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Dogs and Cats

In my life, I’ve had about five . . . . . . . . . . . DOGS

What naughty chewing little beasts they . . . ARE

Nonetheless, I still think they are . . . . . . . . .COOL;

However, I’ve had twice as many . . . . . . . .. CATS

Independent, sweet and clean they usually . . ARE

For that, I find  cats to be just a tad bit. . . .  COOLER

Written Aug. 2015 for the "End Line Word" Poetry contest of HGarvey Daniel Esquire

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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I know you, you're godless like me, and to the natives We Are The Wandering dead. Headless in sunshine, blind in the wilderness. I know you, you're the sister of death that's true. Your red lips caress mine as I choke upon embers. I'm awaiting life to be stripped from these bones. I smoke the feathers from the angels round here, and laugh with the devil. She sleeps at my feet. I found a home down here. She's the one who'll burn down the temple. She's the one who shall coerce the swarms. I know she'll do anything and more.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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Cat: An Acrostic Poem

C laws

A ttack

T he tiny mouse.

Copyright © Cherie Durbin | Year Posted 2013

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Nine Lives

Nine lives are bestowed upon a cat to live,

In this world full of danger we travel through.

None may escape the final time appointed to them,

Even the cat has it's last moment to breathe.

Living a life of adventure, demands some extra chances,

It's the curious cat, trapped, who really needs it.

Vain cats cleaning themselves on a slim, lofty ledge.

Excitable cats trying to catch the mysterious red dot.

Silly cats flipping their tails at a dog pack.

For the "Nine" contest.

Copyright © Christopher Bunton | Year Posted 2013

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Hello Kitty

Hello, all my fuzzy friends
Embarrassed, but I gottah tell you that cats and dogs are my buddies
Loving my family and
Live life to the fullest and to the best of your ability
Ohhh...what a world full of positivity and negativity...what a messed-up world

Krazy kool kats drive me nuts
Idolizing their cuteness and their noisiness
Totally tricked by their fickle ways
Trained to make an excuse that it's "one of those days" pets are the best and cutest!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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C at is a mystery. 

A n enigmatic animal. 

T ry to decipher it.

Copyright © Josete Vichineski | Year Posted 2005

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Vicky My Cat (acrostic poem for her) 4-6-06

                                                    Vicky my cat

                                                    I love you are loving and

                                                   Caring when you know when I need you

                                                    Kind, silly, cute, and

                                                    You are my little angel

Copyright © Susan Dwinchick | Year Posted 2006

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House Cats

How varied in color they are
One after another, a palette
Under house cat code
Some will stay true to their species others get spoiled
Everyone has their own individuality.

Cats never slow down
Are hyperactive comets, ricocheting
Throughout a house
Settling down is forgotten completely.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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Nairobi acrostic contest

N ows here the place Joy Adams was chased
A s the lion cubs let loose followed her scent
I n haste through stores and stalls in riotous glee
R ight to her they led George he begged her to stay
O utwitted in her ploy to go she tried again to leave
B ut the lion cubs sure had other ideas and circled her
I nstead she found  that no way could she leave them 

written 09/19/2013

contest skipping six,Going Straight to Seven- Acrostics challenge #3

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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Jagged, hunting
knife in hand…I chop
up chunks of meat
for my pet jaguar…he
fires me up with
painful passion – he
hands me one of his
9 lives with his
handy, giant paw . .
. I'm shocked - I
didn't expect this
at all . . . he
caught me before I
was gonna make an
embarrassing fall -
thank you, fuzzy
friend for helping
me stand tall and
Ahh! Look at his
talons…his claws rip
through human flesh
and animal
flesh…bird flesh
also! This
particular jaguar,
by the name of Spy
Jaggerswag, has a
desire to hunt down
anything that moves;
he even chews up
outrageously massive
roaches when he sees
them, crawling about
on the forest floor
or on a forest tree
Giving Spy his meal
with boldness by
throwing it into his
big bowl, he runs
hungrily towards his
bowl and devours it
in seconds with one
bite literally – I
hesitate with sudden
fear…ooh…at least it
wasn’t a chunk of
me, right? He won’t
eat me up – I’m his
outlandish owner
anyhow…though he’s
vicious and spiteful
at times - run with
your might - let me
race you to see who
wins - this will be
totally tight! We're
taking fearless
flight, despite our
lack of light, but
we're not succumbed
to fright, alright?
xD You're something
else - we sit on the
bricked wall,
sparkling anew in a
moon-drenched night
Unpredictable nature
is how I describe
his nature…with
wildness I must add!
His coat is as black
as midnight and his
eyes penetrate my
soul – green and
yellow with twisted,
breathtaking beauty
and blazing angst 
Ah yes, he has a
good side of him
nevertheless – he’s
as harmless as a
kitten and I massage
his velvet-like,
ebony fur with
blissful admiration
and I have no fear
when he’s near my
side – he saves me
from upcoming
trouble and he’s not
a foe, but he’s a
remarkable friend,
though at first I
was ahh!-frightened
of him – he doesn’t
intimidate me, but
still catches me off
guard and I tease
him back…we do play
pretty rough no
doubt about that!
RAWRZ! He sneaks
right behind me,
scaring me out of my
wits – that silly,
gigantic cat! He’s
ferocious obviously,
but he does have a
bit of spunk and
awesomeness in him!
I thank Spy for not
having me for his
feast – he’s burly,
brave and beast!

~inspired and
dedicated to my
trustworthy, furry
buddy/big black cat
by the name of Spy.
He's one of my
favorite pets of all
time. No joke! 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Cats are a curious lot
All species playful; some dangerous
They care for their own
Some, like people, are loners.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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Cat Nap

Crawling, furry pet 
Aggressive, yet so lovable
Trying to get any sign of attention and winning it 

No worries planted in their feeble brains 
Attractive and a clever animal
Pleasurable extra family member, always keeping me busy!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2012

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CATS acrostic


               C ould you snuggle and relinquish half a purr
               A ll that cream and salmon should buy me cuddle time
               T ake a minute please to delay the grooming of your fur
               Sky eyed beauty--  dissolve me for a moment in your blue sublime. 

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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A Cat

C- curious creatures,cute

a-active ,playing


Copyright © Darlene De Beaulieu | Year Posted 2017

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a poor cat

a poor cat

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2011

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Carry no a heavy load
A fore thoughtful note
Take care of your board

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2017

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The name Spring was already taken

Soon to be is Spring you see
Please breathe what last winter air there be 
Ring and do sing in tune with merry ole me and too with you 
I do try to be some guy, real fly freaky fly guy . . . guy
Nude is this loon who blows his balloon for this bodacious dude 
Grand spring brings Earth her color back, reactivity shining light upon winter's gloom giving nature her mother back. 

(spring whispering)

I am coming so soon 
So prepare for this seasons bloom 

Cats and rats hit bats with ball caps
On they go and stop for a show
Man oh man this land is a lot like quick sand 
I see you, do you see me too? 
Not any one problem, that sun rays cannot solve um 
Golly by dolly, lets cart a path for grand pappy Wally

She came over, like red rover she came over and over...
once a month to drink punch for lunch with a flute player named Monk  
Over and out, roger copies her count, just in time to shout 
Not so fast there miss spring, it is still winter until that bell rings its tune... singing, spring is coming soon.


Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2017

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C ats are always there for you 
A lways showing their love
T hrough time. Until they die
S o playful and make you laugh

Copyright © Julie Leigh Rodeheaver | Year Posted 2017

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Blissful life I live, my owner Julie thinks she owns me, I 
Allow her to think she does, I'm the one that runs the home. 
Nurturing I desire, I meow and purr, rub around caressing her legs, she 
Doesn’t know, but I'm marking my territory, “She's mine".
I take over the couch and lounge and watch my favorite show, “Cats and Dogs”. 
Tasty tidbits I bring, a dead mouse or bird for admiration and endless sleep.  


 Poetry Contest: Something Funny 
Sponsored by: Julie Leigh Rodeheaver 

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2017

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E-merald is a stunning small field cat
M-inding, mixing and catching all mice
E-ver watching and even chasing deer out of the yard
R-eally loves to cuddle and sit on her master's lap
A-ll she wants is some tender loving hugs now and then
L-oving her in everything she does and mews
D-eveloping an eternal bond for all of eternity.

This poem is about my beautiful cat.

Mary Rose

Copyright © Mary Rose Ell | Year Posted 2017

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F urry and soft, never a threat.
E ach cat that I have ever met,
L onging for pet.

I n each one I have found some quirk.
N othing can match their feline smirk.
E each one berserk.

Copyright © Terry Hoffman | Year Posted 2017