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The Heart of A Man

T   o those women who don’t know, that love was manifested when a man was just an embryo
H   is very being was developed to love a woman unconditionally and so, in my poetry
E   verything is for my Queen, for I am her King; she is the glow inside of me

H   is heart beats to the rhythm of her love, which was manifested from above
E   very man knows that woman is his kryptonite; that’s evident in the acrostic I write
A   ffectionally, I pull my woman close at night as only she can quench my appetite
R   ealistically, she is the life inside of me which is a constant glow
T   echnically, our love is like universal poetry and God forbid if I should ever let her go!

O   bject of my affection, yet she is more than a mere object
F   rom heaven to earth, we’re a heavenly connection which makes us perfect!

A   n angel on earth that was sent from above for me, to love from the time of my birth

M   an and woman, made for one another neither can happily exist without the other
A   nd as I bring this Acrostic to a close, I think about my counter part
N   othing can compare to her for she’s the one I chose and she’s forever in my heart!!!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

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16 days of activism against woman and child abuse

S ober your mind and clear the mist of ignorance
I mmediate reaction is required to gang up against perpetrators 
X enial approach is needed to shield the victims from prejudice
T o help everyone understand their struggles, education is vital 
E very day I hear voices of abused women and children so loud, who are
E mbedded by perpetrators that are protected family ties. Their protection 
N ullifies all the laws meant to deal with perpetrators of abuse   
D evastating news we hear on daily basis 
A mongst ourselves we gossip about victims dilemmas instead of calling 
Y oung and old to shun an abusive behavior 
S ober your mind and clear the mist of ignorance

O ver the years we’ve called for unity and 
F avors to converge in solidarity to support victims of rape		 

A t least to show them, they are not alone 
C avities of abusive incidences are vivid, especially 
T o the young ones who are victims of rape
I ncluding those who were sexually abused. 
V enting words like, it’s your fault 
I nflict contradictory perceptions in a victim’s mind
S ober your mind and clear the mist of ignorance
More than 16 days is need to clear the mist of ignorance
A ctive participations is crucial to help us 
G ain trust and to restore confidence of the victims
A nd the support of the entire nation	
I n this way we can all be sure that
N o one will be left alone to deal with the ordeal of abuse 
S ukumani sakhe isizwe 
T he time is now!

C hildren must be protected, and be
H idden away from the monster’s with  
I ll behaviors, irrespective of their biological connection 
L ove is all they need to
D are life obstacles and conquer them 
R emember they draw courage from us 
E ven if we poor a simple gesture of love goes a long way 
N ever underestimate the power of love 
A lmighty gives us children to love and support them 
N o one must take advantage of their fragile situation
D o not condone any acts that violate their rights. it starts with you

W omen often delay to pinpoint abusive behaviors, especially  
O f their partners who are romantically involved simply because their
M othering nature shadows the realities of abuse 
A nd silence the nagging voice awaking their conscience  
N o one should ignore their conscience.

A cts of violent and abuse are inhuman and
B rutal to humanity  
U nder no circumstances should we tolerate their ill behavior	
S ober your mind and clear the mist of ignorance
E xpel propensities of woman and child abuse. Real Man heed the call 

Copyright © Bongani Zungu | Year Posted 2015

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Barely a glance she makes at the oval mirror.
Everyday she's the same, so why even bother?
A dab of sweet perfume is all she needs.
Unnatural coloring will never grace her hair,
Those sparkling eyes cannot be enhanced by mascara.
It is only a natural blush that touches her face.
Finally, a simple piece of jewelry will do, nothing more.
Underneath her skin lies true beauty to behold.
Lip gloss could not brighten that still confident smile.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2015

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Always there for others
Quickie – we love them!
Unpredictable as she doesn’t like to follow instructions
Always cherishes her freedom more than anything
Romantic but don’t cheat on her, she will never forgive you
Intelligent and imaginative, loves to learn something new
Unconventional she will not go with the flow
Sees the world from a different point of view

Wears what she wants to and looks good
Often seen as a social butterfly
Mysterious men are attractive to Aquarian women
Amazing listener – you can pour your heart out to her
Not jealous or possessive

Jan Allison
13th July 2014

Written for Zodiac Sign Poetry Contest - Sponsored by Leonora Galinta
~awarded 2nd place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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S ensuality exudes from within
U nlacing passion with show of soft skin
L uxurious curves of breast and of hips
T aste of paradise awaits on her lips
R avshing dreams, become real in her arms
Y ou cannot resist, her womanly charms


S izzles with heat with each step that she takes
U leashes passion in moves that she makes
L ures you to come and burn in her fire
T empts with her eyes that speak of desire
R eleases pleasure in wave upon wave
Y ou can’t keep away, you’re her willing slave

ONE OR TWO? IT'S ALL UP TO YOU.... :) Love this word....

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful Lady

You may find in this life if you’re not too shady
Someone who is precious, like my beautiful lady
The person whose name at the end will be written
The one who will know by this verse that I’m smitten

The words that I write come straight from my heart
About a beautiful lady whom I hope won’t depart
A verse of what each individual letter means to me
A verse that will show just how wonderful is she

B  is for beguiling, that look of love in her eyes
E is for emotion, for her love that gives me the highs
A  is for adorable, her captivating charm
U  is for unabashed, the love which cannot harm
T  is for tenderness, witnessed in her every touch
I  is for intensity, in our love making theres is so much
F  is for faithful, of which I have never a doubt
U  is for unembellished, without make up, her beauty still shines out
L  is  for loving, and treating me like gold
Please read on for there is more I must unfold

L  is for lingering, her kisses long and full of passion
A is for absolutely, given love with no short ration
D  is for dress, she wears her clothes with such great style
Y  is for yearning, for me just to see her smile

At last you say you’ve reached the end now please shout
Whose this beautiful lady  that you are writing about
I would tell you her name but she is so shy
Yet still the most beautiful lady underneath the sky

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012

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Openly opinionated 
Blunt with few social skills
Nobody likes a know it all
Overbearing and rude 
Xanthippe – this speaks for itself!
Ignorant of the feelings of others
Often wrong but you will never admit it
Unwilling to listen to advice
So full of your own importance

Why do you treat people so badly?
Other people’s opinions matter
Maybe you should take a good look at yourself
All people deserve to be treated with respect
NEVER cross my path again

25th July 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Angel of my life, only woman I adore
Never will there be anyone that I could ever love more
Goddess of the earth, your beauty is timeless
Eternal flame of my heart, true love for you I profess
Lady so magnificent, please spare me some time
I promise to love you with a love that's sublime
Nefertiti is nothing compared to thee
Aphrodite is what you really are to me

True love from my heart I offer to you
Radiant beauty that makes my heart feel brand new
Immaculate angel, woman that I desire
No one else can put my soul on fire
In love with you I will forever stay
Darling even if you are millions of miles away
Angel I know you already answered another man's call
Death would be sweeter now because I can't have you at all

Copyright © John Boak | Year Posted 2008

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Golden Jubilee passed over a decade ago,
Our monarch still vibrant and strong,
Diamond Jubilee at hand, and still she reigns on.

Swore an oath to Her Majesty, to defend her land,
Air Force uniform I donned while preserving freedom.
Valour, just one aspect of a warrior’s ethos.
Eternal is my loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II - 

The Queen of Canada, our British Monarch supreme.
Her Majesty, a fellow sister-in-arms, a mechanic in WWII,
Endless inspiration to the future generations.

Quintessential woman, she shows us her strength,
Unique in her duties, now mostly symbolic,
Evermore the figurehead.
Everlasting, her legacy will stand,
Namesake for her newest great-grandchild.

Copyright © C.M. Davidson-Pickett | Year Posted 2015

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Outwits with her smile
Men’s roughness.
An angel that
Never leavs in  his despair

Copyright © manel gunatillake | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful Burn

Who am I, is who you are, confused, forever,
life is a bigger project, don't hold my hand cause I am clueless.

You dig your own tunnel and escape or stay locked with me forever, 
suffer, cherish and let the cloud of our breath guide,
and make the world as beautiful as the strangers that we were once.

What caused heartburn was never a heartburn anymore, 
on those dried lips, faint smiles & smell of the dust.
those winds of our memory healed the darkest.

Tales were told and retold, locking arms, 
kisses, moans, & hair-pulling hugs,
ticked the clock of the midnight, 
lovers melted in the glory.

Jealous daylight tried to spoil the madness,
but lovers fell asleep, 
holding pictures of the past in their hearts—eternally.

Copyright © Pushpendra Pandya | Year Posted 2015

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10 Words to a Wonderful Woman

10 Words to a Wonderful Woman

Prayerful and Purposeful
We have seen your purpose being rejuvenated through your prayers
It is without doubt that your presence heals the sick  
And dry bones are restored back to life-you are a gift to humanity
You carry the atmosphere joy, peace and love   

Uniting and Unshakeable 
The unit of your soul, spirit, body and mind is unshakeable 
We have seen, that wisely you belt your house on the rock
Not easily carried away by strange storms or uncultured norms
You unit with strangers and point them back to the rock of ages  

Risking and Reaching out 
Your always risk your life by reaching out to the need
You go into dark caves to shine as the light to the forgotten 
Unashamed to express your ideal and belief for the good of all
You reach out into strange waters-risking your very soul
Just to give meaning to the hopeless  

Powerful and Potential
Leader by birth that who you are-do not deny it, we have all seen it
Because you have brought us from comfort to discomfort 
Because you believed that power and potential comes out in discomfort
Potential is what is left after you have done all and you are still alive
We believe there is still more love, joy, peace and gifts in you-
Do not burry them – but give them to dying world

Optimistic and Opportunity 
You create opportunity to do good and you are optimistic about it
People doubted and said this has never been done before
Others even took your optimistic as opposition
But you only saw it as an opportunity to be the point of light

Sacrificing and Service 
Your are an example to many women, wives, mothers and sisters
We will display your services and sacrifices on the billboards of our houses
Even when they misunderstood you, you stood out to serve 
You are virtues woman, wife and mother  

Energizing and Evangelist
Not forgetting how hardworking you are-
No one comes into your home without testing the fruit of your labor
And them that come into presence are energized with laughter, love and light
Your attributes speaks volume of your faith and your creator 
Focused and Fearfully
Though at times you were hurting, from personal, family 
Or surrounding issues-yet you waved not, neither to the right or left
Yes we have witnessed you focusing on the cross 
Without fear of the storms of life-indeed you are great woman
You are fearfully and wonderfully made 

Undeniable and Undaunted 
Your gift, kindness, goodness and love is irresistible 
Who will deny of not experiencing your ministry
You have taught lives and your have touched lives 
There no enough words to describe your goodness

Loving and Living 
You have not taught love but you lived it
You have not taught giving but you lived it
You have not taught charity but you lived it
You have not taught dressing but you lived it
You only taught us who you are by Nature and Spirit  

Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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Lacy black shell
Ever so fine
Asymmetrically designed
For a love of mine.

Fingertips touched
Ever softly.
Asked whom this was for
Tell not my heart.
Her name I cannot reveal.
Eve of the year
Reunites us.

She rejoices now.
Her sadness subsided.
Evicted from her sylph
Enriched her temperament,
Lust love laid-up luxuriously.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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© Demetrios Trifiatis
   08 MARCH 2014

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2014

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A strong woman

People say she is a daredevil,
Angel's grace she has,
Rigidity was in her by birth,
And it doesn't mean that she was heartless 
Daring and dashing actions she performed,
Integrity was her other name,
So she is known as fire
Enseaming the painful past she made herself to live in paradise.

Copyright © Harshitha Gn | Year Posted 2015

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<     >He roams the streets,day and night 
          he shows no respect to senior citizens
          he bullies woman and children
          he swears to anyone over everything
          disrespect is his middle name
          he is a monster

           he finds joy in terror he plants in people
           screams of woman and children    
            their  fear completes his whole being
            he has no emotions.he has no fear
            he destroys everything he comes in contact with
            he has no mother he has no creator 
            he has no shepherd 
            he fell like hail from hell,he rapes and kills
            he humiliates then powerless for his pleasure
            monster of the nation

             he has love of weapons,knives and guns
             he demands and never asks
              he is a man of loose morals
             he is the evil we all hate

             as if he owns the world
              he  roams free in the streets of our nation
              he lost track of yesterday and has no tomorrow

Copyright © odeline chigwedere | Year Posted 2012

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Brutally Beautiful

Brutally beautiful is this lady before me
Red fox of desires hallows her body
Udder of males she fills with biting milk
Twinkling eyes prick trembling hearts
All who see her are traumatized by her curves
Little oval lips spear cheeks of daring men
Legs on the move paralyzes all imaginations
Yabbering, her shadow bursts in silent sermons  

Behind, her mountains speak obscene words
Eye-lashes flog men’s eyes into shyness
Above her, hang swords of romantic doom
“Ugly” flies into hiding once she’s around
Tight attire assaults holiness in any male
Invitation to her side triggers tears of joy 
Fire in hell tolerable; her beauty intolerable
Unimaginable are her shy and piercing looks
Lying profile chops any man’s self-control 

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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Copyright © Suburban Lovechild | Year Posted 2015

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Morning High

you're my morning high, 
fresh as chai, 
fingers slowly tickling your neck;
your playful gaze, whirling clouds; 
your smile's layer of a rainbow, 

curtains whispering to windows, 
burning in passion; wrapped in love; 

your eyes, teasing winds, butterflies and deep blue skies,
absence of rain, as painful as your thoughts,
your lips, mysterious as painter's mind 

your touch, 
a mountain high...a fine surrender

Copyright © Pushpendra Pandya | Year Posted 2015

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Women Are Here Now





Copyright © Lauren Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Serpent Woman

Mirrors remind her she must live alone
Everything she sees, she turns to stone 
Dismal future she now faces
Ugly snakes upon her head like laces
She is a gorgon, Medusa is her name
Athena punished her, for beauty was her shame 

Copyright © Ingrid Marroquin | Year Posted 2008

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The Woman

Tear down these walls I hide behind, revealing the depth of the woman inside.
Complicated I seem to be, there's no secret, no hidden key to unlock the mystery.
Mesmerized, captivated by the woman you see, my charm, my wit will become infectious to you, all without you knowing how it came to be.

Copyright © Thea Lazenby | Year Posted 2013

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<     >He roams the streets,day and night 
          he shows no respect to senior citizens
          he bullies woman and children
          he swears to anyone over everything
          disrespect is his middle name
          he is a monster

           he finds joy in terror he plants in people
           screams of woman and children    
            their  fear completes his whole being
            he has no emotions.he has no fear
            he destroys everything he comes in contact with
            he has no mother he has no creator 
            he has no shepherd 
            he fell like hail from hell,he rapes and kills
            he humiliates then powerless for his pleasure
            monster of the nation

             he has love of weapons,knives and guns
             he demands and never asks
              he is a man of loose morals
             he is the evil we all hate

             as if he owns the world
              he  roams free in the streets of our nation
              he lost track of yesterday and has no tomorrow

Copyright © odeline chigwedere | Year Posted 2012

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Love Lost

Love Lost

When does a dream stop living?
Youth lost, love compromised?
The eternal flame of womanhood lives on,
Throughout the ages.

A powerful aphrodisiac, yearning to be loved,
To be wrapped in strong, loving arms.
An understanding of her soul, her heart,
Emotions running deep in her soul.

Love is eternal, the quest of a woman's soul.
Validation is the dream, fulfillment is reality.
The dream never dies, the spirit lives on.
Love is eternal, the dream will go on.

                          For my beautiful Daughter Nikki 
                                          July 8, 2015


Copyright © Lilo Groenberg | Year Posted 2015

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My Ring

It's watching the storm roll in, the thunder noiseless to the sound of her heart beat. It's watching her dance across the frozen platform, oblivious to the flames, but entwined in the heat. The music fading away to only the beauty in her eyes, mixed with innocence though vile. Taking her pain as your own, but welcoming the hurt as long as it's you that makes her smile. The late night phone calls, that last till the sun comes up, not wanting to say goodbye. It's finding the truth of commitment, when she's lying, allowing her to lie. It's walking across the world at the drop of a hat without ever questioning or ever asking why. It's going behind My Gods back when he refuses her the stars, and stealing them for her from the night sky. Finally it's spending eternity in hell burning if that what it takes for her to reside in the heavens above. Knowing that even if she doesn't love you, no matter what, you would still do anything for Love..... With that the poem ends, and my question stands unasked and will until I'm down on one knee. Your so beautiful, I want you to be my Bonnie, my June and my Penguin, so until it's on your finger, accept this as my ring.

Copyright © Thomas Gieseler | Year Posted 2014

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Called and chosen of God
Her trustful love for her saviour
Resting on his gracious mercy
Inwardly thoughtful and helpful
Such a faithful and loving wife
Truly wise and compassionate
Immeasurably full of constant love
Never failing true forever friend
Emblem of love's truest preciousness

(Dedication to my wife Christine.
Christine is special because she loves me unconditionally)

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2016

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Let devil pick the carcasses

Lying on a beautiful lawn next to me is 
Ever eager and ready for anything is a beauty  
twittering me steadily with charming glances

Doodling with my heart are twinkling eyes
Every glance at her increased my heart-beats
Victory rings bells in my wild animal being
I imagine riding a horse in the soothing winds,
“Let devil pick the carcasses”, she voiced my heart

Pointing at me is the nose of high expectations
in the dark forests of restless and delayed action. 
Caressing fingers explored hills and valleys and 
kept visiting the savanna and the plateau of my being

The equatorial regions got constant rains of her palm     
Hot Lips parted ready for a protracted warfare  
Ears curious to hear good news to enjoy rare fruits 

Cautiously she plots to grab and colonize my country
according to the law of sensual pleasure and leisure
Rich in smile she tells me in unsettling whisper;
“Come close, you like it or not tonight heaven
and earth will descent upon two of us tonight.
Sermon the lonely cloud to report the battle
Screen the scene and send to our Master above.
Every carcass that will be in the scene of criminal joy,
Satan must carry away as exhibit to court of sorrows”.

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

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W- alk meek and lowly,
O- nward by his Grace.
M- aintain a quiet life wiht trust
A- nd look to GOD above, thus
N- ow, by faith; live.

Copyright © Rosemarie Schrock | Year Posted 2006

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Moonlight Delight Acrostic Version 3 point 1 Apple and Oranges

Since I will not be turning this version in to Russell Sivey Moonlight Delight contest......
Version 3.1 apple and oranges 

"P recise Aurora,
A sea of fertility
S haring the lunar cow flown
S ince God only knows
U nknown the core could be cheese"
S urmised the Man in the moon.

"P resently Luna,
A sea of storms, clouds, showers
S haring that has become known
S upreme only knows
U nbeknown how much gold there be"
S poke the Lady in the moon. 


Copyright © G. Jay | Year Posted 2017

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Indian Woman

K-iss the rain goodbye, 
I-t's a lovely Saturday; 
M-ist and haze are gone, as well as fog fades away.

C-old chill March eleventh
H-as vanished into thin air; 
I-n the brewing storm, 
Q-uest for a fine weather.
U-nderneath the blue sky, 
I-t's a burning beacon; 
L-et the flag raise up high, 
L-et the Indian woman go

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017