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Abc Allah Poems | Abc Poems About Allah

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A is for apple 
B is for baby
C is for cute

My first ABC poem
Please leave a message 
I'm only 14

Copyright © Jolene Dutta DUTT | Year Posted 2016

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A healthy Kenyan Ego Poem

A huge ego breaks off love’s embrace,
A tiny ego slips off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A selfless ego suffocates from love’s embrace,
A selfish ego wards off love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A super-visual ego overshadows love’s embrace,
A deep-seated ego is colonized by love’s embrace,
No ego, no embrace of love!

A healthy ego humbly looks above,
A healthy ego can lead and also serve...

Its nerves know not pressured blood,
But developing it is almost hard!

Copyright © Kenyan Poets Lounge for Poetry and poems in Kenya | Year Posted 2012

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Poem 2 You

If I had to live a day without you in my life 
it would be like Living without the warmth of the Golden sunshine and light,
It would always be a rainy day without you

Blue skies that are clear and bright
Would be out of sight only
Grey clouds and storms in view
Without a dear and special friend like you.
A colourful and cheerful rainbow
Would simply not exist if you were not
Apart of my life.

You Bring me Laughter, Sunshine,
Warmth and Light making my
Life a pleasure and Real Delight adding sunny
Happy hours and filling all my days
With warm hot rays of summer sunshine and showers of love and 
Friendship Divine
I want you in my Life Always.

Copyright © Triston Ross | Year Posted 2013

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sare afsane

Mai badal gai badal gaye
khab mre 
badal gaye dharti 
asama badal gaye 
jajbaat mere

Main badal lea khud nu 
apne skun lai
 kuj esha c ohdi,,,

Kuj dil badal gayea kuj 
halat mere ban gaye 
Kuj chalde kadam main 
rok laye te kuj kadam 
ker laye age ,,kuj khab 
suti nu jga gaye,kuj 
andhro andhri jla gaye!!

kuj awaj aj b dende ah 
kuj dil vich chupa laye 
kuj menu sikha gaye 
dunia dari 
kuj ankh nu chuka 
gaye!! mai ekali socha 
bheed vich khadi, kyun 
menu ena rula gaye ???
ki hai wajud mera??
 kyu menu tadpa gaye???
 ki kra ?? 
hun chain pama
ja le k hauka hanjua 
suti mar jama
 das ve raba
mai kider jama ???
o bhulde nai
tere dete pal begane 
ki kra bhulama keme 
sare afsane
Sare afsane

Copyright © rajni bhatia | Year Posted 2013

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Round By Round

Round by Round
Lionel Derbyshire

Born a boy Cassicuis Clay
In January the first month
Of the year.
Asked for drink in a store
Was told water segregated here.
Your colour wrong.
Proudly rode his bike
Then stolen by the thief.
Fuming with whup 
Was told learn to box first.
Full of steam in amateur years
Similarly he whupped 100 of them.
Standing tall the nicest boxer of all.
After Rome came he home
Baptized his medal in Ohio's river
Could not dine in a white diner.
In 1996 he will light the Olympics.
I have a secret ..
The bear will go down in eight..
I am the greatest  
The lip will break the bear.
True to the beat 
The bear sat down after six.
And the shuffle was invented.
Now he ended his slave 
To be jailed
For NO to the draft lollipop 
To kill the people.
A courage and strength 
Which told a universe
How wrong a war in Vietnam.
After all ....
With the soul of butterfly
And the sting like a bee
The champion of the people 
Will become The Greatest

Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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Momma you're so lovely You're always there when am lazy You are a great cook The one who I always look When am not good You're there when the moon's down & when my face turns into frown And the times I become the clown You're there when I have no-one b'cause you're the special some1 No matter what time of day or night You're always right beside Oh my dear mom You so deserve to be loved We love you so much We don’t know how to express We love you mom You're truly the best-est of all the angels -mushy

Copyright © Musheera Fatima | Year Posted 2014

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i talked too allah the other day and he told me jesus was the only wayand i said allah what do you mean,i thought him a prophet was all he was he said no he is my son from above!so jesus came down arrayed in orange and made a dove as a sign of his love!

Copyright © steven coleman | Year Posted 2013

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they are seekinng your helping hands

Do ye hear the children weeping, O my
brothers, sisters , friends all I have here ?

Ere the sorrow comes with years ?
They are leaning their young heads against
their mothers, —
And that cannot stop their tears.

The young lambs are bleating in the meadows
The young birds are chirping in the nest ;

The young fawns are playing with the shadows
The young flowers are blowing toward the
But the young, young children, O my dears,
They are weeping bitterly !

They are weeping in the playtime of the
In the country of the free.

Do you question the young children in the
Why their tears are falling so ? ? ?
Do you know their crying hungry heart
Is seeking your helping hands ?

Children are a gift from God ... A story does
not exist unless it's told...

Copyright © ashiq alam | Year Posted 2015

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Meaning patience is not written in the crevices of the book,
What's more difficult to be disclosed,
Because it's one of bitterness.

It does not mean we are weak,
Not that we lost,
Because the patient's what we need to practice ..

very difficult to come out against the self,
not as quiet as a cloud that drifts in the air,
If not practiced.

It is possible to hold anger in himself,
It is possible to control the emotions of oneself,
Because the patient's heart is the antidote conditioning.

If the patient does not know what happened to us,
Perhaps it would be self-destructive,
Because the patient is half of faith.

Copyright © Ami Redzuan | Year Posted 2016

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A name that is created
born of the land masses
your name always etched history
a legend of all nations
became a symbol of national pride
reach fight international medals.
Your name will be a phenomenon
tears of joy and sorrow
every wish is always glowing
hope you a million arms stretcher
Guess angle to the hole world
vicissitudes remain alert.
This is the room of a legend
inspire Malaysians
he can cure all
faithfully stick arena jaya
thank you all trust
is written in the book of independence.

Copyright © Ami Redzuan | Year Posted 2016

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Life at its end, but really a new beginning

Living every day, 
Living every second to the beat of yesterday, 
The memories haunt my soul, 
I wish that we both will never get old, 
I know they say old is gold,
But imagine how much gold has been worn and taken and and those people that wore them don't even exist anymore, 
it's like they were here but not anymore,
Live life to the fullest because of day you will have to go, 
Maybe our souls feel tense in this body of flesh, 
Try and cut a hole in your past please tell me you're fresh, 
Live life as a new beginning every day, 
you're born alone and you die alone, 
You are the only one there are no other clones.

Copyright © Iqmar Mustafa | Year Posted 2014

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Movin on Up

Looking into the distant sunset
Watching a burning pile of logs float off
Think of the things of past
Sailing under the bridge of life
Missing them, yet glad to see them leave
I can help but hold back
The river from my tear ducts
Everything but my love can get f*ck*d

Copyright © Casper Daccary | Year Posted 2014

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i seek refuge from the most high.
As the jupiter stars align.
The deity has been forsaken.
My faith is in its reawakening.

Penance for the strong.
Vengeance for the petulant.
As i peer atop the towers of babylon.
Faith is restored by elegance.

Trouble is the soul that worships.
The inclination becomes sordid.
The kabaa'h or the dome of rock.
The populace has been misinformed.

Nothing short of theological derilium.
As i revel in this scripture,s utterance.
Time has diluted that to be carried on.
Now as little as a seed of mustard.

                                               THE MAN

Copyright © abidemi oyewole | Year Posted 2016

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Listen to the beat of my heart,
How the motions and vibrations start,
How it thuds through my ribs
And this is how I live.

More than a thousand times a days,
And I have a thousand words for you to says,
That’ll worship pray to you till my voice is sore,
Till my loving hearts beats no more.

Copyright © Ami Redzuan | Year Posted 2016

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Way and my Creed

Way and my Creed

When I was in a womb,
I am pure, 
empty and life,
cleared from a sin ...

when I got to the world,
at first I am innocent,
I learn to know thing,
and dreamt ...

then I was a traveller,
Along the way,
I become so muddy,
and stinky...

I work to cleanse,
my selfishness self, 
my body and soul,
And feed my spirit ...

then as I go further,
I will go back to dust,
soon it will come,
but a certain to come ...

Therefor a pending time,
my soul wished for hope,
be attached in the Sky,
while waiting for a time...

The end of everything,
that certain day will come,
stand for accountability,
in the judgement day...

The worst is no return,
only remain for me,
is my one Creed,
that witnessed me ...

If I am a sinner,
I will be punished,
but none one immune,
or should be saved ...

Except a Monotheist,
suffers but forgiven,
by the Almighty God,
and never to the goddess ...

--By: Khadaffy D. Mangondato

Copyright © Khadaffy D. Mangondato | Year Posted 2015

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The loving cage

The sheen is off the gardens ,so has the dullness befallen, while summer's may come and go, the stars may appear and disappear, I may turn grey and white ,you may cease to fascinate any longer, but be thankful to the seeds sown in the youthful summer, when others were busy in making castles of gold and diamond, you choose love, now the autumn has set in , things may wither to nothingness, but don't you worry my darling, love has no age.......

Naseerrrr ~

Copyright © Er.Naseer Ahmad | Year Posted 2015

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She Once Was A Poety

                                  "She Once Was A Poety "
She Once Was A Poety

Somewhere In Niagara Falls,

Thinking As She Prayed I Want It All,

Buy Me Everything Includeing Shopping Malls,

To My Family & Friends,

Please Make Me Whole,

Sipping Tea As A Guardian Angel,

From Heaven Gates Dough,

Thanks God Almighty Your The One.

With Me Through It All,

But I'm Writing Poets.

 -'From Niagara Falls'

Copyright © Jamacas Reynolds | Year Posted 2015

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Khuda ka mehmaan

Aksar woh hamein apne desh apne shahar bulate hain hamne suna hai woh mehmanawaji ka shonk bhi rakhte hain hamne socha chalo hum bhi wahan jake aate hain Aksar log wahan sajj k jate hain woh raaste mein phoool bhi bechhatte hain hum bhi unki mehmanawaji ka shonk rakhte hain hamne socha chalo lakdhi ki gaddi mein baith Kar yeh Safar kuch hi pallon mein taiy karte hain par phir suna wo apna mehman bna k Leke jate hain phir apne lok ka sadasya bna lete hain hamein darr Lagta hai apno se bichhadne mein phir Socha chalo chhodo unka mehmaan banne ka shonk phir kabhi poora karte hain

Copyright © Jashan Sharma | Year Posted 2016

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The loving cage

The sheen is off the gardens ,so has the dullness befallen, while summer's may come and go, the stars may appear and disappear, I may turn grey and white ,you may cease to fascinate any longer, but be thankful to the seeds sown in the youthful summer, when others were busy in making castles of gold and diamond, you choose love, now the autumn has set in , things may wither to nothingness, but don't you worry my darling, love has no age.......

Naseerrrr ~

Copyright © Er.Naseer Ahmad | Year Posted 2015

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Feel so unwanted and unloved like a lonely soul left in this God forsaken world
a lone star waiting to burn out to die away and fade unnoticed
life is not fair and this loneliness is killing me , might things get much worse before they get 
this silence is good enough to meditate but not good enough to live in.
slowly death creeps up upon me eating me away quietly and into my dreams it penetrates.
No where left to hide no where to run just a small grave and my list of deeds. How am I to
react as they spill the beans.
My soul is getting eaten away and the devil shows no remorse. God watches silently having
power over everything but His will seems harsh.
Why must i enter oblivion falling down the endless pit. Flames do not harm me but an empty
hell is sad.
More faces must enter and more will be seen , quietly i die , dreaming in my sleep.
I open my eyes and im in heaven, beautiful gardens and all my desires surround me but 
Heaven is empty. Not a single soul has reached paradise just me and my thoughts.
i scream and shout and cry for help for someone to reply but it is all quiet just birds and
animals are my companions. No God no angels just Adam all alone in his solitude. I feel 
God and His time before creation. Nothing but a lonely God. And then I feel Adam all alone
in the garden without an Eve. I wake up in my bed still Lonely.

Copyright © Sajjad Ali | Year Posted 2014

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The abc of love is to know love
feel love

ABC of love

Copyright © Charlie Ramos | Year Posted 2016

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??? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ????
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????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???
???? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???
?????? ?????

Copyright © ashutosh Kumar | Year Posted 2014

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ajev jindagi

ajev jindagi hain chalte jana 

ajev jindagi hain mar mar k 

sansein kyun nai rukti ??

dil jab dhadkana chod betha 

sanson ko kyun nai samjh 
aati ???

dil sari umeedein tod betha 
hain .

dard ki seema abh simat nahi
 behesab ho gai  

sab uske jina jindagi mere lye 
na jane kaise khab ho gai 
ajev hain jindagi chalte jana 

tum samjh paye na 
mai jaan pai na 
tu khamosh raha 
mai b bol pai na 

dard dil mein he tera raha 
dard dil mein he mera raha 

tu dur chla gayea 
mere sag andhera raha 

aj b hai kal b rahega 
tu mera nai yeh dard dil sda 

ajev hain jindagi tere bina 
ajev hain jindagi chalte  jana

Copyright © rajni bhatia | Year Posted 2013

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Tonight I die again
But now no more pretend
But I am folly
She's a witch
I am tortured by spirits mimicking everything I thought
So what's the point
Scars of hell surround edges of a dice-like room
Scared to death but I swallow my pride
Every filth of the life I thought once was
Regret I am it is the handiwork of her
The sinister I pondered who might be good I grinned
Envy of a slaughtered cow selfishly pursues
Tic tac tic tac where are my shoes?
Limp as a crazy dog shot in the ass
Truth is I fell from the sky
Bare feet first intact on clean tile a memory
I became
I was him
Now a loner
When will I win
The mock is here and there
Hurry up run as fast as you can
I am lost I'm afraid
But I need to prove I came from the grave
Do you get it?
Please my maker end this torment
They don't
Any of us understand my pain
So now I ask god grant I respite
So what if I might
Vanquish the thought they utter so blindly
Try me
Why me
Defeat of heaven

Copyright © Emem Masorong | Year Posted 2016

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remember me

                             Remember me
Remember me, not as a friend you could do without but as a friend who had your back in diffucult times,
Remember me,not as the stupidiest girlfriend you have ever had but as an assertive girl who was strong enough to defeat the pressure you gave me,
Remember me,not as a troublesome could you have but as a true gift indeed,
Remember me,for I am a part of you that no one else can be,
Remember me...

Copyright © Nonhlahla Nonduma | Year Posted 2016

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It's smaller in size,
And bigger is its legs!
It moves around the wall
And then scares us all!

We have given it a name spider ,
And the world knows it wider.
When we see it we run !
That makes it more fun.

When it move one step forward ,
We go five steps backward.
It won't bite you
Until the mischief which you do!

So,don't hit it ,
Just like it!! 

Copyright © Aisha Musthafa | Year Posted 2017

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i am me

I am me
no one else
no more pretending
there is no one else out there at all like me
I am an original
special and unique
sometimes I get lost 
confused and don't know what to do
but I pull myself back together
and figure it out
I do what I have to do.
life will throw you curve balls
pitches you weren't ready for
they cone out of nowhere 
completely unwanted and unexpected
if you stay true to you 
and do the right thing
like I do youll make it through somehow

Copyright © Marissa Butts | Year Posted 2017

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The story of fate

No one has ever completed any dreams of my dreams
 I could not find any one that I wanted to read.
The colors showed me life that were colorless all with me.
I could not find any happiness, happiness,all too sad me.

I have not found any hope, all given me so much wounds.
The trip was difficult, bit I did not cry at once.

It was written on my fate that my Lord had written on my fate.
He realized that this was not my fortune with me.
I was sent by my Lord, I was not given luck with it.

Then what did you do when my Lord was angry with me?
I got the punishment, I'm old enough to just waste this life.

No one has ever completed any dreams of my dreams.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

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Passion of love

Junkies, junkies, love, is your love.
Lets connect with you,
Relationships are your love.

We are in mad love, we are in injured love.
We are as much as you, in your heart love.
Junkies, junkies, love, is your love.

We have eaten,I swear, now you will be my beloved,
will not come except you, no other beloved in life.
Junkies, junkies, love, is your love.
Let's connect with you, relationships are your love.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

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What child is this

Sagar is my son's 
most lovable son,
His mischief is in every 
corner of my house.
Brother's and friends 
also love him,
In every class,
only 100% of them come in.
All her teachers also 
call the best,
Applying the tree is a 
daily rule of water,
His father says 
that he is very cute,
Everyone's respect is also 
his most beloved quality.
Reading up to night and 
getting up early in the evening,
If you get to play the game 
then be happy in the Time tv games.
All his work is dear,
That is our life,
To meet a son like him,
This is our glory,

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017