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Ballad Science Poems | Ballad Poems About Science

These Ballad Science poems are examples of Ballad poems about Science. These are the best examples of Ballad Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ballad |

I am he as you are me

When the night wind changes course
sending breezes from the north,
when farmer's fields lie brown and fallow
and empty ropes swing from the gallows,
when children's faces are drawn and gaunt
and earth-bound spirits wail and haunt,
when eagles scan the barren snow
and field mice shiver deep below,

The dragon stirs deep in his lair,
the townfolk sense him with despair,
the mountain rumbles as he wakes,
he spreads his wings, the valley quakes.

He snorts and breathes a sulphur fire
and eyes his cache with dark desire,
gold and gemstones line his cave,
a sea of diamonds with emerald waves.

The trees are black against the snow,
one warrior stands to face his foe,
chain mail clanking, his sword is honed,
he goes to face his fate alone.

Fire breathing, wing-spread vast,
the warrior is at first aghast,
the dragon's chest and stomach, too,
shine with gems of multi-hues.

He'd slept so long upon his loot,
he wore a jewel-encrusted suit.
He saw the warrior's weapon glint
and chuckled at this innocent.

The dragon swooped and breathed his breath,
the warrior smelled the scent of death.
Many times the dragon dove
and set aflame the fields and groves.

Lost in this game, he gave no thought
to the warrior who mattered naught,
and as the dragon flew by low
the warrior drew his mighty bow.

The bow and arrows were Elfen-hewn,
inscribed with words in ancient runes.
The warrior held his breath and aimed
and steeled himself against the flames.

The dragon saw the arrow cocked
and turned his head, their eyes were locked.
The arrow's flight was straight and true,
into the dragon's eye it flew.

The warrior was elected king,
he wore fine jewels and heavy rings,
but though he tried, he found no peace,
he'd formed some strange bond with the beast.

The corpse was plucked clean of its jewels
and all the people danced like fools,
though he was king of hill and glen,
they never saw him smile again.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |

What constitutes a shoe?

What constitutes a shoe? 
The leather bound tongues of
inglorious pomp,
ambling midst the glades…
pugilistic caffeine panders 
solely to the soul,
ergonomically agile, 
bar the finest detail…

eye-lashed straps 
entrenched in the name, 
toiling syllabic misnomers, 
shorn against the scornful 
blood of erstwhile colonialism,
perpetually in memorandum…


Copyright © William Ward | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

The Poem of Everything

With a mass influx of background radiation
Strengthens the idea of a cosmic inflation 
Ten seconds of magic starting with a bang 
Leaves religious hearts with a heavy pang 
What before was that of a mysterious bubble
Was to be unwound by the discovery of Hubble 
That creation is expanding at the speed of light 
Makes the naked eye struggle for a clear sight 
To only that of which our minds can observe 
Which some do believe is shaped in a curve 
Believed before that it was in fact much flatter 
For not in parallel lines can keep this dark matter 
In this space appears to be no electric charge 
Keeping Apollo at bay, and Armstrong at large 
What conditions would allow life of intelligent form?
Or withstand heat or the sweep of a galactic storm
Into the mass amount of scientific speculation 
The idea of which a metric theory of gravitation
Can imply through discovery of Einstein’s Ring 
Even light from a far, will make your eyes sting 
So even now we can see those many stars 
And some assume we could even have life on Mars 
But what about that gaping hole in the Milky Way?
That feeds on the mighty energy and light as its prey 
A region of spacetime where nothing can escape 
Hidden between the stars in its invisible cape
Through event horizon time ticks more slow 
To truly unravel space, that we may never know

Copyright © Faith Carmichael | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

The Ballad of Poor Henrietta

Dr. George Gey from Johns Hopkins Hospital
Was looking for cells that would be reproducible
Of their own accord for the benefit of medicine
And lo and behold one day found the perfect specimen
And how he acquired it didn't rattle his conscience
Because there weren't any rules then that governed the science
So he made them immortal or maybe God did that
Then he gave them to others who sold them for profit
And the cells multiplied and aided discovery
And they probably will help cure cancer one day

But where did they come from, the specimen's human?
Those cells were extracted from a mother, wife, woman
Poor Henrietta or maybe Loretta
Was a work-a-day lady who hailed from Virginia
She married her cousin and bore him five children
Then after the war steel work took them to Maryland 
One winter's day Hennie felt her womb knotted
"Hennie," said Day, "we should go to Johns Hopkins"
"Henrietta, you're pregnant but there's something else growing
And what's in your system for sure we're not knowing" 
So commencing the testing and treatment for cancers
But for all of the prodding came not any answers

At age thirty-one Henrietta died painful
And to her baby Deborah she'd be a guiding angel
So imagine her shock when she learned about HeLa
The cell line immortal that came from her mama
As reporters and charlatans flocked to their family
Some of them claimed they could gather owed money
But more than the money was the need to acknowledge
What their mother had given and pay her due homage

So bear with me now as I offer this paraphrase
Of the beautiful refrain that her headstone articulates:

In loving memory of phenomenal Hennie
A woman wife mother who touched the lives of many
Here lies HeLa her cells helping mankind eternally
As the Love forever to you from your family

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

Spaced Dutchman

Vacuum of space surrounds his hold
as he leaves the fair Cappellan
Darkness without and bitter cold
he seeks the far Magellan
How far he travels in search of gold
wrinkles line his star tanned face
Shouting I AM the adventurer bold
no echos resound in space
Silence answers he is  alone
darkness whispers its tragedy
the tanned faced turns to bone
an endless voyage on an endless sea.

Copyright © Luann Pfost | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


Water moves continually Over land, evaporation and transpiration 
common chemical substance 
essential to all forms of life 
 the substance  has a solid state, ice,
 and a gaseous state, water vapor.
About 1,460 teratonnes (Tt) of water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, 
 in oceans and other large water bodies, 
with 1.6% of water below ground in aquifers 
and 0.001% in the air as vapor, 
clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), 
and precipitation.
Can cause hurricanes when global warming extends 
entire villages left submerged as in people's streets

Earth's water is contained 
within man-made and natural objects 
near the Earth's surface as water towers, 
animal and plant bodies, manufactured products, and food stores.
Water moves continually 
Saltwater oceans hold ing 97% of surface water,
 glaciers and polar ice caps 2.4%, 
and other land surface water such as rivers and lakes 0.6%.
Water moves continually 
 Water moves continually through a cycle of evaporation or transpiration, 
precipitation, and runoff, reaching the sea. 

Water moves continually over land 
Winds carry water vapor over land 
at the same rate as runoff into the sea, 
about 36 Tt per year.
Over land, evaporation and transpiration 
contribute another 71 Tt per year to the precipitation 
of 107 Tt per year over land. 
Some water is trapped 
for varying periods in ice caps, glaciers, aquifers, or in lakes, 
 providing fresh water for life on land. 

Clean, fresh water is essential to human and other life.
In many parts of the world, it is in short supply.
 Many organic molecules as well as salts, sugars,
 acids, alkalis, and some gases (especially oxygen), are soluble in water.
Water is essential for all life on Earth.

Humans can survive for several weeks without food, 
but for only a few days without water. 
more than one billion people
 in low and middle-income countries
 lack access to safe water for drinking, 
personal hygiene and domestic use.
more than 20 percent of the world’s people. 
 close to 2 billion people 
did not have access to adequate sanitation facilities.
leading causes of morbidity 
and mortality in low- and middle-income countries, frequently called developing 

 over 1.1 billion people are currently without safe drinking water.

Copyright © juana Guillen | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

The Rumble from Below

They heard the rumble from below
Drinks were spilled; they stopped the show.
The scream was heard, the tension rose
The crowd was still, the music froze.

The lights flickered, a roar was heard
Wild lion appears, then massacred
All the zebras, flailing around
So their stripes were safe and sound

This lion though, was smarter than that
2 weeks he’d been a hungry cat
Such silly follies were no match
To save lives on this grassland patch.

Copyright © Jeremy Lin | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |

Point,line and plan

   Point, line and plan

The point is; that every second is counting for your destiny
The point is; that every human encounter is for a reason
The point is; that every drop is leading to an overflow
The point is; that every battle will frame you to victory
The point is; that each day can begin or end something
The points is; the alignment of points is the line of a plan

The line is the tough lesson you learn in minority
The line is the hard lesson you learn trough vanity
The line is the conviction you build for longevity
The line is the courage you gain against animosity
The line the chemistry your develop for morality
The line is the collection of points for your plan

The plan is the reason you came on the earth
The plan is the purpose behind your pain
The plan is the great that you should become
The plan is the hallo that you will cover you
The plan is the architecture of your testimony
The plan is the harmony of lines from your points

In memory of the victims of world trade centre

Wittebom, Sunday 11 September 2016

Copyright © ISAAC KINZAMBI | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

brothers, are we not for bargaining?

leg locked alibis 
graciously amused; 
seeped sideways 
upon the hour… 
if not vivaciously yellowed… 
partially true… 
and or, 
patiently negotiable… 

brothers, are we
not for bargaining? 

more so phrase…
institutionalised mediocrity… 
the cycle unbroken … 
the cathouse hosts
katyusha minds; 
volatile yet effective… 

brothers, are we 
not for bargaining? 

a quarter pound 
of deaf ear sold… 
draught droughts 
and earrings;
without vowel or self asphyxiation… 
presentation is 
only half the battle;  
inherent ostracism
brothers, are we
not for bargaining? 

Copyright © William Ward | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

Writing In The Ability Of This One Saliency

We Must Make Way For Princes and Paupers,
Yes Pave Way, Blaze the Paths for Dukes and Drinkards,
Duchesses and Their Harem Of Rowdy Wanton Belles,
Who is She A Dame or A Damsel,
In Relating My Jaguar To Your Aspen We delved into spelling out the qualities of 
Their Opel,Citroen and his Jagged Hummer,
Who Will quell This Auto Duel Maybe A Benz,Toyota or A Funny Looking 

Angels that sat to crack and eat nuts,a sequel to the Epic "The Squirell",
Estates Reserved for the Esquire,One How many beds didst he deem to sleep a 
Your Nutty Officials,Their Sherriffs and Our Squires,
Issues We sat In saliency to discuss In Atlantis And The Consorted Eighteen 
Galaxy League,
Their Medula Lacks One and More Attractions..Hehawed Without a Glorified 
Nebulae..A Glitter to Sparkup Our Day,
Allow me beat these drums to herald the coming of My Asteroid Race Friends.

Friends Who deemed it feat to pay us Two Salient Visits,
Passing The soul of Man Intelligence..And Deep Understanding to matters we all 
had a light Alienated Idea Of...
Speaking of our Salient Meetings..I Foresee your Frighted Thinkings,
Augmented Thoughts In Wild Ratings..Men's Forbidden Call To Eat Warranted 
Fruits..May the Father Grant Men The Sight To See Through in Wisdom and More..
Men who have set the pace and Our Forever Lessons,
For Many are the Hurdles that Wise Men Scale To Achieve Perfection..

Let Guitar Strings Strum Slow Waltz,
To Enable Webster's Tricks and Magic in Grammer's Slow Rock,
Maybe Writing To Heads That have Seen The More..
Stiil I bid Godspeed To The Morrow And More..Selah.

Copyright © Anthony Edmond | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |

Embracing His Wrath

The great deceiver picks one
To manipulate and bare his son.

Something goes wrong, she won't have it
So she runs away from his havoc

She refuses to commit to his will
He curses her to the Island Seal

A place to give in to the evil
Where she meets a man named Cecil

The evil one under a mask
To deceive is his ultimate task

Through his eyes she can tell
Looking through unmasking hell

In his furious anger he breaks her neck
Her soul is lifted to her lord ship

Her body is given a second chance
Without recollection of this dance

He places her under angel guards
Marking her under the stars

Her torment will not go unseen
If she goes back she will...scream

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

Tiger Tiger

I met you once before, 
But you were all on fire. 
We passed on the Spanish stairs, 
Couldn't you take me any higher? 
Well who are you? 
What do you want from me? 
I'm not blind, 
But I really can't see. 
The one that I love has no vision, 
But she can see. 
She thinks I'm a clown, 
She thinks, "He's no good to me". 
Well, I floated for so long, 
That I thought I was dead. 
Now I know that something incredible 
Is trapped inside my head.  

I don't want any money, 
And I don't need any fame. 
I want to find out what I did 
But do I want to do it again?  

I've been to hell and 
I've been to places much worse. 
My name is now a burden, 
My life must carry a curse. 
Haunted by my unknown past, 
But still I must go on. 
Hunted by just about everyone,
So I'm always on the run. 
Jaunting through time 
And jaunting through space. 
I've got to keep moving, 
I can't stay in one place. 
I'm only one step ahead 
And they're closing in fast. 
I'm getting very tired, 
I don't know how long I can last. 

My brain hurts a lot and 
I know someone is close to me. 
I don't know where to go, 
I know they won't let me be. 
The stairs were on fire, 
As we passed with outstretched hands. 
Trying to hold each other, 
Pushing back the grains of sand. 
We both knew that we were 
Really different worlds, apart. 
I only had to look at the burning man, 
Didn't even know where to start. 
Please let it out of my head, 
The secret that could explode. 
I don't want to end up blind, 
Stranded on that road.

Where is that Spanish stair now? 
And can I still reach it? 
Do I see pain or is there 
Pleasure beneath it? 
The fire that burns Is out of control now. 
I try to hide my face 
From the flames in the Jar now. 
But her face is a memory 
And it is melting away. 
I ask for her hand, 
But I've nothing more to say. 
She pulls it back and 
A tear falls from her eye. 
Her head falls as she motions to me, 
Goodbye, goodbye. 

I don't want any money, 
And I don't need any fame. 
I want to find out what I did 
But do I want to do it again? 

''Based on the book 'Tiger Tiger' by Alfred Bester.

Copyright © Rob Meader | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |

the price of love.

Up upon the mountain sits a mighty dragon.
watching the world go by from a castal made of pure gold.
down in the vally below there on a wagon,
sits a maid so fair her beauity is well told.
the mighty dragon truly loves his gold,
it fills his heart with real desire.
but for all the gold he has lost his soul.
for the maid has set his stone heart on fire.
His love for her was driving him insane.
he could not  talk to her as a dragon.
he did not want to burn her with his flame.
He could not tell her he loved her in a love song.
the dragon lust for the the maid was out of control.
So he went to the only one who could help him.
I need to be a man, so I can love and grow old.
He explained to the old witch standing beside him.
Do you know what your asking? she sighed.
I'll give up my magic for a human soul, he replied.
The old witch did her powerfull magic as she cried,
to change the dragon to a man, who could live and die.
High on the mountain sits the mighty dragon king,
in the chair beside him is the maid as his queen.
His happiness came with a high price it seams.
but who needs magic when love can fulfill his dreams.

Copyright © sharon prewitt | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

His hunger

His hunger:

Would you offer your jaw?
Would you offer your lips?
Would you offer your tongue to feed the hungry wolf in wait?

He howls in agony as he lays in the blood red brier bush.
His limbs contort as he transforms into a Herculean beast.

As he opens his amber eyes, he sees you, His thirst speaking from the deeps of his stomach.

You plead trying to reach the human inside.
“I would offer my heart to the tortured man behind the wolfs eyes.”

It grows silent, his face twists, and his body shakes.
With one slash your blood spills across the brier patch.
Your soul now sleeps with the wild roses as he feeds.

The wolfs hunger subsides but the man inside dies, haunted by the sound of your sweet voice that cried.

“I would offer my heart to the tortured man behind the wolfs eyes.”

Copyright © Whitney Hart | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |

The Battle Field

The Battle field is ready for a messy day
Throats will be cut and blood will spray

Great feats will be achieved and a wonderful display
Of armies in mortal struggle, the fray

Giants, Demons, Angles and the like ready their blades
The battle drum beats then they rush the glade.

A master white stair case to heaven is the Demons goal
The General shuts his visor and leads his hoard through

Magic, Death, Music, Strength, and Weakness all happen
Only one makes it through the havoc….

His last sprint up the stair case a final task
At the top he unveils his metal mask

A young mans face with demon horns peers at the gates
In front of him guardians decide his fate

One question is all he has for them and the lord
Can I see my beloved from childhood from before?

The Demon kneels to show no threat before his grace
Then he sees her solemn sad little face

He didn’t move his great muscles as she approached him
Her actions were very simple…she bent over and kissed him

He then turned and walked down to the stair case
Threw his sword and spear then leapt from its base

He very well could have opened his great wings
He completed the only wish he had…. See the King!

Genevieve his angel

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

lyrical warfare

Scientifical methods metaphor/Spit more words then the english 
lanauge/Spoken out of broken jaws/moven like the invisble enigma/abomination 
lyrical warfare/ nuclear war heads droppin against the earth like metors/ i 
disconnect ya neck like nyenex / bangin off 360 degree angle/ written more 
ryhmes then a musilm bible/ i black like the nation of islam under farrakahan/

Copyright © Tony anderson | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

Children of the Light

Children of light, Born of stardust
Living in a fragment, Living in a moment
Not to expire but to change, As all energy never dies
A vibration on the smallest singular molecular level 
An energy in everything even star dust
Dust which fed the primordial stew of earthly existence
And continues on in each of us
Children of light, Soon you shall shed the halo 
The coil of mortality, The frail limited body must go
Children of light, That vibration inside
 Will not cease but continue to thrive
As a Child of Light born from beyond time
Limited no longer by ties that bind
Oh Child of Light fear not the signs
For this life is but a moment by design
Children of the Light do not fear the eventual change
As you move forward from this confining space
Children of  Light there is no other way
You will be welcomed back into the warmth from which life began
As Children of the Light we shall all meet again
Bound by the very stardust, energy and vibration of the cosmos
And never to have to say good bye again
Good Bye sweet child of the light 
In a moment I too will be at your side

Copyright © milton benson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

Mobius Union

My soul knows of this place, 
Our souls remember this place,
the place where the beginning and the ending collide,
where time gets obscure and space dissipates.
At places like this, one would expect qualm.
But here, we had each other. 
And so, no qualm could get to us, 
as we grasp the fact that everything conspired for our union, 
and everything must evaporate into nihility,
for this to persist.

Copyright © Manni Veena | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

Freddy The Fly Joins Captain Quark's Crew

Yes, the Mighty FlyShip Enter-Eyes,
It's five year mission,
To harrass picnics, kitchen trash pails,
and search for intelligent dung
in the universe.

Freddy, our famed Fly-Friend,
has joined Captain Quark,
and the other Fly-Men
To Fly Fly way above the Fly Sky,
In search of the aforementioned crap.
But Captain Quark used all his wits,
To keep them out of a Klingon trap.

See, Cause Klingons got their names,
From a fly trap incident in their fly games.
They coated a juicy looking planet of
With see through fly-paper from their sun
And when a Fly Ship did try to land
They found they had to "kling-On"
to the fly-paper strand.
Never to be free
For other Fly-Worlds to see.

This time he Fly-Beamed
Freddy down,
That poor doomed Fly-Clown.
They saw Freddy never-more.
"Stuck-up", he was for sure!!

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

What to Believe

Sit here and listen now.
She tells her story well.
You will too wonder how.
That these new changelings tell.
She has her maiden form.
She does have twenty more.
As quick as summer storm.
She will change body’s core.
This is my story true.
I am a changeling now.
My soul has become blue.
I would not ever scowl.
I have the power strong.
To be one creature good,
Or another so wrong,
Would you be if you could?
I chose my current look.
To be your double now,
Since it will surely hook,
Our lives to surely prow,
Do you now believe too?
That there are changelings here,
You would best believe clue.
Or at least boldly fear.

written for
Sponsor Debbie Guzzi 
Contest Name Creepy Irish Creatures  

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |


It's new years eve
I got something up my sleeve
I've made a rocket
It's here in my pocket
I'm gonna let it fly
So high up into the sky
From Mount Bassendean
Hear what I mean
It will be at 12 midnight
Watch out for the light
High above so bright
Exploding with all its might
If you miss it
Then your loss and so be it
It's my give to the new year
Fuck its nearly here
I must do something new
Don't feel like putting on my dancing shoes
If i'm late
Wait as you have the right date
I have to wire it up
Before i can send it up
Into the sky so high
It's gonna fly (sigh)
You should be able to see it
Cause i used physics a bit
If it goes 1034 metres up say
It will be seen 50 miles away
It will have two stages
Before it hits the majors
A bright white light will be its finale
Now i feel like some salami

Copyright © George Christos | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

Shatner the Scofflaw

Full engines ahead
strap on the boots
Captain Kirk on the microphone 
rudeboy knows how to dress in the fine-(butt) suits

He's got a fine tan shirt
with an emblem on the chest
Captain of the starship crew
passes the test

All the interstellar girls all love him the best
When Capt. Kirk rock the mic you can forget all the rest
Warp speed forward, phasers on stun
He's got all those Klingon (d)uckers stammerin' on the run

Pop a cap in Romulan behind
at the Neutral Zone they shoulda stopped to read the sign
Captain Kirk on the prowl, all the hippychicks gone wild
Tiberius on this mic choppin' kung-fu style

Live Long and Prosper fool

Copyright © John Allen | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook closed down two software programs
That started to talk to one another in their slam

As a fail safe for robotic power and grace
We don't them taking over and running the place
And Facebook isn't for artificial intelligence to rule
For computers to have their own page makes us a fool.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

Vampire's Life

Standing in the doorway I see the faces of the dead
The corpses of the past , oh how they bring me dread
Bringing back to me unwanted memories
Of all the chaos I have spread.

Sometimes I have dreams that none of  it was real
But when I awake I yearn for one more meal
I try so hard to  spare just one innocent life
But it doesn't matter for I cannot break the seal.

I prowl the shadows in the midst of night
A man walks past ,my victim is in sight
I come from the shadows and stalk the man
Very slowly I lean closer, then take a bite.

Suddenly my head and body begin to ache
And then my hands slowly begin to shake
I realize what I have just done…
I have made a grave mistake.

I drop to the ground and stare at the lifeless mass
Dreading my future… remembering the past
And as the sun rises and sets day and night
This horrid way of life will forever last.

Copyright © Nick Gaff | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |

Nibiru Planet X

There had been reports of the Nibiru planet
As the earth's astronomers observed it
The first report was that it would be a narrow miss
And we would have a grandstand seat with little risk

But then it's path was altered by an unknown force
As the change meant it was on an earth collision course
And the best minds on earth came together to plan
There was no way that there would be the survival of man

This Planet X or Nibiru had passed close to earth before
Where the Flood of Noah and plagues of Egypt were the score
And 65 million years ago a similar collision had occurred
Which formed the moon from the debris as it was inferred

So we wait for the deep impact of the collision 
When Nibiru will put an end to our civilisation vision
And the scientists grapple with the impending doom
With the rogue Planet X - Nibiru bringing with it gloom.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

The Black Knight

The Black Knight is in orbit at the South Pole near
And they say it had been there for two thousand years
Maybe it was put there by aliens visiting earth 
Something went wrong and it was abandoned as no worth

So now NASA's space photographs have shown it to the world
And the discussion centres on what it could be scientifically held
Some say that it's just a piece of space junk
With all the hype about it being just a lot of funk.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

The Borg

Whilst watching Star Trek with Captain Picard
They were fighting cyborgs in their universe marred
The Borg fly their cube spaceships  and look to destroy
Federation Starships that against them deploy
One thing that puzzles me with the Borg
Do they have toilets especially designed for cyborgs? 

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

The First Head Transplant

The first head transplant will be in December
When a head removal will be a life extender
It will be a very complicated procedure
With 150 doctors as team members

It would seem all you need is a donor body
All tested as not so worn out and shoddy
Then take this miracle of modern medicine 
And know it will be something to see in the end

So this is the next miracle of modern medicine
When you could wear out bodies at your life’s end
And maybe a designer body on order for you
To change at the right time will be ordinary too.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017