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The Undyings' Curse

Deep in the earth, a crypt of rock
slumber guarded by casket locked
Lips grope silence ‘ever more
 rasping thought, remembers whispered lore
Outstretched palms the roots do clench
tranquility stilled by festered stench
And eyes, sleep caked, are propped ajar
ignites no life, but collapsed star

Burned blades sigh, Winds’ dying gasp
bones brittle snap within her clasp
A lonesome howl the moon does draw
vigil broken, it twists its maw 
Upon an arena of endless stone
the granite gates they’ve passed alone
And entered a world of burning eyes
eluded the judge of smoldering cries

A faultless gait, no stumbled draw
a reaping brought  by scythe and claw
Opal edge which shrouds a cause
aberrant blade shapes nature’s laws
Dictate a script, the stars can share
an open secret, a language bare
Steps continue, feet are drawn
across gray grass, undying pawn

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

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From Darkness To Stardom

Every child is born into this world crying,
Little did this poor child know, tears would fall for the rest of her life.
Born into a world of abuse, heartache and pain,
With a drug addict, alcoholic abusive father and a heartless mother.
Every day was the same, left alone with only silence and darkness,
Dirty clothes, little to eat with every cry for help resulting in violence.
How could her eyes see any happiness when they had run dry?
How could she smile with cut lips and a bruised body?
At 7, her mother died from a lethal overdose of alcohol and drugs,
However, the abuse got worse as she became her father’s new toy.
Poor little girl, an object of carnal gratification and her innocence stolen,
By a man who was responsible for her protection and well being.
The effects of a dark and destructive childhood destroyed her confidence,
With low self esteem and no social skills, they mocked her in school.
Little did they know about the struggles in her life and the pain she was going through,
Bruised and abused, having to make her own lunch with no help from a pathetic father,
This was her daily routine- even hell would have been a more peaceful place for her.
But, little did the world know the girl had a hidden talent,
The voice of an angel and the mind of a creative poet.
At night when she sang, the stars glowed to her beautiful lullaby,
The ink of her pen was like blood rushing from her veins to create magical lyrics.
Music and poetry was her escape from a life of cruelty and rejection,
Her talent was hidden, so no one could help her reach her potential.
As the girl grew, her abuse never stopped, there seemed no end,
With constant memories of painful yesterdays and a childhood lost.

She used her incessant pains and struggles to enhance her music,
Writing hours upon hours of poetry and songs, self-teaching brilliance…
Deep inside she yearned for someone to understand her, to see her…
If not, but one, she would she be wholly satisfied

Many nights she would find herself crying uncontrollably, 
The darkness of the room enveloping her every being
She could see the past in her mind’s eye and be reminded of the sick present
She began to hate her father, and every brat at her school
She cursed death and life alike, and envied her mother’s eternal sleep
Everyone who spit their insult, everyone who remained silent and apathetic,
She hated them with a passion so self-destructive, it burned her raw scars...
Teaching herself to hold it in, so that on paper she could create masterpieces
And prove all of the monsters around her wrong…
In silence, she recalled the worst memories to shame further her reality.
A part of her knew that she was incredibly talented,
Though the darkness often blinded her with guilt
She felt that she did not deserve even a voice,
Her writings were but a sick reminder of demons she could never conquer
Shivering in the cold, her skin dirty and dry,
Ugly…ugly…was the only word she could live by

One night, she contemplated taking her life…
She vowed all of her suffering would meet a greater purpose,
Beyond the grave…beyond fear of hell beneath
She was dirt after all, like the kids always told her
How much worse could it be, facing the flames she was born in?
She threw the kitchen knife down and looked up at the stars above
Even Death would reject her, she knew…
In acceptance, she acknowledged her ugliness and became a stunning underdog
Rebellion sifted through her veins and her strength brought fear to her father
Bullies looked at her as if she was the devil himself
No one could tell her what to do anymore,
And nobody would ever understand her
Though that was okay…
Because that is all she ever knew

Ten years later, the rotten roller coaster continued
Though a fateful night of circumstance had led her right on the stage
Men were mesmerized by her fierceness and apathy
Not being able to grasp each significant line layered in truth
She showed none mercy as she slayed ruthless chords of wonder
Her voice rang angelically, mixed with the fires and tears of her life
Echoing beyond the grave of cold Death… beyond what was wrong or right
It was her silence that stunned the audience the most
Those eyes, having seen so much…felt so much…hid so much…
That cut mouth, with the eternal dry trickle of a bitter tear
The world was not prepared for her intolerable genius,
Just as she was not prepared for their astonished applaud…

-A collaboration by The Silent One and I : )

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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I wake up with another tear for I have again, relived the nightmare will it ever leave me with any way to see when will I again be able to see my family the past is forgiven so why is it still living my heart was so broken but soon after it was frozen let it lie and the past die for I have a life to live with but the past is still being relived how do I stop this past of torture so I can find my new future

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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An Open Gate Led To A Chapel

And the cemetery was
quite and intensely sullen;
a damp breeze blew
anticipating a cool rain...
an open gate led to a chapel.

Two marble angels stood
by the Gothic bronze door,
their looks were too somber;
and walking in I saw candles
burning beneath white skulls
stacked in piles like bricks. 

The smell of wax from 
the dripping candles
was of a different scent;
the brass cross gleamed
casting a shadow on 
the oval floor made
of yellow and green
tiles resembling a mosaic.

Looking around, I discovered
more skulls on wooden shelves,
these had imprinted names
and looked down on the incognito
ones in self-pity and sadness.

I wondered why of such
a massive grave of skulls
without skeletons; a weird
sensation penetrated my
body getting steady chills.

I glanced across the opposite
wall and spotted a memorial
plaque with the deplorable words
" The final rest of decapitated  
men who rose against
their king who washed 
his hands in their blood. "  

Horror and disgust pierced
my being, I reacted to
that appalling sign rushing
out of the darkening chapel;
and stepping outside of
that flickering chamber,  
the crispiness of the morning
air filled my lungs with relief. 

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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True Story: Echo of Insanity

Come the dark, come sleep:
music box tunes commence as commanded
by Father Time to prance tauntingly in years gone by 
and the daunting hours inevitably to come.
Melodies visit long buried memories of faded visions;
adoring their distorted collection 
in the horror house of a once brilliant mind.

“Hush now”, they say.
“You know there is no other way”.
The maniacal visage of unspoken abominations again 
burrows into a skull weary of nocturnal screeches:
A mother rips sight from her toddler as punishment for innocent trust.
A stranger’s mutilation for the torture of a bound, evolving evil.
Children’s demise by poisoned whip wielded by a shadow bearing Cheshire grin.
The screams of a woman, naked and lost, caught in thorns to tear flesh from bone…
17 000 nightmares born into an infant, now grown.

Come the dawn, come the wake:
… ”No! It’s daylight, they cannot be here!
Don’t take sanity, fragile and stressed!”
No answers, no mercy
as reality gets bombarded, 
and friends’ faces once a comfort
rearrange into monstrous mirages.
Cackle laughter I hear nearby
and realize it’s escaped my own throat.

I plead to the breeze that I may still be asleep…
Its only reply a familiar, mocking rhyme:
“Tik-tok, tik-tok.
Time’s up on your clock.
Can't you hear the drum? 
Don’t run, only succumb.”

Despairing what is to come
Despite warnings from my conscious mind I look at my wrist. 
Hair raises, desperate words unspoken.
The watch I've held all my life is broken.

03 October 2016
Scare Me Good Poetry Contest

Copyright © Robyn Thomas | Year Posted 2016

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Peace or War

The sound of blasts are heard all over,
The child with his innocent eyes, sees...
The wide range of people massacred,
He wonders, where is the peace... 

The child overlooks the broken city,
hoping to catch a single gleam...
An innocent child holding her doll,
Why are they shattering my dream...?

A baby laughs, when the angels sing,
But woe to the Enemies!
This baby cries when its mother is killed,
Why does it have tears instead of smiles..?

Why is there war, when there can be peace,
Why so much hatred , when there can be love?
Why do people kill one another,
When there can fly a peaceful white dove??

Copyright © Afnan Hafiz | Year Posted 2015

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SOS from the Dream

Life is a litter of examples, and I must be true
My sister made it through school and I can too
The best example is my own flesh and blood
She was born in the struggle, she grew in the mud

My mama keeps selling me her only dream
Education is the key, child, it is her theme
So my probity is to be the best in school
The proof of my dignity is that I’m no fool.

I know violence destroys hopes and careers
I study, but can’t concentrate, neither my peers
Police cars screaming, gun shots in our ears
The violence is mounting and so are my fears

I reflect, I think back, what they did with pen
And ink, they did achieve, but now we descend
And stand at the brink. Dr. King was our friend,
Our hero, our leader, a good example to men

He walked through the bitter darkness, bold
He was undaunted, he led families and fold
Across the bridge of peace, it was no breeze
Let us be united and continue the legacy, please

Let us be like Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Ghandi
Let us be understanding, rise in dignity
Forget the color, it’d not race, not black and white
It is coming together to do what is right

Stop the violence, the hate, the destruction
Of the mind, the crucifying of our ambition
The overthrowing of our leaders and history
They paved a way, a way we can be free.

I want to live in comfort without hostility
I want to claim the prize and keep the legacy
I want my education; I am tired of the policy
That binds me politically to impotency

O we are losing our kids without making a sound
We are falling apart being politically bound
I ask myself what can I do, O what can I do
I am praying to God the dream will come through   

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2011

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Where shore grabs land,
 Time slightly bends,
 My castle stands,
 Made by my hands.
 At night it tends,
 Soothes and mends.

Forest grabs trees.
 Life is on lease,
 Forced on my knees,
 Fighting for peace,
 Till just one wheeze.
 And no one sees.

Where shore grabs land,
 Time slightly bends,
 My castle stands,
 Made by my hands.
 At night it tends,
 Soothes and mends.

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2016

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Wives with Knives

Through and through though more to do-
A thousand thoughts to misconstrue!
Too long I've waited, too sad and sedated
To live a lie I declare is true...
And so it seems that in my dreams
I bathe myself in Moonlight beams
That light the night, turn black to white
And will slit my throat at any means!

Copyright © Just That Archaic Poet | Year Posted 2013

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Don't Fall

~Don’t Fall ~

Yet another restless night
Bad dreams every other hour
I turn on the light hoping 
It will calm me down 
Yet it takes me back in time
And there he stands
Like a shadow in the night 
Naked as can be 
Laughing an evil laugh
As he says to me
Mio Piccola Puttana
I can’t let him get to me
So please teardrops

~Don’t Fall~

I look into the mirror
I see that pasty skin
Paired with double chins
I think to myself starving won’t Even get the fat off
Fast enough
I feel so defeated yet still
I tell myself 

~Don’t Fall~

Looking for a way out
I feel like I am stuck inside my Past
Reliving every moment
One after another
It feels like it is happening all over Again
I feel the tears in my eyes so I say
Teardrops please

~Don’t Fall~

Now I can see him in the faces of Strangers
I feel so alone and out of place
I still force myself to get up each Day
Even though I want to hide 
It is such a struggle 
Day after day
And to add to the pain 
I have to make sure those

~Don’t Fall~

If you touch me I might break
If you are hear to see me 
Please don’t hurt me 
That I wouldn’t be able to take
Know that I am like a dam ready To break
So if you were to hug me 
Hold my hand or touch me 
In any other comforting way
This dam may break 
And there won’t be any telling 
The tears 

~Don’t Fall~

Copyright © Jeanna York | Year Posted 2013

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Two Lenses

Gas balloon was the thing I longed to buy in my childhood days. Because it could fly high in the sky taking my wishes with it to the height I'd never reach. Expedition to the world of unknown... Now, gas balloons can not enthral my mind Because, I know, how it feels at height Fears crept in to eat my dreams Terrors haunt my peaceful soul Now, I know flying is not that easy; what I used to think in my dream-filled childhood days. 26.02.16 I have used Etheree and Reverse Etheree.

Copyright © Anindya Mohan Tagore | Year Posted 2016

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Times of dreams and Madness

I must do this to release what’s there.
I must do this so the dying stops and the living begins.
The mind, that complex cerebral humdrum of lair,
Traps the soul and heart in its convex of sins. 

Where metaphors and sulphur mix
In the thriving jungle of web and wood,
Where the tomato swims and fish fly for six.
The inverse of nature sits on the rim of mood. 

The agony must stop in the jungle of discontent,
Clawed by the forlorn tiger,
Ripped by the crocodile’s jaws descent
Within the realm of Noah’s magical power. 

But, alas, the converse of nature and the reverse of nurture
Lies unfathomable in the flood of a new awakening
In these times of dreams and madness. 

Copyright © Raj Napal | Year Posted 2016

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Living in a narrow world

In the narrow world of your dream home
I’m a suspicious and a cryptic man
Thoughts and feelings born in my mind
How could I plainly explain to whom you doesn’t listen

Your concrete hopes burst neither reasonable reason
My abstract dreams sway in humanity means
A center to meet together disturbs traumatic ignorance
How would find our desires to fulfill at the key lost entrance

I never oppose you to sink in your world you wish to do so
You never bear my abstract world that fight for better so
Since I live in your frame, I’m a prisoner of suffer so
The great wall that is built, blindly life, I suppose so

Mistrust grows and conflict hurts forever we realized
Disgust studs, space arrest us time not allowed
Revenge in darkness behaves hands with bomb aimed
Cuffs in hands of hearts in moral cry that never hoped

Udaya R. Tennakoon

Copyright © Udaya R. Tennakoon | Year Posted 2014

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A Vision

To dream,
Such dreams.
Such pain foretold.
Women of old,
As fears unfold.
Burning, cracking, the earth splits apart.
Warning, oh warning of my poor breaking heart. 
Losing love as it fades into black,
Splitting the earth with fiery cracks.
The starless sky, filled with ash,
For magma bursts through a glowing red gash.
Such fear, unknown, what are you saying.
Please I need to know what the future doth hold, I’m begging, I’m praying.
Am I decaying?
Such dreams,
To dream.
No more, let me sleep.

Copyright © shawnee doling-tye | Year Posted 2013

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Blood stained eyes 
Gaze upon innocents sleeping form, 
Malevolent intent 
Spoils the promise of blissful slumber 

Beauty immeasurable, 
As naive eyes twitch with dreams 
Of purity and grace

Seething abhorrence 
Guides twisted hands 
Towards violent deeds

Warm sweet breath 
Exhales from un-kissed lips, 
Wet with remembrance and anticipation 
Of life’s wonders yet to be lived

Horror screams 
From now waken eyes, 
As an incestuous destruction 
Of one’s self is committed

And the very soul of god 
Is ripped from the now ruined vessel
Of what was once, 
Innocent’s sleeping form.

Copyright © Thomas King | Year Posted 2014

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A World Unseen

Peace is everlasting
Violence forgotten
A world in harmony
a wish
We have all wished
But no one answers
that's right
Human nature is our world
Our Goverment
If not nature
What explains our equal flaws
We do
We shape history
We really do
But we create hell
We can rid ourselves
Rid ourselves of mistakes
start over
cleanse ourselves
Here we are dreaming
We can't change
unless forced to see
too see better

Copyright © Noah Velazquez | Year Posted 2016

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Hidden Hurt

Awake in my bedroom, rigid with fear
The man I call lover is coming so near
No sweet gentle touch is waiting for me
But the vile look of anger is all i can see.

What did I do wrong? Screams loud in my head
Was it something I did or something I said?
The blood pulses hotly inside my ears
The sweat rises sharply alerting my fears
I smile at him calmly though it's all a front
He twists up my face and I feel the first thump. 

The fists keep on coming again and again
I beg to myself to keep strong, feel no pain
But the pain overtakes, my head is just spinning
He's kicking and biting no end no beginning
A knife he gets out and holds up to my throat
And then I drift out taken away in a boat
  to a beautiful place in my in my dreams I presume, 
I'm no longer there in that terrible room.

A part of my mind has saved me for now 
I don't know the reason, I can't tell you how
While my body was going through torturous hell
My heart and soul were kept safe and well

The beating has stopped and he looks at me crying
I say it's alright but we both know  I'm lying
He says that he's sorry, that I made him do it
My eyes dead and hollow I just agree to it
Too weak to object, self respect in the dirt
Just grin and bear it
My deep hidden hurt.

Copyright © Maddie WIcks | Year Posted 2017

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Again I dreamed of being in Paris last night.

I could not see me,
but I could see the city,

All the stone walls and 
gray white stone of heavy buildings
that rose long ago 
from the minds of builders
and the quarries of stone.

Again I looked for a telephone.
I wanted to call for someone 
I knew long ago.
Call to warn them that 
things can happen.

Even in Paris.

Copyright © Diane Woodward Dorff | Year Posted 2017

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African American Nursery Rhyme

African American Nursery Rhyme
By Valerie Odom
December 2, 2016

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
If I die before I wake
I pray for Lord my soul to take 

Now I’m afraid to roam these streets
I pray the Lord 12 doesn’t kill me
If I die before 28
I pray for Lord I at least graduate

Copyright © Valerie Odom | Year Posted 2017

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I was holding those old roses you gave to me
it was dark outside and very lonely
it was cold outside so I started burning roses
you are the proof of my past 
that cut me deep and this old pain last
you torn my spirit apart 
while you left me beaten in the dark
What you did to me
wasn't only in darken dreams
you broken the law when it comes to love
you made a crime and you need to pay the time
becaue I'm dying within myself 
you put my life through a living Hell
this is a cold case that has never been solved
so all these roses of long ago you given me
after all the abuse being used by you 
I will burn each one with your name one them
but when it comes to darken dreams
you find ways to still reach me
Oh, how you love to make me scream
just to see me bleed out like ink
pouring in the sea
Oh, Look what you are doing to me
I know this will never be enough for you
your love is deadly 
you are breaking the law of love
it's a crime what you are doing to me
this everyone has seen
you hunt me down like I was animal 
when I am down you take me in your arms
like I was a wounded child
and we start all over again 
no matter what I do 
it wont make a difference
you heart is as cold as black ice
this case will never be solveld 
you only let me take the fall
I'm broken because of you 
this is the very truth
you go take your photo's of me
like I am dead
but deep within me your right
my spirit is slowly fading in the night
you given me so much fright
I'm walking alone holding old roses 
you gave me years ago
It's cold outside so I'm making a fire
with all those roses with your name on them
it is a shame no one investigated you
didn't they care about what you where doing to me?
couldn't they see you where making me break ?
my life wasn't the same 
everytime I tried to exscap 
you locked me away in a cold darken room
like I was caged up like a bird
Oh, how my body hurts
you keep cuting me deeper 
but to night I hope you are feeling my pains
BECAUSE I'm burning every rose you ever gave 
while I'm screaming out your name
Release me now from your spell
my heart's and spirit is ready to be free
from all you agony you call love
Oh, I had enough 
but this nightmare won't go away
the truth hits me in the face
I'm down on my knees bleeding away
I'll never will find all those pieces of my heart
but tonight I'm making a start .

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017