silent
Then I closed my eyes it went dark and on the cold floor I was dying
The other side
It’s Thursday night and off to bed we go 
I kiss my 5 year old son Jaden and told him I loved him so
Alarm clock goes off and it’s around 6:15 in the morning 
I shower got dress and woke up Jaden my little darling
Its Friday, I fixed him breakfast and we headed out for the this last day until the weekend
I enjoyed our little drives to school as we sat in the car singing
I opened the door to let him out once more
Kissed him on the head and told him I loved him ill pick him up around four
I’m at work drinking coffee just talked to my husband on the phone
Got at my desk started to work and the my office phone rung
It’s about 9:30 and it was Jaden’s school
I got the news he was dead and I started to puke
I’m crying uncontrollably don’t know my next move
My son is dead, I can’t believe this news
I hurried to the school in the best of my ability 
I saw the school surrounded by medics, reporters, and police
I ran to a officer and demanded to see my son
He said “I’m sorry ma’am” I can’t do this at this time
At 9:32 my one and only son Jaden was pronounced dead
The shooter was 20 and took my son’s life in his own hands
The questions continue to flow through my head as I search for answers
I don’t need answers I need my son and his laughter
I am now sitting on his bed trying to swallow tears
My husband holds me close as reality nears
My little boy is gone among the other 19 kids
Heaven has 20 new angels now I hope he knew how much I love him  as much as  I did

(To the innocent lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting)

Copyright © Stefanie Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Veterans Of Our Heart

Veterans Of Our Heart

Many Men and Women for generations have joined the Military to fight for freedom of all, 
Many have been injured physically and mentally never to be the same. 
There are many many Soldiers who have died for our freedom To Be free. 
Our Soldiers are still standing tall no matter how hard the task . 
They are there. 
They have never let us down . 
They are all heros in my eyes and my love for them will remain ever so strong. 
So Veterans never have any doubt that noone appreciate you for what you have given up to pertect us all. 
Heres to you all Thank you Thank you  Thank You 
For being there On this Veteran's day and all year round 
Love to you all 

by Carmella Adkins Hohner 

Copyright © carmella hohner | Year Posted 2015

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twenty years ago you came to Berean and as pastor took up the reins
you've led us on a spiritual journey and we've never been the same
and like the Brooklyn Bridge your foundation has stood the test of time
you preach to us the Gospel and demonstrate to us God's Kind
like the Brooklyn Bridge you stretch out your hands and bring people together
you've showed us how to be better fishers of men in any and all types of weather

it's maroon and not burgundy that is your favorite color of preference
and if any one should ever ask you why you'll give them the historical reference
you're passionate in your preaching and teaching of the word of God
and when you give the proclamation we feel it coming from your heart

twenty years ago you were the youngest man to ever take up the towel of service
it was your God-given destiny to serve Berean in this purpose
twenty years ago you and your family to Brooklyn did arrive
and blessed us with a leadership that has made Berean thrive

twenty years ago and not many would ever have perceived 
that you would be the perfect pastor that Berean could ever receive
CONGRATULATIONS on achieving this milestone 
and may you have another 20 years and more

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2009

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LOVE is Cosmic cause it spells with four Letters individually
L meaning longevity for
O meaning Obtusely with
V meaning Virtuosity behind
E meaning Expression
When others give LOVE a different impression 
Its force could either lead or leave you into depression,
Perhaps using it correctly will fulfill you with an erection 
Or leave the ****** to stain an imprint,
The power behind LOVE created is infinite 
Once you believe in love it will show its magnificence,
Perhaps to know LOVE is undiscovered, 
Cause they're many whom live covered 
With a LOVE to hate,
But to teach you what LOVE is can be a huge mistake,
You should learn what it is through faith,
While your fate leans toward a truthful obligation,
Or having LOVE is our mental masturbation,
Because to determine LOVE should be measured through signs,
Using only four words to spell out to mean LOVE last for a very long time.

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

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Model A's

      Model  A’s   ( Poem )

Vintage cars that are so old
Classic beauties with stories told

Some with Rumble seats in tow
Owners of these want to show

Antiques from late 20's and 30's
Shined right up and never dirty

Came in only four standard colors
Nine body styles were uncovered

Popular Roadster and Town Car
Four cylinders that worked hard

Sliding gear conventional 3-speed
65 was the top it could keep

First car to have safety glass
Come watch them all drive past

By: Doris Anne Beaulieu

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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"I am a woman phenomenally.Phenomenal woman,that's me." Maya Angelou.

The first time i read your poetry,back in my early teens,i knew the kind of a woman and the kind of a poet i wanted to be.

The light of your life will forever shine on me,the fire of your writes will forever burn and Your name will forever be encrypted on my heart.

May your legend transverse the unlimited span of time.

You were my idol,and the greatest poetess on my list.
I am honored to have lived in your era!

May you rest in eternal peace.

Copyright © PENINNAH NGANGA | Year Posted 2014

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Praying for a Pulse

Innocent lives lost and critically injured by the hands of a Maniac who couldn't stand to see a Man kissing another Male figure.

Why must there be so much hatred accompanied by Religious war ? Correct me if I'm wrong but last I heard there was only 1 Almighty Lord.

You attack us with intent to instill fear failing to realize that when a sleeping Giant rises, America will be a force to reckon with bringing to life your worst unimaginable fear.

Fear not Guns Ammunition and Weaponry in general for they are all lifeless pieces of metal, For those objects only cause destruction via hands of the soulless and heartless waste of semen with his or her finger on the trigger.

I pray for America and United States Territories to unite and band together and show these terrorist that We shall be stronger than ever with God in our souls. Whether White, Black, Latino, Asian, Gay Straight or switched gender roles may we be united by Heart and a Thunderous Pulse. ™©

By: Shawn Muñoz

Copyright © Shawn Munoz | Year Posted 2016

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Street Soldier

My baseball cap is my helmet and my Nike's are my boots, 
My country is my hood and my colors on my flag are niether red white or blue, 
My weapon of choice is my two hands, 
sometimes it can be whatever when I am threatened with a great fall from my stand,
 I have no general or soldiers but I have family and above all I got heart. 
My battlegrounds remain in my own home and sometimes even in the local Wal-Mart.
 Every inch of my hood is up for friendly fire, 
Violence remains apart of life around here searching for peace is far from desire,
 Everyday remains but another day someone will die, 
but more importantly is that another mother, brother, sister or father will cry.
 But I am a street soldier so I am prepared for anothers or worse yet my own demise,
 And as a street soldier I must keep the battle in check, no not with what I see with my two eyes, but what war is really going on inside the mind,
 My battles dont come from without but from within......I am a street soldier fighting through time.....

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Cancer Treatment Center Of America

To all the employees of Cancer Treatment Center of America Southeastern regional Medical center 
With all of your smiles and kindness and splendor 
I would like to say thank you so very much
It has been many years since my heart has been touched  
No matter the employee and no matter their rank 
And this is the reason I want to thank
I haven’t been treated this nicely by anyone in many years
And all of your smiles and kindness never brought a tear
Any concern or worry that I may have had you quickly put to ease
All of it you resolved and it was not a tease
Any time I had a question it was answered right away
And because of all this it always made for a great day
All of you seemed to care about me though 
Even if it was me that you did not know
If I didn’t know better it would seem we were all long lost relatives
All of you are very nice and none of you negative
But all of your smiles and kindness made it almost seem like heaven 
All of you nice and pleasant
Never have I experienced such compassion and care from total strangers not known 
But the way all your employees acknowledge us all does not leave us alone 
So this Medical center is simply the best and the nicest of them all
No other place is at all like this I recall
And all of your employees will never forget or fail
Any of the patients whom they treat exceedingly well

Copyright © MICHAEL KOLTER | Year Posted 2015

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All my life I have been on a journey
I was in search for refreshment
I ran in circles yet I could not pin point it
Scars of deception took a toll on me

A pit opened ready to swallow me
Worldly nobles could not save me 
I listened because I believed they possess light 
I suffered scars in their hands

They promised me haven an earth
They hold no keys to haven, no access to everlasting life
They blinded me with their philosophies
I suffered scars in their tongues

Without fear they declared his sickness as a calling by my father
Boastfully they claimed my brother’s life to my father
My father is not responsible of his demise
I suffered scars of their pretences.

God does not take delight in someone dying
God has a way to redeem us from the one causing death 
God is love, an abundance of love because his love.
If you knew, you were not going to suffer the scars you suffered.

Copyright © Bongani Zungu | Year Posted 2012

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I Will Never See Them Again

“Abide with me . . . , as the darkness deepens,
When earth’s joy grows dim . . . , its glory passes away,
Through darkness and sunshine . . . , oh, abide with me!” 
Repeatedly invoking the grace of God to wash away pains and sorrows,
And also harmonizing in the background with the force that illuminated
The nighty skies echoed this hymn, sounds of instruments and drums!
I will never see those slain guardians of law again,
To share those precious moments,
Like we used to do in the living years!

In that sweltering evening atmosphere,
Police officers in uniform had to hold back tears while saluting,
When widowed spouses, children, colleagues
And parents of police officers laid wreaths to honour
Their loved ones who laid down their lives protecting ours,
In honour of their call to serve and protect us.
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments,
Like we always used to do in the living years!

Four South African Police Service helicopters carrying the National Flags,
Hovered above the Union Building, as the Police Code of Conduct,
Was acknowledged by the Minister of Police, a sign of
Selflessness of the police officers, who died on line of duty,
And a pledge by all who live on (a norm in the South African Police Services!)
But how much longer do we have to see these guardians of law murdered this way?
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we used to do in the living years!

As the flag was flown at half-mast at the Union Building 
All stood up motionless, their eyes directed at the flag,
Amid the deafening silence of the evening atmosphere,
Some sighed, sounds of grief audible, tears oozed
From some of the friends, family members and colleagues,
Thinking of hardships of living without their loved ones.
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we used to do in the living years!

Mixed emotions were invoked as friends and family members
Of the deceased were finally walked the red carpet,
In honour and respect, as others` bright shining pride
Lit up the Union Building, others sobbed with great grief,
Despair and deep sorrow during this moving ceremony,
The South African Police Service Commemoration day!
I will never see them again,
To share those precious moments
Like we always used to do in the living years!

Copyright © SIMON M MATLOU | Year Posted 2012

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amy thanks

as you go back in there and makeing the point  heard  what you come to say is .
As I stand here thinking there's no more screaming,  but most of all no more blood spilling of our loved ones.

But same time congratulating the surviving, and tears begin falling  for the  fallen. 

But as the living walk out of the war, getting back home, they get honoring and huge respects for defending their country. 

As some go  using as a excuse.  for there action filling  their blues. 

But as we grieve over fallen loved one's, we embrace the flag's image and meaning, which comes to be as  becoming a solider and defending the country, the land of the free, and home of the brave.

We shall conquer if we must, when our cause is just. 

but as others  rely on no kind of trust, only power and making the country full of  cowards.  

As living with  no trust or ruling, it puts a wrong impression of those who  have fallen, bringing out a view that their death meant nothing.  

But as they fall or crawl, their name is respected, glamoured, unlimited praise.

Every time the flag is raised, shall be given and praised when brought to saying.  

All the flags will forever  stay flying, symbolizing this  is land of the free, home of the brave, ready to unite and fight at any time, making the pain flee from our country.

So we need to give our military praise and  comfort as they survived the darkest times. 

As we give plenty of our thanking and gratitude that they're back home to  hold you.

But as time passes they're  a relaxen.

They  start to feel the effect on surviving, their life to defend our country  and still surviveing to tell there tell.
 as they hit the airport floors  the crowd begins to roar in excitement and relieaf  in there liveing return.

but  we will not ever for get   to give thx for to  whom that have fallen 

not just that  but  give are praises and thanks   also comfurt the familes of those sacraficeing  ther loved to keep freedom for all. 
just be thinking   the harder they fall the more the state rises not saying all falls stay at a crawl 
 but back to main fact as the sad lost gets over passed  not respeted for his or her doing  or should i say servings 
 but those  whove fallen and stayed to the ground  may be gone to others! but will all ways  b in r souls   power to  with stand and over come  the sorrow pain  the missiory

Copyright © Edward Guerrero | Year Posted 2015

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Time stood still,
Darkness seemed to overcome me,
When I received that call,
I made frantic calls to my relatives,
Trying to breathe out the sadness,

You had been hospitalized,
As the family gathered around,
we were busy like bees trying to seek the best treatment,
My world seemed to turn upside down,
Every day I had to visit you ,
Trying to make small talk,
Conversations in whispers,

Time stood still,
As days became nights,
In my eyes seasons seemed to come and go,
As we arranged for the surgery,
You woke up from that coma,
Only for a few seconds and minutes,

Sprayed tears, seemed forever in my eyes,
a thousand voices in my head,
I was in my own world,
As the day turned into night,
As the  blue moon emerged,
You passed away,
Gone forever from us,

My tears soaked my pillow at night,
I could see your pain, but could not let you go,
Now its been years,
My mum is not yet over your lose,
Sometimes vivid dreams come to me,
Remembering those old stories about our tribe,
Outside the fire place,

When the night was young and silence filled the air,
If wishes were horses,
I could wish to see you again ,
So you could brighten my smile granny,
These memories will remain painted in my mind,
What a sweet soul you were,
It’s sad the lord called you home,
To live grandpa behind,

Today I visit you once again,
To remember the good old times,
I can still feel your presence as the wind blows my sad tears away.

Copyright © Mash Mulla | Year Posted 2013

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The Graduate

The Graduate
Lionel Derbyshire

The twinkle in her eye
matched the passion
Of her amibitous heart
Today is grand
Today she graduates
Today she becomes
The Graduate.
She set her sight
To moist beautiful Cape
With only a pair of pump's
On her feet to climb
A mountain waiting her.
Her void at home
Became hard to bear
It was knowing to all
Her absence will
Become valour
When you all alone
She fought like
A bear with leopard grip
And bumped her storms
Elephant style.
Her rosy cheeks
In times hard
withered dispair
She kept on fighting
Back and forth
For one day 
she will become
The Graduate.
Her guide was God
Who held her hand.
She kept her smile
Throughout and changed
The colour of her pump's
Now her stage is set
For occasion graduate
Awaiting HER receive
A graduates degree
Her mountain she conquered.
Her sweet scented tale 
Is a lovely vapour to inhale
A daughter graduates
A parent's pride
A twinkle in a teary eye.

A twinkle ..
Start to finish
Her shining Glory
Amen GOD.

On the
9th June 2016 in
Cape Town.

Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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Full Life a Tribute to My Dad

Living a full life is a mile stone in it's self
You made your life the best it could be and was always there to help,

The good hearted person you were is what made everyone respect you
But, when it came to speaking your mind the words you spoke were true,

It takes an honest person to take the good with the bad
You were so right and now it makes me sad,

I know us kids had a dad that always tried to teach us right from wrong
And now that we are older we can see that what doesn't kill you makes you strong.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2012

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Her smile Mona lisa

Her beauty not Japanese
Or German
Not either English
Nor Irish
Her beauty not consumed in Bollywood
Or either tabbed in Hollywood
The beauty pure hidden her soul
Not words what could bear
Nor either colors can paint
But only I can say
Oh her smile's talk
Took my heart
Eyes twisted
Dark of night
To the dawn of Mona lisa

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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Poem 1 from the Silver Saffron Sage book

Number 1

5 travelers assisted with the 
Feeling the sun rise, praise
Life is short, daze
One candle lite
For the sake of freedom
Seven more wait there turn
Their turn to shine, burn
The heavenly sent of friendship 
Allows me true love
I am the hawk 
You are the dove

Copyright © Steven Gallegos | Year Posted 2012

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For your dad

You have guided me right from the start
So when I tell you that I love you I mean it with all my heart 
Your love and support along the way 
Is what has made who I am today 
You are a loving father in more ways than one 
And I'm so proud to be called your son
We have a father , Son  bond that can't be broken 
And to me this is a huge token 
You give so much and ask for nothing in return 
And that is what I have grown up to learn 
If everyone had a chance to have a father like you
The world would be so much better because of you 
I Love you DaD

Copyright © Belynda Holst | Year Posted 2012

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Loudest Words Spoken

There was once I knew an eccentric woman,
Though some may have called her strange,
Her actions were the loudest words spoken,
Each person she met experienced a change.

For some it may have been passing,
For others a lifelong trek.
For help she never was asking
On others she’d rather check.

Her love for her family and friends
Was more than words can express
To each event she was bound to attend
And she always had the best dress.

Though she is in heaven, smiling from above,
I’ll always remember that eccentric woman
Who taught me that family was a labor of love
And that actions were the loudest words spoken.

~ In loving memory of Mary Lee Weiler

Copyright © Brianna Picard | Year Posted 2014

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Woman In Worship


She speaks volume of what comes from within 
Her make up her dress her looks does not define her 
She draws from the well which overflow with God's mercy,kindness,love and favour.

She walks with her head held high even with no food to eat 

She just smiles because she knows her God will provide. 
Never hasty or worried she finds comfort on her knees. 
Woman in Worship  

Intimacy with God is her key 
Take note she aint ordinary 
And when the world look down on her 
God comes and lifts her up until the world starts to look up to her.

Favour suddenly surround her 
Favour starts to move with her 
Woman in Worship

Her smile says it all that glow which no one can define...... 
That is God's Glory

She has mountain moving faith 
No words can describe her but God knows her!!!!

You can try to analize but you will not be able to define her....

She is your woman in worship.

When people make fun of her and push her down God will not fail to protect her.

She is taking a step back in faith in her present state trusting that God is preparing a table in the presence of her enemies.

She smiles back at those who smiles with her but behind her back wait for her down fall.


Copyright © JESSICA ISAACS | Year Posted 2014

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Vintage Postal Stamp

Vintage Postal Stamp ( Poem )

Turn of the century Vintage Stamps
Traceable history make value enhance

Prices get higher as the years go by
Dream of finding one valued so high

Extremely fine with the perfect gum
Designer flaws bring high premium

Famous from error illustration
Collection of art inspiration

We are crazy for detailed graphics
Finding rare depends on the markets

Unused are the old collectibles
Their worth can be unbelievable

View history with a new focus
My playlist is something to notice

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Stuff of Poetry

Made from the stuff of verse
My soul bleeds imagery 
Fashioned with pen
Created with paper 
And moulded by word
I am the stuff of poetry

Cut by the
Pauses, rhymes and beats
That shaped me
Surrender to the hardened, ink-
infested fingers of my creator
My spirit was formed in her 
Poetry my maker

A descendant of zulu praise 
The daughter of sonnet and 
I was raised by slam, syllables, 
Tribute to the village that raised 
I am the stuff of poetry

Copyright © Tshego Khumalo | Year Posted 2014

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The Prophet

He was a great man, a "prophet".
Known by his real name "Japhet".
Started his ministry whilst in the market
Full of anointing like water filled in a "bucket".
Many words do not fill a "basket".
Preaching the word of God was his "mandate".
At his presence, demons would "vacate".
The word of God is sharper than a "machete".
A good man he was, a public "figure".
He never touched any "liquor".
The more he prayed, the more he became
Knowing that avoiding the word, he would become 
Every time he was in a closet like a Muslim
facing "mecca".
With a big heart, he carried peoples "burdens"
like a double decker.
He knew the obligation given by his "maker."

Copyright © khumbo kathumba | Year Posted 2016

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You can only be a player or a coach or a Referee, you can’t be all 3 in life.  
Sports has many rules, just play the Rules.
Do not Chew Tobago= Caner 
Fall your Heart in life
It does matter what number you wear, it the way play/act on the Field and off the field! 
Ned Corkery 9/25/14

Copyright © ned corkery | Year Posted 2014

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Full command




Copyright © Ediruma Edward Eric | Year Posted 2013

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The 10

From Sinai to my minds eye no promises made on the words you laid but a word from my soul they will be conveyed.
Let the Trumpet blast with smoke until the earthquake's for Mankind sake for these 10 we all break human mistakes but its all understood by the One and only GOOD! 
Right from the start he gave us mans best friend, his own name at that just in different order but not to worship them. Gave us the gift of crafting with our minds and hands with a warning not to create something to worship them. He gave us pathways for our cells to travel but not to take them in vain even though hardship pain or strains. He demands a day of rest as he did to reflect so keep it holy fore his eyes are clearly all knowingly. The first breath of spirit and life you were given by your parents so honor them even if they are not husband and wife. Take a life someone else's wife or something you didnt earn and you have cut his heart that will bleed through your knife. If you didn't see it even if you did you can't testify or say you can believe it. To admire and congratulate and not to hate because the only covet should be the covenant and then again maybe we shouldn't! So let it rain let it pour make the thunder roar but remember the 10 no less no more!

Copyright © Dustin Legan | Year Posted 2017