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Details | I do not know? |

All Lives Matter

Fear is what they clothe them in.
Fear of losing their life because of one mistake.
Fear of losing their life because an officer is having 
a bad day.

Some say it's not racism;
"It's police brutality."
Whatever you call it, I can't 
help but ask "where is humanity?"

Mothers weeping because they're losing their sons.
Teaching them to fight back with silence
but that is no weapon compared to a gun.

Six feet under, leaving families to fight for justice
over their lives.
Societies getting tired of it all-
starting riots and constructing strikes.

How many more time will history repeat itself?
Or are we still writing [his]tory , using coverups
as help?

All lives matter despite of their race.
All lives matter despite their mistakes.

In times such as these justice will demand to be served.
No matter how chaotic, crazy, or obscured.

Life is a gift, one that we should all treasure.
Because all lives matter and we need to protect them;
no matter the measure.

Copyright © Amber Binford | Year Posted 2014

Details | Sonnet |

The Passion Of The Oil

I wrote this poem back in 2004, as the U.S. could not find any weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.

The Oil The Call
The Oil The Thirst
Blood Runs First
Oil For Goal

The Oil The Gush
The Oil The Light
Blood Runs Bright
Oil For Us

The Oily Church Claims
In Juice we Trust
And Oil Is Our New Mantra

Bring Grief To Them
Iraq we'll Crush
And Oil Bless America

Rating to be advised
Coming soon at a gas station near you

Copyright © Alain Boucher | Year Posted 2017

Details | Political Verse |

Nuclear Bombs For Sale

Brand new thermonuclear detonation devices for sale.
Fresh off the factory assembly line! 
A revolutionary feat of engineering that can carry up to 
10 warheads, each with a 5-megaton yield, in a compact,
portable design. 
Optional deluxe customization package available that 
increases the maximum payload to 20 warheads, each
delivering a 15-megaton yield.

If you have been waiting for a recreational detonation 
device that combines maximum yield with unparalleled
maneuverability, your wait is over!

Buy before December 31, 2017, and get an extra 
half dozen 5-megaton warheads, FREE!

A range of financing plans are also available to help you
realize your dream of owning a weapon of mass destruction! 

For prices, please go to www.recreationalbombs.com

Act now, while stocks last!

1) Buyer eligibility is subject to a routine background check.
2) Mental health issues do not disqualify a person from
    owning, transporting, operating or launching a nuclear
    or thermonuclear detonation device.
3) If you have concerns about the legality of these devices,
    please be assured that your right to bear arms is
    guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the 
    United States Constitution. 
4) And remember: 

- In memory of the La Vegas shooting victims –

Copyright © Bernard Chan | Year Posted 2017

Details | Didactic |

The Purpose

We kneel with a purpose
Our children won’t see
If this nation refuses

We can’t continue to run
Without a name.
To hide our race in shame
Tell us whose to blame?

Blue, Black, and Brown
Lives matter too…
If only this stood true
We’d kneel together 
With the red, white and

The Purpose

Copyright © Sona Wilae | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

A Poisonous Union

Add colour to a bunch of expensive waste, Its still rubbish to rescue a prey from its determined predator create an exit in one cubicle is a hungry snake and a well nurtured fish to suggest fairness in this scene, we stubbornly close it one is feasted upon for another to have a nice dish yet for political correctness we look away to the opposite.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2017

Details | Epitaph |

John F Kennedy

John F. Kennedy 1917-1963 The great 35th president of US It wasn't really a success He tried to stop the missile bases There were lot of angry faces When there was about to be a war Peace was what he asked for Texas was the place he was shot Later, the criminal was caught He didn't survive the pain His people cried like the rain

Copyright © Heeju Kim | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Cold World

If you thought the war was cold before,
take the temperature of Putin
Worry about a country that is your own,
do not invade what is Ukraine
No blame is dealt on citizens of either
but on poor leadership within

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |


Was it said before? Sure.
Was it said this way? I doubt it.
Perspective is in no way obscure,
And his works are nothing without it.

His motivation’s observed in daily life,
Misery, not just some vague inspiration.
He begs for reason, some way to lessen strife;
His words reflect a resounding desperation.

There seems a need at times to clarify, 
But that’s allowed in his terms only;
So many thoughts seem somewhat ‘rarefied’,
Fed his fire, but made him lonely.

No ‘underachiever’, not just another fool,
But still seeking solace by the glass;
Tempering his stagger and his drool 
With just a bit of ‘kiss my ass.’ 

But, usually, genius ‘sots’ come to ground,
Lucid moments - on the square;
Their driving ‘bolts’ of genius, word or sound,
Only written because they dare.

Yes, you can feel the written “heart”,
But few of us can realize that sort of pain;
No isolated misery… of many lives a part,
Each begs an answer... “Who’ll stop the rain?”

Yes, he’s lived it, seen it, and told it well;
But Timing is the Master of one’s Fate.
Is the timing right?  Funny…only time will tell…
Will you will be a whining sot or dare to be great?

One success can be lucky, we’ve seen that before.
One book, one song, then quietly fade away.
But six novels later, we should know the score;
He must have had something to say.

So, at the perfect time, someone heard.
Someone who was “someone” took someone under wing.
And to those with interest and empathy, they sold his words;
Saying they “are genius” and with “ugly truth” they ring.

But did he create any redeeming changes or impacts?
Yes, what singular influence did all his artful whining bring?
None... just a relentless, repetitive diatribe of sad facts.
Oh, yes…..and a little “ching ching”.

Entered in the "Idiot or Genius" contest 27 March 2014

not so genius


Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Morning Mourning

Tears rolling, owls hooting
A morning Mourning
The flow not soothing
It has happened once more
Many lives no more
Impunity and disrespect at its best
May the departed in peace rest.

A dark light has shone
To prove we are not strong
A new face has to be born
sleeping dogs be sent home with blankets
Let the real humans rise to fight.
This Impunity and disrespect at its best
And May the departed in peace rest.

Attack is their motto
should show them our moto (fire)
A tooth removed should be replaced
No negotiation for a life displaced
All we need is unity with no more tolerance
To fight this Impunity and disrespect at its best
And May the departed in peace rest.

why stay with bedbugs
Knowing well they drain blood?
why allow life long nightmares
Ruin your healthy slumbers
Why allow terror stay alive?
This is impunity and disrespect at its best
May the departed in peace rest.

Pledge to remain a patriot
Pledge to fight on the fore front
Pledge to stay loyal to sing a change choral
Pledge to end this impunity and disrespect at its best
May the departed in peace rest.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Terrorism Uses Violence

Terrorism Uses Violence
By Franklin Price

Terrorism, uses violence to politically achieve a goal
The terrorist does the dirty work, as required, it's his role.
A bomb, a gun, a knife or two, a commercial high-jacked plane
Anything to scare the public, causing death and hurt and pain

The acts that we have witnessed, for fifteen years and more,
I don't believe are terrorism; let's examine what they're for.
Perpetrators have no politics; at least none I can see.
Some say, it is religion; doesn't much sense to me 

It's about the haves and have nots. The haves, have riches to entice
The have nots, who have no future, into terror that's not nice.
If the enticed had any politics, would they take a one-way ride?
Terrorism, as it's known today, mostly ends in suicide

The poor and the impressionable, are the ones who join the cause
To disrupt those who have a future; they do not stop or pause..
Strike fear into the lives of those who have a stable life.
Cause them to wonder, if they're next; replace stability with strife

Can't see how that's political; except make civil go away,
May inject their chaos anywhere; to hold the world at bay.
Looks like they're succeeding. They're disrupting every day
Can't let their acts continue; can't let them have their evil way

If violence is all they know; the only thing they use
Here's what I say that we should do; a plan they can't refuse
Don't make excuses for them. Don't give them any slack.
Make all efforts, now, to stop them. Don't talk useless, idle smack.

Send the special forces, the snipers and the drones
Kill those who plan to harm us until there's nothing left but bones
What does not exist, can't hurt us, can't recruit misguided men,
Can't kill others indiscriminately, can't be terrorists (?) again.

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

Details | Limerick |


A Famous Einstein Quote:
Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
In the Middle East they fight as control freaks. Islamic State walking with their machetes. In Iraq, al-Baghdadi is yellow teethed. He is like an East African [g]o[d] in hideous heat. The people survey said he takes leaks. _________________________________________________| Penned April 26, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

STORM COMING African tribal violence

Storm coming, madam
Me-- I’m going up country-- 
Lay low and stay sweet*

*stay sweet--stay alive

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Nairobi, Kenya
November 26, 2012

Note: Political unrest near Nairobi, Kenya due to election strategies. Polish nun told me that she was warned by a local moonshine runner to hide. Too late. She was pistol whipped by local police who wanted more protection money. Didn’t get the money (it was a free clinic, so nurses had no money) Police beat the nurse/nuns and absconded with the very rare and precious AIDS meds to sell to the hospitals.Free AIDS clinic was forced to close.(Kenyan government does not have free health care for the poor)   Nuns are recovering then being transferred to other clinics. Three went back to Europe forced into early medical retirement due to permanent injuries sustained by police and/looters. The care program(education and/or placement) for the children whose parents were AIDS patients is gone. Children have taken to the streets in desperation.  Count your blessings.

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

Details | Prose Poetry |

Morning Coffee

This pleasant morning I began
my retiring day as usual
with more reflective readings,
today from “Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia”
Rob Brezsny.

“In January 2003, 
a Muslim gas station attendant saved a New York synagogue from arson
with his phone call to 911.
Pakistan immigrant Syed Ali watched as a man bought gasoline,
marched across the street,
and began dousing the front of the temple.
Police responded to Ali’s call in time to stop the crime.
Ali declined the mantle of hero saying
‘It was a sacred place he was going to destroy.’”
Geraldine Weis-Corbley, goodnewsnetwork.org

Geraldine is right
this is not news.
This is who we already are.

Nearly anyone in Ali’s shoes would have done the same.
Probably even Donald Trump would have called 911,
although would this be because it is a sacred place?

“As either violence [mutually-immune antipathy] or pleasure [blissful co-empathic trust] goes up, the other goes down.”   
James W. Prescott

Violent absence of care comes from within
in response to hated feelings
of ego-diminishing displeasure, or even chronic apathy, without.

Pleasure comes in from co-empathic trust without
in response to multiculturing truths healthily syncing with beauty
empathically entrusting confluence within
from generation through generation
toward Time’s further evolution.

We all want to desensitize violent fears and aggressive angers from within.
We all want to resensitize to mutually-held and offered pleasures without,
even the awkward pleasures of calling 911
to watch the police lock up a real live Hater
and throw away the villain’s key.

We all want peace offerings of polycultural
multiculturally synergetic and magnificently transcendent beauty,
Earth-rooted moral-natural equivalence,
     mutually reassured trust,
massaged and absorbed and ringing-singing
through as many of our sensory receptors as possible,
extending our relatively monocultural-egocentric boundaries of co-empathic trust 
for and with and of mutually nutritional caregiving,
as did Ali
in the story of the Hater v God’s Sacred People,
each yet another bicameral balancing sensory-empathic network story,
TaoMind as Humane Bodhisattva,
struggling with violence within
resisting co-empathic trust of Earth’s PolyCulturalingARingDinging 
SacredGrace Offerings without.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Lets be Civil

im awkwardly facing an officer, dont know what to expect
will we both jump the gun and start a civil unrest
will the tone of my skin be a story for press?
who’s the first to throw a stone with no sins to confess?
preachers and deacons finally come out to speak
but only when im dead and covered up in a sheet
where’s all the loving and the comfort for the mothers who weep
it happens on the daily children die on the street
it’s true this country does have crooked police
im not denying there arnt cops looking for people to beat
im not siding with those who hate the govern elite
i do firmly agree
that blacks are being a target to a certain degree
but being a people of freedom 
only gets infront of the goals that they’re trying to achieve
it’s alot much bigger than you probably think
what happened to john j kennedy and M L king?

Luke 23:32-43

Copyright © Marcel Jones | Year Posted 2017

Details | Prose Poetry |



We hear that patience is a virtue 
Is this true, or simply virtual reality 
When leaders are teaching our youth; 
do as I say, not as I do 
Regression to a version of the American 

Impatience is becoming intolerance 
But to be patient is viewed as ignorance 
In a blind world conforming to violence 
Very few see need for benevolence

Many view crime as way of life 
Government fuels fires, causing strife 
Committing true crime with their lack of 
Our country torn by those who lied

Promoting bigotry and distaste for the 
 But these days color and homosexuality 
are lactose free 
Intolerant of equality, it’s a problem, 
Love is love, embrace the hate 
Hold it tightly until it sees the light

Peace pushed just beyond our reach 
We realize that “hope and change” was 
just a speech 
Wars raging through the land we call 
In God we trust, not this powerful regime

Speak out now with virtuous impatience 
Change is change no matter how small 
the feat
Restore hope with unfaltering acceptance 
and grace 
Serve what you stand for, no time left to 

Copyright © Gabrielle Charisse | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Lost in a Jungle of Handshakes

Well prepared 

All ready for unknown battles 
Worships evolve in stolen identities

Cats and Dawgs on a hunt 
Inhaling confidence from a blunt 
Illicit props on hips hanging 
They could just drop
Revising your life’s ending
Death never blinks
One risk, 
One bullet
Act cool on cheap bullets
Pubic smells on gun muzzles 
Overtaking hustles on speed trapped dreams
Eyes growing muscles
Cats and Dawgs on a chase
Blazing the confidence blaze  

One kill, all time animal king
Respect floods in applauds 
Until death do us favours 
We all applaud. 

A way too free 
Too easy 
to ease the essence of life on freeways 
We take lives
For days and days
We take five taking lives before the rive  
We wave
To shake handshakes kept safe 
Shaking the world with handshakes 
The beast shake 

Lost in a jungle we all claim 
Keep on growing the shake
Wipe history stains
The shake isn't flair 
It’s more than blames. 
Lost in a jungle 
Our tears sing wedding songs.
“It’s a wedding day” 
“It’s a wedding day”

Do you take these sins? 
To have and to build more sins
Unlawful branded sins
More jobs for our criminal beings
From the past forward the future 
As a black man and be confused in your own jungle 
For decades and decades 
Until you see the weakness 
In your skin
Illegal labelled sins
The weakness in your skin 
And make sure you fight against each other
With no complaints 
Turning threats into compliments?
Ooo Yes I Do I Do.

Do you......?

Ooo Yes I Do all of them i Do.

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |


SILENCE CONDONES DU & DRONES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ McEmpire's Dollar menu Serves up fast kills - Who pays the bills? Spent uran'yum? - Small watts; big ill. To store, or $ell? Makes heavy shell. Blasts through walls well. Recycled hell. Deployed now, $well! The order's passed: Deep fried dark ass. The searing flash, Such menu class: Crispy critters! Some sauce? Must ask. Breathe toxic gas. Eat here? To go? Death swift, then slow. Too late to know the drift; winds blow a deadly flow, through lungs, where go the silent blows to genes, thus sown such seeds of woe. Fallujahns know. War profits grow, Health defects show. Yet who will know how was bestowed this plague of glow? With press in tow; Truth's shaft - sans bow. Sick Vets soon go Six feet below - More graves to mow. Their health care dough Drops to ZERO! Life's value: Low. We watch the show; Lost in the flow - To war we go, So few say: NO! Safe status quo Lets madness grow. This shadow foe Strikes deep its blow. We've sunk so low. We make no row. No threat we pose To leaders, those Who send the drones that bomb the homes In target zones. Crushed fam'lies moan. While killer clones Just count scorched bones. Silence Condones!

Copyright © Richard Ledford | Year Posted 2016

Details | Villanelle |

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 33

Yesterday colonial century ago
China Brazil India fed not masses
Today whose rate of growth cannot stop but grow

Rich and mighty nations always wanted more
Invested in ammunition to cut losses
Yesterday colonial century ago

Yesterday poor nations gasped for breath to sow
Who doled out guns made from lethal gases
Today whose rate of growth cannot stop but grow

Yesterday nomads roamed deserts without dough
Till from under their soles spurt oil and gases
Yesterday colonial century ago

Tomorrow rich nations will trillions borrow
Mass unrest will choke more than greenhouse gases
Today whose rate of growth cannot stop but grow

Day after tomorrow will expose vain Ego
Will national leaders all betray masses
Yesterday colonial century ago
Today whose rate of growth cannot stop but grow

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

Every day I wake

Every day I Wake

By: YERDFOG. LBS (Pen name)

Every day I wake, I see
Every day I wake, I Smell
Every day I wake, I Hear
Every day I wake, I Fear

I Wake to see my father's child gutted to the ground cause' He is not of my land

I Wake to smell the rotten words of my leaders, because Greed is now their bread and butter.

I Wake to hear roaring chants, it is of cause my people calling out peace.

I Wake to Fear my own land, because I'm not of light complexion to walk freely amongst my own people.

That is, every day I wake...

Copyright © Godfrey Lebese | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |


The class clown 
Made society Frown
Should put his *** down

I know barely anything on politics
Probably nothing

And this fake satire
Isn't the proper attire
For whats up
Don't take a sip from my cup

And open your mind really
stop being silly

I make kids laugh
As If I'm a sexy giraffe
I'm really the plague 
Hitting the young youth

Just grow up
and Drink your own cup

Copyright © Jomarc Bernardo | Year Posted 2014

Details | Villanelle |

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 13

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 13

The State’s then some kind of delirious Monster
Heartless It changes its head from time to time
Ultimate machine waging wars forever

Emits bizarre noises most smooth or clever
Through mouth-pieces that spin words sans sense nor rhyme
The State’s then some kind of delirious Monster

Drops never to sleep for fear of the neighbour
Has its eyes and ears peeled open all the time
Ultimate machine waging wars forever

Devoirs people kept under threat of hunger
Deprives them of human rights and over-time
The State’s then some kind of delirious Monster

Drives the sick into secret service gutter
Who then justify wars and villainous crime
Ultimate machine waging wars forever

Loves to strut on World Stage bonhomie player
While backstage lights the fuse Guy Fawkes failed to prime
The State’s then some kind of delirious Monster
Ultimate machine waging wars forever

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Politics: The Grimm Reaper

"Political power grows out of the barrel
of a gun" - Mao Zedong.

North Korea has nuclear;
current regime's fear
of falling out is clear.

China, Philippines, Japan,
and Taiwan all claim possession
of South China sea -
China claims it owns the sea
because it has the name China
on it.

Syrian warfare is like venom
of different animals mixed
together in a dark blender;
you can't tell who's ISIS, al-qaeda,
Hizbollah, Iranian agents,
Syrian rebels or Regime Forces.

A North Korean sub is missing in the sea;
no one knows what's next....

Russia and United States have differences
on how Syrian War should be handled.

Myriads of Syrian refugees cry at the gates
of Europe;
like Mary and Joseph in the Inn,
there's a few people letting them in.

Dalai Lama still cries for freedom
for the Tibetans.

Corruption still eats away economies
in African counties and national cakes.

Donald Trump wants an America
with no immigrants-
I think he's saying goodbye
to globalisation.

Boko Haram want to create a Caliphate
empire across West Africa.

Politics, the Grimm Reaper,
is here and listening!

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

Details | Lyric |

All Along the Watchtower Re-Visited for 9-11

"There must be some kinda way to find out here"
Said the seeker to the stealer
"There's too much confusion
I'm struggling to be the reveal"

"Conglomerate men, they drink my wine
Politicians dig my earth
None will level on the line
Because none of them are worth it" hey

"There is reason to get excited"
The seeker, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel our governments a joke"

"Now you and I, we've lived through this
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late", hey


All along the watchtower
Liars kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance
The C.I.A. did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

All along the watchtower on that tragic September day
We need some investigation, for someones has to pay
Now you and I, we've lived through this, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, before this generations to late

We will always remember, and remember who we lost that day
We need some investigation, for someone has to pay
All along the watchtower, a nation in mournful cries
We are not so blind, it's amazing what you can see when you close your eyes

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

James, we lost you in Kensington, England. The Star Spangled Banner will
live long in your past. I can't say the same for some of your American so
called country people. Thank you for allowing me to gracefully use . . . .
'All Along the Watchtower' it's blatantly obvious someone was not.

To all the lost in the 9/11 tragedy, my thoughts will always be with you.

 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, with some lyrics changed 

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

Details | Verse |


terrorist attacks will over-spill more borders time to go away from European cities to a place where there's no fear

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2016

Details | Villanelle |

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 29

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 29

At last O Children of the Mother Contrées*
Roll out the red carpets for High Potentates
The hour of glory at Champs–Elysées

Cry not from Eiffel Tower 2C degrés
Temperature rises end of century, Mates
At last O Children of the Mother Contrées

Streak frowning skies in red white and blue display
Let pent-up champagne pop through foie-gras plates
The hour of glory at Champs-Elysées

Limousines line up for haute couture soirées
Blue-ribonned chefs dress-up spruced-up back-door dates
At last O Children of the Mother Contrées

Tri-colour ice cream on rhino-horn purées
See not hear not how iceberg disintegrates
The hour of glory at Champs-Elysées

Chefs d’Etat promise profit for protégés
While oceans swamp islands rivers city-states
At last O Children of the Mother Contrées
The hour of glory at Champs-Elysées

•	The final “s” in French is silent 

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |



So many things that I'm unsure about
I've lived a life uncut
Could not erupt
Till I was cured of doubt
A sentry watching a century pass
I've learned a lot 
It's been a long way 
from the halls of elementary class
I've been a loner
And I've been a stoner
I've studied Plato's Republic 
Read both epics from Homer & loved it
I've never been shot
Hopefully I never am
My only goal's to improve
You can't find yourself 
a better man
When it's all said & done
I'ma give you 100 percent
Raising the bar
Cuz like you I'm just a regular person
I keep it real
You can judge me
Or call it rude
But life wears down to dust
100 years of solitude
Will change your outlook
Make you question yourself
Go out
Look for the truth
Don't rest till you've exhausted the proof
That's the path for me
Whether you think I'm right or wrong
Or consider my poetry blasphemy

Would you deny my existence
Like the loch ness?
Would you damn me for my past
Cuz my record isn't spotless?
Had my fair share of grief
That prepared me for despair
More pain
Followed by shock & disbelief 
Children being blown to bits
Watched a nation 
choose guns over kids
Almost no hesitation
Point was made
The matter put to rest & laid
Sent teachers back to school 
to explain it to the 1st grade?

Racial issues in America are getting the best of us
You want a free country
But not for the rest of us
That kind of frame of mind
I gotta say's average
Our own government barely recognizes gay marriage 
So how do I teach kids 
Not to be prejudice?
When all they gotta do's log onto Facebook
The evidence 
is written on the wall of your friend's page
They say its their opinion
That's good enough to defend hate?
Try paying attention to the tension
I'm done praying
Men shun & it goes unmentioned 
I'm just saying
Leaders with all of your veteran swag
How about you try restoring faith back in the American flag?

Until then
I'ma definitely do my part
To bring change
Speaking only what's in my heart
Don't make this a black vs white thing
Make it a wack vs right thing
Outsmart 'em
That's how I'll honor Trayvon Martin

Copyright © Lawrence Jimenez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Human Nature

When chaos brings civilization to its knees 
From world wide pandemic critical disease
Or when a tsunami consumes everything beyond the shores
Swallowing the landscape and changing life as we know
Earthquakes shake the very foundation of this world
Or an astroid penetrates the cradle of birth
Bring us back to the primitive unleashing the truth
From the umbilical chord we are more ferocious than rabid wolves
And we will kill fellow man just to survive
Or just for the desire of taking ones life
What is compassion but a dead corpse on the road
Adrenalized by fear no time for sorrows
No need to worry about a world war zombie apocalypse 
We're already flesh eating monsters wearing dead skin
Most people panic when they lose internet or their lights
Autonomy is just a word most people can no longer define
And your money isnt worth *****so forget trying to buy
Your way out of cleansing while you run out of time
So learn to die well and hold your loved ones real tight
As you pray that your death will let you ascend to new heights
Beans, bullets, and bandaids are all that I'll need 
To keep population zero from taking over me
**** being hopeful could we really be so naive
To think that in these days we could some how find peace
When our mother earth gets restless and releases all of her worst
The only thing more destructive is our human nature

Copyright © Jesse James Forster | Year Posted 2013

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Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 48

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 48

Prod not the elements fierce dragons can wake
Tsunamis El Ninos smog haze acid rains
Anger of the Heavens lightning thunder quake

Qian the Father Kun the Mother did hands shake
But Eldest Son Zhen can put mankind in chains
Prod not the elements fierce dragons can wake

Final signs there to see which we still forsake
Can World War scenarios depict real pains
Anger of the Heavens lightning thunder quake

Class race religion which can most money make
What takes over countries do it for its gains
Prod not the elements fierce dragons can wake

Mythic gods we concoct for our ego’s sake
Have not they all harmed us more than mindless brains
Anger of the Heavens lightning thunder quake

Nation States make fated World we must un-make
The single choice One Race One World or HELL reigns
Prod not the elements fierce dragons can wake
Anger of the Heavens lightning thunder quake

-	End of Part Two  

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 46

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 46

Will COP leaders be around in five years nine
Their great careers made Their statues unveiled
To what future Super Men our backs supine

Apparatchiks clubby diplomatic kind
Allegiance to rival parties well-coiled
Will COP leaders be around in five years nine

Spying on one another to undermine
Using public forces to keep peoples embroiled
To what future Super Men our backs supine

Stock-piling nuclear arsenals to churn brine
While oceans lash out the people will be boiled
Will COP leaders be around in five years nine

Mighty men who pat each other to outshine
One another in local Catch-rings all coiled
To what future Super Men our backs supine

To what then duped masses owe their fated grind
If not to nymphomaniac egos well-guiled
Will COP leaders be around in five years nine
To what future Super Men our backs supine

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent - 45

Villanelle: The Dilemma of the Non-Violent – 45

Sound the gongs Blow the trumpets Let pigeons soar
The most well-kept secret’s about to be sawn
At last Great Leaders can reveal the true Law

Who makes worlds go round and round like swinging door
Who turns on firmament lights like on home lawn
Sound the gongs Blow the trumpets Let pigeons soar

Who drew Andromeda into Milky Way’s maw
Who raised Wall of Galaxies as tennis lawn
At last Great Leaders can reveal the true Law

Who made glacial periods run like mad wild boar
Who swung meteorites like golf balls every dawn
Sound the gongs Blow the trumpets Let pigeons soar

Truth ricochets like Le Bourget planes roar
The secret’s hidden from us poor folks ill-born
At last Great Leaders can reveal the true Law

Thanks to COP21 we now know much more
NATURE is the plaything of those who use brawn
Sound the gongs Blow the trumpets Let pigeons soar
At last Great Leaders can reveal the true LAW

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015