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Tufty Tifty's, tough day on the farm

Leanne was a farm girl at heart
She loved playing with her special cow
She used to eat her mums freshly made tart
Leanne didn't like her brothers sow

Oliver used to make the oil 
Dan made the juice
Oliver used to oil up Leanne and the cows
Dan bit off her ear!

Leanne danced with the poodle
Leanne danced with the cock(erel) 
Leanne's legs where like noodles
Leanne's ear went like a rock

I miss 'Bao to my bab' but Trish won't allow it 
I'm scarred James will leave me
But Linda is by my side
I love Poetry soups!!!!!

----Dedicated to Linda <3 (Poetry Destroyer A), and JB, you know who you're ;-) ---

Copyright © Leanne TuftyTift | Year Posted 2016

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Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

So much emphasis is placed today on the role of the wife She is to be pure, pristine, just, hardworking She is to imbibe all who surround her with faith She needs to be able to know everything without ever asking She is to be the woman behind her husband The one who would make of him a gem To be a wife, is surely a complicated state Acted out badly, one can even be a contraband! But what of the duties of a man, Is he as important as the woman To be a husband requires one only to work and bring money To care not whether the home is, without him, in harmony Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not Husbands have rights, rights to use words of spite Rights to beat, rights to abuse Rights even to cheat, to hurt and bruise When the woman speaks out, or scolds such a man She becomes something seen by some as a legend Seen by others as un-womanly Whatever, she knows how to protect herself through her duty What of those men whose wives scold not Should they be brought back to the pot To be cooked and simmered To be brought to the right path Feminists, equal rights, equal opportunities Women's places no more being in the kitchen Husbands, change your mentalities We, women, we are frail and easily broken!

Copyright © Anoucheka Gangabissoon | Year Posted 2014

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The Domestic

An exit sign casts its red glow on steel doors that line the hallway,
Their numbers barely visible in its light, the only light.

From 302 comes the sound of conflict,
The loud voice of Anger and the muffled sobs of Despair.

A knock below the numbers mutes Anger and Despair,
Allowing the cries of Innocence to be heard.

Beyond the door, what remains of love watches from frames on a wall,
At its own inescapable demise.

And from a corner of the room, Innocence cries through guiltless eyes,
That are filled with fear and confusion.

Copyright © Jerry Troiano | Year Posted 2015

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I want to write

I want to write
This time of that cold night
when I heard my mother cry
When I saw her lie
Flat on her belly
Her back bare and scaly
Her eyes swollen
Her right stolen
By one she called husband.

I saw the tears
I saw her fears
she sobbed between the whips
she tightly bit her lips
And tightened her hips
to swallow the pain
just for her stay.

I want to write
this time of that night
that night without stars
when I saw the scars
On her back
the scars stuck
made a permanent mark
on her back.

I want to write
I want to write
This time of my mother
write her as a victim
tortured by male chauvinism.
write her as a strong woman
Who challenged the stress of a man
Mama who raised us
built us
Made us.

so rise mama and shine
All will be fine
Mama rise and shine
All will be fine
All will be fine.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2015

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Tyrant Tears and Fears

Married for eleven years
It began simply, with daily tears

It wasn’t always bad
Yet on most days I felt terribly sad

The good times were great
No indication of our eventual fate

Together we spawn two children
Early in life they knew the bail bondsman

He began to own me, to assert his control
Eerily I descend deeper into a hellhole

We were together, I was alone
So much fear, I keep my children near
What to do, where to go
Questions I pose but answers I don’t know

I’m so afraid
I realize, my trust I’ve mislaid

I have no skills, I don’t work
If I did, perhaps only a clerk
He uses this against me, wryly offering a smirk

I know I can change him
I love him
He tells me not to worry
He tells me he’s sorry

He is a tyrant
I shed tears
He plays upon my fears

He dominates
He controls
He possesses
He has stolen my voice
Until the day he gave me no choice

We stand, we argue
Then my tormented face is finally kissed by his clenched fist

Stunned, I stagger back
Looking up, searching the sky, asking why

Visible from heaven above
I now see a new sort of love

Loving myself will set me free
As if struck by a lightening bolt
His fist launches my revolt

I know I must go
Jess and Daniel, my helpless children
My love for you I will forever show

His assault is not my fault
A way of thinking I must halt

My children and I start anew, finding a new truth
Self-reliance is our fount of youth

Hands to my face, sobbing with no trace
I will survive and I can thrive

I have beaten the tyrant
Overcome my fears
Having shed far too many tears

Dependent on no one
I have prevailed
Tyrant, tears and fears

Copyright © Anson Decker | Year Posted 2017

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He created a monster
Once a lady
Now a monster
With every strike
She grew claws
With every blow
She grew scales
With every lash
She sharpened her teeth
He created a monster
He made a mistake
Several mistakes
Now he was afraid
Her silence was deadly
She stood before him
He saw her not
His wife was gone
The monster he had created frightened him
Every teardrop held a million plots
He knew this
She was no longer who she used to be
He had created a monster
The consequences burned like hot coal
He had created a monster
Till death do them part

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2015

Copyright © Sylvia Chika | Year Posted 2015