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9 11

                             America the Free  ~             America the Brave ~
                           Freedom with price              Capitalism attacked
                            the many taken                   hearts broken still
                              one World                           try to rebuild
                            sadness and tears               fall hard with fears  
                            guilt by association             many accused still
                             souls evaporated                shattered dreams 
                            tears fall on innocence          left with anger 
                             The proud fearless             knew the inevitable
                              policeman fireman             many lives lost
                            grieving does not stop           12 years later    
                               New York city once          proud  & shameless 
                             refusing to let fears in          protecting ours 
                                left in shock still              question's unanswered                    
                               nothing learned                     nothing gained  
                                ready to attack                   many left behind
                              anger greets denial              anger meets rage 
                               unacceptable still                 refusing new love 
                            wanting days to rewind           let us go back in time 
                              acceptance  allowing           the victims leave in peace
                              the brave taken young           leaving us sadly old
                               haunting dreams                     lost spirits dwell
                               no answers to hate            never forgetting that day
                               Evil entered suddenly              unforgiving fate
                                entering our City                we stand with the fallen
                                 How to fix                            how do we Change 

            This can be read many different ways ~ This is a poem I am so proud to write ~


Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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All Lives Matter

Fear is what they clothe them in.
Fear of losing their life because of one mistake.
Fear of losing their life because an officer is having 
a bad day.

Some say it's not racism;
"It's police brutality."
Whatever you call it, I can't 
help but ask "where is humanity?"

Mothers weeping because they're losing their sons.
Teaching them to fight back with silence
but that is no weapon compared to a gun.

Six feet under, leaving families to fight for justice
over their lives.
Societies getting tired of it all-
starting riots and constructing strikes.

How many more time will history repeat itself?
Or are we still writing [his]tory , using coverups
as help?

All lives matter despite of their race.
All lives matter despite their mistakes.

In times such as these justice will demand to be served.
No matter how chaotic, crazy, or obscured.

Life is a gift, one that we should all treasure.
Because all lives matter and we need to protect them;
no matter the measure.

Copyright © Amber Binford | Year Posted 2014

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                                        Elegy to Child Lost

                                 Passion's love oft tempts despair
                                 Casts a prideful cosmic dare--
                                 Like Prizing Joy's most intimate caress
                                 Babe snug beneath a mother's breast

                                Senses at this time are keen
                                There's no secret kept between
                                Loving mother, wriggling babe--
                                Wanted , dreamed of, much delayed
                                But entwined twin was also loved--
                                Some say Nature's method proves
                                That one twin may give all to mate---
                                But this fatal sacrifice must decimate.

                                Only mother's eyes would feel babe's smiles--
                                or sense those legs that wandered miles
                                And daring feet that danced in tunes while
                                Arms swam in gentle Celtic croons.

                                When babe vanished--not  a sound.
                                Mother 's grief was not allowed.
                                Tempted so to trail behind
                                Escaping shattered troubled mind. 

                                Squelching sorrow's hungry arms
                                She Tried erase babe's fluttering charms
                                Never spoke of-- never mourned.
                                By her husband she was warned
                                Was best forget a child so early lost--
                                Funerals, gravestones--such a cost--

                                But the years have called babe near,
                                Mother's journal writ in tears:
                                'Please forgive my selfish heart.
                                Repressed from all --this tragic part
                                I felt your sacrificial act--
                                You left your cherished twin intact'.

                                There is no law of random acts
                                Doctors examine data facts
                                It may be --that in the womb
                                When both spring flowers cannot bloom
                                One bold twin refrains to eat
                                Compels the other to complete
                                Hardy growth that life requires---
                                Sparks survival's crucial hours.

                                Not an accident 'tis sure--
                                Boldest spirits blossom pure.

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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An Elegy for Syria

After so many countries, now in Syria,
Increasing is the western bacteria,

The bacteria of hypocrisy and lies,
Which is in a dangerous disguise,

Under the banner of help and peace,
They seems like a white fleece,

They do things very secretly,
Pursuing interests very actively,

What they want is just conflicts?
In the entire world's districts,

They like when people kill each other,
Its how indirectly they do smother,

Try to understand that what is a war?
Because it opens up the profits door,

For the imperialists and dictators,
And of course their very own creators,

When imperialists start a war,
They make sure that its paid for,

So they pose to help by selling arms,
As if they are selling them charms,

In return of arms they make money,
So much that its not even funny,

On the other hand people also die,
In the region where they don't comply,

They want the entire world to obey,
Their orders and want them to say okay!

As long as one stays this way,
A nice attitude they will display,

But for instance if one says "NO" to them,
At first they get angry and hem,

And then come bans and sanctions,
Penalties all kinds of aggressions,

And still if they are not successful,
They wage a war to make stressful,

So that's what they did in Syria,
It was their anger and hysteria,

Because they couldn't do anything,
And through a war they wanted to sting,

But they forgot that who they are facing,
And what kind of a enemy they are racing?

They already are, their army, replacing,
And because of defeats they are reducing,

The Takfiri terrorists they brought in,
Are ruthless and not even human,

They are ripping chests of people,
And eating their hearts like animal,

So west and its cruel tactics,
Has nothing to do with the ethics,

So once and for all everyone,
Let's finish savagery which has begun.

All rights are reserved. Syed Imon Rizvi

Copyright © Syed Imon Rizvi | Year Posted 2013

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STORM COMING African tribal violence

Storm coming, madam
Me-- I’m going up country-- 
Lay low and stay sweet*

*stay sweet--stay alive

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nairobi, Kenya
November 26, 2012

Note: Political unrest near Nairobi, Kenya due to election strategies. Polish nun told me that she was warned by a local moonshine runner to hide. Too late. She was pistol whipped by local police who wanted more protection money. Didn’t get the money (it was a free clinic, so nurses had no money) Police beat the nurse/nuns and absconded with the very rare and precious AIDS meds to sell to the hospitals.Free AIDS clinic was forced to close.(Kenyan government does not have free health care for the poor)   Nuns are recovering then being transferred to other clinics. Three went back to Europe forced into early medical retirement due to permanent injuries sustained by police and/looters. The care program(education and/or placement) for the children whose parents were AIDS patients is gone. Children have taken to the streets in desperation.  Count your blessings.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Terrorism Failed

United in isolated collectivity,
Standing erect for reflective solidarity,
Sited to enable individuality,
Symbolising the dead, the loss in totality.

So many damaged people, with so much to remind,
There are tear-laden memories for those left behind.
A tangible grief can still be heard in their voices,
Faltering as they speak out about that day’s choices.

Take underground trains or avoid confused crowds and fuss,
Diverted, turned back, decided to run, catch a bus.
Explosive devices never discriminated,
Primed bombs blasted apart, London was devastated.

They ripped through metal, taking and tearing precious lives
And scarred the future for each one who survives.
Destroyed calm, delivered terror with impunity,
Suicide bombers believed in their immunity.

Now peace, time taken for moments of contemplation,
Silent thoughts that bring an end to all conversation.
Remembered faces, the past a painful looking back,
Centrally listed, names on the newly engraved plaque.

Children run, play chase, amidst the memorial shown,
As people feel emotion, cry, prove that flesh and bone
Continues to exist, to love, to laugh and to weep
But, never to forget those whose memories we keep.

United in isolated collectivity,
Defiant, standing tall in solidarity.
There to celebrate the individuality
Of the murdered dead, fifty-two in totality.

Tragically their hopes, dreams were brutally curtailed
But, ours were not; we are strong as steel, terrorism failed.

Copyright © Mavis Jackson | Year Posted 2017

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Whence diplomacy fails mankind.
Soldiers amassed with patriotic duties to fulfill.
Some willing, some underaged, some desperate.
Weaponry and vehicular production overdriven.
Military strategies drafted that await execution.
Prayers flood the heavens, farewell letters penned vigorously.
None prepared for what’s to come, sweet talk is all they have.
Come dawn, they depart for the frontlines.

Unto the battlefield where the enemy lies.
One step forward and all hell breaks loose.
Gunshots pierce, artillery’s shrapnel far-reaching.
Mangled corpses sprawled for families to mourn.
Commands roared but not followed for fear fuels the men.
Chaos ensues ruthlessly with no end in sight.
Death and blood saturates the gruesome battlefield.
Oh dear God, do you hear the cries of sorrow?
Oh dear God, do you see your land blood-brimmed?
Who will you aid when good and evil are indiscernible?

Countries conquered, engulfed by terror and atrocities.
Air raids never ending, bomb shelters becoming the second home.
Civilians contemned, slaughtered like pigs, experimented on like rats.
Prisoners of War starving to the bones as they labor restlessly.
Anguish ever present but naught can be done to rid it.
Oh dear God, do you witness the atrocious brutality?
Oh dear God, will you show them mercy and end their misery?

Homeward, anxiety ravages mercilessly like a plague.
Will my beloved return for college?
Will my darling return to love?
Will my dearest return to tuck me in?
Answers undetermined for life preaches uncertainty.
Politicians stand unscathed whilst comrades lay crippled.
In the perpetual bid for peace, the world drowns in blood.

Copyright © Shawn Tan | Year Posted 2016

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All Along the Watchtower Re-Visited for 9-11

"There must be some kinda way to find out here"
Said the seeker to the stealer
"There's too much confusion
I'm struggling to be the reveal"

"Conglomerate men, they drink my wine
Politicians dig my earth
None will level on the line
Because none of them are worth it" hey

"There is reason to get excited"
The seeker, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel our governments a joke"

"Now you and I, we've lived through this
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late", hey


All along the watchtower
Liars kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance
The C.I.A. did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

All along the watchtower on that tragic September day
We need some investigation, for someones has to pay
Now you and I, we've lived through this, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, before this generations to late

We will always remember, and remember who we lost that day
We need some investigation, for someone has to pay
All along the watchtower, a nation in mournful cries
We are not so blind, it's amazing what you can see when you close your eyes

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

James, we lost you in Kensington, England. The Star Spangled Banner will
live long in your past. I can't say the same for some of your American so
called country people. Thank you for allowing me to gracefully use . . . .
'All Along the Watchtower' it's blatantly obvious someone was not.

To all the lost in the 9/11 tragedy, my thoughts will always be with you.

 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, with some lyrics changed 

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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Bicycle Beds

Written February 26, 2013

Its all this new slang
Got them banging their heads
Against their bicycle beds
And the foolhardy pledge 
To ride tricycles instead

We are the kings and queens
Of the wonderful yard
Of the street corner dancers
And panhandling bards

A generation will rise
So duck and cover your eyes
We're building up through the night
No need to put up a fight

Godspeed to those approaching death
They won't get to see
What we've got coming next
You'll faint from holding your breath

This cold case is closed
No need to stay in repose
To dwell on precious regrets
That are laced with vellocet

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

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Ode from an OG

                          ODE FROM AN OG
                                                   by BambiLynn

Quit using violence to talk, no one respects out of fear
All money ain't good money, when you risk what's dear
It's a game, don't sell your soul
Stay true to you, fake takes a toll
Self esteem can't be found in a bar or a car
Caretake what's inside, who you really are
Family first and your ROOF too
What holds us back or shoots us down shouldn't be me and you
Just a little OG needs to come back to all game
This killing and hating is nonsense insane
Don't kill haters and violators, shame and starve them out
Just that one OG way can bring turnabout
Protect and respect home, family, yourself without doubt 
Play is money game, hustle to better life is what it's about

Copyright © Bambi Graf-Burnham | Year Posted 2014

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Oh this brutality, this cruelty,
the murder of innocence, the loss of sanity
No love no kindness, just murderous ferocity
Is this the future we are looking forward to?

the brutal rapes and viled smiles
ruthless killings of women and child
ghastly acts of black hearted people
Is this the future we are looking forward to?

where is the religion or what shall we believe
nothing can change what we need to grieve
maybe now even God has given up
Is this the future we are looking forward to?

Copyright © Pranjali Takle | Year Posted 2014

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Les Atrocities Paris Vendredi le Treizeime - The Paris Attrocities on Friday the Thirteenth

Je déteste les attaques ISIS vendredi, 
Ils etaient ignoble, dégoûtant et le mal, 
Au nom de Dieu pour la religion, 
Avec les mentalities és dans l'oubli 

nous devons justifier structures démocratiques, 
En défense, en tuant tous les terroristes
Et la question de l'acceptation de Dieu, 
Avec les valeurs humanistes personnes. 

Il ya de tout dans la liberté, 
De pensée, de parole et d'expression, 
Et si vous ne pouvez pas accepter cela
Vous devez apprendre la leçon.

English translation:

I hate the ISIS Paris attacks on Friday 
They were vile, disgusting and evil,
In the name of god for religion 
With mindsets in oblivion 

We must justify democratic structures 
In defence, by killing all terrorists,
And question the acceptance of god,
With humanistic people values.

There is everything in freedom 
Of thought, word and expression,
And if you can't accept that,
You need to learn the lesson.

About the ISIS attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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In memory of 9-11

Do you have that memory of where you were,
When certain events in your life did occur.
Where were you when Elvis died or when,
Armstrong stepped on the moon just before Aldrin.
When 9/11 occurred I was delivering in my van,
I didn't connect when I first heard the man say
That reports were coming in about that fateful day,
I asked my customer to tune into CNN just to see,
If what I had heard could tragically, possibly be.
That a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre,
We all watched in awe him , his wife and me,
Even seeing it wondering if this could possibly be.
As  went back to my van to collect another case,
My radio shouted out "Another has hit the same place"!
Back to the house I ran, the woman was crying, so was the man.
We all watched in horror as scenes to horrible to contemplate
Then before our eyes, an unbelievable sight unfolded,
Tower One, like a house of cards crumbled to the ground.
People cried and screamed on the TV as we heard and saw,
Tower Two follow into that dust filled Maw.
It was up to then and also since been a memory of dismay,
That from my mind I have never been able to put away.
Many are the terrorism and conspiracy theories that abound,
Still will not bring back the 2996 now under the ground.
God Bless all those who somehow survived this scene of hell,
God Bless all the emergency teams who worked hard as well.
That this actually happened is still hard to contemplate.
Fifteen years on and I pray for a release from the hate,
So America, rebuild and remember what has made you so great.
In a world of turmoil and unrest, may you stand tall,
To you I say God Bless You ALL.

©  Dave Timperley 11 September 2016 

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2016

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Tribute to 9-11-01

Two shadows where thousands of ghosts,
Saw their last moments so high up in the air.

Everything stopped, no one could move,
They couldn't speak, they wouldn't dare.

Few ran in as others ran out,
Many died in graves of rebar and concrete.

Too many were never found,
Too many never walked down that street.

Some say the world stopped turning,
For some, it seemed it had.

Too many felt the pain, too many cried,
More and more dead, the world was sad.

This is for all those who died on September 11, 2001 and their family members. You're in our hearts and prayers. Many people have forgotten and moved on but those who lost family and friends that day, it will never end for them. 

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

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Drawing a Line

For Hayley Nutland, a homeless girl who apprehended a man who mugged an elderly lady in my home town

The word on the street is that Hayley done good
A considerable feat for the girl from the wood
She caught him, she taught him, that crime doesn’t pay
She sought him, she fought him, he got put away
There are good folk and bad folk, it’s not always clear
Some folk have a toke, and drink buckets of beer
But at mugging and stabbing, this girl draws a line
She witnessed the grabbing, gave chase, and done fine
So think twice when you say that someone is a zero
Today, doff your hat, because Hayley’s a hero

by Gail

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

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Paris, 13 November

Oh, I remember, I remember
The golding leaves of past September
Blaze orange, yellow, yellow-red

Until, wind-felled, their final embers
I remember to this day
This wool-gray November day

Paris in September

Copyright © Kevin Taylor | Year Posted 2016

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Bells now toll in sympathy Innocent victims died and many people were wounded on the streets of London and Manchester. Please can you remember them all in your prayers *prayers counted as 1 syllable not 2 as per how many syllables New Form The Bell Contest Sponsored by John Anderson 06-04-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Monster To Mommy Letter a Mother's Day Tribute

Dear Mommy,

Why am I so short and pudgy ugly
But never mind my crying mommy 
Thank you for giving me the curse of birth
And the worst hairdo and breath on Earth
For buying me kitty cats to torture
For procuring security guards to murder
For fire crackers to stuff up their you know where
To light them up when it crosses my scary brain
Thank you for cheeses to make me fat
For donuts to be stolen by my staff and soldiers
That I have to execute the very next day
For thinking they could get away or take my property 
Forgetting I am the supreme leader of the human race
Thank you mommy for making me god of North Korea
Now I can kill cats and people quicker with nuclear devices
Murder more security personnel and donuts thieves as well
Not just party members but family too
Happy Mother's Day mommy 
I'm not through with the USA or you
How I wish you were a man
So we could be lovers as son and mommy man
My only mommy love
Where is my hamster

With Love on Mother's Day,
There is no other, 

Kim Jong Un
Your god, your sonny boy, your lover too

Entered on 5/9/2017 - sponsored by: Brian Strand

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2017

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A little more love

I'm not even sure how I should start this
This is a lot different than writing about my own hardships
I'm not writing about relationship breakups or being in love with a girl
I'm writing about the pain and tragedies we're seeing in the world
I know some will laugh and tell me I'm nothing to do with politics
If you get offended, that's your issue, I've never been an apologist 
You can disregard it, but I choose to acknowledge it
No parent should have to see their child die first
Why do so many people Need to die first?
Why do so many attacks need to happen for security to be on high alert?
For a month or so, then they'll be normal again until the next attack
Security should be on high alert all the time, how hard is this to grasp?
This will mean nothing, the government won't listen to my words
We want world peace, but honestly pigs will fly first
I want to be positive, but it's difficult to see love ahead
When everyday I turn on the news and see blood shed
Terror attacks, bombs popping more than Champagne bottles
Politicians lie to us, more campaigns bottled
I'n writing this and trying to be Respectable
But I'm sick of people trying to make these tragic events Measurable
None are worse than another, they're all Equally tragic
People disappearing so often but sadly it's not a trick to do with magic
From Paris, To Germany, Turkey, Orlando, Manchester, Palestine to Syria
They're all tragic events, but the news will make you think some countries and events are superior
To the media it's just a job, so they don't have any sympathy for an event or the family
They'll ask you questions 5 minutes after the event, and question your sanity
This was a hard write
Rest in peace to everyone who lost their lives
I hope those who need it, can use my words as hugs
This world needs less hate and a little more love
I apologize for any country or event that I missed
But I have a lot more to say, I'll have to write a part 2 to this

Copyright © Alex Duffy | Year Posted 2017