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Ballad Christmas Poems | Ballad Poems About Christmas

These Ballad Christmas poems are examples of Ballad poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Ballad Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Christmas Rapper

The Christmas Rapper
Loch David Crane
December 7, 1989

Hello there Virginia,
	and welcome too--
here's an answer to the question
	posed by you.

You ask "who's Santa Claus?"
	here he is--there!
The question is
	 not WHO but WHERE.

Santa's not found 
	in the beard or the hair;
the place you find Santa
	is in your heart--there.

You've got to see Santa's
	symbolic side--
of his charitable visits,
	of his midnight ride.

He's hospitality 
	and traveller's aid--
and he's the fulfillment
	of wishes made.

Santa is the symbol
	of a child you see--
the child in you,
	the child in me.

The light of curiosity
	in children's eyes
brightens into pleasure
	at each gift or prize.

Santa Claus lives
	in a puppy's wet nose,
in a coveted toy,
	in the right sized clothes,

In the love of a parent,
	in the eyes of a child,
in the empty boxes
	and wrappings wild.

He's not in a cash gift
	or a plastic card –
but you hear him a'caroling	
	in someone's front yard.

Santa Claus is
	a place in your heart –
he's a state of mind,
	he’s a form of Art.

He's the spirit of joy,
	he’s the spirit of giving,
he’s the spirit of Love
	we should all be living.

You'll discover when Santa
	you set out to find –
he's not here on Earth:
	he resides in your mind.

And now comes the echo
	of Santa's World flight:
"Merry Christmas to all
	and to all a good night!"

Copyright © Loch David Crane | Year Posted 2014

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Santas Responsibility Rap

Santa’s Responsibility Rap
Loch David Crane 
July 2, 2006

Santa's jolly all year long
	he’s such a happy soul;
but if ya ever cross him
	he’ll put you in a hole.

Santa’s very red and white
	he knows who's good and bad.
His character assessment
	shows us what a life you’ve had.

So obey your Mums and Daddies
	and the helpful officers too
then we can jail the bad guys
	and help each other through.

We write laws to protect us all,
	both powerful and least;
 treat others as you treat yourself,
	respecting all, is best.

But if you sass your Daddy,
	or the officer ignore,
expect a swat upon your rump
	or SWAT outside your door.

Ol' Santa reads the crime reports
	on a computer he refused
to deliver to a bad boy
	whose trust had been abused.

He's read your blog on Facebook
	and he knows what's in your heart:
so "you better be good for goodness’ sake"
	or your gifts will all depart.

Santa doesn't like bad boys
	or messes on the floor.
He doesn't have to forgive you
	and he doesn't have to bring more.

For Santa reflects what you give to others
	and whom you choose to be;
because only a pleasant person 	
	gets dreams beneath his tree.

A loud, or stubborn, or spoiled child
	sees an empty cactus tree;
a helpful, cheerful, giving kid
	is a joy that Santa sees.

You must think as much of others
	as you do just for yourself
if you want to see those goodies
	coming towards you off the shelf.

 'Cause Santa isn't Jesus,
	that's why he keeps a list
of happy little readers
	and those in whom he's disappointed.	

Santa doesn't love you all
	or listen when you pray--
just good behavior is the key
	for toys on Xmas day.

"What's the X in Xmas?"
	trembling little voices cry.
X is an unknown value
	until you steal or lie.

For Santa isn't Jesus,
	he's an atheist you see –
he dispenses voluntary gifts
	underneath his pagan tree.

He doesn't owe you anything,
	 his gifts are from the heart..
He judges your behavior
	and each year is a new start.

As you behave, so shall you be	
	rewarded by St. Nick;
but if you're bad the year before
	then coal will be his trick.

What goes around comes back around
	and what was old is new;
When you give respect to others
 	it returns increased to you.

Copyright © Loch David Crane | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

A Merry Christmas To The World

To San Francisco, New York City.
London, Paris, and the world.

Moscow, Russia, and Frankfort, Germany.
Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.

I send a message to them all.
I send the nicest message, to a world
of people, who are! 

Givin' and livin'.Just livin' and givin'.
Just givin' and livin', and lovin' for all.

A Merry Christmas to you darling.
A Merry Christmas to the world.
A Merry Christmas to a world of people, who are! 

Givin' and livin'.Just livin' and givin'.
Just givin' and livin', and lovin' for all.

To Portugal, Ireland, and France.
To Africa, and Canada, and South America.

I send the nicest message to them all.
I send the nicest message to a world of people, who are! 

Givin' and livin'.Just livin' and givin'.
Just givin' and livin', and lovin' for all.

To Spain, Mexico, and Japan.
To Sweden, Scotland, and the world.
To Scandinavia, and all of the Baltic States.
And what I've excluded, from them all.

A Merry Christmas to you darling.
A Merry Christmas to the world.
A Merry Christmas to a world of people, who are! 

Givin' and livin'.Just livin' and givin'..
Just givin' and livin', and lovin' for all..

A Merry Christmas Song-By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1985,2014..ALL rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Perfect Christmas Gift

In a beautiful land far across the ocean, People used to celebrate Christmas all year round, Trees along the streets adorned with flickering lights; Down the cities were malls seethed with shoppers… All in frantic, but no harm in their enjoyment of time. Grandiose buildings and churches, Stood magnificently as the music of the season played; Lanterns were hanging on walls as church bells ring, Announcing the season of birth of Christ the King. A dazzling panorama of the whole place, With the nearby sea on its serenity and calmness; The aromatic freshness and coldness of yuletide’s zephyr, Giving resplendent smiles- rhythm of iridescent glow in ones’ eyes. As people enjoyed from morning to Christmas eve Children’s laughter exuded with the gifts they received They sang joyfully with thanksgiving on caroling A herald on the season of love in a spirit of giving. Time came in the beautiful land far across the ocean, When people didn’t have any single clue of the dangers to come, A week before the season with no ominous sign, Trees on streets were washed out in an instant; A gigantic catastrophe passed by engulfing everyone Mangled and jostled into darkness where they’re hard to be found, At snap of fingers… is there another joyful Christmas time? Grandiose building and churches, Turned out into a mass grave with flickering candles; Flowers were scattered where each body laid, Mourning of their fate…a rescue they begged All praying for mercy of Christ our only Savior and King. At vantage point was a horrible scene of a ghost town, Where green trees and buildings seemed thrown in garbage cans Marred souls were wafted in stale air… Starvation and unseen love ones, they grieved. Just in time came in a devastated land across the ocean, A miracle happened in His Love Divine Sympathy and passion reigned in the heart and mind of all men; People around the world joined hand-in-hand and rebuilt ‘tis land, The most perfect Christmas gift which arrived on time.
Dec. 15, 2013 9.25pm *My first ballad poem. Hope I did it right NOT FOR PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT CONTEST First Place Contest: Any poem goes #1 Judged: 12/27/13 Sponsor: My greatest poet PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Christmas Gifts

Underneath the tree so grand
Sit many boxes beautifully wrapped;
Packaged with discerning hands;
Gifts by God’s love enveloped.
Giving is the greatest blessing;
Far greater than to receive,
But at Christmas we enjoy both,
Except the very poor and grieved.

So let’s think about the needy,
This very special Christmas Day;
Give generously of food and gifts
To those in need and pray.
Pray for folk who are grieving,
When happiness should be their lot.
We often forget to pray for others;
Let your prayers not be forgot.

When the gifts have all been given
And the tree looks somewhat bare,
It’s time to enjoy the delicacies
That loving hands did prepare.
Whether it be roast turkey,Or a leg of lamb and gravy,
Let’s remember the hands of the Giver,
And the blessed Christmas story!

Let’s thank God for His Christmas gift;
The greatest gift of all time.
The gift of our shepherd and Savior,
Born so miraculously divine.
This is the real reason,
We celebrate at Christmas;
Give thanks for all our blessings
Of hope, peace, joy and happiness.

Maureen LeFanue

Copyright © MAUREEN LEFANUE | Year Posted 2011

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Are You Ready For Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas~have you lifted the tree
Are your lights through Christ shining bright~for everybody to see
				(everybody should see)

Your good deeds and your gifts of love~that you're presenting to Him
And they'll praise God above for His Son~the gift He's given to them

Are you ready for Christmas~will you surprise Him this year
With the harvest of love and faith~bidding others come near
				(bid all others come near)

To the banquet of Christ the King~don't let your candles grow dim
In the room of your heart prepared~because this day is for Him

Now are you ready for Christmas~carolling of His birth
Retelling Jesus' death to life~til He returns to this earth
				(He'll return to this earth)

With His angels and trump of God~forever we'll be with Him
So share this joy with the world like the shepherds of Bethlehem

Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2006

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New Year's Eve

Can’t think about the Year that didn’t last
Can’t fight the time and how it passed so fast…
Voices were cheerful that night
Everyone was full of silver light

I heard the sounds but didn’t care
I couldn’t help but only think and stare…
I dreamed of love that possibly I’ll never share
And of life that was just like a fairytale.

In that second of complete despair
I saw the moon and realized it was all a dare
Then your voice whispered in my ear
Promising me all I needed to hear…

Copyright © Gergana Skywalker | Year Posted 2013

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Candlelight Flames pt 3 A Christmas for two

Candlelight Flames pt. 3 ~ A Christmas For Two

The way you are, I fancy you
Twist and turn and turning blue
I hold my breath, I bleed for you
Wrapped in ribbons And Christmas too
So twist and twist My kiss is for you
The way you are, I fancy you

So strip me with your Golden Eyes
Your Golden Hair Your Golden Stare
Strip me Naked in the Rain
Stripped me Naked so Insane
Strip me, take me- Candy Cane

Dancing and Dancing
So beautiful you stand
Dancing this Dance
Our love in the sand
Twisting and Turning 
I’m burning for you
Screaming, I’m screaming 
“This love’s turning true”
Wrapped you in ribbons 
It’s Christmas for two
The way that you are
I fancy for you

So strip me naked 
Let’s dance in the rain
Strip me, take me
Our love so insane
You twissed me and kissed me
It’s Christmas for two
Wrapped me in ribbons 
Our love’s turning true
Dancing this dance because I fancy for you~ 
  It’s Love and Romance and my 
Kiss is for You

   by €hristian Alexander

Copyright © Christian Alexander | Year Posted 2014

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The New York Times

Its all of your imagination, 
The night life,  in the day time? All the shine, in the 
New York,  New York,  kinda times
New York times in the winter months imaginable, very cold, 
Let me really make it in a New York kinda mind frame , crystal clear, fashion with nothing, 
Nothing but the best,  and the rest is a block ago,  
at the end of the block, Turn left, 
Then in a quick New York minute, 
you'll see a big Christmas tree and ice skating rink, 
When you see the taxi with the big logo saying
 Go That away! 
You've only gone to far in a New York Kinda minute.

Copyright © Robert Bessel | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


Let frigid winter come,
it feels nice to be lonesome,
seeing myself snuggled up
in a comfort blanket holding a cup
of cocoa by this warm fireplace...
while the wanderer's frozen face
is dotted with the whitest snowflakes
as he rubs his red, freckled nose!

Isn't this an unforgettable moment
to delight me feeling the thrill
of the Season with its distinct chill?
Isn't this the magic of Christmas
when joy is felt in a calm land
by the sound of chiming bells?

Let frigid winter come and cover everything in glistening, deep snow,
and 'though the evening will not have the moon's glow,
brightness can lead my footsteps really far...
shouldn't I play a Christmas song on this guitar?
I will go from house to house and knock on every door...
tingle everyone with great joy by spreading the message of the Savior! 

I'm very confident that going back home
stars will gleam and children will roam:
singing, shouting, swirling and throwing heavy  snowballs;
happy angels will be heard on gelid gulls,
but who minds waiting in the bitter cold... 
when a Divine Child comes down to redeem the sinful world?  

Entered in Carol Sunshine Brown's  contest,
" Fire And Ice "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/ 3/ 2012

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

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The Old Child

'If this is a fairy tale, it is fair.
The little dream was born in a lair.
The ever tale of birth is here.
Our ever is ere.
Tonight, have fair faith in fate fare.
Today, it is reworded in the truthful.
Hail oh modest king born amongst thy non sinful.
The sky of the Birds acclaimed the ham.
The men of unequal blest acumen came.
His birth brought shame to the sham.
What is now?
All this is done how?
Who can tell?
Even the souls in hell,
Long lost in the death hall, hail.

Copyright © Chukwuemeka Anyikwa | Year Posted 2014

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With Christmas

With Christmas
Comes the soft snow
The roasted chestnut
The starry glow
In the eyes
Of the ones who are loved

With Christmas
Comes the mistletoe
The soft pink lips
The Cupid's bow
That melts into
The souls of the lovers

With Christmas
Comes the sound of love
The sound underground
The sound above
Which jingles ever so lightly
And which I am deaf to

With Christmas
Comes the memory of you
Your light red nose
The faded pink hue
On your upper cheeks
From walking in the cold

With Christmas
Returns the ghost of time
When you said you had to leave
And I said it was fine
But really I was hiding
What I was feeling inside

Couldn't you tell that I wasn't fine?

Copyright © Paakhi Bhatnagar | Year Posted 2015

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Heartstone Christmas

A special time
When the sun shone bright
In clear winter light
Robin Redbreasts
Darted back and forth
Singing gaily
The splash of red
Upon the snow
As they were being fed
In a magical world
Belonging to you and me
Christmas , came
In our hearts
The joy of giving
Beneath the tree
In a castle
To the right of the Winding Stair
A great tree grew
A mighty fir
In soft winter light
The candles  lit
Upon a tree
Faerie light
Golden feathers from Heartstone Eagles
Were put on the tree
Ribbons and lace from the Queens
Glowing berries from the Kings
A living tree
Filled with colour
Decorated with love
For you
For me
In a magical world
Under a tree
Christmas came
In soft winter light
Kings and Queens
Gave generously
Gifts of love
Of tranquillity
Passed on through
A kiss
A touch
Under a tree
Faeries flew
Trees, whispered
A castle, lit
The love felt, too
A single touch
You give your self
To everyone
They share all of you
As they share too
Forever lasting
This is a Heartstone Christmas
For what is given
Is love
Under a tree
There is no greater gift
Then giving all of you
The light inside glowed
You wanted this,
and it showed
I want to share
A Heartstone Christmas
With you
Hold your hand
See the Northern Lights
Faeries too
For a Christmas at Heartstone
Is a time for love
A time to be free
Where the heart knows
Of everything
For it shows
In you

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2011

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The Tiny Box Under The Tree

I could see the snow falling outside the window
As we cuddled on Christmas right near the tree
Drinking egg nog and watching our favorite shows on tv
Anxiously I couldn't help but wonder
What my sweetheart had wrapped up for me
He must have read my thoughts
Because suddenly he gave me a surprise gift
And immediately got on his knees

To see what my expression would be
Nervously I stood in shock
But couldn't wait to unwrap the gift
That was a very tiny box
To my amazement it immediately caught my eye
Sparkling and shining from the opened box
Stood a very large diamond ring
Just as beautiful as it could be

At that very same moment he then stood up
And said,  " Will you marry me?"
Without a doubt thrilled and excited
I immediately answered back with a yes
We then smiled and intimately embraced one another
Finally ending the night on Christmas was even more special
And one of my best Christmas holidays ever
Because I became newly engaged which was a gift like no other

By:  Donielle Smith

Copyright © Donielle Smith | Year Posted 2013

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The Joy of Christmas

The joy of Christmas
Is found in giving;
Spreading pleasure all around;
Enhancing loved ones’ living.
Giving to others who cannot return
Is the essence of Christmas;
Creating big smiles instead of a frown;
Bringing joy to circumstances grievous.

The joy of Christmas
Commenced with a babe;
Hidden in a manager
That God himself had made.
Humble beginnings
For our child Savior,
Who grew to become a man;
Secure His heavenly Father’s favour.

The Joy of Christmas
Is contagious with love;
Demonstrated to each other
Through our Lord above.
A time of jubilation—
To rejoice in God’s redemption.
This babe sleeping in a manger
Was eternity’s Christmas connection.

May the joy of Christmas
Fill your heart and soul complete.
Memories of an innocent child—
A birth never to repeat.
He grew to redeem a world so lost;
To show us love not fear.
That little babe born in Bethlehem
Brought Christmas peace, joy and good cheer!

By Maureen LeFanue

Copyright © MAUREEN LEFANUE | Year Posted 2011

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Let the stars explode,
Let the drama unfold.
The unraveling of a code,
Is all this Christmas hold.

A season  is over;
Our hopes and dreams,
May stay stronger,
Though we feel no steam.

To this day we celebrate a years end,
Peace and love to all humanity.
Let love grow without a bend,
And make this season a velvet memory.

Merry Christmas!!!

Copyright © Jacob Osae | Year Posted 2014

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The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas
Comes and goes each year.
The decorations and music
Delight the eyes and delicate ears.
Unselfish giving with great joy
Shows we have the Christmas cheer.
Mother’s bake up a treat—
Their loved ones to endear.

“Peace upon earth and goodwill to men”
Is on the lips of all we meet;
Both where the snow is falling
And in the busy stores where gifts entreat.
The spirit of Christmas cannot be found
In pretty lights or tinsel on a tree,
But in the joy of a humble manger,
Where our Lord was born a baby.

The spirit of Christmas
Began with the three wise men from the East,
Bearing costly gifts for a king—
There was no banquet or feast.
They worshipped the new born baby;
The Star of Bethlehem showed them the way;
Few understood its silent night words;
The Christ-child’s birth to display.

The spirit of Christmas is in generous giving,
Just as God gave us His only son;
A sacrificial gift from the heart
For a world requiring pardon.
Let’s celebrate this Christmas season
With God’s love, joy and peace;
By remembering the needy;
The true spirit of Christmas release!

Maureen LeFanue

Copyright © MAUREEN LEFANUE | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |

Quiet Christmas .

I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas ,
Just like the ones , I'll never know 
With no children screechin
Or pastor preachin
Of where all sinners surely go .....
I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas
With every cheque , Im tryin' to write .
But , then Lehman Sisters took flight ,
Hopeing Citigroup , can get it right .

             (  2 )

Now I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas .
I pulled a "cracker " , late last night .
She was sent from heaven
Aged twenty seven .
With "stats", for which Miss World , would fight .
Yes , I'm scheming for a quiet Christmas .
Told Santa Claus , I'll be off-line .
Hope my yuletide passion is fine ,
And I'll make it thro' to zero-nine ...


With apologies to Irving & Bing ( That's Crosby !!! NOT Chandler )...

To be entered in John's Christmas song " what-not "....

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2008

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The Sparkle

With Rudolf lighting up the way
And Frosty at the reins
Santa took the back seat
To rest his weary brains

A platter on his tummy
Of cookies and of pie
A giant mug of toddy
A sparkle in his eye

Exhausted from the climbing
And all the ho, ho, ho
And kissing all those moms
Beneath the mistletoe

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Eggnog for a festive season
A special holiday celebration being the reason
Yet my head is spinning all over the place
I feel like I am in a race
That eggnog my mind will never erase
Mother always said don’t waste
But some how the alcohol was added
I am sure this eggnog I will never ever forget
Later on I might have some regret
Can someone point me in the direction of the North Pole?
Right now Santa is stuck in some manhole
Well he is actually smashed
He can’t even tell the reindeers to dash
I don’t believe this I see Rudolf and the reindeer team
But why are they floating down a stream?
Well this slogan fits, “Santa with no sleigh tonight, how will you fly into the night?”
It has now become a plight
Cheers everyone and good night.

Copyright © ANTHONY BLAKE | Year Posted 2015

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The Meaning Of Christmas To Me

Christmas is a special time of year that makes me think about my past,
It is so amazing how each year begin to pass by so fast.

This is why on this special day I reflect about my days as a little girl,
When I played with my dolls and listened to music while I danced and twirled.

As the years began pass and my family made more memories,
Some ended with joy, other's were sad while we visited the cemeteries.

Either way, the memories will always be in my heart,
And I sit and think about these as Christmas day begins to start.

I am now married and have carried many of my traditions to my new life,
Promises I made to my dad, such as being a great mom and a supportive wife.

I have many people that are not able to physically share in this special day,
But I know they are around and watching me in their own way.

Now that I'm older I am making new memories for my family to hold on to,
I wish all the happiness and love this Christmas to your family and you.

By Debra Baviello

This poem is dedicated to my father, grandmother and grandfather...I Miss you.

Copyright © Debra Baviello | Year Posted 2015

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Santas Surprise

By Reneice McDonald

Christmas is my favourite time of year,
Filled with fun, laughter and good cheer.
Friends and family gather together,
But it wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Claus affectionately called Santa.

I decided to write Santa a letter, 
As he makes the Christmas season much better.
What do I want from Santa this year?
I wrote… “A Barbie doll, a blue bike, or a cushiony teddy bear…”

On Christmas day, I looked under my tree,
To see what Santa left for me.
To my surprise, my gift was heaven sent;
On the floor lay a golden ornament.

It shone so brightly like a star,
I dared not go too close, so I stood afar.
But I had to know more about this gift,
Which gave my heart a shimmering lift.

As I walked slowly to the tree,
The precious light grew dim, so I could see.
I took up the ornament which opened in my hands, 
And five priceless gems were seen which put me in a trance.

I stood in awe at such a sight,
I wasn’t panicked, I was alright.
I saw a note within the shell,
And read it aloud very well.

It read, “My dear friend Reneice,
In whom I’m well pleased, 
I’ve received your letter of request.
However, I think these gems are the best.”

I looked at the gems carefully, every last one…
And thought, “These must be sent from Jesus the Son.
For each gem was quite unique 
Reflecting love, faith, hope, joy, and eternal peace.

Copyright © Reneice McDonald | Year Posted 2011

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year of remembrance

21christimase, annum as gone, am still staring at the sun there, I mean down
there goes my day youth:
tendering, losing difference type of dream, imagery unfulfilled with pain and agony.
! O ribcage, catalyst of my misery why thou you follow plangent of life, a blessing, nemesis
how would i change my destiny with time, in the day of death, friend goes away when am i
ready for the next bosom war of heart, that fall fragile without no nature to pick it up.
dear poltergeistics, nonreciprocal spouse forgive my sermon impediment am a mouse.
am like a rain which fall on people plant, for more manure.............
am like a sun who shine in human, head hat....................
am like a dream thy woke up and edifice is future............
'I can feel my ticker beating, like a drum, when am sad people are like a solace to me
thou blithe of earth thy full of sorrow, tergiversate, but people try to termagant, thy way of
tilting to the face of the earth.
'I can hear the tinnitus from the Island, for thou not judge me by my sombre, cause i need a
smidgen rain to dwell my feelings.

Copyright © olaitan abiodun | Year Posted 2012

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What is Christmas

 What is Christmas
Christmas time is here the smell of the Pine needles from the tree.the never ending twinkle in the kids eyes glistening off strand after strand of twinkle lights and ice sickles.
Stockings Stuffed full of Christmas cheer and wishes from kids around the world grandma baking her cookies for Santa mom making her favorite red and green rice crispy treats for the kids and don't forget grandad sitting in his rocking chair telling us stories of when he was a kid and Christmas past. For each of us Christmas is different we all have our own traditions. But one thing we all share is Love forgiveness and the willingness to look past all the bad a year had brought to you and for this 1 day We are friends family and wish the best to each other Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night !
Written Bye Shawn A Pry

Copyright © Shawn Pry | Year Posted 2015

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The Feeling Of Christmas

                      This year I don't have the feeling of Christmas.
                             It's not been like all the years past.
                              I've tried all the methods I know,
                           just can't find the feelings of Christmas.
                          Even with the lights or a coating of snow.

                              The people around me all have them.

Copyright © Robert Moan Jr | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

romantic christmas

christmas is about sharing,giving, and happiness,
but it also about relationships,
and love!

I can\'t wait to spend Christmas with you,
dancing all night,
and when out side alone with ur hands wraped around mine,
we will kiss, the snow will start to fall, 
and you will look in my eyes and say \' i love you\' .    

Like i said,  Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and joy 
But Christmas is also a time for relationships and love, even if you spend it with 
just your friend!

Copyright © Jessica Ehrhardt | Year Posted 2006

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Verse I

Don't ask for presents
and check your stockings
hanging by the fire place where the log crackles;
you are in for a big surprise this quite evening:
kids, dance with Santa on snowy Christmas's Eve...
put on the best smile and hear the reindeer's bells!


Kids, dance with Santa and swing your legs and arms 'till you fall;
jump up, go around once, stop, jump up, go around twice,
until his tired feet ache and you laugh at his funny groans! 
Get the hang of it, dance with him he's so nice...
hold on, stay on the dance floor...see Santa's belly bounce! 
Kids, dance with Santa and sing a lovely carol!

Verse II

Don't complain like grouches, and tell him he's another chubby Grinch;
he is a different kind of Santa...he doesn't bring any expensive gifts!
Oh, no Santa is not stingy, just the oldest messenger of good cheers; 
you may be disappointed a lot, but please don't tarnish his image!
He came here to teach you the new Christmas dance with rhythm;
watch his steps and learn to dance within the allowed range! 

I don't like those long faces, kids dance with Santa on this Christmas Eve;
you'll forget about your presents expectations...you wouldn't want to leave!

Entered in Deborah Guzzi's Holiday Songs In Poetry Form. Style: Moderate Rock Ballad.
I will set my song to music and publish it next year. I doesn't have a melody to be sung
Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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The Donkey Carol

(Chorus): My name is breda Donkey
               'Pon my back is de Christmas story
               A carry God's son an' mercy
               Down through the ages to wi glory
               De baby born in Bethlehem's manger
               Wi creator, redeemer, how stranger

Ole Balaam let mi carry him
Fi guh sell the Massa prophecy
An angel did appear to him
An' bring me square in history
               Ole Balaam saw a star
               Coming out of Jacob family
               Jesus coming from beyond afar
               To bring all sinners mercy

So one night breda Joseph call mi
Him seh O donkey come carry Mary
I know it was Balaam's prophecy
For Bethlehem's star was bright above me
              No room, no room for the baby
              Not a preacher in the earth was ready
              So mi call 'pon mi animal family
              Jesus cum guh mek yuh manger ready

The street was full of trafficking
While merchants count their money
Wi sang glory to man's joy born king
Jesus is the manger baby
              Hush Mr. cow nuh bawl again
              Red Heifer yuh sacrifice over
              Likkle lambs guh skip 'pon de plain
              Bethlehem bring forth the redeemer

Sweet likkle turtle dove you are free
The covenant of the ark is broken
Sweet Jesus bring love and jubilee
Same de greedy ole Balaam had spoken
              But mi is donkey an mi work nuh done
              A carry him before the cross
              Mi labor till de second coming of the son
              Sin is mi burden, but a him it cost

This song is written to the tune of Jamaican folk song: "Good evening, Mrs Cunningham
It is written for two voices that blend to sing the chorus, but sing each stanza in 2 parts.  It 
tells the story of Christmas from a donkey's point view, and yet stay true to the Bible 

Some words are peculiar to the Jamaican dialect for coloring of the song:
Breda: brother; 'pon:upon; de:the; wi:our; ole:old; mi:me; fi:to; guh:go
Cum:come ... had all words recapitulate to the Jamaican dialect even young Jamaicans would 
have been alienated --- for the language was not encouraged in our homes where it was 
considered bad talking. It is being revived through academics at the UWI again.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Newest of them All

To feel the world in a different place
Not far from home 
Yet worth the wait

What is this world with dogs
And many taste
And loads of race.

Once home in my bed
A million thoughts 
In my head

A little brain, 
A big train
Hey could these things be the same.

Lets wait and see 
Until I'm thirteen
Becuase right now I am a New
Little baby. 

Welcome to the world little Avery Thomas.

Copyright © jessie conner | Year Posted 2016

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Christmas came on a frosty day

Soft dawn light... 
Broke in the east 
Pink and red, 
in late December 
Christmas came on a frosty day... 
What I can remember.....
This time, so long ago 
So many years passed by 
Yet, I remember 
The cold winter in that December 
The geese long since gone south 
Honking cry, 
in an Autumn sky
I was a merest wisp of a boy 
All I ever wanted.... 
was that toy.... 
I was seven... 
You know... 
On that frosty Christmas day 
Back then....
Cold winters, come and go 
I am old ,you know... 
Yet, I remember that Christmas 
On a frosty day, 
back then.... 
In deep snow... 
I was seven....
Most of the family have passed on, 
gone to heaven 
I remember how the candles shone, 
long ago 
I am old , you know.... 
I was seven.. 
We were poor, you know 
back then... 
Long ago 
I was seven... 
A mere wisp of a boy
I am old now, 
but I still remember 
My favourite Christmas... 
My favourite toy.... 
I was seven
Christmas came on a frosty day.... 
Like so many since then 
I still have that toy... 
By my bed 
I am eighty seven, 
you know... 
and still a boy.....


Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2015