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Acrostic Sorrow Poems | Acrostic Poems About Sorrow

These Acrostic Sorrow poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sorrow. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sorrow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sad Eyes

Silent sadness subdues soft skin; mournful streams of one grief-stricken,
Amazonian agony and avalanching awe; along ardent avenues, a lonely boy I saw,
Dying in his dungeon of duty and despair, duelling demons in a dampened dull lair.
Eyes the only entrance, or exit, to existence; enigmatically evading everyone’s persistence;
Youthful enthusiasm, long since gone; yearning for the only one who sings his song;
Energy evaporates, with each torrential tear; elegantly enticing his loved one near;
Subdued sorrow, no lip shall quiver; sadness seen only, through a silent salt river.

10th February 2016

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2017

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Could I not see such ugly drawn out choices.

Hollow I feel such nothing for people it is fear that feeds me.

Alone in this forsaken world with nothing to accept.

Order is such pain that it is nothing but chains.

Souls that bare nothing but lost cause to confusion is such utter mistakes.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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S lain 
A nonymously
N eighbors
D umbfounded by
Y ?

H ow could he?
O ne more tragedy
O ver 25 bodies
K eep them in your prayer please, children of Tragedy

©Copyright December 16, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Brian Pierre-Alexander | Year Posted 2012

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P roblems there are so many for everyone 
R ealize and accept that this is life 
O bviously we all have them sometimes 
B elive that you can manage them all 
L et no trials and problems steal your joy 
E ndure them and have Faith,Hope and Trust 
M anage your problems and just trust God 
S mall or big problems won't last,hand them all to God each time 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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A path of endless sorrow
paved by the destruction in my wake.
I can see no bright, beautiful tomorrow
that's not a kind of future I make.

An ocean of endless tears
flowing from the hearts the cry out in pain.
Their anguished cries bring forth my inner fears
which drag me under with a dark heavy chain.

A tale of endless woe
full heartaches and immorality.
These are the seed I sow
grown by my faulty personality

Memories of endless regret
the ones that can't simply be erased.
I promised I would never forget,
all the lives I have disgraced.

The ashes of a finished flame
extinguished by my devastating crime.
Before, it was all a sick little game
but now, I'm completely out of time.

Copyright © Kay Cary | Year Posted 2014

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Even though I read tribute poems at your memorial service I still
Can’t believe that you both died aged just 19 and 20.
Staring me in the face when I open my cupboard are the plastic beakers
That you and your brother drank from when you played at our house -
All it took to lose your lives was powerful Ecstasy tablets
Such a tragedy that we will never ever get over …
You are always in my thoughts Jacques and Torin. 

Tribute to Jacques and Torin Lakeman who tragically died in December 2014

Contest Ecstasy Sponsored by John Hamilton


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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I miss you so much

I have never felt so ecstatic anymore like your touch
On my back I laid, looking into the fading light of the moon
The melody from the creaking sound of the wooden bench
Mixed with the feeble sound of my mourn

The skies are blue and beautiful
But my eyes are reddish and tearful

To the moon my eyes glues
It is the exact place and time we always lies
It feels like yesterday, time really flies

So sad you left without leaving me a note
for only that we could vote

My hands always yearns for your gentle curves
And my eyes longed to fall on your gentle moves

My lips mimics the song we use to sing
But my mind has been casted afar from that ring

I search everywhere, even the jungle
With no living soul for me to mingle

Even though I was laying on the bench
My heart travels the world, doing the search

To the moon I asked, "when you will be back?"
And what great tides will bring such a luck?

Copyright © Abdul Rashid Mohammed | Year Posted 2016

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You Left me for Suicidal

You Left me for Suicidal? 
I Loss you because you say it was my Fault? 
How dare you! 
You Left me! 

I did everything for you, 
I made Everything for you, 
But why how could you? 
My Heart feels like had been Crushed by a Truck! 

When you Died! 
When I Lost you! 
When I Mop Everyday just because I was Missing you! 
and it was all your Fault! 

My Life was Ruined 
Like it was ended 
and It was like I`m weeping 
since the day I was loosing 

Now would you Understand since you left me? 
I can`t express all my Feeling `cause your Missing 
and I`m like just Standing 
and you`re Enjoying 

Here I am,If u can see 
All Ruined up wait `till we meet 
It would take me 87 years `till we meet again 
Would we? 

Now I think you`re Happy 
Seeing my Pain all this Years 
I wish to see you again 
To make it all Go away where I could say Pain 

"You left me for Suicidal"

Copyright © Pretend Its Poetry | Year Posted 2013

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P - third part of EXPENSE series

P is the third part of Expense, the acrostic series.......

Practically, my cup is half full instead of half empty, but I am proven 
wrong! I’m swimming in the river of my emotional debt mixed with other 
distinctive debts…doused in drastic dread! Is this reality in a nut shell or is 
this frankly living hell? Where does your high spirits truly dwell? Keep in 
clean, you gutter mind of a foolish man in PRISON for committing HURTFUL 
crimes – he has to pay up so much – his expense is SKY-HIGH, but he is 
not shy to pay it up and he longs to fly again with un-tattered wings, but 
fails greatly due to HIS poor decision making…who knows why he did the 
things he did, which leads to his ultimate consequence – his absence of 
life…the aftershocks of his death still haunts the prison to the extreme-est 
of the extreme! He haunts and taunts all that come in – once you’re in, you 
never, ever come out no matter what! My noggin is runnin’ wild in circles 
and my mind is whirling like a seething storm that’s body-quaking me…
controlling me like a steel-made robot…these particular pangs of regrets 
makes my guilty conscience overflow with low self-esteem and anguish…
lamentation has fallen upon us all! We all must stand tall…remember to 
brave & hop over our obstacles optimistically and assertively like a horse 
during his training for the biggest race he has ever trampled into! Do you 
have any clue what I’ve been through? My notions that are spinning around 
in my brain is like the vegetables, water & the spices, mixing well & swell 
into a stew, restoring peace to my verse…Is my life a gift or a curse? Is my 
life overflowing with mirth? I wish I can give a portion of it on Earth to 
avoid making destructive actions…I need several tragedies in reverse to 
settle me down and make complete my fulfillments! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey 
dens or hives! I’ve been losing my mind since the day of my birth and so on 
and so forth! Need I say more? I have so many research projects to 
explore! There is so much GOLD to find! Maybe I’m just a boy, tattered, 
torn and sadly, blind! I hope you don’t mind, Lord – forgive me, oh Lord of 
Accord! I need to just forget and forgive the past & move forward in the 
TO THE FINISH LINE! Give me the strength to move on! Deplorable Reality’s 
strategic tragedy stings like billion’s of buzzin’ busy bees out of their honey 
OH no, not at all – I run with my pack of wolves and I’m as sturdy as a 
wall, giving it my all…

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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I need reasons to myself
And maybe you could help
Animals die for freedom
Humans cry for wealth

Copyright © anbes rawal | Year Posted 2015

Details | Acrostic |


Release me from the chain's which you have wrapped around my life
Allow me to breathe once again and to feel what it  is like to own my own body 
Provide me with the hope that my soul will one day listen to the cries of my heart and forgive you
Emotionally I am broken because you touched me when you shouldn't have and didn't care that I didn't want you to but physically I walk around with a smile on my face as though I am happy to be alive.

Copyright © Thandokazi Bangani | Year Posted 2016

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Touches of sorrow - Sharon's Acrostic

Touches of sorrow Today’s sorrows Offer lonely reminders of Unforgivable yesterdays Causing the pain of endless Heartbroken tomorrows For the “Touch me with Words” poetry contest Sponsored by: Sharon Gulley

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Leave The Sorrow Far Behind

S-eptember fifteenth morn, 
H-azy night has passed by; 
E-vening shadows are gone, 
R-ays are shining in the sky.
R-ight there in the meadow
Y-ews are evergreen; 
L-eaves of grass are swaying in the one beautiful scene.

P-en and pad of mine
A-re both conspirators; 
S-oothing sentences written
C-omfort you in gentle force.
U-se the special moment
A-s a tool to ease your mind; 
L-et your heart and soul leave the sorrow far behind.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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If I only knew why

If I only knew why
Fog covers, our future that's to come

Irrecoverable, are the years that have been lost
Optimistically I wish, for things to get better Non-respondent is what you are, when asked what is the problem Lifelessness is the state, our love dwells in Yourself is all you care about
Kindhearted, were my intentions and expectations Negativity drowning our souls Emotionally tattered and torn Willingness, from you to show love has departed
Worthless, is the way you make me feel Heartbreak, is what you have caused You chose hatred over happiness, and I don't know why

Copyright © Jeremy Smith | Year Posted 2017

Details | Acrostic |

The Night Clerk

The night air with owls cry invitation of canopies of writers to write the 
Days using the night pen jolting candle to the candidates aspiring to arson 
night. The pans and pots exchanging strong actions to the curve of the sea 
like seasonal belt.

I preferred to belt ideas to conclude the departure of imagination under 
the wilderness wings of the soup, the night, where I power my thinking to 
pink rose. I raid it to trade the sound of night that of my belonging, the 
defame of fact to fiction looking strive to live under my enterprise. 

I cajoled the swirl wind from the sea pointing to talon meek of jealousy 
collided to collaboration the admiral salute me to the situation under the 
control of my  country where I encountered Taibatou, the couple of days 
dash around the bush to the calabash of my thinking, it never too late to 
buy the truth with bullets of fact. Shining light to the shift of action 
to accost stirring on street with string of peculiar explanations shivering 

Divining day wake with action sealed of blue cap contemplates the 
Inflections of words to describe the caravan of chagrin mammals with tiny 
ribs socket of sox seceded to sue the merchants of rogue. Daffodils color 
purple with flowers morning millet of null to answers. The breads sandal in 
my throat which I have to draw  it with cup of tea to make the belly 
Assault the pang of hunger and thirsty like tricycles moving from left to 
right without clear definition.

The sound of broom from unwilling woman woke the master to dance to the 
music, the imagination of life sings lullaby the stars smile like sinister 
expecting spouse running on the door to dull the light. The coat of 
Fabricated joke tore the night blowing scent, scene of stage amphitheater 
Like Luke of contort fact to consortium benefit.

Why I have to wander the days sleep in the night wake up from the dream of 
success flagship my empty heart drink August to clinch thirst. I sweep the 
night to defuse tension that has been marrying me for Century of sentiment 
mad of violence concrete of concerts connect direct to the desire night 
cold as ice loud as bomb difficult as flying in the air without wings.

Copyright © Mohamed Manzur Bah | Year Posted 2017

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Till The Sorrow Ends

S-orrow will surely end, 
U-ntil it's nowhere in sight; 
S-adness of the shadow
A-ims to fade into the

E-ven though the windchill comes, 
S-unshine will show up; 
C-oal clouds will turn white, 
A-s the cold raindrops stop.
L-onely twilight twenty-first of May fades, 
A-n early beacon ascends; 
N-o more tears will fall, 
T-ill the sorrow

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Eliminating The Sorrow

O-vernight moon passes by, 
F-rom dusk till dawn; 
E-arly twentieth February 
L-ets Sunday be gone. 
I-t's a beautiful Monday, mist and haze evaporate; 
A-fter the lonely twilight; here comes the day so great. 

J-ust let the red beacon 
O-bliterate the shadow; 
S-un has begun to rise, 
E-liminating the sorrow.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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End The Pain And Sorrow

S-aturday fourth of March
A-ims to meet the dawn; 
B-eautiful beacon comes, 
R-ising above the horizon.
I-t's a lovely morning, 
N-o more mist and haze; 
A-n early day has broken, bringing warmth to your place.

P-ouring rain has turned
I-nto a sunny weather; 
N-ight chill has vanished, 
E-rrors change for the better.
D-ark and dusk disappear into the black shadow; 
A-llow the light to end the pain and sorrow.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Even In The Midst Of Sorrow

L-et your life always win
O-ver the deep darkest hour; 
R-emain composed if lost
E-ven in the midst of 

J-ust let your heart glow, 
O-ctober twenth-sixth day; 
Y-es, allowing your mind to forget the blue and gray.

R-efrain from giving up, 
E-xpect the new tomorrow; 
Y-ou shall stay steadfast
E-ven in the midst of

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Joy Replaces The Sorrow

K-iss the rain goodbye, 
R-ise of the beacon has begun; 
I-t's a beautiful Monday, 
S-unday night turns into a new sun.
T-wilight turns into dawn, 
E-vening shadows fade away; 
L-et nineteenth December brighten the dark and gray.

E-arly morning light
C-omforts your fainted heart; 
L-et the rays above the horizon
E-rase the night for a fresh start.
V-iew in the wide sky
I-s painted with blue, pink, and yellow; 
A-s you gaze at the lane, joy replaces the sorrow.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017