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I think of all my smiles that I've worn,
which hide my sorrows underneath.
No one seems to notice that ,
I'm going through so much grief.
I cry and cry inside my pretty little tired eyes,
no one actually seems to realize,
what is presently going inside.
I'm going far away from everyone.
That no one seems to see my real pain.
My heart is totally broken after so much suffering,
unable to face anyone.
It feels like it's the last of my life,
As i have got no support by my side. 
I have really started to abhor myself and
have started to find things quite uncertain.
I find people to be quite ignorant towards me,
as it is,i know they are idyllic without me.
I am very puzzled at present,
What to do?Is my situation.
I only meet illusive people in this inconsiderate world.
I am such a numpty person,
 that in this world expect people to know my situation.
After knowing as it is they would remain ignoramuses.

Copyright © CRYSTAL MAAHI | Year Posted 2013

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 Big black room,
 No physical presence around,
 Only shivering cold in the air.
 The scent of fear and anger,
 The lingering feeling of loss,
 Feeling of abandonment and despair,
 The madness floating around.
 Love, there is love in a small corner,
 Devotion pushed against the wall.
 The naive little giggle of the child,
 It can be heard if you listen closely.
 Sweet, sickeningly sweet stench of pleasure,
 Of guilty addictive pleasure lingers,
 Engulfing everything, 
 Its fumes poisoning the air.
 The mortal soul lives in here,
 With all of this it lives.
 It still breathes it all, 
 melts in it.
 Waiting for the end,
 Hoping it will come soon, 
 the eternal rest,
 Till the end will come, will end it all

Copyright © Rytis Gervickas | Year Posted 2015

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My Being

Clumsy days and hazy nights

Haunting and bring me tears

I should stop perturbing

Whilst my heart still whipping

Wrath of nature is just reflection

Of my fragments that created imprints

Within my being that stands steadfast 

Even in the darkest days of my existence.

Copyright © marvin celestial | Year Posted 2012

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this roads i walk are hurting my feet

this roads i walk are hurting my feet,
i get home. i take my shoes off. i lie down.
i wake every morning wishing and hoping.
But guess what, this roads am walking them again.
It's a tragedy how my suffering is projected.
For the whole world to see. yes, they do feel sorry.
But i was a woken monster cursed to sleep.
Now am an achiever sent to a prison.
this roads i walk, are, hurting. My feet.
take a walk with me, but be scared, i can walk you for 100% your life.
aah, my feet. this roads i walk, are hurting. My feet.
You were asked, then you agreed, to walk with me. 
my name is knowledge, for you those who don't understand poetry.
look up, am the beautiful sky that you see at night. now all am asking you,
is to come with me.
this roads, my feet and you.
walk with me. i grow everyday, in you.
one day when am really grown up, you will be among
the stars. like i said; this roads, my feet and you.
am just like purity, am really good to the young,
but taste better for the old.
am not the Nazi, or the Ku klux klan. i take all.
am free. Use me. Take advantage of me for all i care.
am black, am power. am magic.
i move mountains of stupidity, am the king.
Am the word, the power, am knowledge. But.
this roads i walk, are hurting my feet.
nourish me, let me grow in you. so i get stronger.
then i can grow as we walk  this roads i walk.
that are hurting my feet. cause i get weak.
get me shoes, yes, this roads, if you walk with me,
you'll be among the stars.
word, know, slow down. take time. this roads.
my feet hurt. word. not animore. know. we'll succeed.
we have roads to walk, bear with me, i get weak. so.
nourish me, let me grow in you.

Copyright © Emmanuel Madande | Year Posted 2014

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Taking a little bit of kindness

Asking you to be you
Because you are seeming a little blue
Carless from life, taking into mind
Doesn't that keep you on time!
Even though you have been a leaving,
Freedom has brought you back to  my door
Geese laid their eggs, right by your sore 
Heaven knows why you come back
I just open up the store
Joyful you come ,at last 
Kindly I give you some cash
Loving the way words roll off your tongue 
Mindless to say they 
Never did they want you to stay 
Obviously they said the rudest things
Politeness was not one of their ways 
Quizzing you solely 
Respect has got take away
Sadly beating you just so you have a place to stay 
Time has seemed it will take forever
Under the weather is the
Vases of the loved feathers
Why you seek to get a hold 
Xerox is not in 
Your behold 
Zig- zagging is your only way you would be sold 

Copyright © nicole ussery | Year Posted 2015

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For You

By Robielynn Collins 

 You are my best friend, 
through think and through thin, 
and I guess you didn't realize, 
that it was a sin, 
but I prayed to God, 
to make you whole, 
and to take you to HEAVEN, 
and to save your SOUL, 
I know he will, 
becaus HE'S a loving GOD, 
and HE can do anything, with just a nod.

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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My Sorrow Is My Curse

My sorrow is deeper,
Than the ocean.
The agony I feel,
Is unbearable,
A pain I cannot withstand.
It’s like a great burden, 
Has been placed on my shoulders.
I can no longer bear the pain,
Of the past and present.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

My sorrow grips my soul,
In an icy hold,
Dragging me down,
Into the dark, unforgiving abyss.
The pain grows steadily worse, 
Each and every day, 
Every second that passes by,
Every minute, 
Every hour…
Just burns another hole,
Into my heart.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

The sorrow,
Is tearing me apart each day,
Little by little,
A part of me is worn away.
By the time,
I have finished growing,
There won’t be any trace,
Of whom I once was.
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Each day,
My pain grows steadily worse,
As every person,
That comes near me,
Always has to leave my side, 
One way or another,
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Time is running out,
I am no longer,
The sweet, innocent child,
That I once was.
I am almost gone,
Disappearing into the void,
Full of anger and hate,
I sink deeper and deeper,
Trying to find a way, 
Out of the darkness,
But to no avail. 
My Sorrow Is My Curse.

Vows that cannot be replaced,
Are broken without a second glance,
Promises of hope,
And love,
Are wrecked and crushed.
Nothing is safe anymore,
There is no one to trust, 
Nothing to grip on to,
My hold on trust,
And on life,
Is slowly ebbing away,
My sorrow is my curse.

My last hour draws near,
Here in the dark,
No one else is around,
Forever alone,
My Sorrow Is My Curse. 

Copyright © Serina Hetrick | Year Posted 2015

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A Crack In The Sidewalk

The crack in the sidewalk watched me today
as I walked to school alone that one summer day
The Sun was opening its wings for me
Had only two miles to walk among the Grove trees
It seemed to talk to me as knowing what is and could be
why my Mother left only a lost dream.

The crack in the sidewalk was there for me
as I walked in the scorching heat
with little summer breeze
wandering aimless I found a puppy 
laying under a lone shade tree

The crack in the sidewalk was laughing at me
as I took her home to be with me
Charcoal her name will always be
the key tied around my neck opened the door
while No one was there Milk was free
and she came to be with me

The crack in the sidewalk stared at me
we laughed and played every day until eve
I took my bike crossed the street
a car came and took her from me

The crack in the sidewalk I'll always see
my arm held tight my little baby with me
a broken heart never to be glued
just a lonely child that Loved 
someone new

Copyright © cheryl lucenti | Year Posted 2014

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live your life

Put crying flowers on my tomb

Alas that mum bore me in her womb

Don’t fret if tears flow down your cheek

Forget my life, your own happiness seek

Paint your heart with no memory of mine

Dump all recollections and you’ll be fine

For wasted time don’t sob and cry

Let all relating to us now die

Be happy and live your dreams

I figured so little in your life it seems.

Copyright © Fahad AL-Issai | Year Posted 2015

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

Copyright © Kierstein McFarland | Year Posted 2013

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Don’t put your view all are blind
They can’t see ten or nine
They have determined they can find
Solution is already all know shrine

Bereave is not necessity it always dawns
Scarce barks all the day as unwelcome guest
Put your disguise on your veil
All viewed your deceitful hay

Shame on you for being that that
Looting always day by day
Poor creatures are suffocating
Swallowing your poisonous play.

Copyright © Deepak Chalise | Year Posted 2014

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We will survive

I've been so frightened since you went away
My heart has been lonely all the way
And when I'm alone I think of you
And all the things we went through

I believe we will find a way out of this 
dark and lonely place 
and we will meet face to face 

Nothing will go wrong because 
because we will be bold and strong 
and whatever the world my hold in 

we will fight for what is right

Copyright © fransisca pretorius | Year Posted 2013

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I used all my efforts
To get into the world
That I see some people in
The world with many
Interesting things
The world
In which people eat and celebrate
But all my efforts
Were futile
Nevertheless, I will dance to that tune

I read many books
I did study fifteen subjects
I passed my O’ level
I passed my A’ level
I got three degrees
But it’s all the same

I searched for vocations
But I found none
I used all my fortitude
And I never forfeited
But it was all in vain
Who had bewitched me?
I just ask
Nevertheless, I will be poor forever

Copyright © Desire Kateyera | Year Posted 2016

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

Copyright © Kierstein McFarland | Year Posted 2013

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We are down on a sandy beach
And our legs dug deep in the sand of pain
Left stranded in the sea of sadness
The night of destruction falling on us with extreme darkness
Hovering on us the venom of evil
With rain drops of blood on our land
The storm getting heavier by the day
The flame of hope blown away by wind of wickedness
We live in a country where no one is safe
Where death darken the sky like an imminent doom 
Where the majority live in ardent poverty
A land where corruption is at its peak
Our leaders the master chef to all our miseries
With eyes of blind spot to the need of the people
Deaf ears to the cry of the innocent
Blind eyes to the sufferings of the poor
The beat of political madness stirs in the air
With sound wave of pain to all the citizen of the land
Human lives valued only for a couple of coins and a few naira note
Innocent blood shed all in the name of political game
The taste of power and excessive desire for wealth
Sum with their selfish and political greed
Puts our dear nation in a state of unrest 
Children of innocent souls being tortured through burning knife of evil
Leaving the youths to live their lives in fear
Our girls are no longer safe to go to school
Terrorism the bad sweet smell polluting our atmosphere
With it effect on us an horrible scar
People being nurtured to the highest point of hatred
With every of their road leading to violence and terrorism 
Little by little we are losing our national pride
Our economy dropping faster than the speed of sound
Our leaders failing in every good sense of leadership
With the interest of the people far from their mind
From the cry of the rejected and abused children
To the tears of the suffering and confused adult
Same questions comes to the mind of every nigerian
Why do we have to suffer this much?
Are our leaders so blind to see that the nation is on a downhill of destruction?
How long will it take for them to hear our cry?
And what will it take for everything to change for good?
I guess only God has the answers to all this questions
And the golden key to our freedom
All will have to do is to keep praying
And keep hold of our little flame of hope
Cos one day I believe everything will change for good

Copyright © stanley oguh | Year Posted 2014

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Just a dream I dream

I don't know how to say it,
Express all it and believe it, 
I don't know if this would be true, 
This dream, last night's dream of us two. 

A lady dressed in green comes up, 
Close to my ear and whispers soft, 
Did you ever hear of my lost pearl, 
That was carried away decades past? 

No, I say with heart in hand
No, I mutter with fear in mind, 
Don't you my readers realize, 
That I was justified to be scared? 

She came closer, smelt of cherry, 
Her voice beautiful, talk of no alike, 
Vividly remember that soft touch, 
On my forehead, but don't you judge! 

I am
A human within an alien, 
Dreams within a reality, 
But wait, 
That's just a dream I dream.

Copyright © hudhaifah siyad | Year Posted 2015

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Leaders of tomorrow
Voice of the nation
Mirroe reflecting the future
Endowed with wisdom by nature
To parents we show obedience
To teachers we express 
Our books we marry
Our future our priority
Our studies our legacy.

But here we are
Slaves to madmen
carted away like hen
from our treasure
our bright duture
to the world of agony
handled like rags
To satisfy their fanatic madness

Here we are
numbered two thirty four
or more
waiting to be raped
sold off or rescused.

Copyright © Omotehinse Eyitayo Kemisola lizzy | Year Posted 2014

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Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World

Have you ever tried to cry
But there's no tears left to shed
Have you ever seen the face of misery
Or looked into the eyes of dread
Have you ever gripped the pain
Cause it's all that's left to hold
Have you ever tried so hard to love
But found, your heart was just too cold
Have you ever just had to accept,
Your agony has no end
Have you ever been so desperate,
You've claimed the sorrow your best friend
Have you ever held hands with depression
Wept on the shoulder of fear
Have you ever reached out to emptiness
But there's nothing to pull near.
Have you sobbed yourself to sleep
Anguish at the foot of your bed
Have you ever been shaken from your dream
To be thrown in a nightmare instead
Have you felt the cringe inside
Embraced by betrayal and hate
Have you ever then just had to dwell
In a world that terror creates
Have you ever been left empty
No Courage to unfold
If you've ever known the hurt
Then welcome to my world

Written by Shannen Wrass
Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Shannen Wrass | Year Posted 2014

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That dark place

That dark place,
between what is real and what is not,
that look on his face,
that tells the story of his endless trot.

His mental state is unstable,
his sanity hanging on by a thread,
his is not willing, nor able,
to forget the dark thoughts in his head.

And that dark place,
with the thoughts that eat him away,
is an untouchable place,
that will always be in the way. 

Copyright © Chris Hope | Year Posted 2015

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Hurting InSide, Sad felling InSide

A Girl Trap In Far Mazes 
Hurt And Emotional 
Like No One Understands Her 
She Cries Her Self To Sleep 
Hoping For A Blessing Can Save 
Bad Days Are Here, Also Another Depressed Day 
Holding There Depression In All Inside 
Wondering The Night 
Trying Not To Cry 
Her PDSD Is High As The Sun 
Hoping Things Will Turn Up 
Her Emotions Are High 
Feeling Lonely 
Feeling Sad 
Hurting Inside 
We Have Those Good Day And Then Bad Days 
A Night Not So Well For Her Tonight 
Hoping She Can Cheer Up 
Banging For Someone To Liston 
Someone Who Can Be There Then Waking Away From Her 
Hears  Her At Night, Fears Going Through Her Mind 
Questions Resin back In Forth 
Trying To Think Of Something New 
Nothing, Is Helping 
Music Is Her Life To BVB, Slipknot, My Bloody Valentine's 
Coming Down And Trying To Think Right 
Nothing Is Working ,Even Music 
She Then Stays Up All Night Just Wondering, Thinking 
Past Her Nights 
After All Of This The Finely Goes To Sleep Hoping It Doesn't Feel The Same 
Having A Bad Dream Running Through Her Brain While Sleep 
Shhhh, Child Ill Might Be Ok

Copyright © Ashley Evans | Year Posted 2016

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the past

sitting here thinking about my little that past last year someone shot him in a car with 2 others but one still alive, that one was being on the stand for life dealing with death of his friends or whatever they called my little cousin, my cousin was only going out to get some milk for his son, and now his girlfriend is left to take care two children by herself as a single mother wondering how she is going to do this all by herself not thinking that the worst pain ever going to go through her mind, now I see vision of my cousin every day and making me cry cause I miss him so much and can’t talk to him like I use to as a child all I have is the memories of him sitting in my old house as a child and now he is dead, I don't want to ever celebrate my birthday ever again he die on September 21, 2012 what a painful day all I remember is getting my son off the bus and 10 mins later my mother was screaming like she lost one of my brothers but really he might have not been my brother by blood but he was my cousin and every time I think a tear comes coming down my face then remember my mother telling me, she Sheena lil Greg is gone I screamed and cried for days didn't even answer my phone unless it was important, I stayed away from friends, I just didn't care who knew, I was hurting  inside, then one day I heard a voice and it was like lil Greg was speaking to me, but I wouldn't turn my light off for days and would carry a flash just case I needed it in the dark to see where I was walking, I would see his shadows just like I use to see my old teacher shadow in the dark, I would flash the flashlight onto the area where I see him then it’s like he is not there then I hear his voice calling telling me that it’s okay, that I’m fine cause with my mother, your true angel forever, but I couldn't find him, I kept asking myself where is lil Greg I though he was dead, then I remember my family buried him where is mother was at, and now May 21 is lil Greg franklin birthday and I can’t tell him I really feel any more about his girlfriend or the people he hang out with, he wasn't just a cousin to me, I felt like a piece of my heart just melt inside that I couldn't get back and still do, cause now my family want to celebrate his birthday and I weather be home on May21 it’s a painful day for me, just this week alone is painful week, I lost one of my best friends,

Sheena Jackson 
May 16,2013

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

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The Devil Within

A gun to my head, isn't that convenient. 
pull the trigger and release all my demons. 
I'm ready now with no regret, 
try to surprise me like Russian roulette. 
I'm sick of this life and all the problems that follow, 
this is the best way to end, the shame is too hard to swallow. 
I'm growing weak its coming to an end, 
finally relief, no need to pretend. 
This is it, the light is fading, 
come to my rescue I'm yours for the taking. 
I'm destined to fall what this is, its a sin, 
he finally got what he wanted, the devil within. 

Copyright © jessica khan | Year Posted 2013

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Prince Obi Wan

Prince Obi Wan is not a morning dog, you see —
He grumbles and he fusses, when awakened,
Just like me!

Wherever I am, You will find him there,
He is my flame through time,
That shall never fail,
With him, I have not one fear,

He howls his complaints,
When things do not quite go his way –
Yet even still, he is the best part,
Of any given day!

He sings with heart, for all to hear,
He gives each song, all he has,
That is –
My Prince Obi Wan, my little fur-man,
Now his body has gone,
Yet even still, his spirit remains,
I feel him each place I go,
He will always be with me,
This I absolutely know.

Copyright © Cathy Kaiser | Year Posted 2014

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“Bring back our girls”: a silent whisper now the global anthem, 
Re-echoing the opposing bells to our corrupt system
Is this the prospect sought-after by our patriotic gem?
Nigeria! Listen to the loud tears of your future stem,
Give joy to daughter-hood; salvage them.

But wait! Bombing at first now abducting,
And our tomorrow, they take liberty in destroying:
Creeping into our streets with arsenals uninviting;
Kai! Things are falling apart swiftly, as a mountain erupting.

Oh! Once upon a time in Chibok
Unraveling the serene puzzles gazing from our books; 
Reading and playing to pass examination’s hook

Girls in tender uniforms with big dreams,
Insuring their future on the seedbed of academic teams,
Rain-date indeed! Absent from our schemes; 
Little wonder you were abducted; as in Nollywood films, 
Shai! Where is God in this scenario? It seems.

Copyright © Emerho O. Samuel | Year Posted 2014

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Dad's Song

Pops when you was first diagnosed I was in disbelief,
The cancer that they found made it hard to breathe.
An endless beacon of strength kept you fighting each day,
Only to watch you fade before death took you away.

A year later, still can’t believe you are gone,
As I continue reciting the lyrics to your favorite song.
My greatest fear came true the day you passed away,
Now I know it’s that I’ll never see you again.

I reminisce over our silent conversations,
And the deficit in I Love You’s,
But revel in the life that carries on in your little osito
Ese cabron has a piece of grandpa’s heart.

My only regret is that on this day
My tears won’t reach your grave
So grab a beer, pull up a chair,
I hope you have front row seats to hear Freddie sing today.

Copyright © Robert Roy | Year Posted 2017

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Time Out To Cry

All alone at the end of the day
The time, just a little past ten
Evening has come for a short stay
It’s time for her sorrow again
The smile on her face she’s been holding
Suddenly, she lets fall
And the feelings begin unfolding
She comes out of her personal wall
As the world settles down for the night
She awakens herself from a dream
The girl they thought had life going right
No longer the image she seemed
She takes off the disguise she’s wearing
Opens her heart to the truth
Now behind closed doors she’s not caring
About life, or love in her youth
She sits by the mirror spilling tears
And she cries by herself in the dark
Hours of acting like there’s no fears
Takes a lot from an empty heart
Inside she’s lonely and sad
But acts like she's fine by day
In her misery, wishing she had
A friend, or a promise to stay
Ashamed of the truth she’s been keeping
Living hours in daylight a lie
This is the reason in darkness she’s weeping
Taking time out from each day to cry

Written by Shannen Wrass

Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Shannen Wrass | Year Posted 2013

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The Mask

 I put on my mask to hide,
all these feelings, 
I feel inside,
the anger, the hate,
the hurt, and the sorrow,
I'm not looking forward,
to another tomorrow,
so whats one to do,
but live these lies,
and keep all of these feelings,
tucked deep down inside,
were no one can see them,
but I know their, there,
if only they knew,
would they really care?,
so on stays my mask,
to hide the real me,
hoping that no one,
can actually see,
the anger I'm holding,
the pain that I feel,
just wishing in time,
that it would all just heal.

RobieLynn Collins
Copyright: 2000

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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love child

tempted mistress bore a son
acid spit from serpents tongue
sinners sin with no remorse
natures crule and twisted course
passions lust fades away
embedded in the soul to stay
pain conceived of rage
trapped with in a lovers cage
hatreds blade sheds scarlet tears
glaring eyes, ringing ears
adultery's sorrowed tail
an innocents life impaled

Copyright © Catrina Hanz | Year Posted 2013

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Not so long before he died
When he decided to have me
I saw a solemn promise
When he opened his eyes

His eyes were small but became wide
Whenever he looked at me
With an eye of loving care which now miss
And for it now I apprise

He wiped my tears when I cried
And chased the hunger out of me
He made sure I had all my peace
Through his bright eyes I could analyze

Not so long before he applied 
All his plans for me
Before his dreams and life could kiss
When the wind blew him to the skies

Now he's gone leaving promises out they dried
More he had for me
But none I have
And it still pokes in my heart like a wire
When I remember the precious eyes of my sire

I was his pride 
And he was mine too
I hardly saw his promises
When his eyes were closed
Unfortunately none were held in my hands

I try to cease the pain
But my tears still drop like the rain
When I remember myself gazing in his eyes
The eyes of my sire. 

Walani Ndhlovu

Copyright © Walani Ndhlovu | Year Posted 2013

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Angel Speak

An Angel was set to me today
To speak the words I could not say
Deep in my heart I knew the truth
And the mask you wore has come unglued

Walk me past that hidden road
The one I chose has no remorse
I will run, I’m free from the lies
And my heart is now beating back to life

Your voice is speaking inside my head
Telling me every word you said
Those words made smiles but now I see
They were never true and now killing me

There is a stale emptiness, a darkness inside
Where I stay quiet from the feelings I hide
Tears start to fall without any sound
into a cemetery where the love’s buried down

So take me Angel away with you
In heaven’s arms there is always truth

Copyright © Tamilyn Love | Year Posted 2014