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I Wish

I wish I were an angel
To flood your world with my light
To hold, comfort and cheer you
All through long lonely night

I wish I were a fairy
To flit about your dear heart
To give it tiny squeezes
When about to fall apart
I wish I were a goddess
Of beauty a paragon
So you would gaze and wonder
Thoughts of any other gone

I wish I were a muse
Living there inside your mind
To offer inspiration
When right words you need to find

I wish I were a princess
Blessed with luxury so fine
I’d make you live in splendor
If you promise to be mine

I wish I were a star
Sprinkling stardust down on you
Guiding each and every step
Make your dearest wish come true

I wish I were the moon
Working on your inner tides
Drawing you ever closer
Till in me your love abides

I wish I were the sun
Burning to the very core
Searing you with my passion
Rays touching what I adore

I wish I were a flower
To bloom nurtured by your care
Wrap you in my loving scent
Make life beautiful and fair

I wish I were the wind
Caressing you every way
Enfolding you in my arms
Seductress having my way

I wish I were the rain
That wets body through and through
That sprinkles love droplets soft
But then drums itself on you

I wish I were the sea
Foaming, churning ecstasy
To draw you into my depth
Riding waves, unleashed and free

But I am just a woman
I’m as simple as can be
But if you give me your love
All these wonders you will see

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Inspired in part by Shania Twain’s song: “Jealous”   I love that woman…She is awesome. Wish I could see her in Vegas…She is there performing now…Such great songs….


Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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On The Horizon - with Vladislav Raven

"You stand by the shore of your emerald isle, 
On my horizon, with your love you reconcile. 
An Aphrodite stands on horizon's breath, 
In dream’s caress, I find my sorrow's death.

“I am the eagle that flies overhead, 
Watching you dream of love, my wings outspread. 
Your tears do fall, your love you do wish to share, 
Your heart is cocooned in love's world of care." 

          “Majestic eagle, why do you fly
          From beyond the horizon, upon me, to spy?
          These tears, I cry, are not born of joy,
          But of a love once cherished; some say cloy.

          “Could you be the one, to take me beyond
          The horizon to where love did abscond?
          So caring and noble, for my own good he left
          Endowing me with tears, the horizon bereft.”

"Oh my Coleen my tears fall from the sky, 
If I were human, with you I would lie. 
One precious kiss for the tears you have cried, 
Caressing love's temple, from high, I espied.

"I would take you to the one you adore, 
The love you hide would flow forth from your core. 
The tears of an eagle would fall upon you, 
Love that you hold would forever flow true.”

          “Such love I now see - you remind me so
          Of the one who left, not so long ago:
          You are he! Flying solo your vow
          When your tears fall, they shall kiss my brow.

          “And in them I’ll bathe, moments of gold,
          To break the curse of the horizon’s hold.
          Until finally, I see your enchanting face,
          To forever hold you in love’s warm embrace.”

24th August 2016 
Collaboration with Vladislav Raven

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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If words you are expecting to hear from me

Myriads my lips are ready to pronounce 

But the magnitude of my love for you, my sweet, 

Only my kisses are able to announce! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       14 June 2016

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2016

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A Spring Romance

My first sight of him was on a March day in a restaurant where I was dining. Oh lovely chance when his sweet eyes met mine. Like two lovely jewels, they were shining. The look that he gave me was a long gaze. Brazen but fresh, but like morning dew caressing a flower and making it glow. I read in his eyes “Let it be you!” Then I, like a rose caressed by the dew, glowed pink as I blushed. Though normally prim, I saw him stand up, his eyes glued to mine. Emboldened, I smiled and stared back at him!’’ He walked to my table and sat down by me. Together we dined and chatted that day. Two hearts and two minds with longing reached out. The whole afternoon slipped quickly away. With the day’s ending, together we left. In the clear evening, he said so softly, “I know the stars, and you’ll see this night there will be stars, dear, for you and for me.” There at my door, he leaned in for the kiss so beautifully soft and wonderfully long. We heard thunder! Suddenly came a spring rain. The wind, once a breeze, grew exceedingly strong. Because it was cold, I had him come in. The stars were not out, but I almost could swear they’d burst in my soul when his lips met mine. If he had faults, I thought “I shall not care!” He stayed until morning. In spite of the storm, my heart sang a song! There’d be plenty of nights filled with stars for him and for me. Life’s sweetest gifts are for those who love. Feb. 18, 2017 for THE POETS PLUCK (poet of your choice) Poetry Contest of Mystic Rose My first poetry book when I was a teenager was an illustrated Hallmark edition called "Those Who Love" by Sara Teasdale. I have chosen almost half the titles of poems in that book to compose this poem. Her style is romantic and often melancholy and uses many metaphors. Teasdale's poetry has been a wonderful influence on me.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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Tropical Paradise

Birds doth fly above the sky,
flowers fair and nigh;
as the sun comes shining by,
wet white sand to dry.

Soft the breeze from gentlest seas,
sweetly strums guitar;
lassie sings of love and sees
sailor from afar.

19 April 2015

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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Kaleidoscope Dreams

Green…you always reflected in my peripheral
And kept watch as I tried to color my world
But there I lay in my blacks and my blues,
lifeless and faltering In monotone hues.

Through kaleidoscope eyes, I envisioned my skies
But the pot at the rainbow was storybook lies
so with nothing to gain and nothing to lose,
I just shuffled around In my blacks and my blues.

Never did I imagine you!, Green… to be my savior
But there you arose, out of my dark abyss
With your bottle green dress and scarlet kiss
Your emerald  green eyes and unbridled bliss.

Now my kaleidoscope dreams have all been unfurled
Since you Green, have colored my world
You rescued my heart, Green
You rescued my heart.

Copyright © Bernard Colasurdo | Year Posted 2013

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A Time of Bliss

A Time of Bliss

Love’s a mystery to everyone falling under its magical spell,
And it would be natural to think we all know it so very well.
But with emotions ripe and afire in this special time of bliss,
It’s easy for those so smitten not to sense something amiss. 

Love’s a most potent alchemy enchanting at once one’s soul,
And when it’s returned in kind it makes one’s life quite whole.
The pure passion that love excites is beyond all earthly compare,
Which makes it an emotive force not subject to any trifled dare.

Love’s a time of bliss when a couple’s very love melds them as one,
And affairs of the heart shape their fate as two souls form as one.
This is the moment when lovers rejoice in such unbridled pleasure,
When each knows they’ve found a love so rare for eternity to treasure.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – February 1, 2015
(Rhymed Quatrain)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

You saw me from across the room
beside an open door.
Your smile erased all of my gloom
and touched me to the core.

The mistletoe tied in a bow,
your kiss that caused my cheeks to glow!
The mistletoe, the mistletoe,
sweet start of something soon to grow. . .

Then on a most romantic ride
as we sat hand in hand,
you asked me if I'd be your bride
in Winter's Wonderland.

The one-horse sleigh took us away
where snow swirled down, then gleaming lay.
The one-horse sleigh, the one-horse sleigh!
My fondest dream took hold that day.

We snuggle by a crackling fire
here at the winter's end.
No other lover could inspire
me more than my best friend.

The warm fireplace, your angel face
which softly now my fingers trace!
The warm fireplace, the warm fireplace
shows love aglow as we embrace.

*This is actually called a Trijan Refrain, but it's very similar to quatrains.
11/26/13 for Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Kiss Under the Mistletoe Poetry Contest.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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The poets' song

The silent dark encroaches
with another hollow night.
Old poets whisper sonnets
of love and sacrifice.

Her lips move to each arduous verse;
the emptiness advances.
Crescendos find their soaring crests.
A taunting shadow dances.

The moment lingers at a peak
then brings a slow descent.
And as the final stanza bows
her yearning heart relents.

Her memory finds his gentle face.
His voice resounds a vow.
And a quiet faith moves through her
expelling any doubt.

Soon her love will cross the sea;
his promises to keep.
Until that time, the poets sing
and soothe her soul to sleep.

Copyright © Thvia Shetley | Year Posted 2010

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By All of This - Ah, Wanton Bliss

That passion’s night, to make me sigh, my love seized several beams from sky and shaped a ring of moonstone bright. To make me sigh that passion’s night. My darling beau, to make me smile, then star-shine stole so he could style a necklace rare with diamond’s glow. To see me smile, my darling beau. Dear Valentine, to dazzle me, took whitest pearls from twilight’s sea, with starry strand to intertwine. To dazzle me, dear Valentine. My true love wooed with more than these, not only sight, but ear to please! Two birds he brought that softly cooed. With more than these, my true love wooed. With rose bouquet, with kisses sweet, he made my heart then faster beat. Artisan of romantic play - with kisses sweet, with rose bouquet. By all of this, in motion set was what I’d never known as yet. It burst, then flowed. . . Ah, wanton bliss, in motion set by all of this! (BTW, this is pure imagination, people!!! So don't be jealous!! hahaha This is a form called Swap Quatrain, PD. Happy Valentine's Day to you!!) For the Get your Valentine's Day poem in... any Valentine's poem will do.. (new or old) Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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This Golden Day: A Madrigal for Amber

My Amber dear, awake to me. 
My madrigal has melody
in trills of the gold finch that you hear.
Awake to me, my Amber dear!

It’s dawn.  Arise, my angel sweet.
Put golden slippers on your feet.
We’ll follow where our songbird flies.
My angel sweet. It’s dawn; arise!

We must make haste, my lovely lass,
to walk on glistening velvet grass.
A day like this we cannot waste.
My lovely lass, we must make haste!

A meadow waits, my cherished one.
Through sun-bright posies we shall run,
where dewy fragrance permeates.
My cherished one, a meadow waits!

I know a stream, my darling love,
a shining mountain sits above.
And water falls where gold fish gleam.
My darling love, I know a stream.

We’ll find a rock, oh, maiden fair,
where you can loose your yellow hair.
And please me more. . . unloose your frock!
Oh, maiden fair, we’ll find a rock.

My one true heart, do come away.
Beneath the falls this golden day,
pure pleasure will our love impart.
Do come away, my one true heart!

4/17/14 for the Colourful Verse Contest of Charlotte Puddifoot

(Just playing around with swap quatrain form,
imagining one of those guys from centuries ago trying
to woo his maiden!)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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O Love, My Love

O love, my love…where in this lonesome hour
Can my heart with sweet abandon find you there? 
If chance upon the wind, you do float as lotus flower
Would on my earthen bed you gladly fare? 

I am your silent lover…though cloaked in gentile guise
With lips, mine own affection would I treat you
And in the twilight’s gloaming your embrace there would I prize
If fate would look away while there I greet you.

O suitors, I commend thy will to win her proffered hand
While exile finds me close enough to see
Yet mark this, would be lovers, her hand there you may find
But her gentle heart was offered first to me.

                                           ~Christopher Thor Britt

Copyright © Christopher Thor Britt | Year Posted 2013

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A Nook And A Storybook

A Nook and a Storybook

What would I give for a nook and a book
to cuddle and snuggle and longingly look
the pages unfolding as I listened to
the comforting song of a fast flowing brook.

Oh, if it had pictures, a faraway place,
mysterious villains, a dark alley chase
I’d pick up the phone and I’d call in sick
disappear in the mist, leave not a trace.

What would I do to be captured by words
impressed into service by pirates with swords,
adrift without wind, current silently slow
half crazed crew pacing the sun-baked dried boards.

Perhaps of an evening a stroll on the beach
salt, surf, and moonlight on ebony skin
passion full sated on cooling hard sand
last dream of the shanghaied seagoing men.

What would I give for a storybook nook
I’d offer it all the time that it took
to take me away to wherever it would
leave me enraptured by a murmuring brook.


submitted to – What I Would Give For A Nook And A Storybook – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Eve Roper


Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

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Tomorrow Isn't Real

As in a fantasy
my wildest dreams came true.
For you stole my heart and
I fell in love with you.
Weaving smiles into hope
you knew just how to please.
And with uncanny skill
captured my heart with ease.

Held in your soft embrace
a boy became a man.
And shared an adventure
that only lovers can.

My anxieties quelled
I am floating on air.
And dance in the moonlight
like I haven’t a care.

On life’s merry-go-round
I like the way I feel.
For tonight is magic, 
tomorrow isn't real.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2012

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A Nook and a Storybook

In the attic of my childhood home was a nook,
      And there was a lovely window where sun poured in;
I just loved to hideout there all the afternoon,
            There was a sweet thrill for the story to begin.

I started off reading books like Cinderella,
      And I loved the story of Beauty and the Beast;
Treasure Island, Robinson Caruso, Robin Hood,
            Lost in the story- but never a page I creased.

My mother and grandma knew where to find me,
      Sometimes fast asleep in my nook holding a story;
Soon I was reading, Of Mice and Men, The Hobbit,
            Gone With the Wind, now that was like purgatory.

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a dam!" my gosh,
      I adored Rett Butler, oh he made me dreamy;
Romance was now my thing, I could not wait for the nook,
            I got books second hand and some were steamy.

Then I changed, I wanted to read about real things,
      I read Biographies of people in my sunny nook;
Nature and poetry books to me were so fascinating,
            But I threw in a mystery or horror book.

Well that nook is gone, in fact even the house,
      But in my nest, I have a special place to read and be;
Beside a sunny window cozy with many pillows,
            I love when I can be alone there with just me.

April 17, 2016


For the contest, What I Wouldn't Give For A Nook and a Storybook,
sponsor, Eve Roper

Second Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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SO Many Questions

                So Many Questions
Were you watching the same moon as I?
The bright smiling moon, low down in the sky
Were you watching it when I at last said goodnight?
Did you catch that kiss sent on the glow of moonlight?

Did you close you eyes in sleep, as the moon passed on by?
Did you catch my dreams to keep them safe, not let them die?
Were you hugging your pillow so tight to your chest?
Leaving kisses on the pillow where my head should be pressed.

Did you wake to see the same moon, then go to sleep?
Were my dreams in your arms, there for you to keep?
To keep for a short while till you give them back to me?
Where we can share them together that is my decree.

© 29/11/2012 ~GG~

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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A Romantic Fool

I beg him for a kiss
As he heads out to the door
I’m crushed by his response
“We’re not teens anymore

It’s been twenty years
Why don’t you act your age?”
And I’m left to wonder
Am I a fool or sage?

Does romance have a life span?
Does it vanish with passing years?
Am I a hopeless fool
For romance to flow in tears?

Does romance touch a heart
Only once or twice through life?
Is it only a welcomed guest
When you’re a young and pretty wife?

Then I must be a fool
For romance is the air 
It’s in the pretty flowers
Oh, I see it everywhere

It’s when I look around me
And revel in nature’s hue
It’s when my heart will burst
When making love so true

I am simply dipped in romance
From my head down to my toes
It rains down from the sky
When I point up the garden hose

It whispers in the wind
That flirts with me at night
It’s in the flickering glow
That lights up a love filled night

I breathe in romance daily
From scented candles in my room
It’s in each line of the books
That make me sigh and swoon

He says I overdo it
And it just makes my heart bleed
Romance is what I thrive on
It’s an ever present need

I guess I’m just a fool
For romance fills my head
But take that away from me
And I might as well be dead.

For Kim Morrison's Contest
Incurable Romantic
May 23, 2013

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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If I say I love you,
What does it mean?
Is it just something physical,
A sexual thing?

Is it just what I feel,
When I feel my blood surge,
When you reach out and touch me,
A physical urge?

That can't be love,
It's just chemistry.
It cannot be based,
On biology.

For sure we all know,
That's the way it begins,
But if that's all there is,
Then soon it will end.

When the newness wears off,
And things become old,
Then boredom sets in,
And the lamb leaves the fold,

In search of new pastures,
And new, sweeter grass,
So listen and learn,
Be ye lad or a lass.

Love is a deep,
And emotional thing,
That grows over time,
Not just a short fling.

It's something so precious,
Something so rare,
Most find it but once,
So shop with great care.

You'll kiss many frogs,
'Fore you find a prince,
It's an old saying, yes,
But it makes lots of sense.

Don't jump at the first one,
That may come along.
They'll woo you and lose you,
With an old but sweet song.

Set your sights higher,
For it's a sure bet,
One values the most,
What is hardest to get.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2012

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A Nook and a Book

The book and nook go hand in glove
and hold my hope inside. 
The pages turn to fervent love 
my corner can’t confine.

I won’t suppose a wealthy sir
can love a Jane like me.  
And while my soul screams “Rochester”
I’ve got no urge to eat.

This man can toy with me all day
and keep me up at night.
A fire burns behind his door.
I won’t turn out the light.

How can our love be ended now
with chapters left—fifteen? 
He teases me with sullen brow.
My heart is lost in leaves.

No sooner, “Yes, I’ll be your bride!”
My veil is torn in two.
The wife you’ve kept, but cannot hide
has turned our niche to ruin.

I’ve gone too far to be so crushed.
And hours in one place.
When I arrive at happiness
I’ll stand and stretch my legs!

For Favorite Contest
My experience reading JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë

Copyright © Rita A. Simmonds | Year Posted 2016

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

To sleep, perchance to dream
And float on clouds of cream
Then dip in passion’s stream
And bask in sunlit beam

To lie down in flowers fair
with butterflies in my hair
With love enough to spare
With joy I’ll lead you there

I'm your fairy dressed in light
Your kisses to incite
Drench you in pure delight
Bring pleasure to your sight

I'll dip you in honey sweet
Your love is mine to eat
Euphoria is my treat
Your desires I will meet

Your every wish: my command
I'll let you guide my hand
Bow down to your demand
Love's language I understand

Close your eyes; drink in the sound
Love's rhapsody’s all around
Your body to mine, I've bound 
Our love making does astound
To wake, perchance to see
You lying next to me
Forever you will be
My waking fantasy

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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Eternity never seems to last
Viewing life through misty windows
October winds wrapping fears
Love dancing with lonely tears

Lost in dreams
Other illusions scream
Voyages all but gone
Eternal voices, lay me to rest

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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No Matter What We Want

~No Matter What We Want~ I want to drink from the glass you took sips To taste the wine from your glass, with my own lips You caressed the stem like I want you to caress me No matter what we want, it never can be. I want to stare in eyes the colour of mine I want to feel our bodies softly entwine No matter what we want, it never can be I don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me. I want to feel your arms hold me so tight I want to feel you beside me when I turn at night No matter what we want, it never can be It can never come to pass that we both can see. ©16/09/2102~GG~

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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A Love Affair

One cannot wait one counts the hours 
Your lips they need as a bee needs flowers
Your eyes that sparkle when they see you 
Please come my love, you know I want you.

Your fingertips one loves to feel
Your arms about me, the blues do heal
Your kisses sparks a flame in me
A passion burning constantly…

Your strength I need like air to breathe
Time spent apart ones soul does grieve
Just to see and touch your handsome face
Makes ones life a joy, and full of grace.

Come to me my love I thee pray 
I cannot wait another day 
My heart beats out a pounding beat
Whenever we are about to meet.

My love for you is beyond the stars
You send me over the moon to Mars
My sleep in not rest when you are not there
One thanks the heavens for a love affair. 

© 12/012/2012 ~GG~

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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Breathe Continued

Breathe ~ Continued

Yes breathe…

Deeply, then allow your lungs to exhale 
as your guide glides your weightless form through the whitest 										    shades of pale
Do not resist, do not fight the feelings of ecstasy night wants              										you to behold                        
Yielding to a greater force, at times, is more profitable than gold

When night claims you like a wayward leaf of old,
the smoothest seductive music will gradually unfold
Let night en’trance you, rid you of any mal thoughts or frights
Relax and enjoy a plethora of magical sounds and sights

Yes, hold all your questions until the end
then let night’s metaphorical ears bend!
Navigating you beyond wildest dreams
gold is a burden to carry as you peruse yet unseen, crystal 								       prism-speckled streams

When night claims you like a wayward leaf of old
Carpe Diem for your trip will be repeatedly told 
Breathing almost back on auto now,
be still, snap a mental picture of the experience of which  									                     you now endow

yes exhale…

									Sunshine Williams

Copyright © jill spagnola | Year Posted 2016

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LOVE ME Hold me when the night is heavy Wrap your arms around me tight Press me to you till I'm quiet Cradle me all through the night Kiss me like there's no tomorrow Like tonight my life will end Give all your passion all your loving All your warmth and all your strength Hold me, love me, see me, fill me With all the life found far and near Love me as if you're a tornado Crush my debilitating fear Wrap your arms around me tight With all your love, found far and near Hold me, love me, see me, fill me Cradle me, take away my fear.

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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Fly My Way:

For if my love did come to stay, In shadows across an empty sky, I would then light up the way, So she could land nearby. Have faith must I in my wishing well, And flood it with coins every sunny day, And hope shall I in a magical spell, Upon shores one day we both shall lay. An ocean then may bring us in, As seagulls fly above our rest, We'll find our peace, we shall begin, And watch the sunset in the west. /|\

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2016

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Lost in a moment

Lost in a moment
A breath of time
A single point
On the worlds spine
A single minute
Frozen in space
Held by a kiss
Held in its place
It tingles 
And shimmers
And shakes 
And trimmers
It rolls 
And rocks 
In vicious
But it holds
And lasts 
The past
Caught in time
A web of desire
Caught in a touch
A feeling of fire
A click of a shutter
A flick of a brush
A moment captured
By passion and lust
Feeling you tremble
Seeing you shake
Feeling the heat
The two of us make
And yearning
And burning
And gasping 
The moment 
Is lasping
Im holding
As I watch
You folding
Into my arms
Into my lap
Between my legs
Safely they wrap
Around your back
Pulling you close
Making you feel 
What you need most
Look in your face
Look in your eyes
Kissing you soft
As the firelight dies
Feeling your mouth
Wet on my lips
Drinking you in
Your taste I sip
Running my tongue
Down your skin
Tasting your salt
Where my mouth has been
Your aching 
And pressing 
As your slowly 
Im touching 
And feeling 
Your body 
So willing
So hot 
You get
you wet
making you
making you 
Lost in this moment
This breath of time
This single point
Frozen in time
Holding you tight
As you fall asleep
This moment this memory
Forever ill keep

Copyright © Jeremy Moore | Year Posted 2011

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Moonlight Serenade - A Collaboration with Heidi Sands

 A moonlight serenade drifts up to the stars
 And joins the melody of the universe
  Ebony notes accompany celestial guitars
 And moonbeam rhapsodies soon disperse

  The serenade plays with the steps of two
 Evolving in love beneath a moonbow
  Dancing to the ebony notes with a view
 Their hearts rest with the soft music flow

  Stardust descends as ivory notes join in
 And he whispers sweet nothings in her ear
  The tango of love is the dance within
 And they dance to a tune only lovers hear 

  Step by step, heartbeat by heartbeat
  The music and love float to the sky
  Light kisses under the moonbow meet
  With impressions made in time floating by

* My thanks to Heidi for her musical inspiration 
  and for sharing her poetic voice with me.

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017