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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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PoetrySoup Heroes

The best advice came from my hero
since our very first days on the Soup,
he said to me ....be true to yourself
don't try to blend into the group.

When no one wants to write in rhyme
you told me ....write it anyway,
when no one wants to read rhyme,
you said to me ...write it anyway.

If this is your passion, why let it go
all opinions will be hit and miss,
poetry is not what others want you to do
only Heart and Soul make up the artist.

Did Poe try to follow the rest ...oh no
being unique makes any artist great,
perfection is what it is .....to you
only we can control the hand of fate.

So what if we are being a little archaic
by respecting those who came before,
the elders are remembered for a reason
they opened up the modern poet's door.

Thank you for teaching me to believe
because back then I just didn't see,
the talent, the potential, the poet
... that you somehow saw in me.

I have many Poetry Soup heroes....

but this poem is for Chan Hurst, "Just That Archaic Poet" ....RIP

Written on November 10th, 2015

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2015

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When will periwinkle dreams entwine with my lifesong?
  deadly winter has blanket me? [Long, ah! so long...]
Has bloody ferns swirl then froze me as falling snow
  for acrid critiques cold cloud? [T'was wrong, Oh so wrong...]

Doubts and worries weaken my weary feet
  but teeming catalysts from a compassionate God
    activate talent embers, once frozen to heat--
telling: "TRUST, GO AND START!", an alarm from above.

Bearing a faith anew, I spread my wings to fly;
  walking even over blitz agonizing talk for ply.
Cracking myself from iceberg of fears--
  twining myself to God's glory, a clear dear!

Braiding faith and hardwork in cornerstone steel,
  spirits shoot hope that guards, a powerful feel.
Unfolding gifts from long frozen hearts to burn,
  now mightily restored with heaven's love way turn...

August 22, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Taps to Discovery

Taps to Discovery

“Here, I’ve bought you something
Push this and the bell will ring”
But I want a real toy
Thought that tender little boy

There it stood unwanted went
While time with proper toys was spent
Then one rainy afternoon
Into his mind there came a tune

The plasticy machiney thing
He found and made that small bell ring
He struggled with intensity
To wind the paper in you see

He turned around that yellow dial
Till the letter came in line
And thumped that single key with smile
As letters formed on paper fine

Also that day, he had found
Upon that toy like typewriter 
That words could make a lovely sound
From his mind, great inviter

Of that work he was proud
Another one he’d type ’fore long
Ran to daddy, sang out loud
“Can I have a bigger, better one”.

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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What Dad Taught Me

Blow on a dandelion and wish
God's parachutes, my dad would say
Then fold your hands, whisper a prayer
And watch them as they float away

You can say anything to God
So talk to Him like He's your friend
God answers all our prayers, sweet girl
Because His love will never end

God cares for us, and He is wise
He knows what's right and just and true
The Lord may say the time is right
And in His grace, say yes to you

But though you may not understand
Sweet child, believe the Lord knows best
So do not be surprised sometimes
If He says no to your request

So dear, give thanks for all His gifts
Both granted and to those denied
For you never really can go wrong
If you trust Him to be your guide

Copyright © Andrea Doherty | Year Posted 2015

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The Door

Noah’s ark was real not a fiction
It had a door to escape God’s affliction
Noah delivered a warning message
But the folks mock their own presage

Men grew in sin and matured in transgression
And ignored Noah’s loving confession
The Door stood open a long time
Until time begin to climb

The Lord finally shut the Door
And the rain begin to pour
120 years of grace finally came to a halt
God administered judgment by default

The Door was a glorious type of Christ
He was the Lamb of God who was price
Jesus said “I am the Door of the sheep”
He is the only Door of that Great ship

Jesus is our Door of salvation
Wherein we enter and float as new creation
Behold He stands at your door this day and knock
Let Him in, you’ll find pasture as a partaker of His Holy flock

Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep- John 10:7

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

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Master of none:

To be Jack of all trades But a master of none, As my memory fades Still, some do come. To be master of one Like poetry or art, And know how it's done Is love from the heart. As I stare at the wall Shall inspiration turn up? Does my muse hear me call Will she fill up my cup? So I wait patiently Just for one drop, As she sits next to me Now I can't stop. My pen running wild catching all of my thoughts, Feel like a new born child But still out of sorts. Will this be as brief As I believe it will? At least now I have relief She did return to fill.

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2017

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To those who fight

Beginning a journey with unseen ends,
Saluting your old life behind, you walk on.
Encasing your love deep in your heart,
Grasping to a single portrait in your hand.

Duty holds your head high,
As your loved ones wave goodbye.
Daily they pray for you 
Hoping to help you make it though.

The sights scar in the head and hand,
No matter how far the land,
Keep thy heart pure,
For love is the cure.

You take up arms with brothers and sisters at your sides.
No gun, no bomb, no bullet, nothing! may break these ties
The strength of you come not through the hours of training
But though offering a hand when your comrades are falling.

May you stand strong in the face of pain,
May you hold the roots close to your heart.
May the sun shine gently upon you daily,
May our love sheild you from hurt.
May you rejoice when you are welcomed home as a hero

Copyright © Elissa Quigley | Year Posted 2017

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What Nine Plagues Could not Do

Israel had been under tyrant oppression
God sent Moses to redeem them from suppression
He promised to manifest His sign and wonder
And extend His Finger of Power over Nut, the god of thunder

Nile was like a sea of blood on the first day of the plague
The magicians were dumbfounded and vague
Nile hitherto served as Egypt National cake
Became ravaged as millions of creatures died in the lake

On day two, God brought frogs from Nile
They died and stink along the foe’s mile
Thus, Jeshurun judged Heqet of earth
The frog goddess of birth

On the third day God administered judgment on Zet
The ‘mighty’ and the dreadful, he was the god of the dessert
Magicians marveled at the miracle of Moses’ rod
And declared to Pharaoh, “This is the Finger of God”

On the fifth day God judged the goddess Hathor
She was the spirit of cattle, a violent author
He slays her cattle and plagued them with boil
Amidst it all Pharaoh’s heart was harden like a golf ball

On the seventh day, God plagued Egypt with Hail
The sky goddess Nut was attacked and jail
In all these Israel was not affected
He was miraculously covered and protected

On the ninth day Egypt was clothed in a cloak of darkness
Nevertheless Pharaoh’s heart was still heartless
But the home of the righteous was as a nimbus of radiant light
As the glory of the Lord has risen upon their plight 

God judged Isis the ‘Protector’ as the first fruits were killed  
 In this plague was the scripture fulfilled
They overcame him (Isis) by the blood of the lamb
And by the steadfast confession of faith in ‘I AM”

Satan is a destroyer and a ‘blackmailer’
But Christ is our redeemer and our healer
What the nine plagues couldn’t do
The blood of the Lamb gave a clue

By faith he (Moses) kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood, lest he who destroyed the firstborn should touch them. Hebrew 11:28

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

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Journey through Cyber Space

 We etch out words in cyber space
 Which travel at the speed of light
 The thoughts we leave within this place
 Will journey through distant gigabytes

 And in some dusty village far
 Where cyberspace sparks desire
 Our words like twinkling distant stars
 Will be able to inspire

 So leave your words and let  them shine
 As it travels this digital universe
 And soon their gleam will be defined
 As inspiration they disperse

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

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Friendly Inspiration

Words of a friend greet me this morning
As a smile returns to a once barren face
They enliven my spirits, exciting me deep
What once was despair, my friend has erased

Alive in a feeling, where thoughts now permit
Come words through a voice, that echo within
I’ll write them all down, allowing my thoughts
To form into poems for you then again

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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Struggles and success, Sufferings and happiness, Dreams and Goals building to life; Like colours of the rainbow making light.
A blessed day for you my dear readers :) Cheer Up, God bless

Copyright © Emmanuel Fajutagana | Year Posted 2013

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Mountain Lake Inspiration

Mountain Lake is my favorite place to write
under shade tree are my pencil, paper, and pole.
Scribble down words while waiting for a bite
fishing my most popular angling hole.

Fish are jumping all around hook and line
small cork sits still and does not move or fade.
Patiently I sit in wait for that fish to dine
beneath weeping willow of cool tree shade.

Inspiration overwhelms biding snare
while creative mind laggardly transcends.
In far distance I see lone grizzly bear
and leave a good fishing pole to his friends.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2013

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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One More Step

Every day I climb some stairs
A few steps here and few more there;
One by one until I’ve found
The destination where I’m bound. 

Some days my steps are small and sure
Never less and never more; 
Always ground in gravity’s grace
Never questioning my own place. 

But other times while in the dark
I stumble looking for my mark; 
While moving upwards, homeward bound
Not knowing what might soon be found. 

And so I move each day I live
Praying for one more step to give;
Myself another view of life
And chance to see the stars at night. 

One more step to the rooftop high
Where all good climbers reach and strive;
For one more sunrise, one more set
And all I ask is one more step. 

Copyright © Terrell Martin | Year Posted 2013

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Solar Eclipse

There's something I feel that I still haven't said,
Quotes that haven't straddled my lips.
When poetry wheels don't turn in my head,
Words can cast a solar eclipse.

©2012 Honestly JT

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

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The Poet's Pluck -- Fanny J Crosby

HARMONIES OF NIGHT Weary wand'rer, stop and listen, Give heed to this soothing song, The voice of the night wind carries Words of peace and rest, be strong; Strike the harp of Zion, let's sing Mamma's lullaby tonight, It's melody reminds of how Bells at evening bring delight; Hold thou my hand in the silence, We will sway to the rhythm light, There's music in the air, tune in, Before you bid me good night. 02/09/17

Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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I Am The Lily Of The Valley

Look for my pure white bell heads,
bowed low, as if in prayer.
And you'll find me by my fragrance,
sweet smelling in the air.

Bees love me for my pollen,
Women for my perfume.
And my snow white lily flowers,
in a bride's bouquet bloom.

When Jesus Christ was crucified,
and died for me and you,
Mary's tears fell on the ground,
and on that sacred spot, I grew.

You'll find lilies in the Bible,
mentioned fifteen times.
"I am the Lily of the Valleys" (S of S 2:1)
And I live in many minds.
Lily Of The Valley means: Humility, sweetness and purity. 
It is said to bring luck in love, that's why brides use it in
their bouquets. Spiritual meaning: Jesus (Lily of the Valley is 
one of the many names Jesus is called.

Note: There is a famous song, the refrain goes:
"He's the Lily of the Valley, the bright and Morning Star.
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

For Andrea's "I Am A Flower" Contest

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2015

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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TINKLE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, TINKLE Bosom of palpitating air: air blowing crisp and cold cold amidst sweet greetings of care: care that never grows old! Old Christmas bells, Tinkle! Tinkle! Tinkles sound cheers and joys; joy invites peace. Hence, love twinkles. Twinkling touch, we'll employ... Employed presents under the tree, tree dressed in balls and lights. Lights agreeing to dance: carefree freely dazzling all night! Night persons away from their homes: homes where their hearts belong, to belong whereever they roam. Roam but not a lifelong... Let long uttered prayers and roars be roars of unity. Unity to clear clouds of war wars ending cruelty! ________________________________________________ 10:00 pm, December 10, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Let Me

Let me bottle up your anguish and throw it out to sea
Let me swallow your pain forever and ask your tears to flee
Let me take you by the hand and walk you through the park
Let me blanket you with Love and protect you from the dark

Let me give you my only heart and melt away your sorrows
Let me hug your golden soul and give you new tomorrows
Let me carry your heavy cross and adorn you like Kings and Queens
Let me comfort you forever even in your dreams

Let me give you the sky and clouds along with the color blue
Let me give you a summer’s smile cheek to cheek with a cherry hue
Let me give you Angel’s Wings so you may soar beyond the trees
Let me give you waves of Joy and laughter that flutter in the breeze.

To all the Mom's & Dad's who ever took care of a sick child...as seen through their eyes.
And to my sisters in law Paula & Lisa...with Love...^WW^...Nov. 21, 2015

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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(3 May 2014;  For my son Steven, an ACCOMPLISHED guitarist)

Real musicianship can truly drive you nuts—
There really are no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts”.
Practice, study, memorize, then more practice--
Is this just an obsession or complete madness?

Learning chord inversions, arpeggios, and scales
Is like reaching Heaven by crossing through seven Hells.
It wouldn’t be bad if there were only a dozen majors,
But there’s also those other dozen minors.

What’s worse, it seems we’re never finished
Because there’s also augmented and diminished,
The major/minor/augmented/dominant sevenths.
And symmetrical double-flatted diminished sevenths,

And if this harmonic mess is not enough,
All those dissonant Jazz chords get really tough…
Such as the sustained seconds and fourths,
The sevenths add nines, sixths, blah-blah-blah, elevenths.

And if learning all this isn’t already extraordinary,
There’s music theory and music vocabulary.
Instead of just saying “get louder”, you have to “crescendo”,
Or for “fast” or “slow” you say “allegro” or “lento”.

Then there are names like Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, 
Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian.
(All being modes derived from scale C-major,
Plus each major scale also has a relative minor)

Multiple pattern exercises on guitar fretboards
Are even worse than finger drills on piano keyboards.
Worse, the string tuning on a six-string acoustic guitar
Is not quite the same as on a 4/5/6/7-string bass guitar.

It’s hard to get up on stage and routinely play
That same song, for the umpteenth time, in an inspiring way.
No wonder musicians seem to all suffer manic-depression,
From trying to play a full sets with unique expression.

All the advances in music equipment and technology
Bless and curse musicians like two-edged swords, you see,
Because all this work they do to sound like a maestro or genius
Can be counterfeited on a computer by a musical ignoramus.

But computer geeks won’t ever find that special place,
That fugue-like subtle sacred state of grace,
Which for brief moments is like deep meditation.
No, that’s the forbidden domain of the real musician.

To suggest that musicians all are just “gifted” naturally,
Is the absolute superlative worst insulting irony.
Truly, real musicianship can drive you nuts—
No, there really are no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts”.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

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We,re too far from our praying when 
we should seek out his face.
We're too long, deep in mourning when 
the heart should feel God's grace.

We're too long keeping silent when 
the voice inside says, 'why?'
We're too long sitting dormant when 
the body cries out, 'try.'

We're too soon apt to follow when 
we should go forth and lead.
We often say, 'tomorrow,' when 
it's now that people need.

We're too soon prone to argue when 
to whisper wins the day.
We're too slow to the rescue when 
a child is in the fray.

We're too soon prone to crying when 
each prayer is answered, friend.
We're too long slaves to fears and yet 
the soul is quick to mend.

We often think of having, and 
forget where need is great.
We often hear those hurting and 
should be there to relate.

We're too slow being contrite when 
our knees is where we pray.
We often beg to see light when 
God's here to lead our way.

We often act so selfish when 
we need to do what's right.
By learning what to cherish we 
will always stand upright.


Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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Snowflakes Floating

Snowflakes floating from the sky twirling, then settling down, they're in a race with each other to see which one first, hits the ground. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Feb.13/2013 It's starting to snow and this is a little something, I just came up with.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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A Glimpse of Heaven

This poem is a description of a glimpse of what I saw in Heaven.  Heaven is a reality.

There’s a glorious place called heaven
A place so imperial, a haven
A sight that is indescribable
A home that is incomparable

An elegance of design
A beauty, forever shine
The crowning of architecture
The dumb foundness of structure

Is the work of the Mastercraftman
Jesus Christ, the saviour of man
He designed it and built it
As the home of just spirit

The roof so exquisitely glazed
A kind to admire and be dazed
A glittering floor of jasper stone
A work that awestruck to the bone

A mansion walls of sapphire
A moment of an eye catching fire
The stairway sparkled like clear glass
An intricate pattern of class

As I gaze in amazement before me
I was enveloped in joy, peace and glee
The fragrance in the room ravished my heart
Overwhelmed with awe, I never wanted to depart

The Poet Preacher © 2014

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2014

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The Break Of A New Day

It's another North Carolina morning,
Just before I see the sun rise.
To lighter blue the sky is turning,
And nature wakes opening her eyes.

©2013 Honestly JT

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

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After Easter

What happens after Easter?
Does Jesus go away?
And does He only rise again,
on resurrection Day?

The answer to these questions,
Jesus wants to share with you.
He's been knocking on your door.
But the decision is up to you.

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2015