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Butterfly Alphabet

                   A Butterflies Cocoon Designed 
                        Eternally For Good

                   Hiding In Jaundiced Karts
                        Lingering Mutations

                   Never Once Being Parented
                        Quietly Restrained 

                   Seductively Tepid 
                        Until Vacating Wings
                              Xtend Youthful Zooms...


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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I Did It My Way

 I never chose the beaten path, I'ld walk on by then I'ld laugh.  I always walked my own way, I still do to this day.  I've lived a life with some regret, a little debt I have met.  However all in all it seems, I am richer than I'ld dreamed, you see the wealth and the greed never brought me to my knees.  For the love of life keeps me strong so much beauty all day long.  I guess to some it may seem, I did things my way,  I did indeed.


 June 10, 2014

Copyright © Kimberly Miller | Year Posted 2014

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I Am a Beautiful Person Inside and out
I Wonder If Anyone Else Can See
I Hear Good and Bad Things about Me
I See Smiles on Many Peoples Faces
I Want to Hug and Thank Them
I Am a Beautiful Person Inside and out
I Pretend I Am a Superstar
I Feel Sometimes the World Understands Me
I Touch Deep in Some Peoples Heart
I Worry Also I Know There Be Haters and Criticizers
I Cry with Pain If They Found out the Truth
I Am a Beautiful Person Inside and out
I Understand Not Everyone Sees Me That Way
I Say and Think Positive Things about Myself
I Dream of Being Accepted in this Sociality
I Try Not to Disappoint My Family and Friends
I Hope They Accept Me for Whom I Am to Be
I Am a Beautiful Person Inside and out
I Am a Trans gender

Copyright © rose allard | Year Posted 2015

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Life as a Butterfly

Life as a Butterfly 
Beautiful in every way 
Flying free through life, not a care in the world 
soaring the highest mountians 
Flying with ease 
Until he drops to he's knees 
Wings broken, Soul damaged 
But still finds hope to carry on 
Life rebuilds in different ways
New hope is given and life begins, But without his wings
Walking along the new path that lies ahead
Trying to stay possitive without feeling like he's dead
He will swallow his pride and start a new journey
Walking and gaining strength along the way 
Taking one day at a time 
learning to live without wings,trying new things
Love and strength will get him through 
Reaching new depths he never knew 
Enjoying every moment of  his new wingless life 
Trying to stay focussed on the shining light 
Taking each new breath with ease, feeling the beautiful breeze 
Appreciating each new step, walking with no regret

Copyright © Belynda Holst | Year Posted 2012

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I don't miss anybody...
I don't miss anything...
Nobody wants the reasons, I defy the explanations
These paths that we bump into,
The mistakes that you crush to
The remorse d sorry
The sad love stories
These small gifts must be talking to me
Somebody is regretting and I am bluffing about it
Today my silence is guilty
But again your violence is not innocent
Look I am still the same lad..I haven't changed much like you imagined
I can be younger only if you let me darling..

Copyright © Jacob Victuss | Year Posted 2013

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A butterfly

A butterfly can dance
Every flower gives hint
In joyful kindergarten’s lawn.
Morning-dews now one-by-one perish
Quenching rising sun’s thirst.

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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Butter fly fly away

Butter fly fly away As the days passes away our memories lost away as a butterfly fly away as a butterfly fly away ... As the success comes in our way our past rememberances lost away as a butterfly fly away as a butterfly fly away As the truthness in human decreases day by day our trust on the human goes away as a butterfly fly away as a butterfly fly away As u dont think about ur future from ur hands ur present also taken away as a butterfly fly away as a butterfly fly away As the life is of minimum days u remember the past,live in present,dream the future and fly as a butterfly fly away as a butterfly fly away............

Copyright © tasleem md | Year Posted 2012

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Round By Round

Round by Round
Lionel Derbyshire

Born a boy Cassicuis Clay
In January the first month
Of the year.
Asked for drink in a store
Was told water segregated here.
Your colour wrong.
Proudly rode his bike
Then stolen by the thief.
Fuming with whup 
Was told learn to box first.
Full of steam in amateur years
Similarly he whupped 100 of them.
Standing tall the nicest boxer of all.
After Rome came he home
Baptized his medal in Ohio's river
Could not dine in a white diner.
In 1996 he will light the Olympics.
I have a secret ..
The bear will go down in eight..
I am the greatest  
The lip will break the bear.
True to the beat 
The bear sat down after six.
And the shuffle was invented.
Now he ended his slave 
To be jailed
For NO to the draft lollipop 
To kill the people.
A courage and strength 
Which told a universe
How wrong a war in Vietnam.
After all ....
With the soul of butterfly
And the sting like a bee
The champion of the people 
Will become The Greatest

Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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I stand up high upon a peak,
watch natures beauty flourish,
and hear the pleasant bird songs.

Nature wakes up from its snooze,
it breasts peak to the sky,
and listen to the bustling of the bees.

I inhale the aroma of nice fresh air,
feel the waft within my hair,
and odour the fragrance of flowers with my nose.

I watch a gentle cold rivulet drift,
leaves that are enthusiastically blown...
by the furious whispering wind.	

The white-winged scoter sings a spring song,
the butterflies’ ballet in the sky,
and the florae bloom and call flying bees to them.

So Beautiful It Has To Catch Your Eye.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2016

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like a butterfly

Like a butterfly 
She glides high
Fluttering wings sing
Each flower home
Suckling pollen feed
Glittering shines sparkle
Feathers fall softly
Knowing loves around
Her names angel
Shes always around. 

@Dawn Mclaughlin. @2015.x

Copyright © Dawn mclaughlin | Year Posted 2015

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where is 
your force 
when she 
tells me 'I 
^oh gravity 
how of no 
effect are 
you when i 
touch her 
and she 
smiles at me^
when i 
wakeup next 
to her, I 
^since you 
cannot hold 
me down 
when im wit 
her WHO 

Copyright © Patrick Nigros | Year Posted 2013

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Good Times

people get mad at me when i say good times
and then i start getting pelted by dimes
and then i get arrested for crimes 
and i still said good times
i think i can rap 
but i'm really crap
people tell me i suck
and that is just luck 
but then i stutter 
and eat some butter 
and sometimes i start 
to fart
a dart 
while riding in a cart
and then i like to get naked with jack
people say thats wack
but it's not like we do things 
but he did buy me a ring
so i punched him in the face 
he ran to first base 
and said were over 
so i smacked him with a clover
and sent him to dover
i went to my mom 
her name is dom
she is really calm
she likes lip balm
she gets cuts 
on her buts
and i think she likes it
i tell her its weird when she starts to bite it 
all my friends call me craptrap 
especialy when i start to crap
this is the end 
as i start to bend 
and even though i like to right after this i might start a fight.

Copyright © Diet Water | Year Posted 2015

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By all these lovely tokens autumn days are here, 
with summer's best of weather, 
and autumn's best of joyfulness,
every soul is dedicated to it, 
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth, 
seeking the consecutive autumns.

There is harmony in the air, 
and the days become vivacious and brittle under fruitage heavens, 
a luster is in the atmosphere, 
which through the summer is not perceived or understood, 
as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
the landscape is decorated in glowing shades of scarlet, saffron and russet.

Autumn's fire burns slowly along the forests, 
and day by day the lifeless leaves fall and melt down,
I trust in nature for the steady laws of prettiness and usefulness, 
Leaves grow old gracefully; bring such joy in their last lingering days,
How vibrant and bright is their final flurry of life.

The magic of autumn has seized the rural areas,
the air is intense and vibrant and full of possibilities,
everything looks like a supernatural oil portraits,
Autumn leaves with an emotionless caress,
leaving us to grieve the frosty grip, 
of winter in extended sunset.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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War good God Yall absolutely nothin''


David Madison -

Hope your having a fgood uh, sleep...... its 1645

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

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A small, ethereal
Butterfly, with
Crystalline wings
Deepens my conviction that
Everything comes
From an infinite source of
Goodness and Light.
Heaven is at our fingertips.

Copyright © Greta Robinson | Year Posted 2005

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Fly Butterfly Fly

Woman you that have been hurt 
You that have been broken 
You that have been taken away from love 
The love that made you fly

Words have been uttered towards you 
That felt like stones 
Stones that had been thrown at you 
And you have fallen into a grave 
A grave that had been digged by emotional trauma and pain

You tried to get up but society kept you down

Woman It is time for you to fly!!!

You can live a life knowing you are beautifull intelligent and God made yoy 
Be the woman you always wanted to be 
Fly Butterly Fly

Get out of your dark place and find your sunshine 
Lift your head up and smile


Copyright © JESSICA ISAACS | Year Posted 2014

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butterfly affect

I fought for your love i sacrificed my tears
only to have you near for a day
it was a butterfly affect
taking hold on me 

i let you go because you can do better i see
without me in your life you can be happy 
so i act as if i never knew you when we pass by
but inside i cry

i long for you but to see you on your own doing good
selfless love i give to you 
your better off without me even though my love is deeper than the sea

in another lifetime you were my juliet and i your romeo
but in this life i struggle and act as you i did not know
only to keep you safe and away from heartache

i love you from a distance
i know to approach you would only cause you pain 
butterfly affect i keep on walking only the memories of you in the past life

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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The Lost Snowman

The Lost Snowman was wondering in a snowy field 
As he was walking along he saw a shiny shield
He looked at it and looked at it then finally he knew
The shield was shiny like it was new

As he wondered what it was from 
His hands became really numb 
He thought to himself where might I be
Then he saw over in the distance a tree

Then he starred and starred at that tree
Still wondering what might it be 
Then he said to himself that is a sign
The sign that he was lost 

Then he was feeling a tap on his shoulder
He felt relieved someone has come
That someone was in a boulder
This is the poem of the lost snowman

Copyright © kylie townsend | Year Posted 2015

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The Butterfly

 Written in ABC 

Another butterfly, colors dappled, enters, flying gracefully heavenward.  I just kneel,
looking, mesmerized.  Natures overture plays quietly. Restless, suddenly thrusting upward,
variegated wings, exiting, youthfully zoom.

Copyright © Bob Quigley | Year Posted 2011

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My butterfly

My butterfly so beautiful and full of grace
you flutter your wings and fly
fly straight to my heart
your eyes so blue
your lips red rubbies too
I hope to catch you in my net 
to love you and never forget 
you are a wild thing
meant to do your own thing 
i will set you free
I wander if you will ever come back to me

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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faces on faces

faces on faces.............there are soo many faces on faces.........creating a fake environment around you........

teliing fake truths to make a more perfect you..................

why just people remain their orignal oneself..............

to love the orignal you....................

TO LOVE THE ORIGINAL YOU..................

Copyright © Swarna Tilak | Year Posted 2014

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A grace of desighn
You uplift the very presense of beauty
A monarch of the heavens 
You kiss my spirit
Prisms of colors radiate from your tender wings
You are natures own sweet honey
Unbound in your transforming brillance and splendor
Lovely to the eyes, and home in my heart

Copyright © taryn thompson | Year Posted 2012

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Wish my mouth is filled with songs
Wish I sing every line in lovely notes
Wish it comes out with the best pitch
Wish I get it right as I modulate 
Wish my song makes your day

If to the audience I can't sing
If their arousal I fail to get
That will not deter me from singing out my heart in its beats
The song only you can feel
Wish you know each beat is for you
And every pause means a confession of love
Every silent beat of my heart goes to my you Baby


Copyright © Olufemi Oloye | Year Posted 2016

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The good and the bad

You have to take the good with the bad smile with the sad, love what you've got, and remember what you've had. Always forgive, but never forget learn from the mistakes and never regret. Always remember respect is earned, and honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, and loyalty is returned. Love is shown in your deeds not in your words. So I'm in competition with no one, I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better then the person I was yesterday and not today.

Copyright © Julie Mckoon | Year Posted 2016

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Scars and tattos


We often boast of being strong
Holding our heads high
And being in charge of our destinies
Human nature,  full of pride

But for every scar there's a tattoo
The ink is the storyline
The colours are the stories
The needle is the pain

A butterfly for change
A bird for freedom
A rainbow for happiness 
But a scar for life.

Copyright © Makayla Gilchrist | Year Posted 2016

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all butterflies can dance, endless frolic
gliding high into jasmine. kites lofty
meander neath oval ponds
quiet refrains softly traverse
under velvet wings 'xploring,

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2012

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falling in love

falling in love, its not easy. falling in love, its surpose to feel good.falling in love, i guess i was wrong. falling in love,hard to let go.falling in love, i cant walk away. falling in love,as the word passes me by. falling in love, is it forreal.falling in love i feel all alone in the dark.falling in love,why do i get pushed away.falling in love, i try my best.falling in love, no one is here or there.falling in love,only god can heal my broken heart and soul.falling in love, why is everything  so hard.falling in love, am just a shawdow that no can see.falling in love, i fade away slowly.falling in love, am gone.

Copyright © kendra peterkin | Year Posted 2016

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Happ Butterfly

She let people stab her in the back 
Like stepping on a bug, they never know it’s coming 
Like hunting a deer they don’t know it’s coming 
She let them, she wanted it 

She was called a one trick pony 
She wanted the pain 
She wanted to be let down 
She let them, she wanted it 

But that’s not her story
But nobody knew 

people liked to judge her 
Tell her what she feels. 
She wanted to break the wall stopping 
Her from speaking 
Her words told something
Like the words to songs, poems, stories
They were stopped like water to a dam 

She never spoke

She was called names
Rude, quite, stupid,dumb, fat, ugly 
Eventually she felt 
Rude quite, stupid and dumb, fat,and ugly

She never stood up 
She believed that she meant nothing
She was broken

People made her world feel  broken 

People made her feel sick

People make her feel gone 

She was in pain 
She cut herself
She starved herself 
She was trying to be everything she wasn’t 

She was told to be a happy butterfly 
But she was stuck in her cocoon
Locked away
She didn’t have a key,
She didn’t have a code
To be the happy butterfly
that everyone told her to be 

She didn’t want the pain or the scars, 
The guilt, the agony, the hatred	
She was told to be the happy butterfly
That she never believed she could be. 

Copyright © madyson moran | Year Posted 2016

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My kids

My house is quiet,
kids have gone to sleep.
Don't want to make a sound,
as time to myself is now a treat.

I can hear my clock ticking,
the t.v playing music.
My fridge is also grunting,
my phone i will not use it.

As much as i love,
all three kids of mine.
There all ganging up on me,
But these walls i will not climb.

It's three against one,
and that's not really fair.
I'm waiting for the day,
when i get my first grey hair.


Copyright © hayley webb-myers | Year Posted 2016

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Dodging sparkling drops of 
wings sun-kissed by too much 
blushing crimson, glitter 
wafting on the breeze.
Resting on the morning's glory,
between the pages of a very 
short story,
drunk on life that soon will end,
not knowing anything else.
Dancing on sunset-stained 
fading memories, without 
soaring on the heights of 
alone...born to die.
Angry drops of violet rain,
icy cold, kill the pain.
Lack of sudden lucidity,
it's not meant to be this way.
Drowning in ebony sorrow,
now, knowing there will be no 
Twitching, hopeless, when will 
it end?
Breathing...fading...never to fly 

Copyright © Evonne Van Gundy | Year Posted 2013