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the circle of life

A predator among us.
A villian in our midst.
An entity of evil,
Clouding up our wits.
Preying on the innocent.
Devouring the strong.
A sycophant immortal.
Unbound by right and wrong.
White wool adorning
The curves of their form.
Cloven hooves dragging
on the ground with the worms.
No hoofprints behind them.
just the four toed paws
dotted at the tips
by their long and angry claws.
Nature is a cruel being.
Creating monsters in her storms.
No one understands
And everyone is torn.
The prey will always villify
those who are higher than they
on the food chains bottom
the sheep will always stay.
The wolves are meant to feed
without remourse consume
The psyches of the weak
to bring them to their doom.
The sheep will bleat and bellow
in fear of those wolves
And try to justify their blindness
by stamping hard their hooves.
Hiding in the herd,
the prey upon their back
the predators facade
turns their wool to black.
Such is natures way.
No one is at fault.
The circle of life.
The predators of thought.
For who can blame the hungry beast
for eating to survive
When you people create such feasts
And tantalize our eyes.
We can not feel guilty
for gaining our sustenance.
consider this my fealty
for i shall not repent.

Copyright © JoAnna Mitchell | Year Posted 2013

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Kids Love For Animals

       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that are laughable
Like a camera pecking rooster and fun monkeys
To a mom and a baby miniature donkeys

Videos of wild turkeys and charming geese
Ducks in water and chicks learning to speak
Dazzling ostrich and many free birds
Some you would not want to move towards

A large unique animal is the alligator
The total opposite of the caterpillar
Camels and alpacas are tall and exquisite
But they spit at you when you try to visit

There are also hornpout and catfish videos
and a painted box turtle that is really slow
Beautiful miniature horses and elegant ponies
Border collies herding sheep to earn their trophies

Little kids pig scramble is stunning to see
and a little fawn as precious as can be
Cow’s hair that needs braiding is fascinating
With the most assortment you’ve ever seen

Come to my view with me youtube channel
If the kids are being hard to handle
Just start it up and walk away
To get your housework done for the day

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Harness Racing

Harness Racing ( Poem )

Horses pull a two wheeled cart
If it breaks you will depart

Place a bet before it starts
Good wager wins if played smart

Riders ready at the gate
Fans no longer have to wait

Athlete sport with high speed
Is a skill you surely need

At times a horse can fall down
Sad to see that come around

Last turn has crowd in a roar
We wait to hear close end score

If your looking to explore
My playlist has so much more

By: Doris Anne Beaulieu

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Worldly greeve

If we just let go...
If we just let go 
To not live in fear 
To just go with the flow 
I think the world may just be a better place 
The world may... just turn out allright
Where peace could live and love could embrace.

If the soul is so dark that not even a sprinkle of white 
Paint could cover it 
What has become of our species...?
We cant just go with the flow
Sometimes it can be poisonous
We cant live fearless when danger is all around us .

Everybody is doing something for selfies reasons
The world might never be a better place
The world might never turn out to be allright
We can choos... 
We can choose in which direction we want to go!

Copyright © Weydene Winster | Year Posted 2016

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Did I not tell you, ‘Do not leave, for I am your friend’?
For in this mirage of nothingness I am the Fountainhead of Life!
Even if in anger you leave Me for a hundred thousand years,
in the end you will return, for I am your true Goal!

Did I not tell you, ‘Be not content with worldly form’?
For I am the fashioner of the tabernacle of your contentment!
Did I not tell you, ‘I am the Sea and you are but a single fish’?
Do not be tempted ashore, for I am your Crystal Sea!

Did I not tell you, ‘Do not fly like a bird to the snare’?
Come to Me, for I am the very Power of your flight!
Did I not tell you, ‘They will rob you and leave you numb with cold’?
But I am the Fire and the Warmth and Heat of your desire!

Did I not tell you, ‘They will taint your character,
until you forget that I am your Source of Purity’?
Did I not tell you, ‘Do not question how I direct your affairs’?
For I am the Creator without directions.

If you heart is a lamp, let it lead you to your true path.
And if you are godly, know that I am your Lord!’
Mevlana, Divan-i Shams, Ghazal 1725

Copyright © Can Yucel | Year Posted 2013

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Splish Splash Splosh Sploosh

The rain poured all night and all day.
Little Susie put on her rain clothes to go play
and jump in the puddles.
Splish Splash. Splosh Sploosh!

Tommy the puppy went with Little Susie.
 Big mud puddles what fun to jump and play in!
Splish Splash. Splosh Sploosh!

Freddy the duck woke up. 
Freddy went to a puddle to swim. 
The raindrops splashed him.
Splish Splash. Splosh Sploosh!

Billy the bullfrog woke up from his nap. 
Billy put on his hat. Billy opened his umbrella.
Splish Splash. Splosh Sploosh!

Tina the mouse woke up. She twitched her 
whiskers and said, "It's too wet to go outside!
 No fun when it rains."
No Splish Splash. No Splosh Sploosh!

Copyright © Laura Page | Year Posted 2015

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Appaloosa Horses

Appaloosa Horses ( Poem )

Bloodlines have influenced breeds
For beauty and performance needs

Native American horses on t.v.
Used decades in western movies

Identified mottled skin note
Colorful leopard spotted coat

Emphasis in the muscling thick
Strong physical characteristics

Defined vertical striped hooves
White sclera eyes have looks improve
Establish an easy cantering
Well behaved, high head holding

Ride with a floaty, pacing trot
Light, airy movements that can stop

Become a judge and see yourself
On my playlist all by itself

By: Doris Anne Beaulieu

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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A visit to a zoo

Zebras are stripy I’m sure you can see,
Yaks chewing cud as slow as can be, 
X-ray tetra in the aquarium are seen,
Warthogs with curly, white tusks that gleam,
Vertebrates aplenty, some invertebrates too,
Usually are seen at a visit to a zoo.
Tapirs with their long funny noses,
Slithering snakes in glass fronted enclosures,
Roaring tigers with camouflage stripe,
Quizzical otters eat eggs that they like,
Puma black prowls through the bush,
Orange orangutans needing a brush.
Never one to refuse a tasty dish
Macaroni penguins smell of fish,
Lions in the sunlight all day sleeping,
Komodo dragons quietly creeping,
Javan Rhinoceros with skin like armour,
Indian elephants size makes such drama,
Hippos with their mouths open wide,
Galapagos tortoise, oh what a prize!
Fennec fox with really long ears,
Endangered animals that people fear,
Dangerous animals taking a nap,
Caiman and crocodile waiting to snap,
Bold zoo keepers picking up poo,
All able to be seen at a trip to the zoo.

Copyright © Nathan Bach | Year Posted 2015

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ABC of nature

A is for Acorns how to the ground they fall.
B is for butterfly the prettiest insect of all.
C is for caterpillars who crawl On the ground.
D is for dragonflies always flying around
E is for Environment and keeping the air clean.
F is for forest where the trees are evergreen.
G is for grassland where herds Will often stay
H is for habitat where predators hunt their prey
I is for insects children collect them in a tub.
J is for juniper a beautiful evergreen shrub.
K is for knotweed more known in Japan.
L is for lavender all over this world it does span.
M is for mud where seeds we do sew
N is for nurture how we help our plants grow
O is for organism a single celled life form.
P is for planet which is getting very warm.
Q is for quiet when at one with nature we find.
R is for river and the way it bends and wind.
S is for seasons winter,spring,summer and fall.
T is for trees and how they stand up so tall.
U is for uniqueness that is what nature will bring.
V is for variety of songs the birds do sing.
W is for wildlife the animals themself.
X is for Xeriscape a garden that tends itself.
Y is for yielding of crops which does occur.
Z is for zero-tolerance as in Mother Nature.

Copyright © linda williams | Year Posted 2016

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Through the lion's eye

As I pass through the suburb 
I try to make my way short
With my eyes bright and superb
Shining over the map I brought

Down steep in the valley
The villagers call
Upon god, their alley,
Angels and more

The moon seems to glitter
Like gold in the sky
The tongue taste bitter
As the mouth goes dry

Up in the hills 
The lions roar
I speed up my wheels
To save my soul

A city ahead my eyes pursue
Of gold, diamonds and all treasure
But their seem to be no way through
Though my heart bounces to it with pleasure

The sun goes to bed 
But the light seem to divorce
That makes me still see the city ahead
And the wind going forward pushes me with force

Finally I find my way 
Through a mine of the great ion
But my mouth opens with no word to say
Upon looking at the eye of a lion

But I don’t blame my eyes 
For it looked like gold for real
And I can’t do otherwise
Just let it have me for its meal.

Copyright © Walani Ndhlovu | Year Posted 2013

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Vito the Kitten

There could be no other name for a Kitten like this one .
He is Brave , his black , silky hair , Vito has won suitors marking his claws .
This tiny little Cat , very soon all kittens on this street,  will be kissing his paws .

for he earned his name Vito , the Kitty Godfather you know.
with whispers from other Cats "There He is " There he goes "
His Tail wavy like a dog he strides. Tall but yet low.

Vito is a tiny proud cat and likes his pasta made a special way
I make a red sauce , but it is the white clam he craves 
He picks his claws fine , then with a full belly he plays 

Vito with eyes of the finest blue and green , that will stare at you when you sleep. 
It has been said by some female cats , do think he will go out with me some day ?
A Fine cat and kittens he will make ~meow meow, says a jealous girl kitten , no way !

Vito loves to play on the wood floors at night , he runs fast , 
he is not silent ..he is the young Godfather , Vito has earned the right.

Vito , the tiny kitten , Vito the young cat ,
Vito keeps our blocks free from any nasty rat.

No ..a Rat will not confront Our Vito at all 
He will be pushed aside and evicted with one lift of his paw 

One thing this kitten has that makes him so unique ...
He his adored by this owners . He is happy , and warm , safe in our sheets !

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Animals found in a zoo

Zebra, Yak, Xenopus, Walrus, Vulture, Urial, Tiger, Snake, Rhinoceros, Quokka, Peacock, Orangutan, Numbat, Muntjac, Lion, Kudu, Jerboa, Iguana, Hyena, Guan, Frog, Elephant, Dromedary, Camel, Bison, Avians.

Copyright © Nathan Bach | Year Posted 2015

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My Tiger, His Prey

These cuddly creatures,
Maybe be soft and sweet,
But they do have a temper,
That ones believe is not true,
The sharp evasive claws,
Jagged pointy teeth,
Make up for the fur,
That others believe is nice and neat,
The beautiful colors,
Sometimes with spots,
Don't make them mad,
You might see a different side,
Thats just not so glad,
You wonder what this creature is,
I wonder if I should say,
I wonder if you can handle it,
Just from day to day,
It's new very own creature,
I call him,
My tigers eye,
He's very beautiful,
I found him in a shop,
I have lost one of my body parts,
I picked him up,
Gave him love,
Let him stay,
Took him home,
My tiger,
His prey.....

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2016

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my mythoLOGY

What is in a name
Its all a game
Of lies & truth ,,happiness & sadness
Goodness & badness..
I wonder every time and watch the backyards turn into graveyard
It is not I’m so weak in my faith & hope.. thought or will
But it is like they are getting everything of concern & I’m not.
I don’t understand at times is it all coz of what I have done in past or It is what people call fate
It seems at times the journey ends here ,,but when I wake up the next day..i realize I’m bloody nowhere
When they are everywhere
I pray for the best on my part with my heart
Everyday I wake up these days I fear to face my own ,to face the people outside my door ,,on the road ,,in the streets
As they keep asking again & again the same questions when I have no answers at all
At that time I make myself go silent and listen to  all like I have gone deaf  and dumb
Nothing in this world lasts forever ,,I walk ova with this belief ,,thinking whatever is to be my destiny
I’m gonna be there tomorrow
 and this is what keeps away every sorrow.!!!

Copyright © KAMRAN RASHID | Year Posted 2015

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The Eagle

Soring through the sky,
Spreading your wins,
Seeing the site,
In three dimensions,
The eye of an eagle,
Beautiful creatures they are,
The wing span they have,
Could cover you up,
Perching on a cliff,
Looking at the view,
A wonderous site,
A picture for you.....

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2016

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ANIMAL LINKS FOR >>> ABC Animal Twist poem

THIS IS A REFERENCE LIST of links showing pictures of many of the unusual ANIMALS that I 
used for my "ABC Animal Twist" poem

I hope you enjoy this.  What?  I thought there was something called a list poem.  SMILE!
















Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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I am a puppy

I am a puppy 
I wonder if my owner will ever give me that treat 
I hear people calling me cute 
I see black and white people 
I want to go outside and play 
I am a puppy 
I pretend to chase my tail
I feel very loved 
I touch something sticky with paws 
I worry if  I will ever get that treat 
I cry when my owner does not let me go outside 
I am a puppy 
I understand  someone ought to let me outside 
I say in bark, woof, woof 
I dream that my owner will give me my treat 
I try to jump to get it 
I hope my owner will give me my treat 
I am a puppy 

Copyright © Vinnie Magnani | Year Posted 2013

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A Crack In The Sidewalk

The crack in the sidewalk watched me today
as I walked to school alone that one summer day
The Sun was opening its wings for me
Had only two miles to walk among the Grove trees
It seemed to talk to me as knowing what is and could be
why my Mother left only a lost dream.

The crack in the sidewalk was there for me
as I walked in the scorching heat
with little summer breeze
wandering aimless I found a puppy 
laying under a lone shade tree

The crack in the sidewalk was laughing at me
as I took her home to be with me
Charcoal her name will always be
the key tied around my neck opened the door
while No one was there Milk was free
and she came to be with me

The crack in the sidewalk stared at me
we laughed and played every day until eve
I took my bike crossed the street
a car came and took her from me

The crack in the sidewalk I'll always see
my arm held tight my little baby with me
a broken heart never to be glued
just a lonely child that Loved 
someone new

Copyright © cheryl lucenti | Year Posted 2014

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For Animal Lovers

Ailing baby cats die exacting fear grief having inevitably just killed loving mothers not
only plainly questioning reasons some things understanding vile wrong-doing xanax yields

Copyright © Aleera Canino | Year Posted 2009

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Pitter, patter
Drip, drop
Wet green leaves.
Plants rustle
Creak, shriek
Of the rainforest's sleeves.
Thunder crackle
Boom, clap
Pour of dark rain
Tweet, tweet
Birds' feet
Soaked sugarcane
Quiet night
Dark sight
Tomorrow is another day.

Copyright © Caitlin Feely | Year Posted 2013

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

Copyright © Kierstein McFarland | Year Posted 2013

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      How can a bird fly when its wing is broken
      How can a game play without a token 
      It hurts not bee free to fly or play
      sometimes it hurts when that stupid rock is in the way 

     It hurts when you louse a love one 
     all you ask yourself is what have i done 
     you cry and cry and cry 
     It hurts so much that you try 

   It hurts to see your little one grow up so fast 
   all you do is wish that those days would last
   it hurts to say good bye to your little ones
   it hurts to say good by to your love ones too. 
   so don't think of this as good-bye
    think of it as see you later.

Copyright © izaria strachan | Year Posted 2014

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Listen to the gossip of the rain,
dancing on my windows and jumping on the pavement,
thrumming  and battering on the roofs,
plays a little sleep-song on my roof at night,
when it hits the ground, becomes a rivulet. 

Listen to the rain falling from the sky,
tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles,
crackle dry verandah like an old walkie-talkie coming to life,
beat the panes like timorous wings,
and quench our endless thirst.

Listen to the pouring rain,
pouring from dark skies, 
crashed deafeningly on the corrugated metal roof,
fell down constantly like an endless bucket of water being 
poured down from the heaven,
sounds like the heavens are knocking on my door,
droplets thrashed at the ground, with ferocity matchless,
beat upon my heads with silver liquid drops.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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The Truth about Narwhals

The Truth about Narwhals

The truth about narwhals, is that they're just bags.
Majestic bags, filled up with swag.
And bags filled with swag, well, they aren't a drag.

The truth about narwhals, is that they're just unicorns.
They dress up like dolphins, but still show off their horns.
And dolphins with horns, they love to eat corns.

The truth about narwhals, is they love shish-kebabs.
They make them all day, to worship their gods.
But narwhals themselves are gods, gods of kebabs.

Copyright © Ryan Wanless | Year Posted 2015

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Master Cat Race Rules Of Living

Attention seeking gets rewarded so use anything that works.
Baby humans can be dangerous, especially for tails, ears and whiskers, so watch out!
Cats are masters and rule, everyone else follows, period!
Dogs are great for teasing, blaming, stealing good food from and the lowest species, period!
Eating well is an art so snub dry food and play sickly to get better quality.
Furniture is wonderful for climbing, attacking, napping and removing hair all over.
Going to the vet is NOT  fun so PROTEST VIGOROUSLY!
Human hands are designed for petting, rubbing, carrying, and scratching cats. 
Jumping from various heights without knocking stuff down is a talent, but if something breaks find the nearest human and love them to death!
Keep claws sharp by scratching a variety of materials, furniture, walls, and floor coverings
Leave gifts for humans to help them feel loved-like dead animals; prove amazing hunting skills and keep them in line. 
Messy meals and litter boxes aren't allowed but if there's a dog around and something else happens, use the scapegoat ploy(with innocent look thrown in).
Napping 80% of each day is essential for physical and mental health so don't skimp.
Owning humans is an important responsibility; play, snuggle, entertain, keep happy but avoid hissing off at them!
Purring while snuggled and gazing up at humans will delight and make them easier to control but be careful one doesn't become too attached and lose control. 
Quiet meows, a sad look, waving a paw while one is on their back playing helpless makes upset humans happier
Remember, don't be nasty for life can get MUCH SHORTER.
Staring out windows while planning on ruling Earth or torturing lesser species is awesome; so practice!
Tongue drooling or hanging out is for dogs or dumb felines; awesome cats tuck it in.
Until further notice: all humans from youngest to oldest, need training to serve the Master Cat race.
Viciousness is forbidden; cats acting so get ranked lower than a puppy...forever.
When choosing napping spots remember, size IS important; where tiniest or biggest humans sleeps IS the perfect place.
Xanthouse is just one color cats appreciate so experiment redecorating the home while exploring.
Yikes, if litter boxes fill up it means new pooping piles must be left elsewhere like planters, closets and bedrooms.
Zits, bug bites, other sores, or just plain dirt- humans lack an adequate tongue and need professional tongue licking help!

Copyright © Kathleen Callaway | Year Posted 2015

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Animal Instinct

Dogs clearly possess it
Elephants care for young
Foxes protect their young kits
Giraffe’s calves are never shunned

But can they actually embrace them?

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

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ABC Animal Twist

ABC Animal Twist

Adored and diverse, life thrives on earth; each day nature sees new births.
Big and small, abundantly in seas and trees; great beauty breathes.
Chameleons, cats, corn snakes, and coots, survive great threats in life's pursuit. 
Delightful dragonflies from dart frogs duck; drake-crakes scoot upon lakes. 
Eagles and egrets soar blue skies; an elephant endangered cries.
Fabulous fauna: fairy flies, and deer upon flora feed needs.
Graceful purple gallinules, young goats, and giraffes bring joyful laughs.
Hag-fish, halibut and hammerhead birds…birds?  Yes!  Nature preserves.
Insects and ibis work their charm; crusty isopods cause alarm.
Jaguars enjoy tasty meals; leftovers are the jackals' appeal.  
Kiwi that fruits, kiwi that flies both species in New Zealand resides.
Living world the Creator made; since the beginning, wisdom stayed.
Matchless miracles, wonders, and births together blessed on our earth.
Never alone, no matter where, life exists here, there, everywhere.
Oh how beautiful, artfully wonderful, God-primed blissful place.
Planet earth and outer space together share a glorious race.
Question not; God loves this world. See creations glide, slide, swim, and swirl. 
Reverence life; it was made with love; He still watches from up above.
Still breezes and sunshine please; sturgeon, shrimp, salmon, and sardines feed; 
Termites, thrashers, terriers and teal find niches that have appeal.
Under God's skies, the umbrella birds fly.   Man ponders; God replies.
Venomous snakes make rodents quake; Vultures clean up for good health's sake.
Weeping willows watch wolves whelp; chirping yellow warblers sing to elves.
X-Ray fish known since early days leave modern man looking amazed.
Yosemite toads, yetis, and yaks live on the lands without lack. 
Zoology on earth from alligators to zorilla zings!

© Name withheld for the contest
February 24, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

See> ANIMAL HABITAT PICTURES LINKS for my ABC Animal Twist poem It was posted 
separately as a list poem.  OK I hope.  Smiles

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2010

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Like a cat

Like a cat, on a mat, that's fat, it's black, she sat on a mat, that black fat cat. I know that black fat cat would wear a hat, it's eats a rat. Meat on my feet! That Fat Black Cat!

Hope you guys enjoyed another one of my poems! 
Love Ya?? ~Poet Queen Lizzie

Copyright © Ashlyn Rivers | Year Posted 2016

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Wolf Song

         The old wolf sang a song to the moon so far and long.
   A song of prayer as the aging moon sat there.:
        Show me moose, so I won't starve.
   Break me loose so I won't be bored.
         Shall I take a break from a long, long run, give me light from the sun.

Copyright © Mika Simonson | Year Posted 2016

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The feel that makes every young mind anxious,
The topic which is never ending and mysterious.
Having felt an existence of good power,
Can't deny the probability of existence of evils.
When negative power is at its highest at 3am,
Rest of the day is reserved for godly powers !
Ouija boards are the fun factors in college life,
But bad souls can ruin that for an entire life !
Watching horror movies is fun,
Until you see a tag 'Based on true events' !
Every human being has a super natural power,
But many of them die living a normal life.
Discovering the supernatural power in us is difficult,
But as we all know nothing is impossible......

Copyright © AHALYA NAIR | Year Posted 2016