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Idealized Love

I watch as they repeat their vows,
Darling granddaughter and her love.
Each looks into the other's eyes
As though directed from above.
Loving them both, I say a prayer.
I pray the fairy tale will last.
Zealously, jealously I beg,
Each day their love remains steadfast
Dear Lord, for them I dare to ask.

Love that grows stronger every day,
Oh, how I wish that for these two.
Vows remembered and vows renewed,
Each partner staying strong and true.


(My last unmarried granddaughter and her love were married yesterday.)

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Blue Wind......

If I were to write about love

I would start with a word

like candle......


I remember before my grandmother died

she would recomend

I get a job in the writing world

the acting world

and then she's gone.......

I remember the rain....

how one life affects another.....




if i were to write about love....

i would start with a word....




Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006

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Wedding In Cana

W hen a wedding took place
A t Cana in Galilee
T he mother of Jesus said to Him
E very wineskin is empty
R emember the story from long ago

I nto the ceremonial pots* water was poured
N ot wine but just plain water to wash hands and feet
T o clean away the dirt(sin) of the world
O ut came wine(His blood) a New Covenant

W ine to cleanse away all sin
I nto the ceremonial pots* water
N ew wine, great wine, the best wine came out
E ternal love, grace, salvation _Eternal Life came in  

Ceremonial Pots were pots that contained water 
for washing away the dirt of the world or the 
sin that the Jewish people came in contact _
Remember Jesus washing their feet..
The water = the law
The Wine= allegory or metaphoric language to speak of His shedding of His blood on Calvary or of drinking His Blood at the Passove
or in our communion of today...

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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All our friends are gathered

Vows are exchanged
As we profess our
Love on Valentine’s Day
Everyone smiles as we share a tender kiss
Now we begin our married life
Together forever until death do us part
I love you so much my darling
Never dreamed I could be so blissfully happy
Each moment with you is so special

Wedding bells are ringing
Everyone files out of the church
Don’t we look a picture as we pose for the photographs
Dressed to perfection for our wonderful wedding day
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you
Now I have your ring on my finger
Getting wed on Valentines Day is a perfect declaration of our love

Contest: A Valentine poem of your choice
Sponsor: Mystic Rose

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Magnolia: Sweet Tradition

Married under a lavish evergreen canopy,
aromatic blooms filled the evening air.
Grand was our cathedral of open sky.
Newlyweds kissed
on the twenty forth of May (your grandparents' anniversary).
Lying above us on an old lower limb:
initials side by side, theirs and ours,
artistically carved by him and you, many years apart.

Sweet bridal bouquet of magnolias you cut.
When as your grandfather's tradition to your grandmother,
each twenty forth of May, she and I received a bouquet.
Even after his death you carried on for both of us, then to her grave.
That tree bloomed two lifetimes of bouquets, both bitter and sweet.

Then we parted.... Went our separate ways.
Reality sometimes overshadows romanticism,
although true love never dies.
Deep in our hearts the magnolia still blooms.
I missed you as much as you missed me, those eleven years,
till one day the sun stepped up on my porch.
I knew when I looked in your eyes and felt your embrace,
On the twenty forth of may, I'll receive a bouquet.
Never again will we part.

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Faithful Duplicity

In the depth of darkness sounds, words, just words of meaningless consequence
Never was there a line so cold, so still, overflowing with too much to hold
Elegant lies weaved into one, the crash comes soon as the enchanted deception runs
Vivid colors, blood red pumps and with every word the mind carries the forbidden orb 
Idolized perfection of thought and words, lips move as hearts tear, a lived lie rooted in flesh
Trivial tasks made into chores, that one line a promise of vows,rocks hide on crashing shores.  
And with the hourglass runs out, sand poured drinks for the parched sitting on stools of doubt.  
Bible teachings show guarantees, written in stone, did they know circumstance as these?
Lying now, even now as confessional insomniacs crawl in guilt, the pills to fall to that darkness yet
Even now in crammed spaces, dark rooms, the inevitable black of truth stains the white of lies.

Copyright © Auden L. | Year Posted 2009

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How deep is my love

As you walk through the window in the night
No star in the sky can shine so bright
Gone are my worries and all my fright
Even my intentions to start a fight
Lost in the beauty of your sweet sweet sight
I want to kiss you all over, hold you tight
No it’ll be too late, I can’t wait for our wedding night
Eve, you’re my eve, and I’m your Adam Knight

Please understand I live for you today 
Err do not by thinking I just want to play
Rudely why do you keep sending me away?
Everything ain’t black and white, there is gray
It’s true that I can never get enough of you
Rip my heart apart and you’ll see my love is true
And I give my life for my one true love, which is you - only you.

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2005

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    Verify your love for only me
    As I express eternal vows to you.
    Let the Fourteenth be the magic day
    Excitement reigns as we each say "I do!"
    No ceremony symbolizes more
    Than this one. Life will never be the same. 
    In joy and sorrow, hand in hand we'll be.   
    Now let's declare we soon will share a name,
    Embracing life together whole and free.

    posted February 10, 2016

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife

Abrupt overly 
Nudity highlighted
Distinctively breasted,

Accented atom's
Nature's beauty
Deliciously delighted In A

Whine  (Dance)
Intensely, seductively to 
For tae it's
Eternal light, of happiness, as 

Carma Reed

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2013

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Eleven Years Strong

Many people dream of having what you share...

Love within
Each other!
Verisimilar love &
Enthusiastic promises of "Death Do Us Part"
Never-ending passion

Yearning of
Amatory of
Satisfaction of compromised love!

But only few stick together throughout the journey....

                                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Copyright © constance johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Witnessing before God, and taking your vow
Enter into marriage, forever starts now 
Devoted to each other, for all your life
Desiring no one, except for your wife
In sickness and in health, till death do you part
No one should come between you, right from the start
Giving of yourself, to make your family whole.

Value the sanctity, of both being “one”
Obstacles are there, for you to over come
Wedding vows are sacred, to show all your love
Straying away, is not meant from God above.

Copyright © Kelly Zakerski | Year Posted 2010

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Kissed by the waking sun, the rain of the night becomes undone,
I dream of you, my daily day dream; and the day has just begun
Riding up to Dahisar, I reach yonwards on my bike
Adieux I've bid to bachelorhood, looking forward to our petty fights
No other can fill my life, only you my wife; my lovely snow-white. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2007

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June 30, 1996

At dawn, the air was tinged with the smell of impending heat

Best friends make the best spouses!!
Last night apart was totally overrated.  Bachelor boredom.
Uptight? Not by a damned sight.  Can’t wait to marry my soul mate!
Everybody’s looking so dapper! How unusual!

Mom and Dad walk with me to the garden, where I see you…
Oh my, do you look like an absolute goddess!
Over 100 degrees under the chuppah; thought we’d be the supper!
Nuptials, circling and consecrating each other, vows, true love and joyous tears

Indivisible for all time, joined as a family, my wife and I.  Wife? Husband? Wow.
Nibbling the amazing food here and there while making the rounds

Jubilant and giddy while taking pictures after; the pictures show it!
Us alone for stolen moments here and there
Night fell; we drove off into the sunset with the Blue Moon rising behind us
Ending in sweet togetherness on and off all blessed night


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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A bond is tied, a new liaison is made
N ovel experiences are satisfying, but the price is paid
G one are the days, when the dinner was just laid.
E very moment is work, and stress is high
L onely labor at toil, she lets out many a sigh
I help out not at all, and she can’t understand why?
N ow I know I am a fool and inconsiderate alike. 
E ach has own choices, unfortunately ours are unlike. 

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2008

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Richard And Carma Palmer Forever

R- richness beauty,             
I- in love, we are, have we;
C- charisma n' sass', *yes we 
do*, pon dis:
H- holy ground, before The 
A- almighty grace, of family  n' 
friends, where peace n' unity;
R- realms, united tightly, 
bonded, you and I;
D- deliverance silently,,,

A- another world~ring, 
promised, aloud;
N- never to be darkened by, 
D- darkness knights dawn...

C- cometh unto thy sun~Rae's;
A- alliance steeled skies, pure 
R- righteous colour to;
M- mend, heal, stir, 
A- amen......

P- praise wise prayer;
A- and GOD will carefully,
L- listen; weary,
M- mercifully, cleansed, 
weeping rain, drys;
E- externally,
R- rising us in sickness n' 
health as:

F- faith and wisdom, stand 
stone~rock solid, to cherry,
O- one another always perched, 
proudly overcooled all 
pathways; turned or unturned,
R- revived triumph waterfalls; 
E- everlasting peak,
V- victoriously, we see, we 
speak, wisely owl;and
E- entry Law,
R- ripely in strength,in love, 
heart n' soul, ahhhhhhhhh "di 
hell wid it," we juss suh, " Mi 
GuN~ShoT, WED~LOCK;" fi 
life, "Dem Gaza weh....#1
trespass, or a murdda yuh 
dub~step in Holy 

All Rights Reserved
Carma Reed

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2013

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Wandering through the memories, the old couple smiled
Observing fixedly the wedding album kept as a treasure
Naming the photographs that were taken for the leisure
Dwelling on the mind the years that were far in the time
Emerging a wish that will strength their lasting romance
Renewing their vows as a proof of a true love existence
Finalizing the commitment they pledged fifty years ago
Unveiling the devotion and admiration that did not go
Lasting forever until the last day of their existences

For Wonderful Acrostic Poetry Contest
Sponsored by John Hamilton
Sixth Place

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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My Thoughts

I thought by now that I would have 
traveled down the aisle of matrimony
I thought by now that a silver band would 
have been placed upon my finger
I thought by now that there would have 
been well wishes and a honeymoon
I thought by now that there would be, well 
you know how it goes


Well, his ways are not my ways, his 
thoughts are not my thoughts
It's all about his timing

So, I'll wait with the thoughts that God 
loves me so much that he has kept
me for that special someone

My Thoughts...

Copyright © Cassandra Ruffin | Year Posted 2013

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Wedding Bells Rang

Wedding bells rang this
Early evening:

We tossed seed
Into air hued
Lilac by shadow,
Laughing with joy though

Papa, he brooded,
And Mama’s red cheeks
Ran freshets of
Tears, brine for the
Years she pampered and

Loved, cared for her girl,
In hard times and good,
Knowing one day
Eros would call,

Tempting our sis, whose
Husband’s a fine guy who
Earned our acceptance and
Really deserved all our
Expressions of cheer and
Shouts of “Good Luck!”

Now, let’s move back to the bar,
Our newlyweds gone, let’s

Toast, again, baby sister,
One ravishing bride and
Married (believe it?)
On this fun, festive day, so
Raise high your charged glasses and
Roar with approval and let’s
Open more bubbly, abolish the clock, and
We’ll party like there’s no tomorrow.

November 8, 2016
Wild Acrostic Poetry Contest
(We Will Party Like There's No Tomorrow)
Julia Ward, Sponsor

Copyright © David Bose | Year Posted 2016

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The search is On

Are you the one, the bride I try to find? 
Still haven't met you, how can I make up my mind? 
How am I to know? How am I to decide? 
Waiting for the questions to get demystified 
I know that I am patient; I know that I can wait 
Not for ever though, it doesn't work out like that 
I am sure it'll help me find some answers if we go out on a date.

Copyright © Nitesh Aggarwal | Year Posted 2005

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

Copyright © lalala lalala | Year Posted 2012

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A Groom's Cake

C  Coffeecake, for goodness sake,
A   apples, sugar, nuts and spice.
K   Kuchen for weddings? no mistake;
E   enjoy a second slice.

F   Favorite, I recommend
O   opt to try what groom has baked,
R   ranked first-place by friends.

G   Gooey glaze, oh what a break
R   relished by manly men.
O   Oat flour sparks the appetite.
O   Odd flavor, an added take, 
M   malt whiskey with each bite
S   Shh! it's not IN the cake.

written February 24, 2017
for Julia's contest:  Relishing Cake 

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2017

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Fallen in Love

How did I breathe before you were near?
Each lonely feeling made to disappear.
Listening to your voice is music so sweet.
Looking upon you my heart skips a beat.
Oh how this feeling changes my life.
Lost in this moment I know no pain or strife.
Our joy and promise I am certain of; 
Victorious union written in stars above.
Everything I am, I give you my love.

Copyright © A. Kross | Year Posted 2010

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M ay  your lives merge together as one,

A nd grow stronger with each setting sun,

R ejoice in a faith that is new,

R emembering a love that is true,

I magion eternal happiness filling your hearts,

A nd let no troublesome stirm pull you apart,
G row together with each setting sun,

E ach day till your final day is done.

Copyright © Teona Bedell | Year Posted 2006

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My Wedding Day

When I meet you
Will you make us two
I promise always to be true
Ever faithful, through and through
Walk hand in hand when troubles anew
Down wrong paths, your goals to pursue
The bond we have, will always accrue
Aisle parade for our wedded debut

Copyright © Valerie Axford | Year Posted 2005

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my love

I Love you booby 

 My heart is filled with happiness 

When youre lips were made to kiss

Passing day I long for thee

Here's a flower for you to keep

A Hummingbird you are to me 

 Show me love and let me see

I cried today and sob for soy

Let this day be made of joy

My heart to you is yours to keep

Love so true don't let me weep

by stanley jean jacques

Copyright © STANLEY JACQUES | Year Posted 2007

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A virgin bride tosses her bouquet in a sendofF.
Every little girl, shouts with hands, hopefuL,
and the beauty that catches it, is met with a bashful, “hellO” –
from the dashing young boy, and so, she gets a previeW.
He hikes a garter up her leg, a tradition of lovE?
Would she be domesticated, a virgin to conqueR?

Kim Rodrigues (c) 2016

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2016

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My mother-in-law is a blessing
Only to her son
Now that we are married
She has me on the run
The Lady's always changing
Everything I've done
Regrets, I don't have many
She's the only one

For:  Debbie Guzzi's Jack Out of the Box contest
Form:  Acrostic
By: Mdailey

I have not tried a poem of this style since I was a teacher back in the 70's.

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2011

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Nothing Can Ever Break Them

S-ince January 17th, '97, the world has been in many changes; 
M-arital tie though is untouched, no cuts and no damages.
I-ngrained and not broken as it is, 
T-wentieth year is in the offing; 
H-owever hard life may be, anniversary is worth remembering.

A-lmost China celebration, 
N-ineteen years to be exact; 
D-espite the temptation, both love and trust stay intact.

L-ifetime bond dies hard for the Lord directs the way; 
E-ra comes to an end but the love remains every day.
I-nspired by God's words, 
L-et the couple call upon Him; 
A-s they enjoy the moment, nothing can ever break them.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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Cheerful Great Anniversary Of Wedding

G-reat cheerful wedding anniversary
E-xplains the rock-solid union; 
N-o longer two but one, 
Y-ou both brave the horizon.
A-fter thirty years living together, 
L-ove and total trust remain; 
M-idst trials you emerge winners, 
A-ccepting the drops of rain.

R-ings that signify your marriage
A-re still worn and shining; 
S-eptember thirteenth day, 
C-heerful great anniversary
O-f wedding.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Our Wedding Day

Thy fiance reunites with me at least I conquered the war fair and square.
He kindly said: I love you, darling. Please, be mine for the keep!  
All pain fled, and tears ran away for good.
Need more like you in my life.
Kindly he came to conversate with me within my dream
Yesterday was a pleasant day to encounter him in front of an alter. 
Our love prevailed every obstacle within our path
United forever we shall be the priest said to us

For eternity the two of you shall unite
Our vows remain present. For now and forever.
Rings we bought and I gave him one as he did to me as well

Then we left for our honeymoon
He bought me plenty of roses
Elegantly and romanticly I enjoyed our honeymoon

Baby, I'm glad your mine at last.
Ever wondered where our journey would take us?
All I ever dream about was to be ours forever
Until death do us apart
Tonight I'm glad our journey finally begins
I Love you my darling! 
Fondly he gave me a kiss goodnight.
Upon that night he held me so close to him. 
Loving that moment where you hug me and cherish me

Loving you is the best thing which has ever happened to me in this lifetime
Our vows united us closer more than ever 
Vows which will remain sacred for eternity
Eternity is a moral value we both promised to keep

Note this forever my love
On the day of our anniversary, Dancing in a circle repeating our vows.  
Together we will celebrate our special day romantically, just you and me.
Even on our anniversary, our vows remain unbroken.
Sincerely your beloved wife.

Copyright © Marilyn Newman | Year Posted 2017