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Sonnet: Nothing feeds on itself like violence

Sonnet: Nothing feeds on itself like violence

Nothing feeds on itself like violence
The more it self-destructs the more its might
Goya geek – padi eaten by its own fence*
The dog that swallows its own tail in fright

Yet nothing changes fast as when throttled
Takes the weight of one’s whole life to wake up
Many the night Dopplegänger dreams rattled
Will the hand that wields the chopper back up

To see the other severed from body
Since violence begins in thoughts at will
Who can hold it back once in thoughts born free
The root cause of violence springs despite will

Envy and hatred begin in the eyes
And stick in the head right until one dies

•	Pagar makan padi: Malay for : The fence eats the padi/rice; meaning, treachery (where trust is betrayed).

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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      A Sonnet For Bloody But Unbowed Heads

The hands of my children’s raised arms
Have become like released skeets;
Their ebony hued bodies, a circled bull’s eye.
Their blood flows down the guttered streets---
Clotting here and there like a red stained dye;
As justice stands by balancing her scheming charms.

Liberty and equality have become moaning echoes here;
Even death has been denied its amazing democracy.
Respecting God given rights is no longer held dear;
The whore-mongers of injustice revel in their mockery; 
Yet with the spirit of our ancestors, we must persevere---
Plodding onward with audacious faith in a greater hierarchy.

To the Courts of injustice, let’s not cower and bow;
Our Lord did not bring us this far to leave us now.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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An omnipotent'd been ideated by militant clan,
Aeons tell how it put them through a social pace.
To set up abode or to relate races with astute plan,
God had its genesis;women-men needed it to seek solace.

As fact a woman conceives, is manifest
Man couldn't conceive of anything but God for law and lex.
Dyed-in-the-wool,they kept bending head for mending mind lest
They vex orders of war, worship and women for sex.

But missile killed gravid woman with faded hue,
Her baby survived in placenta of its mom of Gaza:
A whole race, policies, religion; yet nothing to rue,
As if all were busy computing to bring future bonanza.

No more sacred are our Temple and Church or Mosque and tomb.
Truth says:fetus Jesus'd been bestowed on Mary's womb!

Copyright © PRITHWISH MUKHERJEE | Year Posted 2014