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Joyful celebrations herald the New Year
Auld Lang Syne sung with those held dear
New Year resolutions have been made
Upbeat about diet … until you get weighed
All the festivities have now come to an end
Reality hits…Oh the Christmas overspend!
You have twelve months before it begins again.

Birth date - 25th January
Contest Birth Month Acrostic
Sponsor Charlotte Jade Puddifoot
8th August 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Dazzling like a sparkling green diamond
Eyes lit up when I opened the velvet box!
My birthstone for Aquarius is garnet 
Almandine is most common form with a rich red colour
Not for me -I wanted something more unusual
The jeweler had to order it in especially for me
Of course it came with a very hefty price tag!
It is called the 'star of garnets' as its name means diamond like
Demantoid is a particularly rare form of the garnet gemstone

A Gem for your verse
Sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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J ubilee’s song heightens; the bell is rung
A uld Lang Syne…fond memories we all keep,
N ever-ending the pour of chilled wine, that 
U nsaid words of love spill on tinseled lights;
A s orchestral tunes greet this first of month
R eveling in dreams laced with snowdrop scent;
Y ounger the hearts...chanting newborn wishes!

Andrea Dietrich's Contest
~ This is my birth month; carnation and Snowdrop
 are symbolic flowers implying hope and beauty
12/ 22/ 2015

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Witch of Winter

Judging our tensile strength

As she furiously reams 

Nibbling away at our armor

Undeterred by wishes or dreams

Alternately pushing and pulling

Rending our world with her blast

Yanking us apart at the seams   

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2015

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January is heralded with many a cheer
Announcing the beginning of the New Year
Numbing the memories of the old, as it disappears
Uncaring the bitter cold envelopes like a prickly drape
Absolute in its intent to send the frosty chills down your nape
Relentlessly revealing winter’s wondrous delights, as we
Yearn for yesterday’s warm summery nights

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine | Year Posted 2014

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Jack Frost-Acrostic

J anuary's cold makes December feel like spring!
A lways wanting it to be warm, but left yearning
C ause the ice and snow in the beginning
K eeps me excited, but depression starts winning

F or winter although beautiful, is far too long
R eminders of summer a distant memory now
O nly Jack Frost is now on patrol
S lowly, oh so slowly he releases control
T hen the frozen wasteland, yields to spring again.

For Shadow Hamilton's Jack Frost contest.
December 03, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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January Journey into the New Year named after Janus the god of beginnings and transitions Another year of New Year’s celebration and resolutions of New beginnings putting the past behind us and going forward into the future Under the Wolf moon or the cold moon month coldest month of the year with zodiac signs Aquarius and Capricorn, birthstone garnet, flower carnations, and considered the month of deep Reflection and celebrating Coptic Christmas to remember Jesus Christ’s birth Year with cheer and success ~ January 25 ~ By:Eve Roper 8/9/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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JACK FROST - for contest


January crushed the life of all
Angrily encased winter in the silence of ice,
Caustic cold burning the surface of the lake,
Knifing winds severing the threads of sunshine.

Frozen - in the moments of their hesitation
Ragtag groups of flaked snow mold themselves 
Onto the shivering frames of twisted trees,
Silvery statues glistening in the blue moonlight
Traced by the fingers of the artistic Jack Frost.


submitted to – Acrostic : Jack Frost – Poetry contest
sponsor – Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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Jabiru just left a gift for Mom and Dad.
Abele tree is covered in snow.
New year for me has just begun.
Unicorns will be the décor for my nursery dorm.
Abodement foretelling that I would be a girl.
Radiance reflecting from my baby face.
Yankee yes, New York born.

1/20       8/8/2015
Contest: Birth Month Acrostics
Sponsored by: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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Me and Eeyore, On the Year of My Birth

Just          my mother tryin for 
anothur          moment of agonised , blisful but
nevurending          hapiness, sharin with no one hur 
uninterupting          joy until my overly large but othurwise
average          head appears and the docter says, "anothur
regular          ordinary baby, happy new 
year          I'm sory, what did you say his name was"


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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January my dearest

Just thinking of you here tonight from afar
As every time were apart I realize 
Never will I be without you my sweet
Ultimately you're coursing through my mind
Always in my heart, with each beat
Rarely out of reach,  or view of your eyes
You'll always be with me no matter where we are

Copyright © Adam Hapworth | Year Posted 2013

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A Velvet New Year

Hope is a promise that comes with new snow
 And fills our tomorrows with a newfound trail
  Pristine, untouched in the moonlit glow
   Pause for a moment, bid the midnight farewell
    Yearning for adventure, with new footsteps we'll go…

     New paths of discovery lie waiting for me 
      Each step I will tread, so velvety slow
       We’ll walk hand and hand, leaving yesterday’s bed

        Yesterday’s sorrow, left beneath downy lace
         Each step is brand an unwritten slate
          As we walk in this New Year, and a new hope begins
           Rejoice, in a gift of this velvety grace 


Happy New Year to You All !
For Francine's Contest

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2012

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Never be it said that new beginnings can’t be obtained
The endless quest for happiness and futures ordained
Surely worn us all down – books scoured for inspiration
Folk-lore/Yarns embraced for our life’s path preparation
Memory, an eager companion to chastise us and torment
Time we’ve been allotted wasted on slights to ferment
Looking to bring some relief to others in their dire need
This is what brings joy to souls rich in the art of forgiving 
Looking in the mirror, inwardly: What do we see and striving
To portray to an outside world? In ignorance, we aim to please
Others are equally busy with their lives; sense of a new lease
On Life. Each calendar marking public festive holidays to celebrate
Thus, in effect wishing our time away, wasted on endless freight
Of regrets; only to be put aside briefly during this Holy Season

SUMMERY: A message within a message (two unrhymed lines), therefore, My New Year's Wishes:
1. Looking to bring some relief to others in their dire need;
2. Of regrets; only to be put aside briefly during this Holy Season.

BTW:  Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and the Republic of Moldova celebrate Christmas on what in the Gregorian calendar is January 7

Please see the About section regarding this form of an Acrostic poem.

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2012

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Age ain't nothing but a number.
Aerial ruby-red
Lithe liana and
Impulsive night-black jaguar,
Young, playful, wild, 
Amusing in chime... 
Hues of metal and blood flood.

Axes make crosses.
Aluminium nonchalant moon
Licking leaves of the purple willows.
I discern a vague amber face
Yelling through winds, smokes and ashes.
Anchors and chains, arms and boats and oars -
Heavy sands hide them all.

Ancient abyss opens wide.
Absolutes of January ask for immediate answers.
Lines of the black flaming eyes -
I still seek for the signs of dead love through the
Years of Siberian snows.
Apples of January -
Heavy are they, hold them tight, hold them high.

Age ain't nothing but a number. 
Arial ruby-red
Lithe liana and
Impulsive night-black jaguar,
Young and playful and wild. 
Are you artless enough in the art of ascending to love?
Here comes hush after rush.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton - the Princess of R&B
(January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001)
Revised on Jan 10, 2013
Initial version written on Jan 11, 2010

Copyright © Pavel Nichkov | Year Posted 2013

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January Hikes

January brings blue skies and sun
As the icy air turns waterfalls
Now to glassy stalactites that hang
Under rocky ledges. Crystal walls
Are around us as we crawl behind
Ripples of translucent shining ice.
Yearly we are seeking out this cave,
Hiking through a frozen paradise.
It’s the perfect spot to stop for tea
Kept hot in the flask. We sit a while,
Eat a bite, and then continue on
Snowy forest trails another mile.

December 31, 2016
For contest Winter-Related Acrostic poem
Sponsored by Janice Canerdy
4th place

Copyright © Agnes Krampe | Year Posted 2016

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Born January 31, 1953  – Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson – Died January 30, 2048

HeRe, tell the truth,
   liEs The Right Reverend Hudson
 reBorn almost a century ago –
 thE time was winter,
suCh long, long hours
baCk in cold, cold days
 clAndestine rape

SaFety was unim-
poRtant for women
whO were married –
noNe spoke of
  thIngs back 
  By God! This woman
   refUsed to let that
  get In the way of
 her Living –
she Excelled at life

she Understood her birth
    diD not define or restrict
her Self, her choices, her
      lOve, her presence, or her death –  she
    kNew, with certainty:  only truth is true!

Nota Bene – January 30, 2048 is the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination

We Thank All That Is Good She Was Here!

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

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I remember

I remember really feeling this void ...
I mean its really kinda hard to explain ...
It was 1985 in December ...
A month later in this world I came ...
I remember having complications...
Nurses screaming baby breathe.. but i cant??
The doctor said I mite not make it ...
Cause there's was too many drugs in ur veins
Crack baby was my very first label...
SMH that's a gd shame...
I remember being 11 years old...
blood dripping down my nose like paint ...
Unconscious on that bathroom floor...
they saying there something wrong with my brain ...
30 years with Attention Disorder ...
 I remember your the one I blame ...
And I still don't have a clue where I came from ...
My birth mother's still M.I.A...??
 I remember when my heart held hope..
And one day I would see your face ...
 At this point I don't even need closure..
I guess its just a little to late ..
The only thing that we will ever have in common ...
 just the sequence in our D.N.A...
Did you know that you have grand daughter...
Another child that you'll never embrace ...
 I remember what hurts the most ...
 I don't even know your name..

Copyright © Micah Watkins | Year Posted 2016

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Snow Acrostrian

Beckoning fresh views and analysis,

Occasional snow, crystal clear and so bright,

Lively with purity, reversing paralysis,

Distinct, crude phenomenon with so much height.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © Annabelle Jane | Year Posted 2011

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J ust as I started to fall for you
A nother entered my life.
N o, I was not expecting it to happen there
U nder the Oak where we first met.
A nyone would have been taken aback
R eminiscences of our young love
Y et are you her eyes.

   Born 1/8

Written: 8/9/15

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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A Glad Lady In Beautiful January

G-ood morning sunshine
L-ets the dawn break with glee; 
A-iming to make a beautiful
D-ay of mirth and ecstasy.
Y-ear added to the lady is something to remember; 
S-adness should step back to make her feel glad and better.

M-oonlight shadows have faded, 
A-fter the night walks away; 
E-very twenty-second January, she celebrates her birthday.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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Beating Januarys Blues

Biting cold, blustery winds,
Ever the way January begins!
A time for snow and frozen rime,
That sees me composing rhymes
In scathing censure of its wiles!
Needless to say our snow piles
Get much higher, and faster when

January, returns to Canada again.
As furious blizzards rage uncurbed,
No one remains calmly undisturbed
Unless they move closer to the Equator,
As do Snow Birds!  They will return later,
Relaxed and rested from warm, sunny days,
Yet we who stay, must face winter’s ways!
Seeing them return, reminds us we survived!

But for now we stay silent, on memories revived,
Lest acerbic retorts, from lips, frost bitten
Unleash outbursts on how we were smitten
Every day, by January’s harsh inclemency!
Spring’s return,  is always a joy for me!

Rhymer.  January 30th, 2017.

Copyright © Denis Barter | Year Posted 2017

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      January is a new beginning

      As constellations rise.

      Now another New Year set spinning

      Under dark Winter skies.

      A New Year with church bells ringing,

      Re-birth of the Seasons,

      Youthful Year arise.


        For Winter Acrostic Contest
          by Janice Canerdy

Copyright © Barry Stebbings | Year Posted 2017

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A Glad Lady In Beautiful January

G-ood morning sunshine 
L-ets the dawn break with glee; 
A-iming to make a beautiful 
D-ay of mirth and ecstasy. 
Y-ear added to the lady is something to remember; 
S-adness should step back to make her feel glad and better. 

M-oonlight shadows have faded, 
A-fter the night walks away; 
E-very twenty-second January, she celebrates her birthday.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017